Players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam can preorder Black Ops 3 starting today directly from their console/platform’s store. You can preorder the standard edition for $59.99, or the Digital Deluxe Edition for $99.99.

If you preorder digitally on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or via Steam on PC, you will get access to the multiplayer beta when it does go live. 

Players who preorder Black Ops 3 digitally on Xbox One, PS4, or PC will get a preorder bonus camo and two Advanced Supply Drops in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In addition, PS4 gamers in North America can get a Black Ops 3 theme.


In addition, the Black Ops 3 Season Pass can be preordered now on PC via Steam and PS4. It costs $49.99 and gives you access to four DLC map packs set to launch in 2016. Xbox One players will be able to preorder it at a later date. Stay tuned for more information.

Visit your platform’s respective store for more information.

  • TheDemonOfHate

    1st Boii & Cool Camo

  • SDrops

    2nd m8

  • TheGamerBeast

    NOICE hope they give that bonus for PC too not only consoles

  • Guywithbrains

    I will make my own camo when Black Ops 3 launches. I have these whole 192 days worth of time to plan my camo.

    Thanks for the opportunity though.

    • LovekillerX

      Weed camouflage coming in 3…2…1.

      • Drasadex

        Naked lady camos

        • ScOott

          Me with my bum out camo :-p

  • Jordan Rolf

    These game just keeps giving and giving

  • z

    VONDEHAAR, JUST TELL US EVERYTHINNNG PLEASE I BEG YOU. JUST ANSWER THIS ONE QUESTION. Is the Call of Duty exclusivity deal moving over to PlayStation?

    • David Vondehaar

      Yes, the Call of Duty exclusivity deal is moving over to PlayStation but the DLC will come out for both Xbox and Playstation at the same time.

      • Im actual David Vunderfart

        No,It will be 1 month before Xbox lie before but PS.

        • David Vondehaar

          How do you know, Mrs. Vunderfart?

          • ISOS.EXE53

            I’ve hacked into charlie intel and David Vondehaar’s email is the real thing

        • lol.

      • Guest

        Fools hope! We had these rumors before Ghosts was released and it stayed with xbox. I wouldnt get your hopes up 😉

      • You might actually appear as the Game Design Director if you spelt his name right

    • Deadly Ed

      Fools hope! We had these rumors before Ghosts was released and it stayed with xbox. I wouldnt get your hopes up… 😉

    • No, It’s staying with Microsoft….It’s been confirmed already

  • Lewis


  • VVFZ

    That camo looks nowhere near as good as the “preorder Ghosts” camo. Dissapointed.

  • MvNReckless

    let me guess. PS4 can pre order it in a month to get the camo..



      • MvNReckless

        A little lol. but it might come out tomorrow. New PSN content come out every tuesday.

    • Jari

      They’ve said nothing about XBOX in the trailer or anything..

    • MvN it doesn’t even matter, stop fucking crying.

      PS4 this year is getting the early DLC contract

      • Daniel

        Nope Im sure it will be equal

  • Stefan Lang

    if i preorder today will it take money from my account now or when the game releases?

    • ScOott

      Now I imagine .. Like preordering from a retailer ..

      • Stefan Lang

        Yea usually when i preorder from gamestop I just have to come in on release day with my card and make the payment. But bo3 doesnt have a pickup at store option at Gamestop this year oddly.

    • MvNReckless


      • Stefan Lang

        That’s lame. I’ll just wait till I get paid again I wanna buy me an iPhone 6.

    • jooker-jr

      On the PS store, 4 days before the release.

  • KernosT

    VonD must have taken so much effort to talk to ATVI and end DLC camos.(Cos of custom camos)

    • ScOott

      Not at all … Camos are still going to be a big part… And will be starting base for some nice custom camos ..

    • RdJokr

      DLC camos will still be there, and you can combine your custom camo with in-game ones as well.

    • Potat0chip

      DLC camos are not over we will probably still get camos like afterlife and change the color

    • MvNReckless

      #1 thing i like about all game. Customizations 😀

    • MvNReckless

      Copy and pasting other peoples camos would be nice

      • jooker-jr

        I think you can ( watch driftor video about it )

    • Juses

      They’ll probably charge you for more camo colors and shapes

    • Tricky VIk

      “Unless they come out with DLC color schemes and patterns, and I hope that if you can share camos, there is no exploit to steal them from other people.”

  • A bigger picture of the camo pack. It’s a nice camo if you ask me. 🙂

    • Guest


    • noobswontlie

      Those reticles look obtrusive as hell

      • Yeah i know but there are nice looking 🙂

    • awesome_farts

      IMO, not impressive as it looks like a plainly patterned skin of roman numerals “three” in shades of grey. Not the worse camo, but not too creative.

      BUT, 3 is my favorite number! And the question is now, should I or shouldn’t I???!!!


      it looks like a grey piano, how gay.

  • wtflolsmh

    Im sure theres going to be a way to get this via a website glitch soon.

  • ScOott

    It looks like every other camo In advanced warfare … Shit! Lol! Comment excludes camos you can buy..

  • john

    Is it coming out for 360 as well

    • The camo will, but the game (Bo3) won’t.

      • Hirasu Satsugai (Xayo)

        It’s a possibility but probably a 10-20% chance of them making one. Don’t expect it to be as good as current gen as it can’t handle as much

  • I hope this pre order bonus also for the physical version. 🙂

    • BO3 Hardened Edition

      I hope as well as im waiting for hardened edition

      • Aceshigh87

        Same, especially if the Special edition pricing of around $100 holds up. IN Canada the game alone will retail for $74.99 or more and with the season pass that would mean dumping $125.00. If I can get the season pass included with a special edition for that price or less than its a no-brainer.

        Hell, as it stands, if even the Canadian Digital Edition comes out at that price I might be tempted even without any extra goodies.

  • Hirasu Satsugai (Xayo)

    I really wanna know if xbox or playstation get dlc early!!! I would much much rather equality but if it has to happen then XBOX FTW

  • AC

    I have AW for Xbox One. If I preorder BO3 for PS4, would the AW gun camo work on Xbox One?

    • Hirasu Satsugai (Xayo)

      Of course not

    • Slothigans

      Did I really just read this question? Smh.

      • AC

        Hmm? It’s a legit question. Did you know a Xbox 360 GTA V account can work on PS4 GTA V? Wow…

    • Drasadex

      Yeah, it should work if you pre-order on Steam.

    • Valve Steam Rep

      It’ll work but first, you gotta buy Ghosts on the Wii U..

      2) Sign up for an EA Origin account.

      3) Load up The Last of Us Remastered on Xbox One. Quit the game and..

      4) BOOM! Camo in all consoles!

      • AC

        SWEET. I actually have both those games already!

  • LovekillerX

    New attack dogs (OR new RC-XD but I read it is attack dogs somewhere) for those who are interested:

    • Hirasu Satsugai (Xayo)

      Those seem like awesome score streaks. I can’t wait to use them. Looks like they’re replacing the dogs score streaks. Just imagine if they were chasing you in real life though!! That would be scary as fuck. Seems to be a bit more gore too.

      • LovekillerX

        Yeah imagine when they come after you in multiplayer lol. Better run and fast!

        • Hirasu Satsugai (Xayo)

          Then people will be asking for exos again lol

      • Guywithbrains

        Those indeed look so cool but I think I won’t get them usually. Maybe if I use care package (if it is coming back) lol.

    • Michael:GodOfEWN

      I just hope to see the vsat/blackbird.

      • Daniel

        Im 99% sure they will have it

      • Carrisi

        I hope they finally do a perk to counter vsat

    • Bolbi Stroganovsky

      But the question is, will it be around your character and can attack several players at once? or is it just a 1-person-kill type of a kill streak + something that’s controllable? similarly to the RC-XD (which I hope it is)

      • JaumeMartinis

        it’s the new RC-XD, I think it’s called HD or HC-XD

        • jooker-jr

          It way too big, maybe it’s another killstreak ?

          • Daniel

            Nope it is the dogs

          • jooker-jr

            OK, just my opinion.

        • burrgee

          The HC-XD is the RC-XD but it hovers, that rolling spike thing is the new k9 unit which falls from a chopper and rolls around getting kills, there not only one of them thers lots and there suppose to be badass, but easy to kill them.

      • Daniel

        Its the same as dogs

        • Bolbi Stroganovsky


      • Freeze

        There is a new RC-XD also!

        • Tricky VIk

          “I heard the RC-XD is now the HC-XD.”

          • Freeze

            Yes that is it thanks.

    • ScOott

      That’s a funny looking dog!

    • sup bro

      Look at the endings of both trailers on the xbox and PlayStation youtube channels. The PlayStation one is different to the xb this indicate anything ?

    • jooker-jr

      we finally have some GORE.

      • Guywithbrains

        So your thoughts about the game so far?

        • jooker-jr

          I’m very optimistic but I’m worried about the balancing ( that’s why they made youtubers play the pre pre-alpha ), not pre-ordering.

          How about you ?

          • Guywithbrains

            So far I am optimistic and I will try the beta.

          • jooker-jr

            I also like the fact that they literally changed a lot of the traditional things ( revealing MP, BETA, YouTubers try the game very early, game’s MP is playable at MP, caring about PC, etc …

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Except they’re pc biased

          • jooker-jr

            A great PC version = a good PS4 and Xbox version ( most of the time )

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            But exclusive features is bs.

          • jooker-jr

            … And I hope you enjoy it 🙂

          • Freeze

            Glad we can agree on something!

          • Guest

            Worried about Balancing = Worried skilled players will kick your ass? Only people who shit their pants about how “overpowered” a streak or gun will be are those that are on rhe receiving end of it. Your individual skill level and ability to adjust balances the game out. That’s why YouTubers and most seasoned players could dominate with a pistol.

          • Ty

            Worried about skilled players has nothing to do with it. It gets boring having to use the same 2 guns over and over. Black ops 2 you could use basically any ar or so and do work. And if u try to make up some kind of excuse just look at the professional “seasoned players” in advanced warfare. The whole MLG season was 95% bal or asm1. I just want to be able to use the entire $60 investment I make

          • Ty


          • jooker-jr

            The game will probably feature more than 40 and 9 specialist characters, balance is harder now.

          • Kobrah

            You got that the wrong way around guest. The problem is having to use the OP guns to compete. Also, have you even tried using a pistol in AW?

          • Damian Kain Bowers

            i did it allot and did great rw1 rail driver

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]


            It’s a casual game. Skill doesn’t matter

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Bs they won’t let fans play the games pre pre alpha, awesome they’re finally doing a beta again.

          • jooker-jr

            Correct me if im wrong but I don’t think there was a Dev that released the pre pretty aphla for the public ( because its way too early IMO ).

            Still, awesome they’re releasing a beta.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            I know, but they could invite fans. No one should get special treatment.

          • Mike J Bradon

            I played the Alpha Build.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Probably acted like press?

          • Mike J Bradon

            Acted like press? Activision held multiple play test for it over the last fee months.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            I mean youtubers pretend to be press at events.

    • That’s gonna be terrifying to fight if it moves like that.

      • Tricky VIk

        “Can you imagine that thing chasing you around the map in MP, that’ll be fucking terrifying.”

    • Freeze

      There is a new RC-XD too!

    • Trent Cottrell

      This according to youtubers is called the RAPS killstreak. They are large spike drones that travel around the map homing in on enemies.

  • Hirasu Satsugai (Xayo)

    When you think about it, Microsoft and xbox as a whole has way more money than Sony and playstation. But then again I don’t think treyarch care about cash. The real question is, do activision care about cash? 🙂 we will have to wait and see.

    • Activision cares about cash

      • Hirasu Satsugai (Xayo)

        I really do hope we get it at the same time though. I admit, it was a selfish thing to do what xbox did.

        • Playstation does the same but then longer

          • Hirasu Satsugai (Xayo)

            Yes that is true but that’s just more of a reason to have equality don’t you think

          • Yup that’s right but playstation has always exclusive dlc and xbox timed 🙂

      • Daniel

        Activision is so confident on 3arc that they are letting them make anything they want with BO3.
        They are desperate to get the franchise back to its golden age


    The camo should of had Sally wrote on it.

    • tha_online_gamertz

      It’s either should’ve or should have.”Should of” does not exist.

      • ben wills

        Well clearly you understand what he said, so go worry about something useful and stop being a prick

        • tha_online_gamertz

          Why would you consider me a prick? I didn’t say he was stupid or anything, just trying to help the guy with grammar which can be usefull to him later in life. (and “should of” really makes me cringe)

          • ben wills

            I apologize for my use of harsh language. I just get sort of boiled when people attack other people for trivial spelling errors. Now, it appears your intentions aren’t harsh (as others are), and for that I am sorry and admit being incorrect. I just get tired of the superiority complex exhibited by the grammar nazi type crowd, especially with something so trivial (we have poverty, hunger and war but we better worry about how a guy spelt a word on the internet when he was likely in a rush).

            I’m fine with should of personally, mostly because that’s how most people end up saying it. It’s an understandable error, almost to the point it’s transcended its original phrase and morphed into something new.

            Again, sorry for going on the defense. I’m just quick to rush due a lot of what I see on the internet.

          • Herniebert


      • Kobrah

        You point that out, but not the fact he said “wrote” instead of “written”?

  • sup bro

    ILook at the endings of both trailers on the xbox and PlayStation youtube channels. The PlayStation one is different to the xbox video. Could this indicate anything ?

  • bshlik00

    So I guess I can’t get the camo since I pre ordered at Gamestop. :'(

  • curi0us

    It comes down to a few things.

    1) Buy the full preorder without knowing the digital editions rewards
    2) Drop $5 down at Gamestop.
    3) Just wait.

    I already know a few people who dropped $100 on the XB1 digital deluxe version and I just couldn’t help but shake my head. Then again if it’s anything like the last upgraded edition, most likely a few extra skins and various other little things.

    Personally I’m waiting for the $120 or whatever elite edition before making the call.

    • Seanconcepts

      Agreed, Its stupid to judge without understanding the type of content that it includes, Im waiting for the care package.

    • jooker-jr

      I think I’m gonna buy it 1 week or more after launch.

  • Guest

    Does anybody know if there will be a playercounter in BO3? That was really annoying it wasn’t in AW

    • Bolbi Stroganovsky

      Probably not, since Activision doesn’t want to reveal those numbers since the last few CoDs…it wasn’t even in Ghosts either. Though it was pretty neat feature to look at.

      • jooker-jr

        It was in ghosts ( at least the PS3 version )

        • Drasadex

          And on the PS4.

      • Drasadex

        There was a player counter in Ghosts too.

        • Guywithbrains

          I can confirm this because I played Ghosts (PS3) on last Friday and there were about 15 000 people online.

          Must be some kind of record…

        • Bolbi Stroganovsky

          Oh, my mistake

      • Guest

        Hope it is, btw it’s in Ghosts

    • Lawfulmaxhavoc

      They’re embarrassed about AW’s player count

      • Zporadik

        Specifically the ratios of said count. Too many on the PS4 compared to X1.

  • That camo is animated 🙂

    • Drasadex


  • awesome_farts

    I am NOT ordering no season pass yet on ps4 when the one I ordered for AW still is NOT in the playlists. I’m not happy having to play tdm or mosh pit to play dlc. It’s been two months and dlc still is NOT in the rest of the playlists 🙁

  • Guest

    When I pre-order Black Ops 3 from Amazon, then enter in the Pre-Order code onto my Call of Duty account, Do I get the Special camo? Or does it have to be from the Xbox Store?

  • RSM

    Could you pre download AW a few days before it came out because I’m thinking off pre downloading BO3 so I don’t have to pick it up

  • AC

    How does preordering work in the Xbox store? Did you pay the full cost up front?

  • DarkKn1ght63

    Would I still get the camo if I preorder from Amazon?

    • DarkKn1ght63

      Anybody know? :/

      • Daniel


  • drjakeyoung

    Can you not just pre order and get the ASD then cancel it?

  • burrgee

    Does anyone know what the camo looks like?

  • Ryumoau

    dang it sucks that people who preordered at Gamestop only got a poster. Well i was lucky enough to get a Black Ops 3 wristband as well since i was the first to preorder at my local gamestop. But it would have been nice to have gotten a code for AW camo on the receipt.
    Btw, does anyone know whats included in the $99 digital deluxe version? Is it just the game and season pass, or will there be addition ingame digital content like Advanced Warfare had?

  • Daniel

    OMG Im buying it right now

  • Ratboy

    Hm I think I shall cancel my Gamestop preorder and preorder for PS4 to get my free shit. But what would happen to my beta code already entered on my account?

  • Aymanizic

    Digital versions of games still cost way too much

  • Bloodyman2103

    If we pre-order it in our retailer, will we also get a bonus camo etc..?

  • #HUG

    does anyone have images of the ps4 theme?

  • Billy H

    So it’s being released on a Friday this year that’s a very smart move

  • Tyler Moxham

    Does anyone know when the pre order for Xbox 360 will be??

    • glitch031

      No 360 or PS3 only current gen consoles and PC. Sorry man.

    • Goodriddance


  • Ryan Mackay

    Does anyone know when the camo pack and beta will become available?

    • Beta if in september, 1-2 weeks long, and I’m sure a patch for the camo’s will happen in the next day or two.

      • Ryan Mackay


  • Carl Johnson

    It’s not worth it, because the camo looks alot like urban jet and that one is free.

  • Black

    So i get the camo by buying the digital deluxe edition right ? Not just the preorder edition ? (xbox market)

  • alessio ®

    I pre-orded the game on the Xbox one store, will I still get a Beta code or will it automatically let me play the beta once it is out for the public

    • Daniel

      Auto download

  • Andy1118

    Now that is awesome & amazing camo, I can’t wait to preorder standard edition and get that camo.

  • Urmom

    Can we get the camo if we already pre ordered at GameStop?

  • Sweet Now I Can Get BO3 Digitally! Hey if anyone wants to check out some Black Ops 3 Information And Thoughts Video Thanks!

  • Daniel

    Where is the digital xbone pre order for Brazil? Im sad 🙁

  • PatPatPat

    So will i get the camo if i go into gamestop and pre-order, or is it a digital download exclusive?

  • Depr

    Yay for grey rectangles!

  • Ok, now that pisses me off. I pre-ordered at GameStop. In the past, those pre-orders would get the personalization pack too. Instead I have to choose between the poster (which I got) or the personalization pack and advanced supply drops. Bogus.

  • Max Martinez

    So PS4 gets a camo and a theme? I would like those things.

  • CookieChairman

    At last, some useful reticules.

    Except for the one on the ACOG scope. Are you out of your bloody minds, Sledgehammer?

  • Anon

    Resolution or Refund @M$

  • Steve Cox

    I pre ordered and no camo wtf

    • Fariko Lunatik

      how much is the pre order, do u gtta pay the full price?

  • Leo Acosta

    I preordered bops3 digital edition and I still have no camo for aw can anybody help me?

    • jooker-jr

      Contact Activision support on twitter.

  • Leo Acosta

    I preordered on xboxone and did not get camo for aw can anybody help me?

  • Leo Acosta

    It’s the deluxe edition

  • Brando343434

    I pre ordered bo3 on Xbox one and I didn’t get a camo or the 2 advance supply drops. When will I get them?

  • Stefan Lang

    Preordered from Gamestop. Glad they added the pickup @ store option. I would have hated to miss out on a midnight release for a Treyarch title.

  • TheGamerBeast

    Pre-ordered my Copy Yesterday on STeam and Got the camo instantly in AW + 2 Advanced Supply Drops

    • jooker-jr

      Hope you enjoy the beta 🙂

      What have you got from the ASDs ?

      • TheGamerBeast

        what’s the ASDs? lol

        • jooker-jr

          Advanced supply drops 🙂

          • TheGamerBeast

            oh nothing just normal stuff and 3 elites just exos nothing big

          • jooker-jr

            ASDs Should only reward guns IMO.

          • arm

            Then SH wouldn’t make any money, it wouldn’t be long before people had all the elites they want and they will stop buying ASDs.

  • AC

    About the Black Ops 3 camo digital preorder.. do you receive a code for the camo download, or is it automatically downloaded when preordering?

  • z3ro7o

    I pre ordert the game 2day but no Camo yet , when is this avaiable

  • vanguard

    I didn’t get my camo or packages after preordered get on xb1

    • Brandon3434

      I didn’t either

  • Ima CuRSe

    do you only get the camo from digital???

  • William

    Man I would like to see the K-9 unit back 🙁 dogs with cybernetic enhancement seems kinda cool like in fallout new Vegas!

  • Jesus Robles

    I just pre ordered BO3 from the platstation store and I didn’t receive a code for BETA or my BO3 theme

    • This is normal, you don’t need any code for the beta if you preorder on the PS Store or Xbox Market 🙂

      • Jesus Robles

        Ok thanks

  • Thibaut Schils

    i pre ordered the game on ps4 but i didn’t get the camo does sombody know how to get it/fix this??

    • Jesse

      I had the same problem on xb1, to fix I went to xbox live store and went to advanced warfare add one and I had to download the personalization pack from there.

      • Jesse

        Add on*

    • scrotesmd

      Did you ever get the bonus for pre order? Lots saying they didn’t get anything

  • ThatGuy

    Is the beta last a certain amount of time? or is it till november

  • Blaine

    Pre-ordered on Steam. Did for both the beta code and the supply drops, and the two supply drops were unfortunately nothing but garbage weapons. I hate this supply drop system… so glad it’s not coming back with BO3.

  • Vincenzo Meschi

    I preordered black ops 3 on xbox one and i didnt get a camo or anything! WTF! Any help?

  • amir

    Hi, I bought the game from and I redeemed the code on my COD account will I get the camp too?

  • Cian

    do you still get the beta if you digitaly download bo3 on the ps4

  • scrotesmd

    Anyone had any Joy getting their camo and supply drops for pre-order on PS4? Havent seen anything

  • Joseph Ryland

    I ordered the digital BO3 and didnt get bo3 camo on AW or the advanced supply drops why is this

    • scrotesmd

      same here bet it’s the dlc coming first to xbox one first I’m on ps4, that’s my guess anyway

  • njgbyu

    I pre odered it and I haven’t got any of the camo packs and stuff nor the code

  • fawaz

    dyou guys know why the pre order for the digital deluxe edition has stopped on the eps4 store online?

  • fawaz

    the page was open and suddenly there was no deluxe only da standard edition plz explain dis 4 me

  • Guest

    Hi I’m a guest

  • Guest

    Fuck her right in the pussy

  • Jack Aherne

    How do you get the skin? I pre ordered and entered the code on the web site for Xbox one

  • Austin Buell

    I’m on ps4 and my blackout pre order pack keeps saying waiting to install… What do I do

  • Thomas

    If I pre ordered BO3 digitally will i still get a beta code because I did and i never got a code.

  • Deez nuts

    Do you get season pass if you pre order the game for $60 on PS3

  • mysti

    I pre ordered from my ps4 and it hasn’t gave me a code yet for beta…. When will it??? That was the only reason why I even pre ordered was to play the beta!!! Anyone know what I don’t know lol??

  • Brett jowers

    Actually they did release it twice prior to e3 for the public to play and literally almost every soul at e3 got there hands on the pre pre Alfa build

  • Brett jowers

    There are both love killer the RC-XD can now hover and drive up walls and the dogs can be set to hold a specific location or to watch you six, but we will see what changes the future holds for us!

  • Kai Tifere-Price

    When you pre order they give you the season pass yeah?

  • corneil thomas

    it comes out July 6th I pre-ordered and it shows I have 135 days till play will tat change or will I actually be playing my game in October for true??anyone can help

  • Michael

    I preordered the digital copy on xbox one, do i get the new zombies exclusive map “The Giant” please respond thanks

  • Marvin

    How do I get my extra beta codes if I order the deluxe edition??

  • Michael

    im on xbox one I preordered from the marketplace but I didn’t get a beta code, will I just be able to get on it when it comes out?

  • SomeRandomGuy.

    is the zombies mode for the standard edition too?

  • zxzaaron

    can you buy it on 360 and download it on xbox one on the same account.

  • Brian Noyes

    now the preorder is unavailable so if you did not do that you cannot download the game. still says bundle only. looks like i have to go to midnight release instead

  • wyatt

    i preordered from gamestop never got the beta code what do i do

  • Anthony Gutierrez

    I downloaded the call of duty black ops 3 deluxe edition and got the blackout preorder personalization pack but i wanted it for both my accounts in the ps4