Sledgehammer Games has announced that the next season of Ranked Play is now live across platforms. For Xbox One, PS4, and PC, Ranked Play Season 4 is now live. 

For Xbox 360 and PS3, Ranked Play Season 3 is now live. 

For the past season, ranked play gear will roll out throughout this week. 


  • lel

    & wont ban variants. So no point if I dont have a Steed of Speakeasy. “competitive” playlist rofl.

    • Sam

      I think the speakeasy is overrated. It’s good for close range but medium to long range it sucks. I have it but I actually use the normal asm most of the time

  • TyCooper8

    We really need variants banned. I have a Speakeasy, and am basically forced to use it, but it’s really unfair to those who don’t.

    • common sense

      They actually had it banned originally, then they un-banned it so people would buy these supply drops. It’s so shitty how they get away with that shit.

    • Bryan Miller


  • TyCooper8

    Anyone else having problems on PS3? Whenever I try and enter the Ranked Play playlist, I get booted back to the main menu.

    • name

      its ps3 of course your going to have problems!!

  • Ranked is too broken.

  • iCable Guy

    Banning Variants Would Make It Competitive, Just Like Those Of Us That Play GameBattles Or UMG, It Would Make It A lot Better.

  • Guywithbrains

    I tried ranked play once. No one plays objective, they just wait around the corner and instantly melt me down with ASM1 Speakeasy. Literally everyone had ASM1.

    Well it wasn’t surprising and even in Call of Duty championships 2015 everyone used BAL-27 and ASM1. So much skill…

    • GinsuVictim

      “Well it wasn’t surprising and even in Call of Duty championships 2015 everyone used BAL-27 and ASM1. So much skill…”
      What they are doing requires them to win, so why would they handicap themselves by using anything else?

      • Guywithbrains

        To show off that they have earned their place in championships. Everyone can use ASM1 and BAL-27 even with eyes closed.

        • clercq1983

          You think.. What do you think would happen if you play against scump? Both running the ASM… You would do shit. They have skills 99% of us don’t have. And I’m not just talking about scump. All the pro players would kick both are asses. Even if they played with another SMG or AR.

    • Slothigans

      That’s why I only do search on ranked. You kind of have to play the objective.

    • Nandoni

      Well Ranked Play is the only fun game mode in AW for me. When I first played I never thought it would be. But to be honest, it’s the only game mode where playing the objective is rewarded in a way and you don’t have silly campers who don’t play the objective up against you, unless they are way better than you.
      Maps play much better in 4vs4, especially Hardpoint and Search and Destroy are really fun. You dominate public S&D Lobbies when you play like in Ranked Play.
      And for everyone playing BAL and ASM1 there, dude this is kind of competitive play, everyone is trying their hardest and using guns that are good. I do it as well. You should do it as well. You can always come back to normal play to try other weapons and have fun.

  • Thatlazykid

    I hope charlieintel make some fake news regarding the next call of duty and then put “April fools” at the end of the fake article

  • Matthew

    lol People still asking Variants to get banned. Condrey said they’re staying and people still don’t get it. GTFO or get better gunskill bruh

  • ya boy

    still can’t download Ascendance even tho I have Season Pass

  • Who plays ranked? It’s so odd in AW IMO.

  • whaaa

    To all these people who keep on complaining and complaining about variants… You seriously need to just get better at this game. I get 57-63 kills by using a Blue or White variant weapons. These “good variant” players, generally get under 50 kills apparently. I play hc dom, and barely ever see anyone even coming close to my skill. IMO, get better and stop bitching. Simple thing for you, play dom over and over til you can get 40+ kills a game, than do competitive and wipe the floor clean with these variant pansies.

    • clercq1983

      The problem IMO is connection man. I can play 6-7 games on hardpoint and get 40+ kills. And suddenly I play like shit. Then I go 15-45 or something. 3games later, I hit 50 bombs again. Both in ranked and pubs…Watch NV-ON from this night. Merk got the ball to the uplink, suddenly, BAM, HOST lag. He drops tha ball. After he couldn’t pick up the ball again. So it’s not just the skills, it’s also the connection…

  • Kokichi De Evith

    hey im in master division 3 days ago and got a bronze division loadout at the start of the season, please help!!!