Activision has announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be worldwide on November 6th, 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. No word yet on last-gen consoles, we’ll let you know if we hear more.

Fans can also preorder the title now at retailers worldwide.

  • Jordan Ivers’One

    :O ^^

  • ccrows

    Ain’t gonna lie, I’m 100% shocked!

    I thought for sure that Activision was gonna port this thing, and go for the money on prev gen too… o_O

    • Paradise

      they need to put a lot of money into putting the game on previous gen consoles, and not many people play on the old gen because everyone is upgrading. there is no money to go for on the old gen lmao

  • Dave

    Dunno if this is good or bad.

    • ccrows

      This was gonna happen either this year or next year anyway, and AW struggled on prev gen.

      Just surprised that Activision didn’t try milking prev gen for one more year TBH…

  • Elisha Amiri

    Is it for sure?


    Not surprised really. Can’t see co op campaign and zombies story mode. Even potentially 16v16 on old hardware.

  • MyKogInYourAshe

    We broke the website

  • Thomas

    Well Fuck now I have to upgrade. In all Honesty I needed a excuse too!

    • Matt

      I think that is what they hoped too.

      • the kiler pro

        Fuck i have xb 360 and when i saw the reveal i goed to to theyr websyte and i wanted to see how much it cause they only showed ps4 xb one and pc . Pc i think is cheapest to get with parameters that you need but i dont like to play cod on pc and i am verry bigg fan of cod. i completed all the parts ecept first and decalsiefied . i grew with it and i will die with it so i will need to sell my xb and all the games al call of duty that i have and buy ps4 sad
        but ps 4 iz amazing

        • dakyal

          You need to save your money and learn to type and speak correctly

  • Patrick Toworfe

    Tbh after the 360 version of Advanced Warfare, i’m glad. At this point in current gen they should be focusing on that, instead of making half assed last gen ports. AW on 360 had poor textures, removed features, maps felt lifeless. Imo it’s the worst COD on 360 quality wise, which is sad cause at least Ghosts was phenomenal on 360 (personal opinions about how good the game is aside). If this is current gen only then good.

    • Rob Schneider

      Even though it was made by a different studio
      but no I agree the port by High Moon Studios wasn’t very good compared to Ghosts’ port

  • Freeze

    This is a great thing for cod! Glad we are moving forward!

    • ccrows

      I honestly (& I’m being 100% serious too) feel bad for the guys that can’t afford to upgrade right now, but support for prev gen was horrible on AW.

      Especially with patches being late, and the PS3 version kept freezing. COD went as far as it could possibly go on prev gen.

      Hopefully you guys find a way to make the current gen jump too… 🙂

      • Guywithbrains

        I know it is hard to get money for current gen console. I had to save money 1 and half years for my PS4.

        People should never take for granted that everyone can afford current gen console.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        They’ve had 2 years to upgrade. At this point, if they can’t afford to upgrade consoles, what are they doing spending money on gaming?

        • ccrows

          Hardships happen man.

          I have 2 close friends that got smacked with some serious BS over the past 24 months. Trust me, it happens…

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I know, but honestly if I was struggling with money atm, I’d be investing it, putting it into a savings account, or supporting my household and saving that money for when I go out. Gaming is a privilege, not a necessity. Kinda like going to the movies.

          • ccrows

            Yeeeeeah ummmm no.

            Listen, I’m not gonna get into details about what happened with my friends, but trust me gaming is one of the few things that is keeping their spirits up…

      • Bolbi Stroganovsky

        Shouldn’t be that hard to make the switch…though previous-gen should have done that a year or two ago.
        Put aside a dollar a day, and you’ll have your next-gen console in no time.

        • The_Destroyer321

          exactly if you saved 1 dollar per day since the ps4/xbox one were released you would have save 485 dollars by now so no one can say that they cant afford to buy it

          • Bolbi Stroganovsky

            Mhm…and THEY saw this coming; one can’t expect old gen to last forever.

  • reamerb .

    What time is the reveal guys UK time?

    • The_Destroyer321

      i think it is around 6pm but that is not confirmed yet so just keep an eye on twitter for everyone going crazy

    • Tsaki

      there is a counter in this website for the reveal if you didn’t notice

  • Daniel

    So much win

  • Bolbi Stroganovsky

    I applaud them for leaving previous-gen behind. We shall not forget you.

  • Eduardo Alvarez

    Xbox will have the dlc’s before or after than ps4?

  • JJ

    Really happy about this. Treyarch games are always the best so im glad they dont need to worry about holding back

  • It makes sense. Did you see all the things they’re doing with the game? I’d be impressed to see a previous gen console be able to play that game. It’d be nearly impossible to keep main features. Smart move by Activision and Treyarch. Now I’m happy

    • Guywithbrains

      Same here. Now it is only a matter of time that we get the trailer.

    • kyr95

      If mama aint happy nobody happy! xD

      • arnipro97

        fucking dying light! 🙂

    • You were right lol

      From the article:

      “Don’t take that the wrong way — many of Treyarch’s folks are big Destiny fans, they confessed during our visit. And they’ve managed to translate one of that game’s best features perfectly into the rigid Call of Duty multiplayer formula, loosening things up—and making them more fun—in the process.”

    • Doll8313

      Not only that, but they cannot keep supporting last gen consoles forever. Eventualyl those people have to upgrade too if they want the latest and greatest.

    • smokeyloco

      dont make sense if just next gen consoles can only play the game i doubt averyone is going to buy a xbox one or ps 4 fro just one game real dissapointment if not on xbox 360.

      • It DOES make sense. Mark Lamia and David Vonderhaar even stated in an interview that half the thinges you saw in the trailer would not have been possible with out it being Current Gen Only. It’s been over 2 years anyways, people have had plenty of time to get a new console.

        • NoVa ExoTics

          Just saying, i agree that it would be great for just current gen, but not everybody can afford a current gen console. There might have been enough time to buy one but in my case ive got to buy quanity so I cant afford it all at one but in time, yes. But I do understand what you mean.

          • Dude

            Treyarch won’t make enough money if they were to only put the game on current gen. I’m sure they’ll put it on old gen to make the money.

          • Chase

            They will make their money off Xbox one ps4 and pc they don’t need 360 or ps4 it can’t take it

      • Pickle bill

        I agree 100 hundred percent. My system could support the game I guarantee it. I am not ready to go to an Xbox one yet I shouldn’t be forced to. I have bought every call of duty game, but maybe it’s time to reconsider. Damn look at the Trailer again for the game. Mans biggest mistake is not being able to control the technologies it has created Lol.

        • GreenLantern

          You are not being forced, developers are moving on. 360 is a 10 year old console.

        • kelly

          You are not being forced bro. its like driving a older car without fuel injections. Your still allowed to drive on the road but fewer and fewer around you will be driving with a carburetor and eventually everyone is running faster than you and no one makes carb fluid anymore because there is no demand. grow up and think business man.

    • shadowguy14

      Halo 4, Advanced Warfare, Titanfall, games like that seem impressive, why couldn’t the 360 handle Black Ops 3?

      • The amount of things they’re shoving into MP. Not to mention Zombies having a story and campaign being co-op. All those things need space and last gen wouldn’t be able to hold all of that.

        • ADR1993

          i bet it would if you got a external hard drive from game stop or G2K games

          • Will Harvey

            Oh my god!!!!!! It is not about space!!!! Its about they cant handle the game’s requirements!

          • ADR1993


          • Will Harvey

            The game requires a lot of processor power, GPU power, and RAM. Not hard drive space.

          • ADR1993

            you could always make a PS3 have more RAM GPU power and pro. power if you know what you are doing..

          • Will Harvey

            On a PC. A PS3 is not a PC. It shares very similar build to a laptop in fact. In other words: you cant overclock it or at RAM or VRAM. Plus, if you could, do you think that all the PS3 owners would do all that just to play BO3? No way. The price for all this would cost a lot, and it would be easier an possibly even cheaper to just buy a PS4 or mid-end PC

        • jake

          U do have a point but some last gen consoles can hold all tat

          • What do you mean some? Lol. The only consoles I see being able to hold everything in this game are the Xbox One and PS4 and of course the PC. 360 and PS3 are doubtful and Wii U is impossible

          • Will Harvey

            It isnt about space. It about hardware requirements. They cant handle the new textures and high resolution

        • Austin Barajas

          COD world at war had the same thing co-op campaign zombies and in my opinion the best story line why wouldn’t old gen be able to have it

          • Customization and graphics. Not to mention the amount of things the game has we don’t know about yet. If you buy this game on old gen don’t expect to have all the same features as current gen. because they’ll try their hardest to get it to run at 60fps so the game will be even more ass on last gen than AW was. That’s if it does make it. Which again most likely will not happen because of how much stuff is being crammed into this game. Also comparing Wolrd at War to BO3 is absurd. WAW only had body limbs fly off because they decided to not have camos. There is not enough space

          • Brad Kleinfelter

            I guarentee they are going to have it for last gen. They are just figuring it out

          • Then expect a shitty last gen game with frame rate problems, Screen tearing and lack of customization

          • Will Harvey

            CoD has always had framerate problems on last gen. They could barely handle Advanced Warfare. Even though the biggest problem is textures and resolution. Adding a story doesnt take up much space. Skyrim was on last gen. Know how? Graphics were REALLY downgraded. So: they could make it for last gen, but would have to downgrade the resolution and textures a lot.

        • Shamus

          Use a memory stick dumb ass

          • You don’t understand. It’s not a consumer problem. It’s hardware problem. My phone has more RAM than a 360. Games are getting to big to fit in a 10 year old console. Whose the dumbass now? :p

      • Dalia Mazon

        Usually because older console’s can’t handle all the graffics and features the newer consoles can…. Its way to much for an older console. That’s why they made the PS4 and Xbox1 for a better gaming experience. Can’t get mad at the facts.. Js no insulted or rudeness just honesty

      • FeArLeSs0330

        Usually because older console’s can’t handle all the graffics and features the newer consoles can…. Its way to much for an older console. That’s why they made the PS4 and Xbox1 for a better gaming experience. Can’t get mad at the facts.. Js no insults or rudeness just honesty

    • Xbox360

      may u please shut up with the whole ” it cant handle last gen”

      • Truth hurts :p

      • Jacob

        that very retarded that its not coming out on LAST GEN not even alot of people bought xbox one. If it does not come out on xbox360 i will stop playing all activisons games and that is it IM DONE.

        • Freddie Ortega

          Actually it is coming to last gen thanks to Beenox who actually is developing it

  • Thats great news, both for player counts on next gen, and performance!

    • Davy Jones

      Next-Gen? I think this is not coming for PS5.

      • Jack Argon

        Are you fucking retarded? Next-gen is the name for PS4 and Xbox One

        • LustCena

          No, next-gen is Ps5 and the next Xbox. Ps4 and Xbox One are the current gen, Ps3 and Xbox360 are last gen. Go figure

          • James Veach

            Correct xbox one and ps4 have been out for a year they are no longer the next generation they are this generation now.

          • Kyler James Miller

            no idiot. itsnot

          • Kyler James Miller

            not you my bad. clicked wrong person

        • Jeremy

          nope.That is current gen.

        • Jack Argon

          Never mind I’m the ficking retard sorry daddy davy

    • ChickenDoughnut

      Current gen*

  • dhdhdhd

    Damn i feel bad for those who cant afford a ps4 or Xbox one yet

    • The_Destroyer321

      well they have had 2 years to save up and buy one and they have come down in price so i dont really feel bad for them.

      • Rorke File

        Maybe they are getting not enough to buy one. But okay than the next one is also for this gen and PC.

      • Likrckr

        Obviously you still live off the bank of mummy and daddy then don’t you

      • Halvy

        Not alot of people can afford to have a better console or system. It could be cause of just time, problems in life or other important things than buying it like food or rent or anything to be exact.

        • VersaType

          That didn’t stop the previous gens of consoles from progressing much faster. But why would anyone on last gen want a game that hardly changes up anything? That’s what would happen if BO3 was on last gen consoles. It would hold back the other versions. You’re better off playing the older games and waiting to upgrade.

          • Halvy

            You do have a point, but I cant afford it due to problems in life and just money in general. The sentence “sucks for you”gets me a little upset, cause you cant expect everyone to have money, is wealthy or dont know why they cant have or do the topic. This is why I plan on getting a PC, so I dont have to buy a new console just to play a few games that I want or even enjoy. I am working 2 jobs this summer though, under the table too. I might be able to afford an Xbox One, and a PC too. I like you’re opinion by the way. 🙂

          • VersaType

            Bad choice of words I admit. I changed my comment to not include that. I’m glad you saw my point though.

            Also I do feel that PC is the best way to go at this point. I’ve had a XB1 and a PS4. PS4 overall works better as a gaming platform than the XB1, but PC is just better than both. Only reason I’d get a console at this point is for exclusives, and to play with people who don’t want to switch to pc.

          • Dude

            How bout you get a good education and stop being a gamer so you can afford it 🙂

        • JDDALLAS

          why don’t u stop playing so many vids and get a fukkin job..get an advance on your allowance from mommy..sell ur ass on the street..seriously $350 for X1?..I’m sure you spend more on pot and gay porn

          • Shamus

            Excuse me my house burnt to the ground a month ago and all I could save was my Xbox360 and iPad mini which were Xmas gifts and I had a few games I loved so I had to get new games such as bo2 halo3 gtg4 mine craft and advanced warfar and gta 5

      • dakyal

        Right dropped price of 50 bucks is a whole lot I guess I wont pay my rent or car payment what a ”donkey” you are

      • Donovan McMinn

        Some of us have to pay monthly bills and don’t have money to just go buy a ps4 or XBOX1 after the bills are paid. I can’t say anything for most of the COD community that are little kids that just have their mommy or daddy buy the consoles and games for them that are rated M for a reason. I’m not saying this is you I’m just saying for those that are little kids that shouldn’t be playing this game anyways.

  • Hirasu Satsugai (Xayo)

    YESsSSSsSS finally no shitty last gen

    • ccrows

      Easy bruh, last gen served us well.

      Heck even GTAV played great on prev gen, until it finally got ported on current gen…

    • Stefan Lang

      Lol don’t forget where you came from.

    • Anthony Tony Bear

      Don’t see why your hating on last gens. hell, it still has WAY more games than the new gens.

      • CloneCatCommander

        Completely agreed. It’s just buyers remorse.

        • VersaType

          Not if he plays on PC. Then he could play old and new games. Thousands of games, most of them cheaper than on consoles. Hell, you can play thousands of old emulated games as well from all the old consoles.

  • Lordidiocus

    Well I got my ps4 just in time

  • Juses


    • People who want to play third party games like CoD, GTA, AC, Fifa etc wouldn’t buy a Wii U anyway lol. They’d either buy PS or Xbox or even on PC. 3rd party support on Nintendo home consoles has been shockingly awful since the N64 era.

      • Juses

        Ets en joek. N wii u es nut uwful.

  • Lightfoot

    Happy that CoD can finally go all out and deliver some awesome new stuff but bit tired of seeing all these people knocking Last Gen. We can’t all upgrade, for one reason or another. Gaming isn’t a priority for everyone, some people can’t just save up and buy one, there are more important things. Might get this for Xbox One if the reveal is good enough but I’m not upgrading just for one game unless it looks incredibly good. Let’s hope Treyarch delivers.

    • Chrome Gamer

      Agreed! right now im a last gen user and im nowhere near having the enough money for the xbox one and it pisses me off that cod black ops 3 is only for next gen.

  • Thank you for not dumbing the game down.

  • Nitro21

    Yes !

  • Jay Gautreau

    Mashable’s Article Mirrored!

  • TheInactiveWall

    Yes finaly I feel like my PS4 has some use and I can warrant my purchase from it’s launch day… FINALY

    • Errr I’m sure all the games that were released cross gen were still playable on PS4, that’s some dumb logic lol.

      Regardless if a game was on PS3/4, the senseible thing would be to play it on PS4. Especially games that were outsourced to an external studio to port it to last gen, they were very shoddy ie. AW, MKX, Shadow of Mordor etc.

      • TheInactiveWall

        I meant to justify having a PS4, now I can say to my friends who have a Ps3 “see, I got this and you can’t play it cuz I spend 400 bucks on this console”

  • supr squirrel

    I will point out that just because the article says ‘Black Ops 3 is out Friday, Nov. 6 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC’ does not necessarily mean it WON’T be coming to last gen consoles. Look at Titanfall. Its last gen offerings were built by someone other than Respawn and came out later (originally slated two weeks later, ended up being longer.)

    Not saying that it won’t be current gen only, just saying that just because last gen wasn’t mentioned in the article isn’t to say it isn’t going to last gen.

  • reptile

    Why are you guys happy about only being next Gen?!? The ps3 Is not absolite yet.

    • The Flash

      because the 360 and PS3s hardware are 10 years old, its holding current gen back if they continue to cater for last gen

    • sssfu

      I like how people with next gen consoles don’t care for the people ps3 and xbox360’s(sarcasm). How is it helping or effecting you next gen jack asses in any way that the ps3 and 360 don’t get the game? Why make comments like thanks for no last gen games? It has nothing to do with you at all. Like reptile said “The ps3 Is not absolute yet” they are cutting into their sales if they make it only for the ps4 and Xone.

      • AlexK489

        It’s from a texhincal stand pon t. Games that go Cross Gen have had to cater to the limitations of previous gen consoles without beingr able to unleash the full potentional of the new generation of consoles.
        It’s the same reason the new Batman game is only going to be on PS4/Xbox One; we’re going to get more content out of the game wothout the developers having to make any kind of sacrifice. Simple ad that.

      • It will force sales of current gen consoles.

        The 360 is almost 10 years old, PS3 almost 9 years old. They’ve had their time, move with it.

        • Chrome Gamer

          Buy me an xbox one and ill consider.

      • ThatNiggaRambo

        Cross gen games suck because the older systems can’t handle what the newer ones can so they end up dumbing down every game. This game is only next gen so it’ll use Xbox one and ps4 to their full potential

    • Davy Jones

      Next-Gen? PS5?

  • Mobin Amanzai
    • Are you expecting a medal?

      • Mobin Amanzai

        no, not really

  • Tricky VIk

    “Well, here’s to hoping another studio ports it while I try to get a PS4.”

  • arcengine

    said it a while ago

    • Black

      Dear Prophet,

      Please tell me if Raid is going to come back as a default map ?
      Thanks. 🙂

      • arcengine

        reskinned yes

        • Black

          Hmmmm. So it’s a futuristic villa ? Or completely different look ?

    • Daniel

      lol, you were wrong

  • cbone99

    Need to get rid of the jumping bullshit, starting to follow too many things from other games.

  • Money Boy

    Nigga we made it

  • CloneCatCommander

    Last nail in the coffin for me. I hate next gen, so no PS3 port equals no buy. Sorry Trayarch, you can keep your crappy sci-fi game.

    • Paul H

      Strong is the butt-hurt with this one.

      • CloneCatCommander

        Not really.

        • Thatlazykid

          All you have to do is save money! Just save 2-3 dollars everyday until u have enough for a ps4 or xbox 1. It will approximately take about 150 days which is about 5-6 months so u have time u just have to be smart. Just don’t spend too much on things and eventually u will save up for a new console! 🙂

          • CloneCatCommander

            I appreciate the tip! Perhaps I’ll think about doing so, but I’m just not feeling the PS4 of BO3 atm. Still, thank you. 🙂

    • ThatNiggaRambo

      Lol shut yo broke ass up I bet if I gave u a free ps4 and a copy of BO3 u would take it

      • CloneCatCommander

        HAHAHA. Why would I want a console with no good games on it? I would have bought one long ago if I wanted it.

        • ThatNiggaRambo

          Suuure u would there’s plenty of games on both don’t lie

          • CloneCatCommander

            How am I lying? There’s barely anything to play that’s not:
            A) an crappy indie game
            B) A port of a PS3 game/cross-gen game
            C) Shovelware like The Order

            I’m considering getting one when the new Neptunia game comes out, and I’m interested in FF15, and Tekken 7 when it comes out. At the moment however, it’s a rip off! There is nothing on it but a hand-full of crummy games worth $20 at most, and you have to pay to go online. Yeah, I’m gonna pay $10 a month to get cursed at and play around trolls and hackers.

      • guy

        Let me guess your parents bought you your ps4? lmao

        • ThatNiggaRambo

          Na I make 70k a year and bought both at the same time im not u I actually have a job and degree nice try though

          • guy

            Really? I would assume you’d know how to spell with a degree.

          • ThatNiggaRambo

            I definitely do but im on a cod blog so im not being graded on spelling so I think I’ll be ok

          • guy

            lol ok

          • DarkSurge



      We won’t miss you

      • CloneCatCommander

        Well, the feeling is mutual. 🙂

  • It’s about time! I feel that both Ghosts and AW were held back by being cross gen. Now we can finally enjoy a game with less limitations.

  • David Montano

    Fućk that bull shit it should be for last gen to what going to happen to the person that can’t buy next gen fuck Activision and and Treyarch I’m going back to battlefleid

    • Joshwoocool

      I for one want to see more games move to “next gen” only.I hate holding back a game so it will work on last gen.

  • David Montano

    Sign the Petition to bring black ops 3 back to old Gen at

    • It’s called last generation for a reason. If they constantly develop for last gen they’re limiting themselves on current gen.

      A real fan of Call of Duty should be advocating the fact it’s a current gen only game.

      This has come at the right time, current gen only from now.

    • Drasadex

      those systems are 10 years old lmao

      time to move on dude..

    • John

      Old-gen can’t run the new engine

  • Jose Gomez

    If u look at the last scene where it shows the releqse date and the two video links. at the bottom in the small print it says “actual availability platform to be determined” so I think only the beta will be on the new gen not the whole game

    • Jay Gautreau

      that is talking about the beta not the full game i think.

      • Jose Gomez

        Idk cause it already told us what consoles the beta was going to be on

    • Chrome Gamer

      Hope your right.

  • Drasadex

    All you old gen users complaining are either going to have to deal with it or start saving for a new console (or better PC parts)

  • Ryumoau

    Yes! Call of Duty takes the first real step into the next generation. Now i can stop hearing last gen people whining so much about late patchs all the time. :/


    So no Wii U as of yet aye? It is current Gen so it really should be.

  • Johhny

    So why is there an XB360 and PS3 section in the Activision forum for BO3

    • John

      Show me the link.

    • Johhny

      The XB360 and PS3 BO3 forums have now been removed from the Activision site, I guess that answers that question

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]


  • Chrome Gamer

    Just a matter of time before microsoft shuts down 360 so just 2 months before that happens ill sell my 360 and my account with the 100s of games i have and take dat big ass pay check to the xbox one :).

    • TheRustlingFever

      And gamestop will give you $1.75 for it!

      • Chrome Gamer

        Maybe, but theres other ways to sell it like Ebay,Craigslist, ect. more ways that pay more lol. oh yeah, screw gamestop and gamecrazy! they always sell broken electronics to me so i wouldn’t give em a Pennie just to sell my xbox.

  • Iljaas Bellari

    it wont be next gen only this year
    it wil be last-gen but it will be made by a different sudio

  • Endercreepa345

    Guys the beta might only be current gen only, not the whole game. They probably
    made the beta next gen only to encourage more people to get current gen.

  • Mic Sustianevo

    That is ridiculous their has to be 2x as many last gen systems out their. A major loss financially and fan base for for the franchise. No one is going out to buy a one or 4 for this game it is just illogical to not have a version for xbox 360 and ps3.

  • Max

    Wow do people actually think they’re not gonna make a 360 and ps3 version? They’re obviously gonna have another company make the port for last gen like with AW, cause they’d be losing out on a ton of money. Let’s be honest, most people aren’t gonna spend $400 just to buy this game.

    • John

      Old-gen can’t run the new ArcEngine

  • guy

    Man I wonder how many of these people have actually earned their XboxOne or PS4 themselves…

  • shadowguy14

    Well, it looks like I’m going to have to buy an Xbox One or a new PC. Which is “better”?

    • John

      PC would have more uses and have more functionality. You know like how you can watch YouTube and stuff and literally do anything you want on a pc. Xbox is more for laid back playing games. And only playing games.

      • shadowguy14

        Didn’t Microsoft advertise the Xbox One to do other stuff too? Or am I thinking of the PS4? I only play games anyway, but was just wondering.

        • John

          Skype, connect your tv to your xbox, halo tv series, kinect spyware…
          I dunno they were more about a home entertainment system than a game console which alienated the 360 fanbase. People jumped ship because Sony were clever and saw that people mainly bought consoles to play games, and they marketed it like that with a cheaper price. Sony just said “muehehe, we’ll just advertise games and watch as we get shit tons of moneyyy”.

      • jimbobjamiebob

        Yes I bet you watch all you’re gay porn too.

        • John

          Nah I prefer lesbian

  • Andy1118

    That good, cuz I got Xbox One and I hope another studio will developing last gen consoles or Treyarch will developed them.

  • Matthew

    without the xbox 360, xbox one would never exist!

  • Mason Pickett

    Commenting to shadowguy, the same thing might happen like it did on 360’s advanced warfare there were gig problems and carried to much to actually handle the xbox’s main hard drive, unless you used a storage USB

  • mark

    They should have made ww2 it would be so much more fun they don’t listen to what we want no one wants the futer its crap the past is better I wish they made ww2 zombies with the main guys from black ops one and origins

  • jimbobjamiebob

    Am going down town now to pre-order it, for my n64…lol….my ps4 lol


    The truth is its not a performance issue. It’s a financial issue. If they stop supporting 360 it forces you to upgrade, which jest happens to be in there favor. In my opinion the one is slower than the 360.


    personally, I’d like to see it be ONLY for current gen..X1 is only $50 more than what 360 used to be..IT’LL BE 2 YEARS SINCE DROP IN NOVEMBER..get a job..suck a dick broke ass li’l fukkers are holding the X1’s potential back

  • Supermcawsomevill

    This game needs to also come out to the Xbox 360

  • Dee Oldguy

    Interesting to see if they re going to ignore the bucks from the PS3 – Xbox 360 communities. Not worth buying a PS4 or Xbox One just to play.

  • Dee Oldguy

    With kids and such = no way replacing five Xbox 360s and 2 PS3s. Looks like bye to Activision and the COD franchise…………….

  • Raindrop-Assassin

    I fucking have ps3 and i’m not going to buy ps4 or xbox one for fucking the game -_-

    • jimbobjamiebob

      you wont be missed, speaking like that i’d be happy not to see someone like you on black ops 3.

  • Giggyman2002

    that sucks they should make it for last-gens

  • Johhny

    The xb360 and PS3 forums have now been removed!

  • Jeffrey Stiffler

    y cant it be for xbox 360?

  • thomas linssen


  • Heather Acosta

    Not everyone who has alot of games and money put into there current system (ps3) wants to turn around right away and spend $500 on a new system and buy all your favorite games again! And pay for playing online wich you currently get for free!? There only doing it to get more money for the consoles and the games them selves. I think when I pre order a game and buy it for $60 plus tax it should be a little better than my 9 year old finishing the whole game in 2 to 3 days! My son was looking ford to this coming out on his bday (11/3) as he has played every other cod game, but I guess not!

    • Jay Seth

      Buy him a xbox one/ps4 for his bday. If you don’t have enough just make the console both his christmas and bday present. Either way he will be very happy :).

  • ezra

    Wat if we can not afford next gen consoles cause I can not afford next gen consoles I think they should change that

  • Aj Hanson

    Thats bullet how they aren’t going gonna be games for xbox 360. That really missed me off. Thanks treyarch. U guys were my favorite game company .

  • AllPlatforms

    Activision have no choice but to release for ALL platforms. All they care about is money and they WILL lose far more money releasing it on only current gen then they will getting it ported, in comparison the loss will barely be noticeable and will still bring in more then BO2. To add to that easily 70%+ of their fanbase is on ps3/360 alone and only around 20-30% who haven’t already got current gen will be willing to buy a ps4/1 just for ONE game. AW runs perfectly on all platforms when it’s made for current gen and i have yet to have it freeze on me or nhave any other problems on with the game on ps3. It’s simple for Activision tbh, release for all platforms and bring in more then they’d expect or release for current only and suffer a huge loss.

  • Jacob Warrens

    Ok so I get where the argument is trying to go here for BOPS3 and last gen systems. Now BOPS3 is going to be like AW and what I mean by this is that it’s going to be very high tech and detailed. And for last gen when AW came out people always ended up with either lag, frozen games, or delay timing. And for this new game to come out on a next gen systems where the new system can have enough power to deal with this detailed and high tech game just makes sense then just for a game that has so much detail that it could freeze your system and maybe reboot it just makes sense as is.

  • jonathan

    call of duty black ops 3 is coming to ps3. i got solid evidence

  • Brandon Bourke

    will it be on xbox 360 someone pls let me know

  • Jamie

    Is it likely to be out on Xbox 360

  • Daniel Sigala

    just make one last graphics update for the last gen

  • Daniel Sigala

    and life is good

  • jeff

    why the fuck is it only coming on next gen not old gen sick my balls

    • Dr_Bathroom_MD

      360: 10 years old.
      PS3: 9 years old.

      Just sayin.

  • alex

    Does every one know a lot of people will be mad if this doesn’t come out for the old gen ps3 and xbox360 most people can’t buy a current gen console or like me doesn’t want on so they need to think about the old gen too instead of the current gen

  • William Crone

    does anyone know if its gonna come out for ps3 or is no

  • sam

    okey for you people who can buy a new ps4 or xboox1 but not every body can buy a new system and for activision due this realy sucks special for all those are be loyal to call of duty is a lot of minoroty cant buy a new ps4 i guess minority cant play black ops 3 or any other games need to have new system activision you sucks you forgot the loyal gamers they wait very november to get the new game but beacause i have ps3 cant play the new game you fail to your custumers

  • Grydd

    It is confirmed BO3 coming for Xbox 360 and PS3

  • Jaber

    How much gb will blackops 3 take up on xbox1

  • Ben Ormerod

    I think it should be Xbox 360 and PS3 g

  • FeArLeSs0330

    So many people are upset that its only on the newer consoles…. It would be way to much graffics and features for a old console. They would have to make a version with less content and graffics for the old gen games. Which people would still be upset cause they don’t have what newer gen players get. What do they expect?? The point in making a newer game console is to have a way better experience then the last console. Otherwise they’d have no reason in making a new one. I cant say not enough space cause anyone can get a memory hard drive. I hope what I have said makes sense and nobody get upset to this. I am a PS4 owner and if you play a game that ps3 has or even Xbox 360 it looks different on each console. Newer version better content that’s all there really is to say…

  • foster zoe Jonathon

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