Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer features the return of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Pick 10 system; however some changes have been made to how it works. Pick 10 only features guns, grenade selections, and perks. Scorestreaks and the new Specialist character features are separate, and those are now chosen before matches start. Treyarch is not revealing any more details on that as of now.

Polygon has received new information regarding scorestreaks in Black Ops 3. Black Ops 3 scorestreaks include the UAV, RC-XD which has now been re-named to HC-XD, a hover capable explosive device. Air support streaks include the Wraith, similar to Hunter Killer drone, and the Mothership, which allows three players to control. There’s also the RAPS (robotic anti-personnel sentry), which is a cluster of rolling explosives. And the last streak revealed as of now is the GI Unit, a UI solider that can patrol or guard a player.

Black Ops 3 Multiplayer will be playable for all attendees at E3 2015, so more information should be coming soon.

  • wtflolsmh

    So squad mates are back like in Ghosts?

    • Marwan Zakeya

      With more abilities

  • Redrum

    I honestly believe this game is going to be Amazing!

    • Will WilFredo Mendoza

      I honestly agree. I mean the Reveal trailer wasnt impressive to me but Treyarch has a nerveto maybe hide alot of stuff. Maybe the real Campaign trailer will hype everyone up as well as the MP and Zombies! I have faith in Treyarch! Everyone wanted NO EXOS and they did it! So I am happy!

    • Michael:GodOfEWN

      I’m not taking a side until I see some Multiplayer footage.

    • MichiganerE

      Here we go….

  • Dr. Salim

    When I read RAPS I was thinking of something else.

    • Mario-AbouRashed

      Hey Dr. Salim!!

  • DanzTheMan4

    Treyarch has yet to disappoint, I believe in them

  • XtremeK1ll3r

    Nobody remembers Homefront ? I think they take some things from that game too , still waiting it on 2016..

    • the specialist

      homefront seems promisisng.i can not wait.but this is a very bad Titanfall for me. i have to wait though to see multiplayer gameplay and then i will have a full picture of the game.from what i have seen so far the game does not look good.

  • TheGamerBeast

    I Know for sure this Game is going to be SICK.. and i really like the Specialist Character thing inspired by Destiny sounds really great… and i though PICK 13 was going to be a thing in BO3 cz we want more weapon customization XD

    • Dr. Salim

      The only reason why pick 13 was in AW was because they decided to add scorestreaks as part of create a class.

      • TheGamerBeast

        oh yes i forgot about that.. and there was exo abilities too… oh true i forgot lol

      • LovekillerX

        Yeah it was like pick 10 but scorestreaks included to the class setup.

  • TheGamerBeast

    One more Question is MP going to be revealed at E3 or Gamescom in August like every year? cz if they did reveal it that early in E3 it would sound worth since Beta is coming early before release with a month or 2

    • Guywithbrains

      Multiplayer is at least playable at E3 so I am pretty sure it is revealed there.

  • This is what RAPS means in Germany 😉

  • Fist time Treyarch made a disappoint trailer.

    I miss the trailers from Word at War, Black Ops 1 & 2.

    This one is still a badass trailer to this day:

    • In the end, trailer doesn’t really matter. We’ll get new trailers anyways along this year

      • Rorke File

        Only launch and multiplayer will come.

    • Yeah honestly it’s a very abnormal trailer for Call of Duty, the reveal trailer normally showcases the campaign in a theatrical manner. At the end showing Xboxs involvement and preorder bonus. And perhaps even a sneak peak at MP. I think because of the three year cycle they are far ahead of schedule, hence talk of MP. A lot of the footage we saw came from MP, campaign, and co-op with a taste of zombies. I think that this trailer is going to be the reveal. Later they will have a dedicated campaign, multiplayer, co-op, and in the last week zombies to fully load the hype train. If Treyarch does something well, it’s hype.

      • Choppabro2psn

        The trailers consisted of multiple clips of multiplayer, which I hadn’t known, but thought was odd to be in campaign. Especially the swimming under water part.

      • EJ

        Have you not heard? Sony has exclusive marketing for Black Ops 3, xbox was basically unable to either achieve the total number of sales, or hold the number of sales Activision was expecting. Thats why you can see PS4 in the Treyarch studios, why Playstation has uploaded videos before Xbox, and the trailers no longer have an Xbox theme at the beginning or end. Ps4 has out sold Xbox by 2to 1 in fsct Microsoft still refuses to release sold unit numbers. I expect to see Playstation with DLC this year first, as well as possible early access to the Beta. Not because I’m a fan boy I own both consoles and will get Black Ops 3 for both, but Halo 5 (which I also will get) is coming out and will be CoD only competition this year.

        • KernosT

          But it was not shown anywhere its Sony dlc first.But either its PS4 first or no exclusivity.I deffo donot see MS getting it again this year.

          • EJ

            Agreed, but you have to think in a business aspect, bormally the only competition to cod is battlefield which comes out for both systems and no exclusive Items really, so CoD would be paid by MS to get first access to content. Now that Battlefield has released so early the inly competition this year are Halo 5 and Star Wars (which I am looking forward too). Star wars will release on both consoles, but Halo is MS is a baby. So there is potential huge loss putting dlc exclusives on Xbox first and competing with Halo, when PS4 has more players, has been asking for CoD content first for a long time or even content on the same day, and there is a higher potential profitability switching now as opposed to blops 2, ghosts, or AW. Sony already expects a huge turn over if they were to get exclusive marketing rights thus they would spend more to potenially earn even more. In the end it is all about the most $$$ earned. I would expect a contract Activision signs has a clause where if you don’t attain a certain amount if sales the contract can be broken, thus the 3 years left in the contract with MS, would be null and void

          • KernosT

            Yes.I totally agree.PS4 first or no exclusivity.But going back to your statement on Star wars,all the star wars trailers have Playstation Logo shown at the starting,so I am expecting DLC first on PS4.

          • McToasty207

            Plus Activison made an exclusivity deal with PlayStation last year with Destiny and in fact that deal doesn’t run out till fall 2015 at the earliest. So its not beyond the realms of possibility for them to suddenly switch COD over to PlayStation consoles. Either way though its only a month of waiting.

          • Chris Robin Niiva

            the thing is, Microsoft is hosting the cod championship, so either its an XboX thing, or sony has promised to host it, or there is no exclusivity, and the championship will be hosted by Activision.

          • Romeo Benjamin Laurente RN

            If Sony was to be chosen to host the COD championships I don’t think the Esports playerswould approve because they have always been playing on an Xbox platform. I have never seen a pro play COD on a playstation platform.

          • They used to play on both PS3 and Xbox 360. MW2 and BO1 days. But has since been only Xbox platforms. If competitive changes consoles that will upset a lot of invested people.

        • Tricky VIk

          “Though it’d be nice, wait for evidence to fuel the fire.”

        • I hadn’t heard anything official but seeing the trailer I’m thinking you’re right. Normally I wouldn’t care which is first but zombies this year makes me want DLC the same time. Oh well politics I guess

    • jordanxbrookes

      Black Ops is bae.

      • Mexican Pride? UK Ghetto?

        Fuck you! Black Ops is not Danish for “shit”!

        Unless.. Pharrell is that you? it’s commonly used by ghetto folks and swagfags

        • Jeff

          If you’re using the acronym correctly, it means Before Anyone Else. If you still think it’s short for “babe,” promptly put a bullet in your head.

    • Tricky VIk

      “I saw myself in the trailer.”

  • Guywithbrains

    This game seems like it is not fully Call of Duty anymore which is great. However, they still are able to keep that Call of Duty feel in the game.

    Only concern I have so far is graphics. Only current gen with new engine looks worse than game (AW) with modified old engine for all platforms. Sounds odd. But hopefully graphics get better because graphics are from alpha version.

    Scorestreaks sound great. Those rolling things are new attack dogs and I’m loving them already.

    I am definitely going to try the beta when it comes.

    • austin

      Its not a new engine.

    • I also do hope the graphics improve, but look ok to me. Also, the AW engine is not the old modified IW engine. It is instead a new engine with lines of code from the old IW engine.

    • McToasty207

      Well maybe they can improve it between now and November, I mean supposedly the multiplayer and campaign are both up and running, plus I suspect that Zombies is also nearing completion. So all they have to do for the next 6 months is polishing.

  • TheGamerBeast

    i believe that these small burning butterflies might be a score streak it WOULD be awesome though if that happens

    • the specialist

      awesome?this was the worst part of the trailer.what is wrong with you guys?

      • Guywithbrains

        Let me guess: you are one of those guys who wanted WaW2. Or if not here is a message to these people: you have bunch of WW2 titles in the stores go pick one of them.

        Change is welcome to this series. If it was exactly the same as previous classic Call of Duty games, interest to these games would die fast.

        • the specialist

          i like ww2 but i prefer modern warfare.i wanted a cod4 or mw2 era.i do not have a problem with i said in another comment below i have to wait to see the multiplayer.for example i think titanfall is a masterpiece although it is futuristic.but it is balanced.that is why it is a hell of a game 😉

        • TheGamerBeast

          i think you’re right…. every year it’s like this

          they ask for change and everyone is like it is just a reskin every year

          and when they finally got a huge change in AW they say it sucks we want old classic COD MP

          and then when they found out the game looks good they say it’s the same as titanfall, destiny, Battlefield…

          it’s always like that every year and at the end they always buy the game

    • Kill Denied

      It’s an ability called Firefly Immolation which burns the player

  • ccrows

    Waiting for AW’s patch notes from this morning. 🙁

    One thing I can confirm is that the ASM1 got nerfed again.

    ASM1 Mag size reduction:
    Regular Mag size went down to 35
    Extended Mags size went down to 52

    Hopefully SHG gets the rest of the notes up soon…

    • RdJokr

      S12 variants’ fire rate are also fixed as well.

  • Drasadex


    • Tricky VIk


  • LovekillerX

    Youtubers have told that Mothership is too OP. Somehow it brings AC-130 into my mind. I miss that day when I heard “enemy AC-130 above!” and big smoke creen appeared on my screen. What if they bring us so called “laser AC-130” which they teased some time ago?

    • I hope it’s Op. Scorestreak have been lame in the last two games.

    (1:28 from video)

    I think Treyarch should do a controllable scorestreak of this robot (if they haven’t done it already). It was just so awesome in the reveal trailer how it jumped out of nowhere and punched all the guys down 😀

    AW’s robot streak was lame, it moved really slowly, it couldn’t jump and the guns were really weak. I don’t think they should be afraid of streaks like this, just make them hard enough to get. In my opinion it just creates that scary, but exciting feeling like in previous cods when you heard the announcer tell the enemy team had a Juggernaut.

    • LovekillerX

      Juggernaut was slow but it had enough power. I think they’re doing some kind of “juggernaut” or “goliath” in the game or at least they should.

      • Yep, the mini gun/LMG could actually kill people 😛

  • VVFZ

    Everyone who is worried, relax. It’s Treyarch, there’s no way they’ll mess the game up so badly that people will hate it and stop playing like Ghosts & AW. They are the kings at making call of duty games.

    • the specialist

      haha nice sir made my day xD

      • JDahn

        It’s a fact 😛

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      People said they hated BO2 and went back to MW3 during BO2’s life. it was only near the later DLCs did people stop complaining. It’s going to happen, theres nothing you can do. Just try to ignore them and enjoy the game.

      • Tricky VIk

        ^^^^^ “This, ignore the hate, it’s not gonna affect how you play, you’ll enjoy it without the toxic people, which is better.”

  • LovekillerX

    What your Gunsmith created variant’s name is going to be?

    • Devin Wolfe

      One of my pistols will be called The Lady Finger as I’ll be taking names from Borderlands.

    • Tricky VIk

      “Obviously, for my favorite gun whichever it may be, it shall be named, ALL MUST DIE.”

      • LovekillerX

        Lol that is a good one!

  • Joeldagod


    • LovekillerX

      There is “robotic K9 unit” according to Chaosxsilencer. It can be seen in the trailer. That rolling metallic thing with spikes.

    • The Flash

      how about the cyborg hellhounds from COD OL

    • Bigi345

      NO. Doge Unit would be much great

    • Dogs are so 2025. Cyber Cows are the future. We fire laser milk.

    • dplusj

      Sounds a little over-powered too me lol

  • Roland Tubsocka

    What headphones do you guys use? After spending 2000 $ on a hifi headphones and headphones amplifier for my stereo the soundwhoring in advanced warfare has become supereasy. 🙂 My two friends run around with turtle beaches without hearing shit. They get the directional sound somewhat, but it’s seems much more vague and imprecise. i owned astro a40 before this, and they seem more like a kids toys then headphones. 🙂

    • Devin Wolfe

      I use a headset hooked up to my PC listening to music and I use the minimap and basic knowledge of how the spawns work you might want to stop using a crutch.

      • Roland Tubsocka

        It would be a crutch if playing without it made me more or less helpless, and I promise you that is not the case friend. 🙂

        • Roland Tubsocka

          I also thought it would be helpful to break the illusion that companies like Astro knows anything about soundreproduction. Choosing between Astros and Turtle beaches is like choosing between diarrhea and regular shit.

    • Irvin Sandoval

      Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset, works great and at a decent price. But back on the 360 during the Golden age of CoD no headset was needed for me since SitRep Pro and Ninja were loud enough for me to hear through my TV.

      • Tricky VIk

        “I want it.” ;-;

  • Mick

    Everytime I hear more news about this game I get more exited. I just want E3 to hit already for the MP reveal! Or any earlier leak of the MP would be nice ??

  • Reaper3712

    One thing I noticed about the trailer is that gibs are back!!! Yes!!! 0:40 and 1:24

  • CookieChairman

    While I’m glad that Scoresteaks are once again separate from the pick-10 system, I really hope Scorestreak customization from AW returns.

  • DaMadOne

    I have no problems with the pick ten system, but sometimes I’d like to use three perks from the same tier. For example in AW: Blast suppressor, Toughness, and scavenger. Ghosts had it right.

    • Slothigans

      Ghosts had way to many unnecessary perks.

      • DaMadOne

        Yeah, that’s true. However, it was great that didn’t have to make sacrifices. Like in Advanced Warfare. IE: Perk 1: Low profile, Perk 2: Blind eye (sometimes I’ll use peripherals), Perk 3: Hardwire, Blast Suppressor, Scavenger, and toughness. All the best perks in the third tier and you can only select two.

  • GI Unit sounds an awful lot like the Support Squadmate from Ghosts.

    • TalentlessNoob

      no no , think of the GI unit like a agr , thats what i think its going to be like anyway , just in human form

    • Tricky VIk

      “I think of it as a human Riley.”

    • I was thinking the same thing, or the recon jugg, or riley, or the agr.

  • asdfq

    Treyarch will never let us down

    • Diego Diniz

      Wow…they Did it! World at War is the WORST COD EVER!

      • DarkSurge

        Said no one ever.

  • Bolbi Stroganovsky

    >Hoping there will be a swarm-like killstreak

    • jooker-jr

      NO NO, JUST NO.

      • Juses


      • Bolbi Stroganovsky

        Need some chaotic kill streaks as well 🙁
        Unless we all want Ghosts’s horrendous kill streak again… of course nothing too OP and game breaking like MW2’s

        • jooker-jr

          I don’t like having a lot of AI controlled kill streaks, I wouldn’t mind if the highest killstreak is MW2’s AC130.

        • Ghosts’ killsteaks were better and less useless than AW’s at least, but yeah I want good killstreaks.

    • Black Ops 1 style dog killstreak

  • Jeff

    Finally a thread where there are positive comments! I’m so excited about this game. 🙂

  • ScOott

    I’m suprised how much multiplayer information we have 😮 !

  • ScOott

    I’m suprised how much multiplayer information we have 😮 !

    • jooker-jr

      They are literally changing cod.

      • ScOott

        Yup you liking it so far?

        • jooker-jr

          Yes, a lot actually.

          And I forgot, I like exo zombies.

  • Waido

    please 3arc. dont put streaks in the game that guard players. it flopped with ghosts where they put in a dog in the game-.-

    • jooker-jr

      That stupid dog, Some bad memories

  • Michael:GodOfEWN

    Treyarch must have some weird fetish with the RC-XD.

    • Chris Robin Niiva

      haha, yeah, its cool:P

    • jooker-jr

      The RC-XD to black ops is like FISH A.I for Ghosts, it just makes the game better.

  • Chris Robin Niiva

    In treyarch we trust:)

  • Ryumoau

    So glad my personally favorite killstreak (RC-XD) has received an upgrade for BO3. 🙂

  • Louis

    You pick scoreatreaks before a match? Wtf?

    • Thomas Huffman

      No the specilast characters.

  • Alex

    Treyarch is God. Screw IW and SH. Just give me a 3arc game ever 2-3 years with years worth of DLC. Hell not even the DLC, Ive been playing BO2 while AW and Ghost was out.

  • Tricky VIk

    “Is it me or is the GI Unit sound alittle like Riley, which is kinda neat.”

  • yardis

    better have dogs with jetpacks

  • Diego Diniz

    I dont care about CAMPAIGN…I only care about MULTIPLAYER! Maps, Streaks, Guns Sounds and NO LAG!

  • Adavanter Mki

    My only fear is the Destiny styled special attacks. I hated them in that game… otherwise this is sounding amazing. Maybe they’ll have a mode where those attacks aren’t available. Just hard to respect a “win button”.

  • Mario Rivera

    I love pick 10 but i hate that the TIER LESS pick 12 system from ghosts didnt get the love it deserved. Honestly pick 10 is a step backwards when u consider the facts with a unbiased mind. I know ghosts wasnt recieved well but they did do a few things right. Pick 12 was pretty much a pick 10 that solved its major problems by featuring both additional balance and freedom. Perks were given different costs based on overall usefulness and u can combine them in ways u normally couldnt when u were locked to only 2 per tier in pick 10. EX: Remember when system hack was super rampant and u couldnt run hard wired cuz u would have to give up either toughness/blast suppressor? Yea lol. Even tho primaries/secondaries were still both 1 point in pick 12, Primaries allowing 2 default attachments off the bat allowed us to have viable secondaries that werent hands down better than primaries mainly cuz they they only came with 1 default attachment. This point is clearly evident in the polar opposite approaches that both 3arch/SHG took on secondaries. 3arch knew secondaries costing as much as primaries and staple attachments/perks would prevent ppl from picking them so they made them real good.. a bit too good actually (see bo2 cod champs lol). SHG tried to solve this problem by making them complete dogshit compared to all the other options u can choose with that same exact point. Both are still balancing issues presented by pick 10, just at different ends of the spectrum. In ghosts u can have things like ur p226/gold pdw as a worthwhile backup with out it being either dogshit or a mandatory staple. I know the 3arch fanboys are gonna chew me out for praising something ghosts did in the heat of bo3 hype season. Wtf am i thinking? Lol

  • Mikey9835

    I can already tell the mothership is gonna be OP but it also means three players will be defenceless on the ground. Also i think the RAPS will replace the dog unit. the GI unit however seems kinda dumb, like thesupport squadmate from ghosts

  • moohuhahaaa .

    I wish they would have released a WW2 version instead

  • foster zoe Jonathon

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