Beachhead Studio has announced that the next Clan War for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Bronze-Platinum divisions will take place from May 1st at 12PM PT through May 4th at 12PM PT. The location on the map is Paris.

With this Clan War, Beachhead is introducing new challenges that will allow clans to unlock a specific gear in the Centurion or Valkyrie set.

Bronze-Platinum Clan War – 

The Bronze-Platinum Division Clan War will take place from Friday, May 1st at 12PM PT through Monday, May 4th at 12PM PT.

Here’s the current unlock progression:

  • Centurion Exo: Win 1 Clan War
  • Centurion Shin Guards: Win 2 Clan Wars
  • Centurion Pants: Win 3 Clan Wars
  • Centurion Loadout: Win 4 Clan Wars
  • Centurion Helmet: Win 5 Clan Wars

Starting with this Clan War, the Centurion Gloves, Shirt, and Boots can now be earned by completing the following challenges in any division:

  • Centurion Gloves: Capture the most nodes during any Clan War.
  • Centurion Shirt: Finish any Clan War holding at least three nodes.
  • Centurion Boots: Hold 4 nodes at the same time in any Clan War.

Diamond Division – 

The Diamond Division Paris Clan War will take place over a two day period: Friday, May 1st and Saturday, May 2nd.

Regional times each day as follows:

  • Pacific: Starts 7PM PDT, finishes 11PM PDT
  • Eastern: Starts 7PM EDT, finishes 11PM EDT
  • Europe: Starts 8PM CEST, finishes 12AM CEST

Here’s the current unlock progression:

  • Valkyrie Exo: Win 1 Diamond/BR Clan War
  • Valkyrie Shin Guards: Win 2 Diamond/BR Clan Wars
  • Valkyrie Pants: Win 3 Diamond/BR Clan Wars
  • Valkyrie Loadout: Win 4 Diamond/BR Clan Wars
  • Valkyrie Helmet: Win 5 Diamond/BR Clan Wars

Starting with this Diamond Division Clan War, the Valkyrie Gloves, Shirt, and Boots can be earned by completing these challenges:

  • Valkyrie Gloves: Capture the most nodes during a Diamond/BR Clan War.
  • Valkyrie Shirt: Finish a Diamond/BR Clan War holding at least three nodes.
  • Valkyrie Boots: Hold 4 nodes at the same time in a Diamond/BR Clan War.

SOURCE: Beachhead Studio

  • Juses

    Am finully furst!

    • woah dere Jusus, youve already been furst b4.

      • Kobrah

        Not for a while. He was losing his sweg

    • ScOott

      Halaloola juses! Yew gut en Furst plece!

  • w

    hopefully BO3 doesnt have clan wars

    • Jason_88

      There’s nothing wrong with clan wars. They should tweak it tho, so you go clan vs clan, instead of playing a clan vs pub randoms.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Clan Ops > Clan Wars.

        • Jason_88

          Never played clan ops. This is the first time I’ve been in a clan in cod. Started out as a zombie player, this is the first mp I enjoyed since BO, and BO2. So I wanted to give a clan a try cause when BO3 comes out, it’s back to zombies!!! Lol

          • chris

            Whats your gamertag? im definitely gonna be killing zombies when bo3 comes out.

          • Jason_88

            TheJayJizzLe on Ps4, i1iJasOni2i on XboX1

        • carson kelly

          Remember when clan wars was less complicated but Tbh it’s more easy now then in mw3 but stupid but I have nothing to say my clan I own it and where in diamonds almost max level

        • Bolbi Stroganovsky

          I hate Clan Wars; you’re literally forced to play against sweaties + tryhards 24/7 =/

          • You’re not FORCED to play clan wars. Yeah you might get into a lobby with a sweaty clan but just try and play for fun.

      • w

        So you just inadvertently named what’s wrong with clan wars (clans vs pubs) after saying there is nothing with clan wars….. ok

        • Jason_88

          Lol your right, but I was saying I like how the clan war is set up in the app. With capturing nodes, but when you play the game, you should have to play the clans your matched up with in your war instead of pubs.

      • reamerb .


      • Thomas Huffman


  • Now here’s my only problem. I may think this is cool HOWEVER, the next thing I know the whole team against me is a clan full of pub-stompers. Thus, I get wrecked. I’m not the best player, so I don’t like getting destroyed by clans.

    • Guywithbrains

      My thoughts too. Call of Duty community has too much pub stompers and spawn trappers etc.

      I hope I’ll get Mercenary playlist this year…

  • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

    Back to platinum for us to finish off centurion gear, valkyrie looks kinda shit anyway

  • Melchor

    My clan will be grinding ASCENDANCE (PS users) in those dates, I hope it counts for TDM wins. :/