We can’t imagine a world where Call of Duty and Microsoft part ways, but just because we can’t imagine it doesn’t mean it could never happen. There’s a lot of rumors circulating that Microsoft may have lost the exclusivity and/or marketing deal for Call of Duty this year to PlayStation. Rumors started with industry insiders and quickly began to look like a possibility once the Black Ops 3 teasers hit.

DLC is just the first half of the equation. What would this mean for future Black Ops 3 events? or Call of Duty Championship 2016?

Exhibit A) Official Sony Twitter account tweeted both teasers and uploaded to their YouTube channels at the exact time they went live. Microsoft waited at least an hour in both cases.

Exhibit B) Sony hasnt uploaded a Call of Duty video since Call of Duty Ghosts.

Exhibit C) No Xbox One branding at begining of teasers.

Exhibit D) Neogaf “Industry Insider” Kyoufu is indcating that the Call of Duty exclusivity deal has moved over to Sony.

At the very least, it looks like Sony is showing more CoD love this year. Typically exclusivity agreements are announced in close proximity to the reveal trailer, although this may not be the case with Black Ops 3. Last year, Microsoft announced DLC is coming first to Xbox approximately 24 hours after the May 1st reveal of Advanced Warfare.

  • Sony retweets COD trailers all the time..Xbox has waited in the past to upload COD trailers and its more like that Xbox still has a deal as they renewed it in ghosts..3arc could have asked for DLC to be released at the same time on both

    • Ryumoau

      i hope Treyarch did. I just don’t want Xbox first anymore.

    • John

      Treyarch can’t ask for shit. The rich business-men at Activision make all the decisions.

      • Well they can ask?Just doesn’t mean it would happen…

        • John

          Yes they can ask – but it won’t mean shit lol


            I think it could be true because ps4 has a bigger user base the xbone, more people= more $$$ for eric hirshberg’s bank

  • LovekillerX

    It isn’t impossible that Sony could get the exclusivity deal this year but I have my own doubts about that.

    PS4 is one of the leading platforms so why “delay” DLC on PS3/PS4? Best option is to leave out the whole exclusivity thing!

  • Drasadex

    Would be sweet as hell if this was true.

  • jordanxbrookes

    It’s 2015, can we get some platform equality where we get DLC at the same time? Seriously, please.

    • One thing: $

      • jordanxbrookes

        Sadly :/

    • Rei Zanaliu

      how about crossplatform too 😀

      • RdJokr

        Not happening any time soon.

        • Well howdy there, I am from the future.
          Still not happening any time soon 3 years later.

      • Rorke File

        Would be cool than you have every time players online, they had to did that at MW2 and the rest.

        • Rei Zanaliu

          Exactly what i was thinking ?

      • That’s not fair for the Xbox users. The PS4 users are way better players and have better graphics. Also some have a new SONY TV without any input lag.

        • OscarTheTitan

          I really hope you’re joking. The differences between the two platforms in terms of graphical fidelity are negligible and the idea that playing on a PS4 would give a competitive advantage over XB1 is ridiculous as the game would still run at the same frame rate (the main factor influencing gameplay). Not only that but what do Sony TVs have to do with anything? The the console you own is not dependent on your TV and vice-versa. This also brings up the question, how does a Sony TV reduce input lag? The input lag you experience is created by your controller, the frame rate of the game and the refresh rate of your display. Even if the TV has a refresh rate higher than 60, if your game is running at 60 that is what you will see. A 144Hz monitor or TV will not display what you see at 144FPS if your game is running at 60FPS.

          • SOO_RARE

            input on monitors/TV does have an input lag also known as ms. It is the response time between the display receiving the message and actually showing it on the monitor/TV. Input lag from a controller hasn’t been an issue with last gen or current gen. So that’s irrelevant. you are correct about the refresh rate. It wont make the game run better than what it is currently capped at. I have played on an old plasma TV and currently playing on a BenQ and the difference is insane.. and I suppose apparently the PS4 is easier for developers to work with in terms of hitting their goals of FPS/resolution which if you are an artist you want to hit your vision as much as you can

        • Petrolhead2k11

          i hope your not serious about it bieng unfair on xbox. xbox have had dlcs for cod early for the last 7 years. if anything your tasting what we have had to put up with for that time.

          • Austin

            Doesn’t matter about getting dlc early… Just saying

        • JoinTheRest


        • Malt Mickey

          LOL PS4 players absolutely suck at cod…

          • Rushalbum

            LOL u just jealous of us cuz u ain’t us!

          • Cytozen

            Guess we’ll see you soon, when you realize all your friends are playing on PS4…

          • MvNReckless

            I agree with you… retards trying to defuse at 3 seconds…

          • James Nevell

            Wow you Xbox players chat s##tyou clearly aunt played PS4 enough to find the quality players as we ain’t stupid enough to defuse at 3 secs lol. Love to see your clan take on ours you’d prob get ruined. I played Xbox for 2 months and they ain’t all that themselves. I did meet some good players and joined them for a bit till went back to ps4. Stop chatting bollocks and your pros are just fucking nerds who would also get owned on ps4 by our novices

          • Gunn McClure

            There’s good and bad on both consoles bro. I’ve gotten 100+s on both so yeah. Lol

          • Carlos Armatys

            thats a joke right? because were just as good as xbox players if not better and sony should get the dlcs first microsoft has had it for seven yrs straight its bought time we get it

          • Mason Rieber

            Sony only has the dlc because they prolly got it for cheap…. With as many systems are out they assume more dlcs will be bought for ps therefore wanting to go with Sony this version…. If there were equal amounts of consoles they would still be with MS

          • keo

            Not all of them

          • l0ne_w0lff123

            True ps4 players have been training for how long the xbox contract has been with call of duty we ps4 players have been waiting to show what psn players have in there arsenal

          • Nick Beard

            R u sure about that

          • Nameless

            Funny really, I’ve played both and the competive level from PS4 to XB1 is ridiculous how the PS4 players exceed XB1 players. Please know what you’re talking about before a biased foolish comment like that.

          • Mason Rieber

            Playstation players aren’t as good, I’ve played both and up till advanced warfare have sustained a 2+ k/d in all I’ve played and playstation is much easier

          • Cytozen

            2+… That’s it..?

          • Austin

            I will play the best ps4 player in cod and whoop him I’d even play you too

          • Austin

            Unless I play a pro that switched to psn then I’d get man handled

          • Cytozen

            You’d get manhandled even if I was playing on a Wii U while you were playing on whatever system you wanted…

          • blahblahblah

            To everyone who says that all ps players suck, you are all arrogant. just because you played a few games and beat people doesnt mean that all players suck. i have played both xbox and ps and minus the fact that there are pros on xbox, the two systems are the same (Players wise). so stop being arrogant little pricks and stop bragging that you are god almighty and how much better you are at cod. get a life.

        • Meche334

          Xbox players are way better than ps players what are u talking about. the xbox one holds 60fps more so than ps4

          • Nelson Martinez

            Hahahaha 920 p also

          • Nick Beard

            Ur stupid do ur research before u say something

        • Jc

          Niqqa you’ve had the contract for 5 years it’s time for Sony to get their shit early too you selfish ass niqqa

        • keo

          STFU you dumbass that’s the limit on your xbox not cods fault your xbox sucks ass . You guys got dlc first for years stop your crying

          • skylar moore

            well you got exclusive destiny content you fuck so it is fair if we get cod content before playstation

        • keo

          And if your so put on the idea of a lag less tv then how bout you buy one for your xbox . Wow that sounded stupid

        • Holyshmokez

          Errr no what I’ve seen so far playstation users suck absolute balls….

          • Nick Beard

            Suck balls at what kid

        • Jeremy Ross

          Dude youre stupid ps4 players suck I won’t even play it on my ps4 cause it sucked. The graffix are the same processors are same everything is same just different creators….I play both but Xbox looks way better to me

        • Austin

          Sony players are not better unless the pro players from Xbox switch then they will have better players

          • JohnPaul Sein

            Correction. Most sony players are meh… but don’t get it twisted there is alot of idiots on xbox as well.. I have played both… I have a better kd in team death match on xbox… I have advanced warefare for both ps4 and 360. Played all my cod on 360…

          • Josh

            Some pro players cannot switch if they have a contract with mlg. This is because Microsoft has a ten year contract with mlg, and cod is now with playstation probably not showing off xbox. Pro players if signed a contract with mlg cannot play cod on playstation.

          • skylar moore

            most likely they have faze clan has moved to ps4

      • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

        Thats coming to xbox one and pc, and will absolutely ruin the experience for casual xbox players. Mouse and much better graphics will dominate.

        • Rei Zanaliu

          is it so hard to make consoles use mouse and keyboard since they have usb ports and its 2015… so yeah

          • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

            I prefer Controllers, but mouse and keyboard are a lot better once you’ve learned how to use them

      • ismailmarsh

        Hmmm. You just got me thinking. What if the big announcement at sony’s E3 is Call of duty ps4 pc crossplatform play just like streetfighter…? If so, then that would start a fanboy war on socialnetworks everywhere.

    • CoDforever

      thats still a dream, but honestly the thing i want the most which is the most realistic idea is that the DLC release between psn and xbox can be reduced. So instead of waiting a month for dlc it could be like 2 weeks.

      • Daniel Lask

        not a dream anymore buddy 🙂 the consoles used at the press conference for youtubers were PS4’s so at the very least, dlc will arrive at same time on all consoles but heres hoping ps4 got that juicy dlc deal

    • Mike

      It sucks, but at least both systems have their exclusives. Sony has Destiny and MS has CoD.

      • PsychOutGaming

        but destiny isnt fun

        • Rushalbum

          In ur opinion

      • iTechHeads

        Did you not read this article? There’s a good chance Sony has scooped up COD on top of already having Destiny and Star Wars.

        Pretty big if true.

      • Cytozen

        MS doesn’t have COD anymore, their deal ended with their previous game. The reveal trailers don’t have XBOX branding, so it’s obvious that the deal is outdated. Good chance for equal platform releases, but if anyone has a chance of exclusivity, it’s Sony now…


      Just because you’re on Xbox and have been getting the DLC Early for, How Many Years? Be fair, let PS Have exclusivity for at least a year to have a taste of what Xbox has had all these years.

      • Smayo

        Maybe back in the day this was an great deal, but nowadays I could care less if xbox or ps has the DLC early a month or not, I myself haven’t bought a single dlc pack/item over the last 2 years, it’s just not worth it these days

      • Dom

        Well obviously you don’t care that much because it you really wanted cod dlc first why not buy an xbox?

        • Dees nuts

          because xbox is shit. (Sometimes common sense plays a factor in the answer of most peoples questions)

      • Jonas

        Um theres alot Playsation people that buy Xbox one for Early DLC like me. so its not fair I had ps3 I always had to wait. Now I bought an Xbox one… So its kinda sad. I wish I had the money to buy bought consoles.

    • Soldierzz Gaming

      That’s what I wanted as a PlayStation user, but now since PlayStation might get that advantage it’s only fair to for PlayStation users to have it equal time as the Xbox users.

      • That just sounds a bit childish to have Playstation with the same amount of time with exclusives – there’s no point to vengeance in this case. The release of DLC will be on whatever console fist and that’s how it is, sure it sucks if one gets it before the other but that’s why contracts are signed; so customers buy the Xbox over PS for DLC first. As a YouTuber I’m getting whatever console has DLC first.

        • john

          you cant be a very big youtuber if you dont even have a nextgen console yet

          • Sorry, I should have said I’m a zombies YouTuber. I don’t need next gen because zombies isn’t on those platforms yet.

          • JD

            You do realise that AW has zombies. Not traditional but still a zombies game mode.

          • Yes, but it’s not Treyarch zombies and gets covered for about a week on YouTube then that’s it.

    • IceKoldKilla

      2015? It could be 2030. Doesn’t change how business works. If a company can buy exclusivity for DLC to come earlier on their console in exchange for more sales down the line, it’ll try. Then it’s up to the publisher to accept. Activision wants more money and 30 days earlier doesn’t really affect sales. So they get a check from Microsoft + sales. Activision is known for doing these things for more money. Expensive DLC, microtransactions, etc. It would be weird to NOT have exclusivity in this industry.

    • Dude from the Moon

      Notice all the previous ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Pre-Order Now’ pages for Call of Duty games on the official Call of Duty site default to the Xbox One edition yet Black Ops 3 Pre-Order now page (http://callofduty.com/blackops3/buy) defaults to the PS4 edition. I’m starting to believe this rumor may be truth.

      • cripper

        it lists xbox one first on their preorder banner…jus sayin

    • VintageDC

      EA, despite Battlefield’s recent track record, has the right idea. All players on who buy a Season Pass / Premium Membership get content two weeks earlier regardless of platform. I’ll say it, EA has done one thing right.

  • Putin

    Even though I have a PS4 I’d rather just have no exclusivity.

    • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

      I have ps4 and I dont really care about timed-exclusive stuff. its not a console selling point and the money could be spent on better things like funded the next infamous, killzone or last of us.

      • Ryumoau

        none of those games sell anywhere near CoD. Also, the money spent of exclusive deals don’t factor or effect their resources for making new games.

        • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

          So if Sony spend £1million+ on exclusivity then if they need to fund new exclusives then they can use that money again to fund them? Makes sense.

          The deal would be a bonus, but it isnt as great unless all you play is cod.

          • Random

            What? If Sony spends on exclusivity then they have less to spend on games surely?

          • SOO_RARE

            not necessarily, because you have to think of it as an investment. If Sony makes profit off more hardware sales/games sold (however it works) for putting the PS4 on the most successful franchise. (look at destiny) That will make more money in the long run because more PS-plus users/more games/more psn purchases etc. Just depends who wants to fight for the exclusive advertisement really. And Microsoft gladly been doing it and paying top dollar. But it helps activision too! extremely at that because more players playing = more dlc purchased, micro-transactions too.

    • iTechHeads

      True but these are the console warz and Sony as to be aggressive and demand the same deal MS had, or better. Unless they are paying significantly less money than MS did.

  • Jasco

    Please, it would be hilarious to get back at the xbox kids for the last 5-6 years.

    • supr squirrel

      Brilliant comment. Posting childish BS and calling others kids. Well done.

  • Can we just get rid of the whole contract, so that all platforms gets everything at the same time? And seems like everyone has forgot about the PC community 😀


      Because there’s more players on consoles. Aw only had 10k on MP when it released now there’s like nobody.

      • I know, but I mean no one doesn’t even care that the few people playing on PC would have to wait for the DLC. I’ve been always a Playstation player and I think it’s just unfair and stupid to hold back the DLC like this. I want everyone to get them at the same time

        • Ratboy


      • RdJokr

        Only because Activision is unwilling to invest properly in PC. Go take a look at Drift0r’s video about Black Ops III needing a good PC version, and you’ll see why.

  • ben wills

    Gotta love clickbait

    • CrowReap .

      This is CI, you’re gonna click on every article it offers.

      • ben wills

        Not sure you understand what clickbait is.

  • not true, they are just making up “rumors”

    • Rorke File

      I think it´s just of that the BO tittles are were most played on PSNETWORK and Sony is in for BO3.

  • Daniel

    If there is no exclusivity for both, good, awesome 4 every1.
    If there is Playstation exclusivity I wont buy this shit

    • Ryumoau

      really? a PS exclusive deal will be what decides whether you get the game or not? Not the actual game content?

      I swear the comments on this website get dumber and dumber each article. :/

    • Daniel is a tool bag.

      Shut the fuck up.

    • John

      RIPinpeace planet earth


    ZOMG THE WORLD IS ENDING!!! Good thing I have Xbox One and PS4


    Who gives a shit cod sucks now. Cod will never be exclusive to one console. Activision will never allow that.

    • We’re talking about the DLC timed exclusivity here…

    • the big dirtty

      Exactly…having exclusive rights now is like being the class valedictorian of summer school…big deal

    • Ryumoau

      why are you even on this site if you don’t like CoD? Are you really THAT stupid?

    • joeyofbport

      what a idiot

  • IIPlayer99II

    To the people saying they want equality why can’t PlayStation finally get Dlc first? You probably are Xbox fans who are salty

    • ScOott

      If you care that much about who gets dlc first.. U need to step outside and get some fresh air man … People really don’t care about when they get dlc and would rather everyone get it at the same time as we all pay the same price that is all …

      • IIPlayer99II

        I was joking I’m a PlayStation player and have been ps2 days and like you said I don’t care when Dlc comes out

    • RdJokr

      No, I’m a PC guy who never gets exclusives. And I would rather every platform get DLC at the same time, instead of Xbox hogging everything a month early and spoil it for us.

  • The Untoten

    These rumors have popped up for the last two years, so I’m going to take this all with a grain of salt. I think it would be in CoD’s best interests if there weren’t any exclusivity rights at all. I have no idea what would happen with CoD Champs 2016 since there would be no one particular backer for the event.

    • seano

      Obvs Sony will back it you knob are you lot seriously stupid xbox have had now it ps turn get over it if it happens if your not happy buy a ps4 or sell your console and get a job ffs you lot are sad

      • The Untoten

        If Sony doesn’t receive the early DLC rights they would have no reason to back CoD Champs. All I was trying to say was our community would benefit much more if neither Microsoft or Sony had exclusive rights to CoD.

        • SOO_RARE

          sadly the community would benefit greatly!!! Thats the irony. But money talks and I bet sales on Xbox One (just like titanfall) were not looking very good. Got to go where that paper is I guess.

    • Dis nuts

      You do realize that until last year the cod tournament had no need to get a dlc pack to win, right?


    Xbox just tweeted this idiots lmfao.

    @Xbox: The Call of Duty: Black Ops III [M] teaser has landed. Prepare to have your mind blown: http://t.co/3C0mRb8n2c/s/RYh3 http://t.co/Zv0iz6lLPP/s/CEH4

    Ps this game is going to suck with steroid robotic humans super jumping and wall running. Skipping cod this year for the first time since cod 2


      Whereas SONY did it first you fuck boi.

    • Ryumoau

      once again proving that the comment section is full of dumb trolls.

    • B1gg Randall

      But look at the end of the video.Where is the Xbox outro?Look on Xbox YouTube page and look at all the videos.Everyone of those video has the outro except this..Im not saying this story is true but..

      • Trizay

        It’s only a teaser. They typically don’t do an outro unless it’s an actual trailer. I’m willing to bet that the reveal trailer in a few days will have the Xbox outro.

        • B1gg Randall

          we will see.I will see you Sunday lol

          • Trizay

            Lol, see ya then.

    • Rorke File

      It´s not having the outro like it always does.

    • KevJumbaify .

      Shut the fuck up. Bet you said that last year as well

    • Tricky VIk

      “Bye, still gonna have fun without you, and CoD will live without you.”

  • CoDforever

    Im sorry CI but this is the dumbest article ever. The only reason Sony is pumping BO3 is because is BO1 and BO2 are the most played games in psn history.

    BO2 to this day on ps3 still averages up 150k while on xbox bo2 still averages 50-100k.

    Sony knows this that when BO3 comes out its going to take psn by storm. I mean who remembers that day in 2013 when BO1 had 800 FUCKING THOUSAND PPL on ps3?? in 2013!???

    Thats why in the official description of bo3 they state “Bo1 and bo2 most played titles in history” or something like that.

    Like most of my friends on ps4 go back to ps3 just to play bo2. Thats how popular the black ops series is on psn.

    • Rorke File

      Agreed that´s what I was thinking, I can remember that MW3 did take a quarter of whole Xbox Live and PS network !

    • joe

      It’s so annoying. CI reports this every year. I specifically remember them getting a “anonymous tip” last year or the year before that this was happening, and it was wrong. I don’t know why they insist on reporting this.

      • Yea but it still is a possibility 😉

        • CoDforever

          keep dreaming

      • CoDforever

        I dont mean to be rude and ive loved charlieintel since ghosts but this year it seems like theyre posting a load of bullshit to get more hits? Like seriously, they posted an artice sourcing TMARTN about some bs bout 32vs32 or someshit. Its ridiculous they used to always disregard rumours that many ppl believed but turnout out to be wrong.

      • This time we have some tangible evidence to support a theory that Sony’s taking over.

    • FazalGaming

      I remember when on PS3 when the first map pack for BO2 came out I was trying to play the new zombies map but there was so many people that everywhere was full and didn’t get to play the map till like 3-4 days after it came out because of so many people playing.

    • FazalGaming

      Back cover of Black Ops 1 says that COD is the best selling franchise in PS3 history

      • SOO_RARE

        BO1 on PS3 was CRAYYYZZZZ. It was incredible

    • Mike

      I remember on the first week of BO1, there was a day when I saw 3 million people online. This was for 360 btw

    • RebornAngel666

      Are video games your life? Sounds like it is.

    • ccrows

      Leave it to CI to post “speculation” about this, but yet they don’t post anything about the (possibility of) 3rd Elites coming to AW. Really?

      CI tells me (in another thread) that I need to be 100% sure about 3rd Elites coming to AW from Condrey’s tweets, yet they make this article from 100% speculation.

      *sigh* I’ve been with CI since day1, and I’ve been promoting CI on other sites too since the very beginning, but seriously WTF is with this double standard of “speculation” vs 100% sure?

      Please give me a reply Keshav, cuz I know you’re reading this… 🙁

    • Ridwaan

      .. I remember that day 😀

    • Control

      BO1 came out in 2010, not 2013.

      • CoDforever

        ik im saying 3 years later it had 800k ppl playing

  • Joe

    You report this every year and it’s always wrong


      They reported it for AW but at that point we did not know it was being made made by sledgehammer so it would of made sense. They reissued the contract before bo2 came out so at the time bo2, ghosts, and aw were being made so they got rights to all three games. If it was going to expire now would be the time so I say its about a 50/50 chance of either happening.

  • Ryumoau

    As personally happy as i am to see Playstation CoD fans like me getting this deal, i still would rather there not be any console exclusive deal. Everyone should be able to get the dlc at the same time.
    But its refreshing to not see Xbox shoved down my throat on every CoD video for now on.

    • FazalGaming

      Season Pass user should get the map packs earlier than the people who don#t have Season Pass. Not something extreme like 1 month but like 1 or 2 weeks.

      • yup it should be this

  • HooliganCOD

    this better not happen… IMO eSports will die if this happens some players probably will struggle to transfer over. It will change the scene completely… in a bad way. Sure your getting new players but is getting new players worth destroy probably more then half of the current t5-t8 teams teams?….

    • Ryumoau

      just let eSports players continue using xbox. eSports should not interfere with the dlc of the game for everyone else.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        Meh who cares about esports lol

    • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

      I doubt anyone will struggle to transfer over, a lot of esports players can afford both consoles and even if they dont like the controller they can buy xbox imitation ones.

    • ben wills

      Esports doesn’t even use the DLC maps usually. I don’t even see why this would matter

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Competitive on a casual game makes no sense. Hopefully it dies

    • FazalGaming

      I don’t get the point in Esports

    • Colin MacKenzie

      This transfer is nothing new. PlayStation’s were used in Black Ops 1 competitive until the transition to Xbox 360. The community can always change consoles if they need to.

    • iTechHeads

      Struggle how? PS4 controller is actually better than the XB1 pad if you ask me.

  • supr squirrel

    Wait, didn’t the same ‘insiders’ say the same thing was going to happen with both Ghosts and Advanced Warfare? Not saying that it can’t/won’t happen, but I’ll take this with a grain of salt.

    • FazalGaming

      Insiders are too busy doing stuff inside to say stuff

  • Will WilFredo Mendoza

    Great job CI you just made these WHINERS come in and WHINE MORE!!!

  • Bloodyman2103

    Finally! I’ve been waiting so long for this!

  • It would be the smartest move business wise. The past 2 CoDs have sold almost twice as much on PS4 then on Xbone.

    • FazalGaming


  • Anthony

    Oh gee, it’s the yearly rumor that is “reported” every year. And these reasons in the article are pretty stupid too.

  • The7Reaper

    As much as I want it to be true so Microsoft can be knocked down a peg I’m taking this with a grain salt as should everybody because Sony was apparently suppose to have have marketing rights for Ghosts and AW.

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    Just let cod champs die. And thank gosh I made the switch back to PlayStation when I did.

    • Guywithbrains

      Welcome to the family!

      Going for Uncharted 4? (sorry offtopic)

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        I’ve always been on ps4.

      • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

        Yeah, in 2016 🙁

  • drjakeyoung

    Lol, i knew my post in the last article would spark up a discussion!

  • Jackobeeno

    How about they are even on both? Like you know have DLC come out on the same day and everything? I personally have an xbox but I feel bad for Playstation that they have to wait so long, they should just be even.

  • MTD Prestige

    I’m nearly 100% percent positive that it won’t be playstation linked to cod. Xbox has already uploaded the teaser trailer before playstation, and xbox has uploaded “ember” 2hrs ago and playstation hasn’t. Don’t worry guys

    • John

      Playstation uploaded the embers trailer an hour before Xbox did

      • drjakeyoung

        On top of that, they have released several BO3 video’s on Youtube as well as tweets already.

        • John

          Yea. The last time they advertised CoD was for Ghosts.

      • MTD Prestige

        Mine says it was just uploaded an hour ago

  • Tricky VIk

    “This article was made to fuel the fire, kidding, kinda.”

    • John

      Vorkuta did break him. He killed JFK in the end.

      • Tricky VIk

        “Heh, you’re thinking of a different person my friend.”

        • John


          • Tricky VIk

            “Exactly what I just say, you’re thinking of someone else.”

          • John

            Vorkuta broke Mason, but who else was there with him? Reznov??

          • Tricky VIk


  • Felipe Rios

    As an avid Xbox player this would make me sad. However, I’ve always felt bad for the PlayStation players who’ve had to wait. We shouldn’t be pinned against each other over DlC. I wish we all just got to enjoy it at the same time. We are all gamers after all.

  • drjakeyoung

    Just as some extra news, some double XP this weekend for advanced warfare as well https://twitter.com/SHGames/status/591270567497588736


    I can’t see xbox losing this deal not after hosting cod champs. I own both ps4/xb1 and I can say PSN is shocking for online play. If they jump ship it will be a poor move.

  • FazalGaming


  • The Flash

    how about get rid of it entirely, and then everyone can play it at the same time, one of the reasons i recently got an xbox one was cause of the deal

    • FazalGaming


      • Get better

        I feel your pain. I bought one a few weeks ago JUST for zombies.

        Anyone want to buy a nearly.. 😛

        ETA I’m so upset that I replied to the wrong person.

  • Melchor

    I hope this is true.

  • Yes! Finally! 🙂
    Can’t wait for this to be true! But if its not then I, along with possibly hundreds or thousands will be highly let down :/

    Only time will tell….


  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE IT IS TRUE!

  • yessss, If the deal moved over to sony Ill probably never leave my basemenr

  • It would be better if the exclusive crap just stopped and all platforms were created equal. Period.

  • Adam

    Charlie Intel are PS4 fanboys. Cant wait to see them cry when the deal is announced and staying with Xbox.

    • KevJumbaify .

      They are not fanboys. Just reporting a stupid ass rumor

      • Max Martinez

        You’ve been upset about this all day. Xbox fanboy much?

        • PatPatPat

          Chill, dude.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Pardon? I play majority of the time on my Xbox One. I actually don’t even have a PS4 with me as of now. We are reporting a rumor, and evidence shows that things could change. No one at CI is gonna cry if Xbox partnership is announced…we’ve been part of community since MW2 and have known this world where DLC goes to Xbox first for a long long time.

  • TheGamerBeast

    all i hope is that exclusivity deal with Microsoft ends soon… cz getting the DLC a month later is real not fun at all. PS4 and PC players have been dealing with shit for years now

  • Jason_88

    I hope this happens so I can sell this shit ass system called an XBOX1! PS4 is so much better, especially COD plays so much better on the 4 over the 1.

  • Brad

    I know the PS4 is a better system than xbox one but for me I’ve always played xbox and my friends do too. I wish the xbox one didn’t suck so badly lol but there’s no reason for me to buy a ps4

  • AstroCyborg

    why do these same rumors start every year til ms confirms they have the deal at e3

  • M smith

    Destiny Star Wars and CoD??? all rights to Sony now? Guess it really is Xbox done.

  • If this rumor is true, it’s about freaking time!

  • AC

    Lot of misspellings in this article.. spellcheck not working??

  • ghosts sucks



    I made a video about this and what I think on it. But we will find for sure on Sunday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFKZEWVlS4c

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    The deal with Microsoft ended early this year. Plus Josh Olin seems to have quite a bit of common sense, as an ex-Treyarch employee…

    As a GAF leaker insisted, E3 is going to be fun…

  • Ryan

    I can’t wait to see all the Xbox people bitching how it’s unfair ps gets it first

    • Random

      I wouldn’t say unfair as we’ve had exclusivity for a while now. I would be more disappointing that they can’t just keep exclusivity to ads and champs, and allow DLC/updates etc to be released on all platforms together. But in a world where money is king, that isn’t going to happen.

  • Winston

    I also have to tell that Microsoft extended their contract for the next three years…. three years ago. It was Black Ops 2 back then. It should have been expired by this year unless they renewed the contract yet again.

  • MuscledRMH

    Exhibit B is wrong: Sony also uploaded the Advanced Warfare trailers until the MS deal was announced.
    Exhibit C is wrong: The Xbox One branding didn’t show up before E3 in the trailers.

  • Phant0mZer0


  • jooker-jr

    I hope that Activision release the DLCs at the same the time for all platforms, but its Activision.

    • Redrum

      yep money talks

  • Jasen

    We need both not just one, I am not switching systems to be a exclusive COD player I more than likely would just stop playing the franchise, get it together

    • Jesús

      fuck you. you should have to sit through the long fucking month of watching PS players get DLC before you. You can’t just up and quit when things aren’t in your favor. Ur not a fucking princess.

  • Nitro21


  • HeczTehFinezt

    How about no exclusivity deals. I’m no CoD fanboy except when it comes to Treyarch’s CoD games because their stories, and zombie mode are amazing and fun, MP is decent sometimes except for WAW, love and miss the gore engine. As a Playstation owner, I didn’t care if Xbox gets the DLC first but if this year PS is getting the DLC first then a better idea would be to release DLC for all platforms at the same time, even if the rumor is false.

  • PC Gamer #5391235

    PC Bro PC is were it’s all at

  • ColonelBazz

    I’m playing on PS4 but to be honest I would prefer DLC coming out on all platforms at the same time instead of Sony having a contract, which gives PS a month early DLC or so. So even though I’m a PS4-player I don’t want us to get it early. For example: xbox got ascendance dlc end of march, ps and pc on the end of april. I would prefer all platforms getting it in the end of march next time. For the players thereselfs, there is no gain if other players have to wait…

  • rmp1596

    as an Xbox player i’m glad they are doing this, we have had dlc first for too long. Time to let PlayStation take the stage!

    • Reality2025

      You’re clearly not an Xbox player…

  • sin

    Lmao PS4 is crap they are not getting call of duty lmfao wishful thinking [playstation losers

    • Matty Fletcher

      You sir are a muppet

  • It would not make any sense for the deal to move to PlayStation. Microsoft shells out a lot of money as is, plus they help fund things like ads and Cod Champs. BUT, if Sony got this deal there would be none of the usual competitors returning…this could bring down viewing a decent bit and really not work well.

  • Ridwaan

    I’m a playstation player and I’d like for ps players to get it early, but with xbox and PC as well. If this rumor is true, it would be nice for someone like me, but it really is a shitty feeling and I don’t think xbox or PC players should have to wait.

  • Tech the Gamer

    Reasons why I think this article is just bullshit with simple (slightly sarcastic) counter arguments.

    Exhibit A) Xbox has a shit ton of exclusives they want to promote first coming out this year (Halo 5 for starters). They did it for AW as well, but seriously, one hour? They obviously have other shit to focus on than ONE game that’s on multiple systems.

    Exhibit B) They missed a year! OH GOD THIS MUST BE TRUE!

    Exhibit C) There wasn’t any PS4 branding either, so what’s your point?

    Exhibit D) One guy on the internet said it so it must be true!

    Not to mention this doesn’t mean that Sony has the rights, Activision may just be like “F*** IT! Why do we need to be on one console? We’ll make more money sooner like this this!” Not to mention, Xbox and Sony have supposedly had a deal since PS3 and 360 first debuted to bring cross platforming, and Sony has turned them down because SUPPOSEDLY it “might hurt sales” and Xbox is working on cross gaming with PC players (last I heard it can work amazingly with anything using Windows) within the next few years so they may not be exclusive to that one system anymore for that one reason. Or maybe NOBODY NEEDS REMINDING NOW THAT IT’S BEEN THAT WAY FOR YEARS NOW!
    See, I’m an Xbox guy, but I still think it sucks for PS and PC users to get their DLC late cause we’re all gamers. SHOW SOME EQUALITY! And it would distract everyone to finally talk about something other than “BOX/PS4/PC IS BETTER BECAUSE OF THIS AND THAT” bullshit.

    • Sony

      Oh you. I am from the future and I know this deal is true. Believe me.

  • iTechHeads

    20-21 Million PS4s
    10-11 Million Xbox Ones

    It really doesn’t make sense for Xbox to continue to get special treatment. Majority rules and for now that is Playstation.

    • Travis

      Then why did xbox still get advanced warfare after a year of console release.



  • Travis

    You guys are forgetting a big part of why call of duty is successful, MLG. MLG started COD back in MW3 Days, WITH xbox, That deal will never change, there are more than 20,000 people playing COD through UMG/MLG on xbox, Play station only has around 2,000-2,500. Plus people make careers for MLG. Having used that same console forever, then switching for one or a few years would destroy the world, the controllers and gameplay different, the people that are MLG Pro now, won’t have a chance. XBOX WILL ALWAYS HAVE COD DLC FIRST. end of discussion.

    • dhdhdhd

      Lol fanboy, what does dlc have to do with mlg? They dont even play the dlc maps during events.

      • Matty Fletcher

        I think he’s on drugs. Makes sense that you move the exclusivity rights to the superior console too:p

      • Travis

        Yes they do, in advanced warfare, drift is a dlc map that is in MLG. Learn before you speak.

  • Guest


  • TheRandomOne

    I can understand exclusive timed DLC. But only allowing one company to advertise it is silly

  • Lejunny1998

    I mean I’d be nice for all consoles to get DLC at the same time but it won’t work that way plus they can’t just switch consoles like that without giving a heads up announcement because what are the competitive players going to do? Just magically learn how to get used to a PS4 controller, pro cod isn’t just about graphics getting used to your controller is a big part too

  • awper

    they dropping cod for smite


    In terms of Activision making PS4 the lead console makes sense. Let’s face it. It is all about the money. The PS4 is currently leading in hardware sales. I can bet more people are playing AW on PS4 daily/hourly than any other console. (We dont know the numbers exactly). Activision wants money, as does Sony. Hence why this would be a wonderful relationship because both companies prospering off one anothers success will = poop-ton-o-cash. (That’s why they really make this hardware/software) To make profit. END OF STORY. They don’t side with Microsoft because they like them better or because their hardware is better, or the community is better, or because of connection and services or the controller LOL…. Contract = guarantee money?? This time around I am sure they used AW to see how a real next gen CoD would do between the two.. And so far its looking like there is a lot of evidence leaning toward PS4.

    More players online = exclusive content first = more hardware sales = more people purchasing the game = more DLCs purchased = more micro-transactions = a poop-ton-o-cash for both. End of Story.

    You can argue what you want. But it is all business at the end of the day. And if you don’t realize that I am sorry.

  • Melchor

    Any update on this note? Is COD still owned by Microsoft?

    • Sony

      No. Playstation / Sony is the new player.

  • UpRiftCOD

    But who will sponsor the eSports tournaments? D:

    • Sony

      Sony does. Duh.

  • JD

    As much as I would love platform equality for DLC, I just don’t see it. The sole reason being that money talks and that COD eSports would suffer. As COD eSports continues to grow, a lot of money is being made and a lot of money is being pumped in to the growth. Take COD Champs. Each COD Champs has been hosted by XBOX. They have given the community a total prize pool of $3,000,000. I just can’t see Sony continuing this expansion of COD eSports.

  • vBomber

    don’t care if dlc is on ps4 first. i just want competitive cod to stay on xbox

  • bready

    to have a exclusive deal with one of the most successful games in gaming cost money… its all about who paid the most money for this deal… it will be unexpected for sony to pull this deal off well- knowing how much money microsoft have.But if sony do pull this deal off microsoft may be be doing something big behind closed doors

  • ismailmarsh

    Eveyone is on ps4. Good move.

  • ismailmarsh

    Xbone sucks

  • Dylan

    Sony players are better lol slap yourself classofmyown509 come see me

  • keo

    The cheeze is the biggest dumbass I’ve ever seen on the internet

  • Dis nuts

    It would be cool, though those of you freaking out about the tournaments. Advance Warfare was the first to require dlc to enter them.

  • wellthen….

    I’ve always thought that everyone should get the dlc first. I will also say in most cases xbox players are better at fps than PlayStation because the xbox community is a lot more competitive. I will say PlayStation players kick ass in RPGs! Btw both consoles are the same so if you truly believe yours is the best for this or that plz go drink some anti-freeze. You make real gamers sick.

  • Alex

    Thank you Sony!! Take all the kids with you!! Call of Duty didn’t get any better after MW2.

  • Tjordan

    Playstation already get exclusives on every single multi platform game I don’t see why they switched Xbox has had first dlc since cod 4

  • Jochen Kleine Van Bulck

    I LOVE IT! Finally! We pay PS+, just as Xbox pays, but NOW you will all know how it WAS like!! Microsoft has been buying to expand the audience and discriminated Sony. PAYBACK ^^

  • Guest

    Wait, so because Call of Duty is moving to Sony, does that mean that the DLC Map packs will be released on Sony first instead of Microsoft??? 🙁