During the Twitch #TheRace interview with Mark Lamia and David Vonderhaar, they talked about how Black Ops 3 will be the first game which truly integrates all the modes into one whole entity. Features from the multiplayer modes have been integrated into campaign (with co-op play) and Zombies (with new XP progression system). And, features from campaign have been integrated into multiplayer (Specialist soldiers, which provide personality to MP characters) and Zombies (which will feature its own storyline). Black Ops 3 basically features ‘three games in one,’ says Mark Lamia. 

Fans will be able to seamlessly switch between all the modes on the fly – if you’re playing multiplayer with group of friends and want to play some co-op campaign, you’ll be able to take the party from MP directly into campaign mode without additional blockades, they said. Or if you want to play Zombies with the same group of friends, you’ll be able too. There’s no breaking of the modes like how Black Ops 2 had. It’s all integrated to make the experience more enjoyable. 

  • Awesome

  • Dr. Salim

    Thats some Next-Gen stuff right there

    • crackead

      Current-gen. No such thing as a PS5 or XboxTWO. haha

      • Dr. Salim

        It’s a joke, it means that that stuff sounds very futuristic.

  • VVFZ

    That’s great. Hated the long black screen/loading screen when switching game modes and having to invite everyone all over again

  • Redrum

    I NEED this in my life NOW!

  • UrClades

    little things like this make a game so much better

  • Mario Rivera

    I love this, its so annoying to click the wrong mode and endure the extra loading screens as well as have to break up/re-assemble the party to toggle between mp and zombies.

  • Naqash

    I luv dis

  • Max Martinez

    FINALLY! I <3 Treyarch.

  • Guywithbrains

    This game is shaping to be a game that fans can only dream about. In my opinion everyone should give it a try because we’ll get the beta which is unusual for Call of Duty games.

    Take this opportunity and let the game show you if it is worth buying. Don’t jump to conclusions by 2 minute trailer. Beta testing is free because you can get your money back if you don’t like the game.

    • ccrows

      I’m still keeping the hype level low. (& I’m a Treyarch fanboy too BTW)

      Every COD game has something that kicks us in the nuts. AW could have been a BO2 killer, and then SBMM happened.

      ^ Sure I still play AW and all, but man what could have been. πŸ™

      Personally, I’m keeping the BO3 hype level as low as I can go, especially since IMO BO2 was just toooo freaking good to compare against…

      • Guywithbrains

        I keep my hype low too but I think if you have a chance go and try this game when beta comes. Then you can rest in peace after knowing if you have fun with this game or not. Because the best way to find out all bs stuff and fun is to experience it by yourself right?

        • ccrows

          Don’t get me wrong I’m gonna still buy BO3 (even if the Beta sucks balls) but I refuse to jump on the hype train.

          I mean we’re still over 6 months away before the game launches. I plan to enjoy AW as much as I can during that time.

          It’s just that (and this totally not at you) I get pissed off with people not wanting to hear about AW news anymore around here (and only BO3 news) when we still have to wait 6 more months anyway…

          • ScOott

            Yea them people totally piss me off ….

          • Emmanuel Flores

            I know how are you feel, man. I’m really disappointed all the above. I been a CoD fan since Black Ops 1,2 Modern Warfare Series and AW, but this just overwhelming.

          • Tricky VIk

            “I can still stop the train for you, my friend.”

    • daniel

      I trust treyarch and if they say “trust us on this one” then I will. And if they’re bold enough to bring a beta then they must think they have a good game because if ghosts had a beta, people would see how bad it was before the releasd and not buy it which would REALLY affect sales.

      Treyarch are implementing so many things fans have been asking for for years and the only thing they aren’t doing is a world war 2 game which I don’t care about. The cod haters are a hive mind and hate on anything. I GUARNTEE if they did a world war 2 game, people would be bored of it on minutes

      • Nicholas

        Absolutely, that is exactly right! Finally people who share the same mindset as I do!

      • LovekillerX

        This is so true. If they would have done WW2 game people would have cried “it is same old generic cod why it isn’t dying already!” Also WW2 would limit so much when it comes to weapons, environment, characters etc.

        Whatever developers bring to the table this community isn’t happy. Sure some people are but there is always the same group which just whines and complains. I’m not wondering why developers might have difficulties…

        • Daniel

          The vast majority wanted any old war setting not just WW2

          • Josh

            Shut the fuck up kid, you fuckers complained about cod always being the same, when it gets changed, you bitch even more. We’re not in 2007 anymore, get over it.

          • Gully

            Shut the hell up a ww2 setting would be better than some futuristic piece of shit yu dumbass yu don’t know shit.

          • pulseimpact

            I wanted vietnam personally, but I agree 100%. This futuristic stuff is annoying and hard to relate to. Not to mention all the fake weapons that they make up.

        • Gully

          Shut up yu call of duty cock sucker

    • ScOott

      I decided I’m going to be a leaker as well like shinoblibobly … My first comment as leaker is … Ghosts 2 will also have a beta .. You heard it here first .. Il keep you informed with ghosts 2 info as and when I get it …

      • Caleb

        Actually it probably wont cause IW always takes COD back a few steps. So in Ghosts there will be no camo customization

        • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

          The only was im buying infinity wards next game is if it goes back to classic modern warfare. Thats what they were best at, mw1 and mw2 were great. It doesn’t have to be linked with the modern warfare series, but it needs to have the same create a class, same style maps, same style killstreaks (no support), and also none of the original bullshit like noob tubing taken out.

          • ScOott

            Well I am the official leaker of ghosts 2 .. This is now my second leak on the series, here it comes … Don’t expect what you said, you will be disappointed …

          • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

            Id probably be disappointed in IWs game even if it was exactly what I wanted

          • Edward the Blue Engine

            Then the community will whine again on how it is the same old copy paste game. Seriously, Thomas? THAT would kill COD for sure. If you wanted to play the same Modern Warfare game then play the same game. There’s no need to create a ‘new game’ that is just exactly the same with the ‘old game’.. What were you thinking, sir?

          • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

            Not everyone still has a last gen console still and cant play classic cod. And it wont be a complete copy and paste as it will be different to what we’ve had the last 5 years.

            Nearly 200,000 people hAve signed a petition to get mw2 remade the exact same, atleast this would have new guns, maps and killstreaks.

          • pulseimpact

            Storyline wise it’s going to be Ghosts 2. I don’t know if you realize this, but all the guns in Ghosts were modern weapons in real life. I loved Ghosts so I hope Ghosts 2 is similar, but better. The maps and killstreaks will likely be reworked especially now that the original IW lead multiplayer designer from MW2 is in charge or at least a major influence. I enjoyed the Griffon and Helo Pilot. There was also no noob hellstorm missile killing me in a 4 piece as it was aimed 20 yards away from me. I liked how the game wasn’t dominated by low tier streaks. I would like more variety, but keep the low streaks bad so noobs don’t get so many cheap kills. πŸ™‚

          • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

            Ghosts done everything right except multiplayer So I wouldnt mind a ghosts 2 if they completely reworked the multiplayer.

          • pulseimpact

            I disagree, but if your complaints are the killtimes then they may have to decrease bullet damage across the board. Range/recoil/damage wise Ghosts guns are in line with the series. IW fixed the hitscan glitch and engine which made the game play faster and less in engine lag and better netcode as well. It actually has the lowest autoaim in the series and I challenge anyone to disprove that because I’ve seen a few videos detailing it as well as private match tested myself. The only guns that have outlier level range is the R5 and M27. The M27 was stupid imo so I agree with any complaints there. The R5 is literally just a slightly better range slightly worse recoil ACR and both guns in real life are manufactured by Remington. I actually disliked the AK12 nerf, but data must have showed it being the best AR. It was always my favorite AR until that nerf then I went mostly SC-2010. I’m mostly a SMG player with the MTAR-x, vector, k7, vepr, and bizon all gold. Fav marksmen was the MK14. Fav sniper the USR and Lynx. Fav shotgun the FP6. M9A1 occasional use. If they want to change the weapons they should just add 1 more bullet of damage needed across the board for automatics. Snipers and shotguns were perfectly balanced imo. I felt Ghosts had great weapon balance. As far as maps and killstreaks go…well they will probably be more in line with the smaller DLC maps overall. I personally liked the big maps and ran smg/marathon most of the time, but i believe they will be smaller overall. The lead designer of MW2 is working on this one so there will probably be more lethal killstreaks in variety and also easier to use streaks I imagine. Hopefully no support streaks or the ballistic vests, ammo crate and oracle moved to normal streaks so you have to survive to earn them /rantrave

        • ScOott

          Are you telling me I’m not a proper leaker ? … Seriously tho I’m sticking with my first leak … See you this time next year, for the answer ..

    • CloudyWolf

      I agree 100%. Plus, this is Treyarch we’re talking bout. Probably the ONLY COD developer who actually puts effort in their games. No harm in trying it out for yourself before making your decision. BTW, I liek your nickname.

      • Daniel

        SHG put alot of effort too
        3arc developers sleep at the office their dedication is beyond normal
        IW is lazy as fuck

  • Diesel

    AKA no more separate game tabs for MP/SP/ZM for PC?

    Okay, as much as I feel bad that this will kill off Titanfall 2, I wanna buy it.

  • “Three games in one” – Black Ops THREE – I see what you did there Treyarch, good job!

    • Kyle G

      They didn’t do anything. It’s just a coincidence.

      • Yeah… I know xD Just wanted to take a jab at it.

  • Rorke File

    Are there recognizable guns in the game like MW3 and BO and not as AW, don’t love that.

    • Kyle G


      • Random

        He wants real world guns not made up look-a-likes. But as it’s a future setting, I guess there will be a greater number of invented weapons than there will be real world. Mostly because a lot of the weapons around now will likely be obsolete in 2060.

        • Kyle G

          I see.

      • Rorke File

        Like AK 47 and ACR.

  • The7Reaper

    Sweet I hated playing in MP and wanted to play zombies with the party I was in and had to leave the party go on zombies get in an invite and wait for everyone slse to get theirs then start

  • JayZero

    is there are replay of the race’s black ops 3 livestream anywhere? wanted to watch it live but was too early in the morning…

  • ShareYTV

    Why Do I Feel Like This Game Is About To Take Up My Whole Hard Drive? Lol.

    • Kyle G

      Why do you type like that?

      • ShareYTV

        Does it bother people? :

        • Kyle G

          A little.

          • ShareYTV


  • LovekillerX

    Well now I don’t have to worry about pressing wrong mode. This happens to me too often so it is good to see I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

    Now I just hope they don’t mess things up because everything sounds good!

  • David Vondehaar


  • ScOott

    Drift0r made videos on this before ci .. You should check out the rest of his videos along with prestige is key videos .. They have coverd a lot that charlie Intel hasn’t mentioned .. Both have had hands on game experiance ..

  • DanzTheMan4

    Treyarch hasn’t made a bad game yet (in my opinion) while Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer have. I trust them until they give me a reason not to.

    • Kyle G

      I know right, the only good IW game was Cod4.

      • DanzTheMan4

        I loved cod4 and mw2. Just couldn’t get into AW and Ghosts. MW3 was decent but a big let down.

    • MichiganerE

      I agree with your opinion on Treyarch. I feel that their weakest CoD game was CoD 3 and even that was an okay game.

  • Thatlazykid

    7 more months away god damn it ?

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    Black Ops 3 seems to be a better RPG than Destiny.

  • DespicableDan

    This is a really important question please help if possible, basically I preordered BO3 on psn and havnt recieved my camo, how do i download it?

    • DespicableDan

      any help appreciated

      • Nick Finger

        It’s should be in your Library/DownloadList.

  • TheGamerBeast

    CharlieIntel is there anyway i could re-watch the race again?

    • Ptrain727

      A YouTuber called Action Packed uploaded it yesterday. Hope that helps.

  • CiarΓ‘n Doyne

    Loved World at War, loved Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2 took time to get to where it currently is in terms of gun balancing and connection issues – it probably has the best gun balance now of any Call of Duty game, almost every gun is usable and the connections are almost always spot on. It’s a great online game. I have no need to worry and moan about this next game. I have a history of enjoying their games. People will always look for something to moan about.

    • Josh

      Lol what? Bo2 connection was horrible.

  • Stefan Lang

    This game is going to be good i believe. If Treyarch wasnt cofident there wouldnt even be a beta.

  • IVIelanson

    Oh Treyarch you never disapoint me. πŸ™‚

  • Gimpee

    But can you still main menu when you can’t connect to someone πŸ™‚

  • MeisseN

    Yeah finally no Black Ops III Multiplayer and Black Ops III Zombies in my Steam library. It’s actually kinda buggy since these share the same place with games but are acutally parts of the game (e.g. playtime stats record, reviews). But it clearly shows what your friends are playing without having to run the game and records playtime of the three individual modes. Anyways a next-gen seamless transition between the modes is most welcomed. Here’s to hoping the menu still offer a clear listing of all my friends in the game, showing the mode/map they are playing on, and providing us easy access to join their sessions within a few clicks of the mouse. Black Ops II did great in this aspect so I’m trusting Treyarch on this one.

    • pulseimpact

      I don’t actually like treyarch games that much as far as multiplayer goes, but as far as features like theater, private match options, campaign bonus’s, zombies modes, ect….they definitely go far and beyond other companies. I hope the fileshare system comes back because that was one of my favorite things…copy’d straight from halo 3, but hell it was a good steal on them.

  • Ryumoau

    This is a great idea, especially for me since i have a feeling i’ll be playing both campaign and multiplayer alot. This will make it easier to switch between them and bring friends. πŸ™‚

  • ass

    treyarch actually listens to their fans

  • hungryandrew

    Looks like I’ll be buying COD once every what, 3 years, basically whenever Treyarch releases it.

  • Reckless_Gamer45

    Does anybody here play campaign other than me

    • Okrik

      Just finished Black Ops for the first time and started to replay Blops 2 and all i can say is just how I miss the old campaigns because they were frustating at times, specially COD 2 and WAW, but they have become easier and awful like Ghosts.

  • darius.h

    really dumb that it is only on current gen.treyarch and whoever else made this game is losing alot of money buy making it only current gen and not last gen…smh.

    • SoulTaker

      Lets be honest if it was last gen you know how held back the game would be you would most likely be losing out on a lot of features. I doubt a 360 or PS3 would be able to switch between the three game modes really fast. Time to upgrade or save up to upgrade.

  • IMO this game looks gr8 so far or it sounds gr8

  • Alex ( EXO SUX)

    It is obvious Trayarch are doing their best with this game. They have been very forth coming with information (IT’S NOT A F**KING EXO) and beta access which tells me they are very confident in their product. On a personal level, I’m a little bummed it’s a future setting (yet again) however, I’ll give them the benefit of doubt.

    Looking ahead SH,IW are really going to have pull a rabbit out of their arse to win back fans AW2/Ghosts2 don’t look appealing at all.

  • jrbviwiz

    All I want is for at the end of a zombies game when it shows the stats of the game there are two buttons. One sends you back to the zombies menu and the other is a quick restart. I hated playing BO2 zombies and having to go back to the menu just to start the same exact game I was just in again, it was inefficient and annoying. Well, actually there is one other thing that I want but know it will not happen. A release on Xbox 360 and PS3. I don’t want to have to go out and buy a new $300+ console just to play CoD.

  • Piss Cakehole

    I hope that it has 4 player offline splitscreen like black ops 2 did

  • jt

    I have all call of dutys and if can plz don’t make people buy zombies unless it is a dlc most call of duty s are pretty fun