According to a rumor via a theory posted on Reddit, it seems that the world reveal for Call of Duty 2015 (presumed to be Call of Duty: Black Ops 3) will take place on Sunday, April 26th.

The rumor comes in from Sgt. Frank Woods’s (James C Burns) YouTube channel, where his three newest videos have certain numbers in each description that write out 62405102. Rearranging those numbers makes 4-26-2015, which seems like a plausible date for the world reveal.

Tmartn has also posted a video with the same date possibility…

We’re sure we’ll more soon, stay frosty…

SOURCE: r/CallofDuty

  • LovekillerX

    We will see what happens on 26th April. I hope they will give us a teaser at least. Whatever the game is called I know the campaign will be amazing if you compare earlier campaigns from Treyarch!

    • Joshwoocool

      even if multiplayer sucks I usually enjoy treyarch campaign,so ill be hyped for that.

      • LovekillerX


  • The Flash

    i thought it would be April 27th but maybe not

  • The Hype

  • PoppyMelt

    April 26 1986 World’s worst nuclear disaster: 4th reactor at Chernobyl nuclear power station in USSR explodes, 31 die, contamination reach much of Western Europe

    Maybe it’s not a trailer release date but instead an important day in the campaign.

    • lawfulmaxhavoc

      Nice find!!

    • Daniel

      True, also they teased the b41 bomb

    • Cod 4 already had that buddy.

    • Rorke File

      It’s the teaser date also.

  • Will WilFredo Mendoza

    Of course that lame tmartn will post a video. Even if he finds a bullet on the floor that wasnt there becore he will make a video and call it an easter egg.

    • RdJokr

      Oh no, God forbid Tmartn from ever making a video that talks about COD news!

      • Will WilFredo Mendoza

        Then again he doesnt whine like you do you uncultered swine whining about my comment. God forbid these kids from getting mad over ones comment. Lol

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Little hypocritical since you’re whining about TmarTn making videos.

        • RdJokr

          I’m just saying, the guy is just doing his job: making Youtube videos about COD. Your comment just screams “haters” and “jelly”.

        • Duke of hazard

          You called him a whiner when you were just whining about Tmartn.

          Seems legit.

      • Tricky VIk

        “That sarcasm.”

  • XtremeK1ll3r

    Hope the gameplay isnt like aw/titanfall…

    • I wouldn’t mind if it’s like Titanfall,enjoyed that game

      • That Lucas Kid

        It was short-lived though.

        • Yea but the ” Gameplay-Feeling ” was nice

      • XtremeK1ll3r

        Titanfall its not the problem , the problem is cod its a game for play it on the ground , RUNNING , not flying or jumping 15 meters with jetpacks…i dont care if you run walls or jump them , cod its just a game for kill while you are running on the ground , since the 1st cod , thats all.
        AW fucked the saga..fucking innovation…

        • Preach it!

        • Roler42

          And that’s why CoD is the laughing stock of the gaming industry, every single entry (except AW) is the excact same game

  • Guywithbrains

    It would be odd that they would release a reveal trailer on 26th Sunday. Sunday is usually silent day when it comes to news.

    However, we did get AW launch trailer on Saturday so…

    EDIT: In case someone missed there is new snap chat and it can be seen in older Charlieintel’s news about snap chats.

    • Daniel

      Bc it was leaked

  • ColourOfBrown

    Does anyone know the voice actor for Dr.Salim?

  • Daniel

    Toooooo far away.
    They are releasing way to many teasers, I would say this tuesday at maximum(14/4/2015)

  • Cpp
    • RdJokr

      Please, everybody knows this is fake as hell.

      • Cpp

        I wish not

        • Cpp

          The one thing that makes me believe that this this true is the back back ground and the flying sparks just like the one teased in the snaps. Also the upload date is March 4th

          • That Lucas Kid

            Background is concept art for MW3.

          • Daniel

            ITS THE AW MAIN THEME in the background, smart ass
            The logo is even worse, there is mw3 concept art too and it was recorded with a potato

      • kia0525

        It was believable til it got to the main menu.

        • Daniel

          It was never remotely believable

    • KernosT

      Obviously fake.Why would they show Black Ops 3 first then show it again?

    • se7enj

      Fake shit

    • Grigori

      Thatthing that he covers with this fingers is the intro of my youtube channel, nice try man

  • Guywithbrains

    Black Ops 2 reveal trailer went live during NBA Playoffs in 2012 and this year NBA Playoffs begin on April 18th.

    Also Black Ops 2 trailer release date was told on 23rd April 2012 on official Call of Duty website so fingers crossed we don’t have to wait for long.

  • Cpp
    • That Lucas Kid

      Fake. The background for the main menu screen is just some concept art for MW3.

    • se7en


    • Daniel

      So much fake.
      Btw its the AW soundtrack in background

  • Guest

    Damn i’m shredded brah

  • Mick

    I think by the first week of May we’ll be getting our first official teaser trailer. I wouldn’t mind a couple of days earlier but definetly by the first week or the second week of May we’ll have our first trailer.

    • That Lucas Kid

      Something is gonna happen in 5 minutes.

      Most likely just a small teaser. Or Reveal Date.

      • Michael

        How the fuck did you know?!? Are you an insider?!?! 😀

  • arcengine

    nope. todays gonna be a busy day. stay tuned

  • Bram
    • Lawfulmaxhavoc

      Could just be a fake

      • That Lucas Kid

        Yeah seems a bit too “outgoing”.

  • That Lucas Kid

    Something’s gonna happen in 10minutes.

    • Guywithbrains

      How do you know?

      • That Lucas Kid


    • Mick

      “Nothing” will happen in 10 minutes.

    • Lawfulmaxhavoc

      I actually just heard the same thing

    • Max Martinez

      Is that just an assumption because we get usual reveals at 1:00 PM EST?

  • alex

    New trailer confirming BO3

  • Drasadex
  • Max Martinez

    We are back in black.

  • Stefan Lang


  • spartanelite

    Black ops 3 is basically confirmed #backinblack

  • The Guest

    I hope there will be a Livestream