Sledgehammer Games has announced to celebrate Earth Day, that all players who plays Advanced Warfare from today till Thursday, April 23rd till 9AM PT will get the Atlas Intel Exo in a regular supply drop. It’ll be in the next supply drop players open.

In addition, the entire Atlas Intel set has been added into the supply drop rotation for all fans to have a chance to unlock.


  • I got it a few hours ago, and thought I finally got something very rare…

    • NerdoTheBoyWonder

      same haha

    • Slothigans

      For real man. I wish there’s an Exo that is extremely hard to get by doing something’s. That way it would have more value to it.

      • Awildrobbo

        Maelstrom gear? Triumph helmet? Those are the only sets that seem pretty rare and unique

        • The7Reaper

          I’ve gotten the Triumph helmet 3 times and sold it every time it looks stupid too me

        • burrgee

          Ive got the full maelstorm set and the triumph helmet which is ugly as hell.. i wish they would put in somthing really rare like a 10,0001 chance of getting it. That would be cool.

      • Luis

        The Marksman Exo. Max out all weapon classes. That’s a tough exo to get

        • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

          Its easy to get lol

      • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

        Maybe viral gear. Give it to maybe 1000 people per console and when you kill someone wearing it you earn it.

  • Imma go on AW on PS4 soon

  • bird

    i do like all the customization pieces, but its another reason gun varients should be cosmetic only, because with 8 more pieces of loot in the mix, its just all that less of a chance of me finally getting one of the top tier elite guns

    • ScOott

      It’s just a one off thing they giving away for free .. You won’t be able to get it after the said date .. Won’t effect supply drops in the slightest …

      • bird

        you are wrong:

        “The new set, minus the exclusive EXO, is now a permanent part of the 1000+ pieces of loot available via supply drops.”

        from the Sledgehammer blog post that this article links.

        Might want to try reading before you go to the comments to try and shit on people

        • ScOott

          Ha theirs me moaning about people not reading the article … So sorry …

  • ScOott

    How long till some idiot doesn’t read the article and starts moaning about micro dlc,and money grabbing SH … I hope I’m wrong 🙂

    • Guywithbrains

      Inb4 it is so unfair that company is trying to get as much profit as possible!!!11

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        If this were paid it’d be bs.

    • I know right. Come on people, join the light side. We have positivity and common sense! 🙂

      • ScOott

        Ples the liyt syed, Des nut sownd kewl, dunt evur refur es tu teh lyte syed urgen lol … Yew ned tu reethenk teh naym 😮

  • Bolbi Stroganovsky

    It’s too late SHG, Treyarch is here to save me in less than 4 days 🙁

    • Guywithbrains

      Hold your horses… we don’t know what it is all about until that day. Yet again I bet we will get “leaked” reveal trailer at least one day before actual date.

      • ScOott

        You still confident about your leaker … Or is the trust fading ?

        • Guywithbrains

          I will always remain skeptical until I see official source telling me what the game includes. Of course leakers can give some hint about incoming title such as setting, new features etc. But it is odd that Drift0r didn’t get information about this year’s title or then he is just hiding…

        • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

          Is this the leak about the robocop style soldiers? I think that would make sense as it could fit all the endings to bo2 if Harper died then his body coulf be put in the suit along with section. And if he didnt die they could still be turned into robocop things.

          • ScOott

            No some guy shiniobleybobley or something like that said it’s going to be like Titanfall movement, wall running n everything .. Guywithbrains and lovekiller seemed so confident he is correct …

          • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

            Cool. Really dont want wall running or exos in the next cod. I like exos but I want it back to classic and aw to stay separate. I wouldnt mind if exo abilities were carried over though like overclock, ping and cloak

          • ScOott

            Yh I will cry all day long if theirs an exo or wall running :-/

          • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

            Ill buy it at launch no matter what it has in it or if it looks shit. But if it has wallrunning im not getting it, watched titanfall gameplay and wallrunning is shit.

          • ScOott

            Lol Yh it is … Look at the new article.. I don’t think we will have Any wall running or exo tbh

          • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

            Seen the ember trailer and looks kinda shit, set from 1990s till 2065 I think

          • ScOott

            Really! I thought it looked really good ..what’s not to like ?

          • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

            Nvm watched with sound this time and looks good lol. I think we’ll have another gimmick like exo suits

          • ScOott

            yh I don’t think it will be as bad as a.w tho .. I reckon it will be a bit closer to classic style than a.w tho, will have to wait and see.. The wait will be a killer :-/

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I am too.

      • Bolbi Stroganovsky

        Hopefully the trailer WILL get leaked a day or two early; it happened with AW did it not?

        • LovekillerX

          It came earlier if I remember right. I don’t think it was coincidence. Maybe something similar will happen this year?

          • Bolbi Stroganovsky

            I hope it will; getting anxious right now lol

    • Luis

      Am I the only one who disappointed in BO2. WaW was great, story, zombies and multi, BO1 was good for zombies. BO2 ruined everything other than its pick 10 system, zombies sucked and most maps and campaign sucked too. I think I’ll pass on BO3

      • Guywithbrains

        It wasn’t a disaster but definitely not my cup of tea. I do think pick 10 limits too much. If I want 3 attachments, I can’t get C4 or concussion…? I prefer pick 13.

        EDIT: Campaign was good. It actually had a real villain and they made me hate him.

        • Luis

          Ya true, it’s just they tried to make him too much like Makarov with an extra cause

        • LovekillerX

          I prefer the system that MW3 had. I got a chance to get everything I wanted: primary with attachments, secondary with attachments, killstreaks and grenades. If I wanted some extra perks I put specialist and after few kills I got all perks.

          I also liked the fact that I had an ability to choose killstreaks for each class. If I didn’t do well I could pick a class which had UAV, Care Package and Predator for example. But if I did well I could choose a class which had AH6, AC130 and Osprey.

      • JoZer805g

        I really hate the pick 10 and 13 system, wished that AW used the create-a-class system that Ghosts used.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          I preferred the Pick 10. Though I didn’t really like the Pick 13 as much.

      • XtremeK1ll3r

        Your last line : Yes , Yes , and Yes.
        I miss so much 3 perks for everyone 🙁
        Miss to campaigns like MW saga..THAT was a campaign , with a REAL story line , no backs in time line , same characters on the 3 games, actual timeline , miss it so much…

      • Bolbi Stroganovsky

        Eh, I honestly loved all Treyarch’s titles (BO2’s story was meh; original BO’s story was superb though! same with WaW)

      • Honestly, if they got rid of the fucking snipers and TF LMGS it could’ve been a solid multiplayer.

        Personally, the campaign for the most part was great, and in fact other than BO1 and MW2’s campaign was my absolute favorite.

        Zombies was a rough note for me, as for gameplay wise, most of the maps were terrible other than town and origins.

        • jordanxxxbrookes

          Annoying as they may be it’s a lot easier to get kills off snipers and LMG users than if it was purely AR, SMGs and even shotgun guys only. Not saying you’re doing that but I never understood the “snipers are OP” guys. I am more offended by a weirdo quick scoping me than anything. We have a tendency to exaggerate deaths tho. That sniper quick scoping us is all we see or care about, we don’t think about the other like 10 shots he missed or the fact that he is 8-25 and gave our teammates an Orbital VSAT.

          • Jordan, no.

            You don’t understand.

            I can show you how fucking terrible it is, for atleast me.

            Every single corner, every single area, EVERY SINGLE TIME
            In a split second, I’m shot and killed instantly.

            I have recorded gameplay were I get a drop on someone, they somehow while getting shot mange to switch there weapons, turn around, and quickscope me WHILE getting shot.

            Maybe not for you, but for a FFA pub stomper such as me, the servers seem to be filled with these faze wannabes.

          • A Real Pubstomper

            If you get turned on by a sniper you just suck lol
            Not Pubstomper worthy 🙂

          • Umm… Sure.

    • Drasadex

      Treyarch won’t save anything man..

      • Bolbi Stroganovsky

        No wonder you’re a devil 🙁

  • GinsuVictim

    “To celebrate Earth Day”
    HA! No thanks.
    I’ll be burning Styrofoam all day.

  • blackburnt7

    atlas intel exo? i got that earlier today.. like 5 hours ago

  • Rorschach Ink

    I hate this generic helmet design. It looks like a bicycle helmet. I wish it were something nicer, like the Sentinel Recon helmet

  • LovekillerX

    Nice to get some new items. It would be nice if we can get some nice clothes in Black Ops 3. I don’t want to see weapon variants in next Call of Duty but more character customization is welcome in Black Ops 3.

    • ScOott

      Yh peole could chuck all the money they wanted at them if it it was just customization n wouldn’t effect anyone… They could even add some weapon skins in their, maybe from previous titles, ghosts had some pretty good camos and black ops 2 had some new ones added in after its cycle, both I never got to try or buy .. That rare multi colour zebra print in ghosts, I’d love to see that in the next game .. (Sigh) one can only wish …

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      In a first person game?

      • Guywithbrains

        Heard of virtual lobby? If we get that this year too I don’t see any problem.

        • the specialist

          the problem is that most gears are stupid.i think most people would prefer a decent game rather than customization for 10 year olds. cod4 and mw2 had real weapons,military camouflages and maps for all play styles.that is the cod that will bring the franchise to the top again.not fucking customization that does not exist.(surfer,kraken etc.) 😉

        • ScOott

          Lol yh people would be quick to moan if they got rid of customization … If they stripped it down n we all looked the same… Only The cod community would moan about getting to custom their own guy … Pfft

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          Depends on what you mean, because the virtual lobby consists of quite a bit, such as pre game lobby character display and weapon testing. I wouldn’t mind it returning, but you still can’t see it in game.

          • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

            How about a virtual lobby where you can just run round doing fuck all until the next game starts? Most people would use it for teabagging though.

    • Juses

      I don’t want character customization back. The only reason I don’t want it back is because you can tell what type of gun the enemy is using. If someone is using a sniper you can tell by the clothes they’re wearing. Also customization means that there will only me two factions ( or whatever it’s called)

      • Same. I want MW3 style. Although it used to piss me off when I got a game on village in a sniping mood and it put me on Africa Militia’s side

      • ScOott

        Huh.. Customization has come along way since them days :-s ? … Wut der feck re yew telking abut juses ? Yew steck en un tyme worp?

    • Ak74u

      No character customization please!! AW did good with character customization but I really don’t want it back because we can use that space for something else better. This isn’t a Barbie dress up game, soldiers should look like soldiers

      • ScOott

        They can still look like soldiers and be customised .. They don’t have to go down the root of having a tree on your head, and a surfboard on your back

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          As long as we get to be David Vonderhaar on certain maps I’m happy.

          • ScOott

            Wouldn’t work, the snipers would rage quit everytime they had to be him ..

        • RdJokr

          LOL too late for that… We’ll get weird customization shit with BO3, I guarantee it.

    • My personal opinion is that I fully dislike variants and cosmetic solider loadouts.

      In my opinion, variants was terrible and gave people with better luck better weapons and if it goes into black ops 3, it has to be a type of higher quality style of camoflauge.

      For instance, some of the weapons have a steampunk attire, such as the ” Sledgehammer ” variant, or the KP5’s version.

      Each of those variants actually changes small things on the model of the gun, such as different barrels or such.

      In my opinion, it should be a category of weapons.

      Like, for a wooden remodel it could go as ” cabin ”
      Or, for a steampunk attire, it could for as ” Steampunk ”

      There we have the style of variants without having the stats.

      For character customization, we go back to each team has their own uniforms but we can build apron them with small redesigns, similar to battlefield but on a physical level.

      Like, each team you could have a section called ” Ghillie ” and the base uniform has Ghillie on it, and you could have that Ghillie would change colors to adapt to the type of map.

      For another example, we could have ” Stealth ” were your character wears hoodies, has blackgrey type of coloring and low profile type of equipment.

      This way, each of the teams would be identified as what they’re using, but can use minor but noticeable customization.

      But it’s just my opinion, because I fucking hate how advanced warfare and ghosts look more like Disney characters wearing TF2 clothing with whacky bright colored camos, and it looks and made me feel stupid.


      Instead of fully customizable characters, make base uniforms that can be minorly customized with themes so you can identify the type of class they are ingame, such as a sniper or LMG.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        Off topic fantasy streampunk 1800s era stuff are some of my favorite things evur!!

      • LovekillerX

        Well actually I meant that kind of customization what Battlefield 4 had for example. I don’t like those “Disney characters” either but a little customization which helps you look badass. But for me it is actually whatever (to be honest I want ghillie suit back for snipers!) but weapon variants should stay away. It can make game unfair for those who don’t own the best weapon variant (for example Obsidian Steed for BAL-27.)

    • cbns007

      I like clothes and weapon variants, but getting clothes in almost every supply drop is a little annoying. 🙂

    • OldManLight

      agree, weapon loot should go. It’s creates too high a rift between the people who have and the people who don’t. I say this as a guy who loves borderlands, diablo, and other loot driven games, it just makes the ideal of a level playing field of multiplayer that much more frustrating and uncompetitive.

  • jordanxbrookes

    At least it’s free. Wish it looked better though.

    • ScOott

      If it looked better it wouldn’t be free :-p

      • jordanxbrookes

        True lol.

      • RdJokr

        The ASD gears are semi-free though, and some of them look absolutely badass.

  • bad2daboner

    I want the tiki gear so bad but I get everything else instead of what I want.

  • Guest

    They should give away the Eco exo and helmet

  • Robertas Milinkis

    I love the new custimization system in advanced warfare but i wish that they added items and clothes that aren’t based on war i would love to get some hoodies and other cool casual clothes maybe with more vibrant colours as well like what you get in gta, at the moment most of the items are too much alike, In the havoc dlc they could gave us a clown suit for the drift map

    • Joshwoocool

      oh man that is such a cool idea

  • Melchor

    They should have done DoubleXP as well.

  • Saturn

    all these new gears are just copy pastes with different colours so boring…

  • Ryumoau

    Looks pretty good. Glad its free. 🙂

  • MurkN101

    Looks like a Cleveland Browns exo suit. No wonder it’s free.

  • jordanxxxbrookes

    It’s sort of sad we have to include “at least it’s free” whenever they add something. This less of a complaint, seems kind of random, obviously cool to add something but if it was really something to celebrate Earth Day why not the obvious Eco exo gear? Then again I guess you’d have THAT GUY(s) saying,”it’s not fair, I paid for this why should they get it free” so I digress…yay -_-

  • Princess Sparkle

    This is just a reskin of the Engineer gear, how about adding some new designs instead? Like how about along with the flag exo’s, they also introduce camouflage pattern uniforms used by those countries? Like CADPAT for the Canadian Forces, DPM for Her Majesty’s Armed Forces or Flecktarn for the Bundeswehr?

  • Memo Montenegro

    I was playing this morning and i didnt get that?

  • Joe Michael Stonebraker

    How about more heads?

    I wanna be Kevin Spacey.

  • pissedoffcustomer

    I find it funny that if you ask for help with missing items, there is nothing they can do,because they cant push an item through. But when they design some new crap exo, they can push it through no problem.