Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will feature a brand new movement system, including wall running, where players are able to easily go from place to place. In addition, the movement system also features jet packs in which players can move through the air.

All of these movements can be chained together, and become an independent experience on its own. While doing any of these movements, you can actually still use your weapon on the go.

However, many reports have stated that if you don’t want to use the new movement system, you don’t have to. The maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 are being designed to allow fans to play with boots on the ground, allowing either style to work, like never before.

  • JJ

    cue all the mad

    • semir krcic

      this actually seems good

      • JJ

        oh no, i agree but im just expecting everyone to cry “dis be same as AW!!”

  • Seems like an interesting concept

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    It doesn’t seem as extreme as EXO suits, it seems grounded yet fluid and I like the sound of that.

    • Guywithbrains

      Also if it is only one specialist ability because each specialist has 2 abilities? So basically if you don’t want to you don’t need to use “super jumps”.

      • idkwhatmynameis

        Other people will tho. That’s what all the fuss about. Didn’t matter how you played, people complained about enemies jumping and dodging. Im not seeing a difference some kills will come from being on the ground, others will be from people wall running and thrust jumping.

  • Anonymous

    Vahn was playing too much Destiny and forgot he was making a COD.

    • Anonymous

      Also some class can see through walls just so you know.

      • Redrum

        oh even better

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        I doubt it’s permanent. It’s probably that class’s super ability. In Destiny, one class had the ability to turn completely invisible and go off the radar, but it wasn’t OP because they couldn’t just keep spamming it. In Destiny, all the supers were balanced, because all of them were OP. So they kinda balanced eachother, lol.

  • Matt

    Fans: “We don’t want exo-suits or advanced movement!”Treyarch Employee: “Hey! Let’s listen to the fans for once!”
    Treyarch CEO: “OK! Let’s take away any map flow and destroy our fan base!”
    Rest of the studio: “YAY! GREAT IDEA! BOOST JUMPS! WALL-RUNNING!”

    • Kit

      To be fair to them, they didn’t know that people didn’t want exos until at least 2 years into the game’s development, and I don’t think it’ll be so bad anyway. You can still play traditionally too, and it doesn’t affect the map’s balance.

    • shantzonpoint

      Just because it’s not what you want, doesn’t mean it’s what majority wants. I, for one, enjoy the new movements. CoD was getting way to boring. It was the same game year after year with different maps. At least they will have classic game modes for those that don’t want the new movement.

      • Lawfulmaxhavoc


      • Smayo

        I like the way Bo3 goes with the movement, but AW was a total failure in the gameplay department, it was just chaos, not fun at all…

        • idkwhatmynameis

          Oh snap you played bo3 already?! Damn dude tell us more

          • Smayo

            Where do I say that ?

          • idkwhatmynameis

            I’m asking.

          • Smayo

            Ah oke, no I haven’t played Bo3 already, I thought you was sarcastic

          • idkwhatmynameis

            I was lol. Forget it tho. See y’all Nov.6

    • Smayo

      With wall running included, boost jumping gets a whole different meaning compared to the stall movements of AW, play some titanfall to see what I mean, it’s not that bad anymore then especially if the maps are built for it

  • LvlJosh

    from what the article they are getting the info from it says it will be very similar to titanfall

  • MyKogInYourAshe

    New images !

  • Guywithbrains

    Sounds like integrated gung-ho perk to me. But we’ll see today. Hold your horses until reveal trailer is here.

  • Bolbi Stroganovsky

    I’m interested to see how “wall-running” will play out…
    Are we going to see bare and stripped walls now?

    • Hirasu Satsugai (Xayo)

      It will be similar to titanfall which is good because titanfall is amazing, the only reason people hate it is because there’s not much to unlock in the game

    • Raines

      Hopefully they make it so that the cheeseball players who want this crap have a harder time aiming and getting a kill while doing the cheesy bullsh**. Too many luck spray and pray kills in AW while boosting.

  • J Lopez

    I hope its not similar to EXO.. i just want boots on the ground buts then again that’s just me. :/

  • Luis Enrique

    Titanfall: the pre-sequel

    • You are just so original, aren’t you?

    • MyKogInYourAshe

      Damn, trolls ran out of ideas

    • Bolbi Stroganovsky

      Haven’t heard that one before =/

  • Kill Denied

    Why does everyone have brown hair. Haven’t they heard of diversity.

  • LvlJosh

    for those who want to read the article themselves, this
    is where this info is coming from

    Edit: mashable has taken down the article from their site

  • Just as long as they make that in an optional playlist, then that is fine by me. I just want what AW did but vice versa in that the regular playlists have normal movement, but the optional playlists have these jetpacks.

    • Raines

      Now there is a great idea. Let the watered down playlists have the jetpacks.
      That way the cheeseballs that like getting spray and pray dodging kills can grease each other up. And the multitudes of people who hate the jetpack can have the greater selection of playlists…especially after Sledgehammer took away most of the playlists in Classic after promising we’d have just as many choices. Bait and switch mother******s

  • Rorke File

    Don’t love to hear about the new movement.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    I read that article someone’s been posting ( ), and honestly, I’m pretty happy. It seems to borrow a lot from Destiny’s PVP, and that is great I recently got into Destiny. It has amazing gameplay but lacks content. BO3 looks like the gameplay will be amazing and have lots of content. I love the idea of 9 specialty characters, each with a special power (super). Honestly this is a direction I never thought COD would go, and I’m really excited to see how this plays out.

    Also, Shinobi was right and I accept defeat, lol.

    • Agreed and agreed.

      And also agreed on this part: “Also, Shinobi was right and I accept defeat, lol.” haha, he isn’t a BS insider or else NeoGAF would have banned him long ago. He also has been right on everything he said, from the Gears of War remaster, to the Order delay to the Halo collection etc.

      • Max Martinez

        Not the part about it releasing on old-gen consoles.

        • Well we’ll see what he has to say about that. Me thinks it will release, but a) way later than the current gen releases like MKX, and done by a different studio, and not as publicized by the media as if it doesn’t exist although it will.

          Thats still pending for me.

    • Guywithbrains

      There is no defeat no one knew for sure. But what I think is that these maps will work without new movement and there might be playlist for people who want original movement.

      Also I think that wall running is an ability only to specific specialists.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        I do too. I really like how they’re doing the class system. If you could do all these things in ever class, it would be chaotic. But separating each ability and balancing them leads to strategy in how you want to play, and it might not be as chaotic as AW. Can’t wait to try Nuketown in this game, lol.

        • Guywithbrains

          Also I think that mastering these 9 specialists totally adds replay value.

    • LvlJosh

      I agree. I think that the changes will be good and a fresh new CoD will be released later this year.

    • Lawfulmaxhavoc

      If we wanted the Destiny formula, wouldn’t it make sense to just go play Destiny?

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Destiny lacks content. It’s gameplay is fun, but the game has many flaws. BO3 looks like they’re taking what made Destiny fun and mixing it with their own formula, as well as some stuff from Titanfall. I’d say this is a good thing.

        • Lawfulmaxhavoc

          That makes sense, I’m just hoping for an “old” cod soon

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Yeah, IW might do one since they lost a lot of fans and Ghosts wasn’t that well received. I doubt they’ll do Ghosts 2 after Ghosts got hated on by most people, lol.

          • Rookie

            they will mate. There will be ghost 2 especially after the cliff hangar ending i am pretty sure its coming. Hopefully they change the damn gameplay

      • Raines

        Well the f’ers that kept demanding “change” are the ones that ruined the game.
        I loved every COD since I started playing with MW2. The only thing they need to do with each COD is new maps, change up the gun and killstreak choices, new story lines for those that like campaign, ………BUT LEAVE THE MOVEMENTS AND MECHANICS ALONE!!!
        Exactly, if I wanted to play Destiny/Titanfall like movements, I’d buy THOSE games. And I never bought those games for that reason.

    • LvlJosh

      mashable has taken down their article. I think 3arc didn’t like their info going up before the reveal, lol.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        I still have it open on my tabs, lol. Haven’t finished it yet 😛

        • Humza Qureshi

          Could you screenshot it and put it on imugr?

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Okay one second.

          • Humza Qureshi


          • Siftblade of Rivia


            When I tried to turn it into an album it told me no images were found. But here are the images anyways, lol. Just click on “First Image, Second Image, …” etc. at the top. 😛

          • There’s something about Call of Duty that makes most players either love it or hate it. For the former, its twitchy, fast-paced action is the epitome of competitive shooter gameplay; and for those who don’t get it, CoD seems repetitive, bland and wedged too far into dude-bro fist-bumpiness to possibly be enjoyable.

            Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 won’t please everyone, but it might convince some of those haters.

            SEE ALSO: The Newb’s Guide to Being a Hero in ‘Destiny’

            Developer Treyarch is taking a luxurious three years to complete Black Ops 3, and based on the demos journalists played during a recent studio visit it seems they haven’t wasted any of that time. Black Ops 3 has the most changes the series has seen since it first ditched World War II for more a more modern type of warfare years ago, and its new features might make even the most steadfastly uninterested gamer reconsider that position.

            Treyarch didn’t quite go back to the drawing board, but they did strip Call of Duty down to its barest essentials before determining what to add to the familiar formula of classes, loadouts and kill streaks. The result is a game with more fluid movement, combat variety and sheer personality than any other in the series.

            Oh, and it has four-player online cooperative play. Wouldn’t want to forget to mention that.IMAGE: ACTIVISION

            Borrowing from the best

            The developers at Treyarch had time to try out plenty of competing shooter games over the last couple of years while they made Black Ops 3. The game borrows heavily from two of the best: Titanfall, an Xbox exclusive from competing publisher EA, and Destiny, a sci-fi-based shooter from Call of Duty publisher Activision.

            From Destiny comes a class system that gives you the choice of several character archetypes with unique capabilities. In Black Ops 3, they’re called “specialists.” The game has nine specialists total, each with two abilities — a special weapon and a move or other perk — for a total of 18 choices. You pick a specialist and one of their powers before every match, much like you choose you kill streaks and tweak your classes in in the lobby during existing CoD games.

            The specialists take many forms, like a robot whose arm can transform into a gatling gun, or a futuristic hunter who can see through walls. Some of their powers—like the “Seraph”‘s powerful handcannon, and the “Ruin”‘s fists-first smash attack—are almost identical to “supers” from Destiny.

            Don’t take that the wrong way — many of Treyarch’s folks are big Destiny fans, they confessed during our visit. And they’ve managed to translate one of that game’s best features perfectly into the rigid Call of Duty multiplayer formula, loosening things up—and making them more fun—in the process.

            Move over, boring old gameplay

            The people behind Black Ops 3 emphasized that the series’ signature multiplayer requires them to create a perfect balance between combat, movement and level design. But with combat getting such a major new addition in the form of specialists, the game’s movement had to get upgraded as well. And that’s where Titanfall’s influence is clear.

            When you were running around on foot in Titanfall, you could also jet through the air and run across walls like Spider-Man. In fact, many of the people working on Black Ops 3 now helped make Spider-Man games in years past, as well as games in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skaterfranchise. These provided inspiration too, the game’s creators said.

            Black Ops 3 has the most fluid movement system of any CoD game yet. You can run along a wall, jetpack through the air, switch directions mid-jump and land with a lengthy power-slide. Chaining these maneuvers together becomes a game in and of itself, and you might occasionally forget to stop and shoot while you’re zipping around. That’s actually fine too.

            You almost never have to put your gun down now

            You almost never have to put your gun down now. You can shoot while mantling over obstacles and walls, and though your aim will suffer the action won’t stop.

            If that doesn’t sound like Call of Duty, it’s because it doesn’t feel much like it either. But there’s good news for existing fans: you’re free to keep both feet on the ground, or simply lie prone with a sniper rifle like you’re used to. The new maps are designed to let either style work, creating a wonderful feeling of flexibility not present in the series before.IMAGE: ACTIVISION

            Fun in fours

            Treyarch removed everything from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 that didn’t “wind the combat loop tighter,” as the developers love to say. All of it — keeping your gun up and ready all the time, having an arsenal of fun new powers — was designed to make the game feel snappier and more rewarding. And with that accomplished, Treyarch took another new approach: adding four-player co-op to story missions

            BO3’s campaign missions were designed to let four people navigate and fight in them simultaneously

            BO3’s campaign missions were designed to let four people navigate and fight in them simultaneously the whole way through. Their environments are bigger and more complex, with multiple paths through each encounter, the developers said.

            The game’s computer-controller enemies are smarter as well, to compensate — robots and humans and drones all act differently, and they’ll band together to fight you in different ways depending on your own tactics, the devs explained.

            Gasping for air

            There are layers upon layers of changes here, from the many new abilities at players’ disposal to the game’s more lenient approach to level design. While some additions and alterations might rub traditionalists the wrong way, it’s also possible that they’ll all come together to make a Call of Duty game that’s accessible to more people than ever.

            None of this is a guarantee, but the bits Treyarch and Activision did let us play — a half dozen or so multiplayer matches across a handful of maps and game types — felt like the breath of fresh air Call of Duty has been needing for years.

            Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is out Friday, Nov. 6 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

            Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.

    • Raines

      Who hold it….special powers? Really? Aye yi yi. What f’in garbage.

      • Siftblade of Rivia


  • Do you guys think that it’s too far gone in that they put these too late into development to change it after they heard of AW’s exo feedback???

    • LvlJosh

      well the game was already 2 years in development by the time AW even came out so to answer your question. Yes, it is/was too late.

    • RdJokr

      It’s a big risk. But they still have time to tweak things. They have the opportunity to tweak the game based on AW’s general feedback now.
      I think Treyarch can pull it off just fine.

    • Thomas Huffman

      No. It says that you can use jetpacks or boots on ground which means this game does not revolve around the jetpackS so they can remove them. And i believe they will due to how much hate the jetpack is getting.

  • Hirasu Satsugai (Xayo)

    I’m happy. This game will be awesome, it’s treyarch so the game will already be 10x better than advanced warfare. People need to stop hating. When they see zombies they will settle down lol

    • Dave

      As long as there are no “jet-packs” i n zombies thats fine by me. If there are.
      Goodbye COD.

  • @ImDiabetus:disqus You were right LOL

    From the article:

    “Don’t take that the wrong way — many of Treyarch’s folks are big Destiny fans, they confessed during our visit. And they’ve managed to translate one of that game’s best features perfectly into the rigid Call of Duty multiplayer formula, loosening things up—and making them more fun—in the process.”

  • Masterman

    … R.I.P. BO3…

  • dhdhdhd

    aaaand the hype train just crashed

    • MyKogInYourAshe

      aaaand i fixed it

      • Kill Denied

        aaaand i destroyed it

        • Bolbi Stroganovsky

          Hulk Smash

        • MyKogInYourAshe

          aaaand i’m dead

  • It annoys me people who just want CoD to stick to old school CoD and then they complain that it is a copy and paste and never changes. Ugh, CoD developers really are stuck between a rock and a hard place, people will never be happy.

    • You’re confusing a community for an individual. The people who wants a normal movement style CoD aren’t the ones complaining about it being copy paste. Usually its the casual players and review companies who don’t like that about CoD.

      • Actually, yeah you’re right. Although I’d say it’s more of the casual community on CoD (who just played their yearly CoD games or sports games like Fifa/Madden) that want a traditional based gameplay system, whereas the media outlets and core communities who maybe don’t play CoD as much as the casual gamers see it just as the “same thing every year”.

        At least that’s the way I see it.

        • Thats spot on my friend 🙂 its unfortunate, because the loyals don’t usually get what they want because money is in the reviews and media outlets, which want change.

      • CoDforever

        They say this game will cater to both playstyles, classic and advanced.

  • The Last Colossus

    “The maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 are being designed to allow fans to play with boots on the ground, allowing either style to work, like never before.” that just tells me that we can play it just like back in BO2

    • I really hope so. I just hope the new abilities “enhance” game play and aren’t the core of the game.

    • idkwhatmynameis

      Just because you choose to stay on the ground because that’s how you want your cod to feel, your still gonna have to play against peoplewalling running and uusing jet packs. it will be closer to aw than bo2.

  • Biff Ibkus

    Character customization or nah?

  • LovekillerX

    So we are going to get wall running. I wonder how it will turn out in maps etc. But I think this is a nice change. Also that specialist character thing is interesting too. Seems like it will have a lot of replay value.

  • shantzonpoint

    I’m glad they are going to keep the game fast paced. After AW, old cods feel so slow and boring. I’m also glad they are only releasing on the new consoles. This will force the playerbases to grow on the new consoles. Something that is much needed.

  • Codfan

    I think what this is trying to say is that multiplayer will be split into two parts. One where its all classic style of play which is like the “old” cod. The other is with exo suits/exo movements. Which will keep both sides of this argument of exo suits happy. Either way I’m buying it because in treyarch we trust.

    • Alexander Hodge

      The multiplayer will be designed for the whole exo bionic suit movement type gameplay. They’re only adding in a classic style to keep people quiet for a while, so people who want to play traditionally will hate the game because it hasn’t been made with tradition in mind.

    • shantzonpoint

      It will be just like AW. They’ll have a classic playlist but majority will be playing the exo movement playlists I’m guessing.

  • OJ da Juiceman

    Yep, no exo-suits, but there is jetpacks and wall-running. Thanks Treyarch for not listening to a single word from the community. RIP COD.

    • Kit

      Shut the fuck up! 😀

      • OJ da Juiceman

        Nah, I came here to comment and speak my mind.

        • Will WilFredo Mendoza

          No, you came here to whine.

          • Tricky VIk


          • idkwhatmynameis

            Just like all the other exo haters every single day. Don’t see you jumping on them tho. The same guys come to ci all the time just tohate, never really seen this guy let him have two cents.

        • x_Mr_DiBBs

          Trill I agree with you on everything you said man

    • Seriously

      Dude you’re a stoner rambling on about how angry you are at a game which hasn’t even been officially revealed.
      Your life has led to you being in this place spreading negativity to people who come to play a game solely for fun.

      • awesome_farts

        I used to be a stoner 🙂

        Then I got a government job and it was all over…………….

    • Keshav Bhat

      Um….you need to realize something big before saying that. Treyarch did listen; This title was in development since Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 launched – over three years ago. They were working on this for a LONG Time. They had NO clue that fans would react this way to Exo suits. They cannot change their idea and vision in 6 months when the whole game is based off of this.

      • OJ da Juiceman

        Well then, RIP COD.

        • Jeff

          Quit being so overdramatic. Advanced Warfare is the second best imo, second to WAW. The exo suits aren’t nearly that bad, PLUS there were original game modes, so why are you crying so hardcore for?

          • RebornAngel666

            They are bad! People don’t enjoy the way it’s used in AW! Just because you’re one that enjoys it, doesn’t mean others don’t. I hate them, everyone jumps around and is harder to fucking kill in the game, it takes more skill than ever to get a kill. I prefer the old way COD games were made. Exo suits are bad.

          • black guy

            exo suits are not bad, your just bad kid.

          • RebornAngel666

            Lmfao. Ok Mr. ignorant.

          • Brandon EightwayRun Stover

            no you’re just bad. I have like 2000 skeet shooter medals with 3 days worth of gameplay. Its not hard.

          • RebornAngel666


          • Derrick Wiggins


          • Nuts to U

            He admitted he will still buy it. Stop replying to him and see him online in November.. Probably tmr as well in AW.


          • Raines

            Well, in that case, as long as the exo suits aren’t “nearly” that bad….*rolling eyes*

        • i would forgive most of these new gameplay features in a heartbeat, just as long as “they” (activision, presumably):
          1) brought back single flag capture from COD3
          2) kept hardcore capture the flag as a multiplayer game type

          the weapons and context are kind of secondary. it is the goals (objectives) and rules of each multiplayer game type that dictate the gameplay…

      • RogueMURICAN

        Advanced Warfare has sold millions so guess what, fans still liked AW and the exo suit. Just because douches like YOU didn’t, does’t mean everyone else didn’t

        • x_Mr_DiBBs

          AW Was awful I can only play classic due to the fact that exo’s are retarded and Treyarch didnt listen to their fans, fans wanted WAW2 instead they do another futuristic bullshit game with jetpacks and wallrunning (Titanfall). Cod is driving itself into the ground. Enough Said. <3

          • Hi, Elliot Rodger here

            You can only play classic because you can’t adapt to exos. No more camping and head glitching for you so you do bad and blame the game like a noob.

          • x_Mr_DiBBs

            No its because Exo’s are fucking stupid

          • Carlos

            Why are they “fucking stupid”?

          • Raj Koothrappali

            How is “you know how to english”, which sounds like you’re an uneducated swine, to which BetterOffDEAD replied “You do too.” in any relation to “No its because Exo’s are fucking stupid”

            BetterOffDEAD – I could not comprehend either. I would not bother replying.

            And hey you, Dibbs english boy. its should be it’s or it is. Exo’s should be many exo (exos in plural – no go buddy).

            Don’t worry buddy. Ghost Raj will show you the way.

          • x_Mr_DiBBs

            you know how to english

          • Hi, Elliot Rodger here

            You do too.

          • RebornAngel666

            LMFAO. Is that how every other COD game was before Exos?? No you stupid fuck, it wasn’t. I always run around and get kills by outgunning the enemies on the ground. It’s stupid how someone can get easy kills by jumping all the way up, and make it harder for the other player to get a kill. The game is dead because people I bet like you, asked for “change” in COD. People who played this game since COD 4 know what I mean. COD is shit now because it changed so much for dumb fucks who can’t just enjoy the same great game.

          • Hi, Elliot Rodger here

            COD was basically a reskin from COD4-Ghosts. It was 100% getting stale. I could care less what the next COD has because I don’t really like COD, its just another way to do something competitive.

            Classic should be called campfest because thats exactly what it is. Its slow paced and straight up boring. Its full of noobs with no gunskill and no thumbs. People that can’t adapt to exos play classic. Simple as that.

          • RebornAngel666

            People who play Classic get no love in AW. They should listen to the community a lil bit more. No one liked SBMM, yet they kept it on AW. Lol, BS

          • PRIM3 OutLaw

            The oldest game COD Game I’ve played Was Call of Duty: MW3. When BO1, BO2, And Ghost came out you Know what I was playing MW3 I didn’t Care for though’s games because i hated futuristic game stuff it was to hard for me to play until AW then i loved AW But Exo Suits And classic COD like MW3 is both Awesome

          • RogueMURICAN

            “Treyarch Didn’t Listen”? Do you realize that they have been working on this game for 3 years and are not going to stop everything they developed and restart again because a very small minority of people didn’t like exo suits and futurism in the most recent game that only came out 5 months ago?!!!! Get your head out of your arse.

          • RebornAngel666

            Thank you.

        • Raines

          It sold millions because players didn’t know what to expect.
          It also sold millions to people like me that were promised a non-exo playlist, then they watered it down to just “Mosh Pit”.
          They recently put back in TDM, but so what? 2 playlists when there was more choice in the beginning.
          Sledgehammer did a bait and switch, promised us if we didn’t want the jet pack crap in MP we wouldn’t have to, then insults us by only offering 2 game modes, one being random if you don’t like all the other crap game modes. And plenty of people were playing Classic before SH screwed us. So don’t even start with the “nobody was playing Classic”.

      • RebornAngel666

        They actually can, if they WANTED TO. Don’t say they can’t change shit when they just revealed the launch trailer TODAY. No one would’ve known that the boost and all that crap were to be back in this game now. They can delay the release and just change it to what the fans truly want. There’s no fucking love for players that hate this shitty implement to the COD multiplayer games, there was for AW where there was classic DOM TDM SND And etc. but they took away and put a fucking moshpit. I’m done with COD if this game is utter shit like ghosts and AW. I always loved COD, but not like this. Everyone asked for fucking “CHANGE” and this is the Fucking result we get, you greedy little bastards that wanted everything from COD to change, go fuck yourselves, you ruined a great fucking game series!

        • Raines

          I completely agree. Change doesn’t mean completely ruining the mechanics of the game.
          All it is now is boosting pussies who get lucky spray and pray kills. Its garbage. Hell, even Ghosts was better than this exo jet pack crap.

      • Raines

        Yes, they can. They can remove the jet packs easy. What you just said is a copout, and they can’t use that argument. Otherwise they couldn’t have made a plethora of other changes they made after the beta came out.

    • Trippy Killa

      It won’t be as bad as
      Advanced warfare so stfu and I’m pretty that the jet packs and wall running is going to be similar as titanfall which is a good thing as long as the maps are big enough

    • Col

      You’re the reason CoD has a bad name about the community. You judge before you know. Do more research before crying “jetpacks wahh”. There is a “Thrust Jump” that is not a double jump, it’s more of a hover. You can move about the map without using any of the new movement system all while still being fine. You can see everything in your field of view without worrying about verticality like AW. Is it because you’re old and slow that you don’t like the thought of movement?

      • idkwhatmynameis

        You have to double tap the jump button tho sooo

    • Zombie Leftover

      watch the video before you flip your shit and judge a game before you play it

    • Carlos

      Somebody doesn’t realize this is fucking Treyarch and this game will be great. All hail Lord Vonderharr

      • OJ da Juiceman

        For as great of a job as Treyarch has done in the past, I just can’t be excited for another futuristic themed game. Trust me, I want to be excited, but this isn’t doing it for me. World at War 2 would have had me in an extremely joyous awe.

        • Skykeep

          you still have to realize that if they did do a WAW2 it would look like a glorified heroes and generals. The COD community asked for change for so long and when it finally came they just bitched about how bad it was. Going back to ground combat just takes us back to the same old headglitching and extremely linear boring gameplay. Its not like since cod 4 they’ve done the same thing cause that’s totally not true. It doesn’t matter if its in the future or past, its a Treyarch game and it will be amazing .

  • OJ da Juiceman

    If you are happy with these announcements, then you are the definition of fanboy.

    • ELITE PhantomXx

      I agree with you totally man, hate effing exos…

    • TrevorHerr

      A fanboy of fun!

    • SoulTaker

      OR you’re giving the game a chance before knocking it down the dumps. For real man there’s going to be a beta so you can try it before you buy it.

  • Mick

    “The maps in black ops 3 are being designed to allow fans to play with boots on the ground” Glad to hear that. But I will most likely play with the jet packs. At least I know it’ll have that feel.

  • Quickly take jet packs out of MP!! Its not too late, you still have 6 months left for all the advanced movement shit.

  • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

    Wallrunning – fucking bullshit
    Walljumping- fucking great

  • Just make a new game where all you do is stare at the grave of CoD

  • ScOott

    O no… :-/ wtf jet packs and wall running … That’s it I’m hitting the bottle!

    • Lets just hope they didn’t fuck zombies up.

      • ScOott

        Who would of thought IW might actually bring us the best cod on next gen !

        • They have “revamped” it enough times so i think its about time to only release it on the 3DS.
          Might as well :l

        • SoulTaker

          No please lets not go back to saying IW is going to bring the best COD out lets remember Ghosts….

  • Just on the twitch stream.
    The amount of RIP spam is unreal.

  • I found that reddit bingo chart.
    Lets just say im ready to get a bingo.

  • Choppabro2psn

    Can you guys please let people say what they feel, and not bash them about having a negative comment. If they say something negative, and you call it “whining” then aren’t you “fanboying”. I don’t understand.

  • meow

    Cant make a full judgement until ive seen it and felt the machanics my self but AW exo suits were brilliant (if you was using a mouse) the movements were too much for using a controller even with aim assist it just became a lot of flailing of the joystick and made players more dependent on aim assist taking the fun out of skill (hence why people find CSGO so enjoyable). before any one writes a counter argument look at titanfal, boost jumping and wall running and because of that its competitive side is on PC not Console.

    End of the day if you want wall running its called titanfall.

    End of the day if you want boost dodging and jumping its called halo 5

  • RogueMURICAN


  • maclin

    I’m a well rounded player I camp, rungun, ambush and knife runner. I camp once I been playing for more than 3 matches and my biggest gripe about AW was you could not camp yes I said it you can’t camp and that pissed me off, that and every nood can quick scope or hard scope one shot kills with the beginning sniper rifle.

  • I could be misinterpreting the way that this game is being described, but this is what I gather so far. The game is being designed for players who like to play traditionally, but the new movements and abilities give additional opportunities for those who want something new? I guess what I’m personally hoping for is a product that won’t alienate classic COD fans like AW did. We’ll know soon enough.

  • Copying titanfall but titanfall never came out on sony systems so it’s straight I guess

  • this will be the best cod ever

    Hahahahaha all the fan boys will be like yea this won’t be nothing like AW hahahahhaha Jet packs hahahahahahahahha

    • Trippy Killa

      It won’t most likely

  • SoulTaker

    To try calm people down.

  • Ryumoau

    i never played Titanfall so i’m not sure if i’ll like all that wall running stuff. But i’m glad they say we won’t have to use it to be successful.

  • AlexK489

    What i’m curious to know is why people want a genre (the world war 2 shooter) that literally CANNOT have any ideas integrated into it and would be as bland and boring as Ghosts was? The only thing people can do with a WW2 themed shooter on new gen consoles is going a Wolfenstein route with it, and guess what? Wolfenstein’s already done it, and no one can top it. If people really want a WW2 shooter, go boot up WAW on your 360s.
    Treyarch has a real gem on their hands with Black Ops 3. This CoD is looking to be the best in years. I can’t freaking WAIT.

    • Smayo

      Why would it be as boring and bland as ghosts just because it’s a WW2 era game ? I for one would play the F* out of it if they brought a [email protected] style CoD back, ofcourse with the new features of the newer games.

      new movements doesn’t mean automatically the game will be fresh and good, a perfect example of that you could see with last years entry

  • Smayo

    I like wallrunning and the whole new parkour style gameplay, but I really do hope that they implement dedicated servers now, these movements with the famous treyarch lag/hit detection from former games is its dead sentence in MP…

  • idkwhatmynameis

    How come all the exo haters are turning a new leaf. ” oh I actually like what treyarch is doing” ” this looks fun”. Also some in denial “this won’t be like aw, it’ll feel like a traditional cod just with extra moves”.. Where’s all the treyarch is love treyarch is life??? y’all hate boost jumps but are cool with thrust jumps and wall running. You hate exos but your accepting of jet packs. me personally I’ll be ready for a new cod come november, im loving aw at the moment tho.
    Gotta adapt or get left behind folks.

    • Trippy Killa

      Because it’s going to be like titanfall movement not advanced warfare

      • idkwhatmynameis

        Oh yea I forgot about all the people saying they wanted titanfall movement instead of advanced warfare movement

  • Haydn

    No Killing from behind!

  • se7enx89x

    There isn’t jet packs, its a thrust jump and the only reason its in the game is so they could remove ladders. Its not going to be like AW where you can jump around really fast everywhere and dodge peoples bullets….

  • zapdos668

    So its like same cod but not like aw because of people cant adapt to new movements

  • Zombie Leftover

    For everybody that is flipping their shit over the movement system just watch this video:

  • Jeff

    Why is everyone crying so hardcore about the movement system? There are no exo suits. Yeah, there’s wall running and thrust jumping, but if it’s anything like Titan Fall, that’s fucking awesome! Titan Fall had my attention for a good while before it got tedious and boring. But hopefully BO3 will make this game a little less tedious.

    • Carlos

      BO3 will be awesome as all Treyarch games are all great quality games

  • Tragic_Oblivion

    I am not a huge fan of CoD anymore, but I will reserve judgement until I play the beta, anyone who judges a game based soley on a very limited 2 minute video of pre alpha game play are doing the devs and themselves a disservice!

  • James Veach

    I’ve been playing cod since 2005 I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH EXOS LAZORS OR OTHER DUMB THINGS! Just please for the love of christ have good hit detection and balanced weapons together in one game not either or. PLEASE!

  • Newbhero

    Take out the god damned “boost/exo/jet pack” nonsense. Keep working on motion like mantling and such. Instead of jet packs, how about the ability to strafe, or dodge to the sides since that movement actually exists (dropping and rolling etc). Also, the ability to at least hip-fire while climbing, sliding, etc.

  • Derrick Wiggins

    Wow like stop fucking complaininng about bo3 like if it is that bad don’t get it and stick to bo2 and ghost. you certain people have no skill. You hate it because you either can’t get kills or you get killed way to much. Cod was ment to be a fun fps game for everyone to kill people show skill and have fun and you certain few take it to serious and start to hate it because exo make it too hard. Cod was hard sense day one if you don’t have the skills to adapt to it thn either stop complaining about it and quit or practice. When I first played it yea I sucked bad didn’t get many kills and was killed a lot it was easy to use the exo but hard to kill people constantly using it. Don’t see me complaining. I just kept playing till finially I’m just as good as anyone on there. Just learn to fucking play serious practice on you skills but don’t take the game serious it just a game.

  • Derrick Wiggins

    And also no one asked for change. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean others don’t. What you certain people don’t realize is that The new cods have been based off of future technology that we either have now, will have in the future, that’s similar, or that we are currently developing. The exo for example we have similar one to it . It can’t double jump or fly yet but it can lift up to or over 500 pounds while you use it and u wouldn’t even break a sweat. Things are being based off of future technology that we will have. If you watch Sao(sword art online) the nerve gear in season 1 is being developed and is supposed to be out in 2019. The laser gun from AW that can shoot out lasers is being developed. Just stop complaing and just Learn how to adapt to the game or just stick to bo2 or play battlefield. It’s just that simple

  • SkyTehGhost

    it never said it will be in multiplayer

  • Brandon EightwayRun Stover

    Hey exo’s upped the anti and the learning curve is steep. Dont blame the exo suits. you probably just suck at the game.

  • Shane Geerdes

    that’s even more cheesy that EXO suits! wow how could treyarch not see that we don’t want that crap. Its like being in a hacked lobby with idiots flying and running on the walls.

  • Raines

    I’ll be passing. I hate the double jump boost dodging crap in AW. I play it because I paid for it, and do ok in the game. I just don’t like it. Its too much to concentrate on and annoying as hell when you go to get a kill and they exo dodge you, then turn around and somehow kill you with a slop spray and pray in the air.
    No thanks. I’m passing on BO3.

  • Raines

    Oh, and this coming from the “campaign manager” of Treyarch:

    “With some of our new AI archetypes, that won’t be viable. We’ve also opened up the spaces, so you need much better situational awareness”
    Translation: We are going to make the game so complicated that there will be too much to try to concentrate on, thus making kills a lot harder unless you camp.
    So, add “situational awareness”, people jumping all over the place like frogs, and “wall running” and boom…..too much to have to deal with.
    Oh, and before anyone says, “classic playlist”. Ya, like in AW? That’s the only reason I bought AW because they promised if we didn’t like the new movements, we’d have a playlist “just for you”. Uh huh. First of all the playlist was already watered down.
    Second, not only did they water down the playlist to about 3 or maybe 4 game modes, it wasn’t but a couple of months and they only offered “Mosh Pit”
    Is there any reason at all in the world why they couldn’t offer the full playlist for the 1/2 of players that didn’t want the exo movements? No, there isn’t. They wanted to force people to play exo.
    So IF by some miracle I buy BO3 because they promised a full “classic” playlist, they better STICK TO IT instead of the bait and switch Sledgehammer did to us.
    Sledgehammer ripped off all the people they promised a playlist for.
    So Treyarch, if you are reading, if you provide a classic playlist, be fair to most of the people that buy your game on that promise. Make it just a full a playlist as the non-classic list, and don’t take any of the game modes away and rip us off.

  • Raines

    Since playing COD starting with MW2, I have loved ALL of them, even Ghosts.
    AW is the first COD I have hated. Pretty much stopped playing it after only giving us 1, then back to 2 playlists. No reason at all they can’t give Classic ALL the same playlists as the playlists with exo… reason at all other than trying to FORCE us to play their gay ass exo dodging. I know the developers really think their jet pack crap is great, but pretty sad when they ignore those people that didn’t want the game, offer up more choices in classic, then take it away for their own agenda.
    I don’t know if I’ll get BO3 or not. I’ll wait and see.
    But as far as Sledgehammer, I’m done with them.

  • Steven

    I completed all of the missions, now when I start from the first mission I discovered that I can not wall run or hack any turrets or drones. Is there any way of fixing that?