The resolution and frame rate for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has been revealed. For PlayStation 4 gamers, the title will run at 60FPS at full 1080p resolution. On PC, the game can max to 4K quality running at 60FPS. (No word yet on if PC frame rate is capped)

For Xbox One players, Treyarch was not willing to confirm a final resolution as of now. They have confirmed that the game will run at 60FPS on Xbox One, but a resolution has not been locked in place yet. Some sites are stating that Mark Lamia, Studio Head, stated that having the title at 60FPS in more important than resolution.

As for all the Press that were out at Treyarch last week previewing the game, they got to play several hours of multiplayer on a PlayStation 4, watched developers play campaign footage live on a PC in 4K, and watched pre-recorded campaign footage on a Xbox One.

  • LovekillerX

    Yes! 1080p and 60fps! I’m guessing 900p for Xbox One (no hate).

    • Daniel M

      The reason why they don’t want to announce is because directx 12 is coming out soon and that will boost the performance on the xbox one by a lot

      • K

        You’re dreaming if you think DX12 is going to suddenly make the X1’s hardware more powerful all of a sudden.

        • God of GetALife

          You’re dreaming of you think you know what you’re talking about.

          • TheMostManlyMan

            Actually, and as an X1 (and PC) player I hate to admit it, but he’s right. I think it was Phil Spencer *if not him then someone else from MS* that said because of the X1’s hardware DX12 would only provide minimal improvement for the X1.

          • K

            You are also correct in that. Phil SPencer said “On the DX12 question, I was asked early on by people if DX12 is gonna dramatically change the graphics capabilities of Xbox One and I said it wouldn’t. I’m not trying to rain on anybody’s parade, but the CPU, GPU and memory that are on Xbox One don’t change when you go to DX12.”

          • skinybone
          • You’re dreaming if you are actually dreaming that you are dreaming of directx 12 dreaming

          • K

            U wut m8?

          • LegitBedsheets


          • K

            You mad bro?

          • RebornAngel666

            He mad bruh.

          • Nicolò Aldrovandi

            Ps4 already makes use of low level APIs and yet it tops at 1080p.
            Keep dreaming if that makes you feel good.

          • Nicolò Aldrovandi

            PS4 already makes use of low level APIs and yet it tops at 1080p.
            Reducing CPU load won’t make much of a difference in GPU bound games, and console games are VERY GPU bound.
            Keep dreaming, know-it-all.

          • D

            You’re dreaming if you think he doesn’t….

      • ObiWanShin

        Direct X12 will only affect PC game performance. The most it can do for the XB1 is make the dashboard more efficient.

        • MuscledRMH

          DX12 will actually impact Xbox One as well, not by huge amounts like PC but it will have benefits for Xbox One

          • Louis Bryant

            They said help the pc by 70 percent and the xbone by 7 to 20 percent so fingers crossed ?

        • Calum Collins

          The whole XB1 architecture was built with consideration of DX12 you must be stupid if you don’t realise this.

          • Tigran Oganesyan

            Yeah. No it wasn’t. DirectX 12 was created in response to AMD’s Mantle which was pushing Microsoft out of the scene(still going to imo). The Xbone was an after thought. Stop lying to yourself.

          • Ramir Cool

            Quite a bit of the ideas and technology used in Mantle are also used in Dx12/Vulcan. AMD collaborated in the API’s development, hence why AMD GPUs so far have benefited more from Dx12 than Nvidia. Mantle and Dx12 are very similar APIs. Nonetheless AMD is not longer developing Mantle because of Dx12 doing pretty much the same thing mantle did.

        • TheChosen

          DX12 will mostly Impact WEAK cpus. Not PC-cpus. DX12 is a cpu-thing. Ist only there to make less Overhead for the cpu. But thats it. About 20-30% more power cpu-wise. and ONLY if you use a weak dualcore-cpu. For 6/8-core-cpus the target will be much smaller, maybe 10% faster? Or 5%?
          On PC it will be also faster, but depending on how many cpu-cores the game use and your PC has (two is Optimum-target for DX12, 4-8 is Maximum)- the more or less performance-boost you will get.
          DX12 isn`t Magic. DX12 is also about enabling “unlimited”-lighting-feature (more of simultaneous light-sources), a Thing which fixed shaders use since 2000s.
          This means: DX12 will enable the Feature, which Prince of Persia on the Wii had in 2007. Yes, you read that right, the Wii! Thats why the Wii-Version of Prince of persia was better than other Versions These days…It Featured this cool lighting-tech.

          • Meche334

            DX12 will provide a new esram api

        • thomasnguyen

          Direct X12 will make programming for the Xbox One’s ESRAM easier for third party developers so they might be able to achieve 1080p but they’re still bottleneck by the DDR3

      • skinybone
      • Tsaki

        Don’t count on it. Even Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division, said that the DX12 will have very little impact on how the Xbox One handles the games.

        • Ben

          But it will help to use the ESRAM properly, which is quite enough for me.

          • Nicolò Aldrovandi

            That is the most ridiculous excuse ever.
            “performance won’t change, but the ESRAM will be better used, so it’s great”

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        Bit* dx12 is NOT a secret sauce don’t be dumb.

      • umadbro?

        Hahahahaha keep telling yourself that Hahahahaahaha Xbox is terrible all thatoney AND I can not get 1080p

      • YoureAnIdiot

        No actually it won’t. Even Microsuck themselves have said it will a very MINIMAL change, hardly worth mentioning. directx 12 really doesn’t do shit when you get down to brass tax.

        • Ben

          Wow, somebody has a small dick.

        • Scott


        • Andrés at

          Ps4 is better sorry xb1 poeple

        • Partyin’ Pete

          Brass Tacks, man. However DirectX 12 will do a lot more outside of XB1, but maybe everything will feel a little smoother. You should think about being less negative, it’s bad for the heart.

      • McToasty207

        Dx12 will largely benefit CPU operations not graphics, now you can redistribute resources but it won’t improve graphics much Phil Spencer has personally said as much. I say this as someone who owns an Xbox one but don’t delude yourself its always going to be the least powerful console.

        • TheChosen

          Yeah, but remember if you free up cpu-ressouces, you can allow for bigger resolutions! Many times, the CPU is the Limit when it Comes to resolutions. Thats allways a big bottleneck.
          Especially this gen, where they paired a tablett-cpu with a medium-class graphics-card in the consoles. If you have more cpu-ressources it can greatly Impact the Level of graphics.
          One example: Coming Fast Racing Neo for WiiU depends on a cpu-engine. It isn`t driven by gpu alone. In Nintendos World, the cpu does much more than just calculating the things the gpu Needs. In Nintendos world you have to think different, cause even in Gamecube-days in many games this Feature, which enabled the cpu to do help with calculation of graphics, was used.
          So back to FRN: The game depends heavily on how fast your cpu is. And if your cpu is faster, it means you can have better effects and/or more Features.
          Even MS has Problems trying to run games with tripple-buffering and simultaneous 60 fps and many other Features like those crazy FarCry4-shaders. MS said you Need enourmous bandwiths to get those things working at high framerates with These circumstances.

          • Nicolò Aldrovandi

            Console games are very gpu bound, so reducing cpu load won’t make graphics much better. Ps4 already uses low level APIs but it still tops at 1080p.
            Reducing cpu loads will allow for better AIs, better lighting and better physics, but not much better graphics.

          • McToasty207

            Indeed CPU bottlenecking does directly affect the resolution, so yeah DirectX 12 might increase resolution, usually when people bring up the DX12 thing they treat it as a sort of magic but you seem to have a grasp. That said does Treyarch have access to this unfinished DX12? because they’d have to patch it in a later date otherwise. Basically maybe the Xbox One version will be 1080p but don’t hold your breath because otherwise you might be disappointed.

      • corvusmd

        DX12 MIGHT help, but the game wasn’t built ground up for DX12, so it probably won’t be a massive boost….so we need to curb the hopes just a bit, but hope for the best.

      • Nicolò Aldrovandi


      • Jay

        Xbox one fan boys only hope looks like direct x what a shame

      • Louis Bryant

        Well ps4 is stuck on direct x 11 and Xbox one is going to direct x 12 so they should be no more changes in graphics

        • Terrance Jackson

          Wrong. Both machines will still improve through the use of updates. The DX11 vs DX12 stuff will mainly benefit PC.

          The PS4 will remain the stronger machine and games will continue to reflect that.

    • Andrew Harvey

      probably will be the same as advanced warfare (1360×1080 @60 fps)

      • TheChosen

        I would say it will depend on how many cpu-cores the game is to use. Example?

        The PS4 clocks ist cpu-cores automatically. If you only use 4 cpu-cores for a game, the cores are automatically clocked a bit higher. If you only use 2 cores they are clocked even higher. If you use all 6 and/or all 8, then the cpus are only clocked at 1.6 Ghz. Thats the PS4s-advantage.
        This means, if the game uses ALL cores, there will be no PS4-advantage (just like in Infamous SS where they used all 6 for the game).
        In fact, the Xbox One will have an Advantage, since it can use nearly one whole cpu-core more for games (7 instead of 6), which will Impact how the game will run.
        But like i said- if the game is only using 2 or 4 cores, the PS4 will have a bigger Resolution and/or higher framerate.

        • Nicolò Aldrovandi

          You don’t even know the core count of consoles.

    • xLovekillerx

      lol xbox is same as psn #pcmasterrace #nohate

  • dhdhdhd

    In other words 900p for Xbox One

  • XtremeK1ll3r

    900p incoming … fuck…

  • DirectX12

    • Will help PC more than anything….maybe ever so slightly Xbox One but that won’t directly affect resolution and make it 1080p automatically which is unfortunate but the hard truth.

      Nevertheless I am sure Xbox One owners will have just as much fun on the game than PS4/PC owners; resolution isn’t everything.

      • I know but if Treyarch using DX12 they have to put there ”magic” into the game and then there is a change to get 1080p on Xbox One.

        I’m a Xbox One user and i don’t care about the resolution i care about the gameplay 🙂

        • Agreed hence why j do think you’re gonna have just as much fun – resolution ain’t all that anyway, if people did care about it that much they would get a PC – of course it may just matter to the people who own both consoles and want to decide which has the better resolution but still I agree with what you say in FPS being more important 🙂

        • youhave5chins

          Face it you bought the wrong system direct x112 could not help the Xbox one it’s garbage i will go spend 400 bucks and get crap oh but it has a cool dashbored habahaha I took a big shit and it was better then the Xbox

      • Devin Wolfe

        Phil Spencer did say it will give a 20-30% boost in performance on the Xbox One.

        • skinybone

          really when

        • SoulTaker

          “On the DX12 question, I was asked early on by people if DX12 is gonna dramatically change the graphics capabilities of Xbox One and I said it wouldn’t. I’m not trying to rain on anybody’s parade, but the CPU, GPU and memory that are on Xbox One don’t change when you go to DX12. DX12 makes it easier to do some of the things that Xbox One’s good at, which will be nice and you’ll see improvement in games that use DX12, but people ask me if it’s gonna be dramatic and I think I answered no at the time and I’ll say the same thing.”-Phil Spencer
          It might help but it’s not going to be a game changer man. If anything it’ll help PC games that use it since the hardware on that can change easily.

    • skinybone
      • That’s an article published 7 months ago things have changed, my friend. 🙂

        • Keloot

          directx12 won magically fart out more power … out of thin air with dated hardware…

  • TheGamerBeast

    PC FUNCKIN MASTER RACE… i’m so happy right now.. it’s going to be a good year for PC… in other News we can Pre-order on Steam Today it was Confirmed by Treyarch PC Devs Yesterday

    • Guywithbrains

      I think Treyarch really listened to PC players. They even revealed minimum requirements already.

      • TheGamerBeast

        well 6 month before release that never happened in history of COD it usually come out 1 week before release

        • Guywithbrains

          Can you see from these requirements if it is a good port or not?

          • TheGamerBeast

            the req. are kinda the same like AW and Ghosts but it should be a great port treyarch PC devs are really smart and BO2 was a great port as well.. and a game like this still working on low specs like this should be great

          • Guywithbrains

            One last question: are you going to get this game or try out the beta? I see this reveal trailer definitely got a lot of positive and negative comments.

          • TheGamerBeast

            yeah i really don’t care about any comments i have been playing COD on PC for like 7 years amd treyarch is my fav dev studio i really love there games.. and yeah i will pre-order the game today when it go live on steam

          • Irvin Sandoval

            So envious of you, you get to play the awesome mods such as custom zombies maps and survival in MW2, along with anti-cheating system so those pesky hackers aren’t a problem like they are on console.

          • RdJokr

            … You’re joking right?

          • Irvin S

            Do I sound like I am?

          • RdJokr

            Yes. Yes you are.

          • Irvin S

            To each his own I suppose.

          • YouSerious???

            Seriously? PC has the worst hacker problem of any platform. Then comes xbox (and microsuck doesn’t even do anything about it), then PS who usually locks down the network and fixes the problem. Sure, this pisses users off, but it’s a good thing in the end.

          • RdJokr

            I’ll be waiting till there’s an announcement of a season pass though. Will definitely be playing Zombies all year long, so it’s kinda a must anyway. More time to prepare cash for this bad boy.

          • Partyin’ Pete

            There will be a season pass xD I don’t really mind, since you’re still paying less (in a way) for the DLC.

          • RdJokr

            This was before preorders for Steam were up. In any case, I preordered the Deluxe Edition, so no worries.

      • Ben

        I’m pretty sure that their minimum requirement thingy is just a bullshit. There is almost 6 months till the game comes out, I’m pretty sure they didn’t ever started to port the game…

        • Partyin’ Pete

          I could see where you’re coming from, requirements could skyrocket or even lower depending on what they do with the game. I’m sure it’s a solid baseline though, I haven’t checked to be honest.

    • KernosT

      I agree.PC is finally,or I hope getting back to its good CoD days.Last time it was not announced due to MS’s partnership.This time,the playtesting was done on PS4 and PC,however the game was shown to them on XB1.I am guessing either Sony signed a contract and does not have crazy restrictions like MS,or DLC out at the same time on all platforms.

      • spartanelite

        I really hope its out at the same time this this time around,because its tryarch and if the dlc came out on PS it would piss me off

    • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

      Enjoy your long waits to find a match.

    • John Ramone

      …as a PC gamer and one year now as a console(PS4) gamer,after 14 years of abstention…..SHUT THE F UP….SHUT THE F UP….I bought first COD AW on PC and after I month bought on console(PS4)….DO YOU KNOW WHY????Becouse PC connect online takes ages and 5/10 will fail…on Console the connection takes less than 10seconds and never ever failed….PC games found 4-5…Console games found 50….PC multiplayer is lagging like hell…Console is smooth like butter … for differences in graphics…still laughing…i’m a little old for VS,so please don’t… I love both my High End PC and my console with their pros and cons….

      • Primey_

        Chill kid

      • SoulTaker

        You don’t sound like a PC Gamer at all…but I’ll avoid that and say it’s a lazy job SHG did on the PC port and it’s no excuse but Treyarch is really trying this year apparently since they even mentioned PC this early on unlike SHG.

        • John Ramone

          Please,don’t avoid it……I am PC gamer from the age of Amstrad 6128….do you know how many years is it from 1988???

          • SoulTaker

            I said you don’t sound like you are because it seems like you’re blaming it more on the PC than on SHG. If SHG did their job right you would be able to connect easily into a match. I can connect easily into a match in BO2, or even MW2 and about almost 30 I think???

      • Sanzu River

        You are blaming PC for the failure of the game to provide a stable network for online play? Yup, you seem legit.

    • SoulTaker

      I’m praying for mod support for custom maps man! I still have hopes!

      • Primey_

        There is no chance at all for mod support.

        • SoulTaker

          I know, but like I said since apparently PC is a big concern this time around for Treyarch I hope we can have some little mod support. 🙁
          (I can still dream man!)

          • Partyin’ Pete

            It would be fantastic to see Map tools!

    • ConsoleViking

      Lol PC beggar race, how many petitions did you sign for this game?

      • Partyin’ Pete

        damn, gettin’ savage in here

      • Liso

        the same as you get games at 60 fps almost never LOLOL pesant boy

  • Guywithbrains

    I’m glad I can play with my Playstation 4 in 1080p and 60 frames per second. Also I guess that TBA means 900p for Xbox One.

  • M.W.P.

    900p/60fps X1 confirmed, this should come to no surprise when it actually gets confirmed. That console can’t run native (keyword here being native) 1080p unless they’re first party titles.

    • Daniel M

      The reason why they don’t want to announce is because directx 12 is coming out soon and that will boost the performance on the xbox one by a lot so thats why

      • lunator100hd .

        dont be 100% sure, they are just drivers

        • infinity396

          also, Windows 10 will come on XB1 as there might be something in that as well..

        • Devin Wolfe

          DX12 is a API.

      • skinybone
      • danielbangshisxbox

        Daniel you are pretty stupid if you think direct x is gonna make ur CPU in your Xbox faster hahabab

    • Partyin’ Pete

      Really? I thought the XB1 just didn’t support native 1080p, period.

  • WhyMe?


  • Guywithbrains

    Now FAZE_Y0l0$w4gg3r420 can’t get his ladder stall…

    • Bolbi Stroganovsky

      Trickshotters got rekt, haha

    • They’re gonna be wall stalls now.

  • lunator100hd .

    i feel like the graphics in this game is not as good as in aw and ghosts, anyone else?

    • JDahn

      no, I think the oppisite. Nevertheless,it’s just a trailer ,we should wait about gameplay.

      • lunator100hd .

        i agree but if you go back and watch aw reaveal trailer you will notice the diference im talking about

        • Irvin Sandoval

          Ture, true, but then again SHG may have rendered the gameplay nicely.

    • Devin Wolfe


      BO3 being the best Ghosts being the worst.

      • bugsy

        are you trying to say ghosts is less than AW which is less then BO3? If so, your signs are the wrong way

        • Devin Wolfe

          I tried putting them the other way but it wouldn’t show up because Disqus has HTML support.

          • Partyin’ Pete

            You could’ve done BOIII>AW>Ghosts :p

  • ccrows

    OH GEEEEEEEZ here we go. *sigh*

    Inb4 the Fanboy Resolution S***Storm… *SMH*

  • WhyMe?

    The Pc plateforme don’t work on a determined resolution and framerate type.

    The game might be optimised for 4k,you still could be it at 5k or 8k or 20k(in theory).
    For example,I’ve already “played” Black Ops II and Advanced Warfare at 5k DSR and it works.

    For the framerate,it will not be locked at 60fps for sure,it might have a lock in multiplayer like 200fps lock like black Ops II but only because of the game’s Engine (in CoD4,you could go up to 1000fps and certain value make the player have certain special skill like jumping higher,or sprinting in silence ect)…And this is treyarch,they are not stupid enough to block it at 91fps in multiplayer like SledgeHammerGames.

  • Thank you based 3arc

  • dqqdadq

    compatibility with windows 10 through xbox one?

  • Waddle

    Im hope all 3 platforms get the DLC at the same time.

  • ObiWanShin

    XB1 will probably be 1080pr/60 like AW, The resolution is dynamic between 900p and 1080p but only ever hit 28,000 pixels more than 900p.

  • Freeze

    Glad I preordered for the PS4!

    • jooker-jr

      Don’t you think its a bit early ?

      • Freeze

        I trust them. Plus I want the beta, if I do not like it then I can cancel, thats what the beta is for.

  • jordanxbrookes

    60fps is all that matters.

    • That Guy

      So you would be cool with BO3 being 480p 60fps?

      • The Flash

        better than being 240p ayy

        • That guy

          Better then 120p yay.

        • Partyin’ Pete

          144p squad

      • SoulTaker

        That would be beyond embarrassing for the current consoles.

  • lol, “TBA/60 FPS on Xbox One” – I myself know that FPS is more important, but still.


    Mmm not sure whether to get it on Xbox One with 700p semi-HD and 60fps with 95% whiny kids, or on PC at 1440p and 120fps with 5K on the way……Tough choice..

  • SoulTaker

    Knowing Treyarch they will allow you to go well over 120+ FPS on PC if your rig can handle it.

  • Primey_

    They better not bloody cap it at 60fps on PC. I have hope since BO2 went above 60fps

    • SoulTaker

      It won’t trust me I can bet my rig on it.

      • Primey_

        Why wouldn’t it not go above?

        • SoulTaker

          I meant it won’t have a 60 fps cap.

    • Andrew Harvey

      black ops cap 91 fps
      black ops 2 cap 200 fps
      black ops 3 (probably the same as bo2 200)

    • Partyin’ Pete

      They DID remove frame rounding this year, so maybe they won’t need to cap it. Not sure how they’re tied together though, I’m just being optimistic

  • thunder

    god i feel sorry for xbox 3 years and they still Havant figured out how to get 1080p on X1

    • Pedro R Morales

      Hahaha LOL

    • Raptor

      So funny. My xbox one is 1080p….

      • Xecho

        Sure the Xbox one’s red is at 1080 but it all matters on what the game supports.

  • Aussie Gamer

    I have a PS4 and an XBOX One … I will be getting this on XBOX One … much better online community have fun playing with the 12 year old Sony fanboys!

    • Pedro R Morales

      they got to play several hours of multiplayer on a PlayStation 4!!!
      …watched pre-recorded campaign footage on a Xbox One LOL

    • Ha

      Have fun with a inferior framerate!
      And I am pretty sure the Xbox community is nothing but snotty rich kids.

    • Xecho

      I could say the opposite because a lot of little kids play Xbox more than PS. But then it’d be arguing to a brick wall. Shitlord.

  • WTF another year with less than 1080 on the Xbox One?? What’s the issue?


      xbox sucks LMAO

    • Partyin’ Pete

      It’s the system’s fault, I don’t think the game can magically fix it lol

  • Tricky VIk

    “Let the hate commence, but I have one thing for those being negative..”

  • Time to save up for a PS4… *sigh*

  • Anon

    No fanboy, no PC master Race, but why can’t the Xbox One easily run 1080p 60 FPS games? Just a question for 2015…

    • D Rock Shock

      Xbox one have a less powerful gpu than the ps4 but a more powerful cpu. #PCMasterRace you asked for it…………….

  • Well getting BO3 for both Xbone and PC. I hope the framerate isn’t capped. 144 fps and above please.

  • Dylan Richardson

    I don’t really mind if the XB1 is 1080p or not. As long as the game is playable and can stay at a 60fps while still lookin good! I’ll be fine with it. I’m fine with a lower texture resolution only cause i’ve played a lot of games with a lower tex res on PC and it didnt bother me. So TLDR; As long as the game runs well. I’m completely fine with it! 😀

  • burrgee

    “As long as it runs at a steady 60fps im happy, I couldnt give a flying fuck if its a lower res.. call of duty allways had 60fps on consoles.

  • HenryDF

    Loving how Xbox One owners are relying on a software update 18 months after release for their console performance to even come close to the PS4.


  • THEAVENGER2015 .

    i love it the butt hurt is real if sony gets that map pack deal that will be the nail in the coffen,lol let the butt hurt begin

  • Cowman from Dairy Queen

    Wondering if Xbox One to Windows 10 game streaming will allow Xbox One owners to up the resolution of the game to 4K (obviously depending on their PC Hardware).

  • Aaron

    i’m just going to be really disappointed if the xbox one’s resolution is 900p. i know its not much more different than 1080p, but there is a slight notable difference


    Screw BO3 im more concerned if any remake bundles are coming for BO1 and 2, they are yet to confirm or shut this rumor down

  • Mena Samuel

    Feeling sorry for all those Xbox One fans 🙁

    • Aaron V

      Sounds like a personal problem.

      • Mena Samuel

        It is.. It is called PS4 is more powerful that Xbox One 😀

  • Bryce Demar

    Umm are you serious. the title is just click bait. if someone wanted too they could run next to any pc game in 4k or even 8k if they wanted too. Comparing consoles and pc is just stupid they are too different systems attempting two different things, consoles are trying too run games at the highest resolution and quality possible, while PC is like meh ill run anything at any resolution with enough horsepower.

  • Partyin’ Pete

    PC can play in 4K? Clearly they are the master race. (I play PS4, flameshield activated)

  • bob

    Ms have failed with the xbox one..and this is further proof. A massive dissapointment that the first real next gen cod goes sonys way..i like my xbix but I was hoping for a true next gen isnt it..

  • bob

    Yes we need xbox mk 2 right now..or let microcr#p go back to pc…

  • Gary Henry

    Dev here…

    They havent mentioned it bc more than likely it will run at a lower resolution. Dx12 must be implemented during development bc the way code is written. They may be able to patch the code later…to run better… but this is highly unlikely. Dx12 will only benefit games developed down the road… and it is meant for low level programming. Giving the cpu more multitasking…and the gpu more room to do work and be fully utilized.

    This is already being done on the ps4 bc the way it is designed. Xbox needs this update bc of the esram. Its faster than ddr5 and really helps the slow ddr3 memory and will help with the resolution gap. The devs of cod bo3 are prolly still trying to figure out if they wanna put the native resolution into the esram to up the resolution…or use the esram for other things…but with it being this close to launch i highly doubt they will up the resolution. Itll be 900p @ 60fps…or 1080p @ 60fps with vsync off(or maybe on with slight dips in fps).

  • Louis Bryant

    Ps4 has a higher GPU Xbox one has higher CPU so I’m still guessing that the Xbox one unfortunately will be 1080p but Sony and activision have a partnership now so maybe there just saying that or they may down grade the xbone to a lower frame rate

  • crizz1066

    Yet again X1 missing the mark. Nasty great VCR

  • disowned

    Played both betas on ps4 and xb1 and both are real similar but I believe the xb1 is 900p. The only way I could tell is the title screen with the soldier sitting with a helmet and gun, his side armor mail is slightly less clear than the ps4. To be honest you’d have to really sit there and look for the differences. I wanted to see for myself if 900p and 1080p’s difference was noticeable, in my opinion, no. Now 720p like metal gear ground zero vs ps4 version was a huge difference. People get what they want.

  • foster zoe Jonathon

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  • Nice Meme

    This article is wrong, at a max I believe b03 could run at 4k/144fps maybe 180 if your monitor is overclocked.