UPDATE: According to Activision Support, Advanced Supply Drops will be temporarily unavailable on Xbox 360 as they work on removing the purchasing limit.

Original Story:

Players on Xbox One can now buy as many Advanced Supply Drops as they’d like; Sledgehammer Games and Activision have now officially removed the purchasing limit on all the bundles that are available the in-game store.

Each Advanced Supply Drop includes:

  • Three items.
  • At least one weapon variant.
  • At least one Professional rarity item or better.
  • All items come with their own Armory slot; all items can be redeemed for XP.

Bundles currently available:

  • One Advanced Supply Drop for $1.99 USD
  • Three Advanced Supply Drops for $5.99 USD (nine total items).
  • Five Advanced Supply Drops plus one bonus Advanced Supply Drop for $9.99 USD (18 total items)
  • 10 Advanced Supply Drops plus three bonus Advanced Supply Drops for $19.99 USD (39 total items)
  • 20 Advanced Supply Drops plus eight bonus Advanced Supply Drops for $39.99 USD (84 total items)

Advanced Supply Drops can be purchased via the in-game store or on Xbox Live Marketplace. We’ll update as we get more information on when other platforms’ purchasing limit will be removed.

  • Juses

    Furst, fer teh sekund tiem!

  • JoZer805g

    Juses is furst

  • Matthew

    Incoming Tmartn Advanced Supply Drop Video

    • Drasadex


      • Michael:GodOfEWN



        • Drasadex


  • Black

    We need an option to “buy as a gift”.

    • MurkN101

      It would be like getting socks for Christmas, or better yet, Nigerian Enlisted socks that glow in the dark.

      • *Gifts Bloodshed Helmet*

      • Money Boy

        One of the best comments I’ve seen today

  • Joshwoocool


  • Thatlazykid

    More $$$ ??

  • MichiganerE

    This is sad, man.

  • Will WilFredo Mendoza

    Fuck Juses.

  • MurkN101

    Get those wallets out

    • lol… Normally I can’t stand the stupid imgur atmosphere on here with the stupid meme picture responses but this one is decent.

      Pay to win… for the win.

      • Bolbi Stroganovsky

        It brings a smile or two to someone’s face every once in a while. Reading people talk dumb isn’t entertaining anymore 😐


    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      This is unacceptable, does Sledgehammer think we’re that stupid? Trying to disguise “Pay To Win” as “Pay For A Chance To Win” which in actuality is about 10x worse.

      When BO3 comes out I’ll be playing it until BO4 comes out. Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward suck so bad these days it’s embarrassing.

      • Tony Town

        black ops 4 isn’t coming out the next treyarch game game world at war 2 I guarantee it lol

        • Juses

          No, black ops is World at war 2.

        • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

          Did you not see the interview with Mark Lamia and David Vonderhaar? Treyarch didn’t think twice about whether to make it BO3 or WAW2, it was always going to be BO3.

          I can assure you that Treyarch will never go back to WAW era as it limits creativity and innovation and when you limit things it means your taking steps backwards. Let’s be realistic and not ask for things we don’t really need or want. If you want to play a WAW era COD play COD: WAW lol

          • Guywithbrains

            Or all those games back then when everyone made WW2 games.

            But I agree WW2 limits too much. Meanwhile future let’s your imagination go wild if you want to.

          • Daniel

            Remake WaW for current gen, them we talk

        • Daniel

          I hope BO4 happens but I hope it set during WW2, that would be amazing, secret operations/experiments

          • G0D

            OH MY SELF! Did you not read anything above this! Let me summarize it: you do not want a ww2 cod

      • Rorke File

        Ghosts had so much micro transactions, I hated that.

      • MichiganerE

        Don’t think that Treyarch won’t pull the same shit that IW and SHG do with micro-transactions. Remember, they’re all CoD developers and are all owned by Activision. Three branches of the same tree.

        • Daniel

          Treyarch is starting to have total control over cod, they can do whatever they want with their game because activision knows that most of the community plays CoD just bc of them and some even bought ghosts or AW just to fill the gap

          • MichiganerE

            I suppose you’re right. I also feel as if AW was a preview test for BO3 if you know what I mean.

      • Daniel

        I like the fact that it is expensive as shit so no one buys it

      • ed

        you do remember that there was a ridiculous amount of micro transactions in bops 2?

        • Kyle G

          The only micro dlcs that were in Bo2 were camos, class sets, and fileshare slots.

          Calm down, nerd.

          • MMEH

            So? Ghosts had that too but everybody blames them to be moneywhores….

          • Kyle G

            I was replying to someone else. Read what I replied too. Your comment is irrelevant.

        • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

          BO2 had no guns as micro transactions only cosmetics… Are you confuzzled or something?

          I’d rather have a ridiculous amount of awesome camos than actual lame gun variant “packs”. It’s basically ‘Pay To Win’… if anyone buys these supply drops I feel sorry for them. As a COD community we shouldn’t be allowing this.

        • zack

          Yeah and you could also choose what you wanted. Not pay for a roll of the dice and get crap and duplicates.

  • FroztySeven

    Really wonder when we will be able to purchase Advanced Supply Drops on Steam

    • RdJokr

      Never. Activision’s doing you a favor here. Save your money, and buy BO3.

      • WesupDude


      • FroztySeven


  • Well shit…

  • fuzer

    Any word on when the ASD limit will be increased/removed on PS4??

  • Michael:GodOfEWN

    Dlc and day one season passes are bad enough but this shit? Bleh, stick it Activi$ion. I hope bo3 doesn’t do some bullshit like this. I trust Vahn (sorta), it’s Activi$ion I fear.

  • LovekillerX

    Possible map names. Take it as a grain of salt and believe him (LongSensation) or not but to me it sounds pretty believable considering the fact his source got scorestreaks right. Credit goes for LongSensation.

    According to his source, there is talk going on if Nuketown should be a pre-order bonus or DLC map but studio is “relying” more on pre-order bonus. Talk is going on about returning maps: Raid, Hijacked or Standoff.

    I want you to note: this isn’t confirmed but it is nice to see if this is true when we get to know the rest of the maps.

    ALSO: What do you think about this? Probably fake but that writer knows how to write stuff lol.


    • RdJokr

      That Zombies post is fake as fuck. I don’t expect a PR guy from Activision to know so damn much about Zombies.

      • Guywithbrains

        Desperate times mean desperate measures. These “fakers” want much to become famous especially in Youtube.

        • Daniel

          No, its real, you dont know long sensation as you should, even if it was fake it would not be his fault
          His source is legit, he got the marketing material, maps, scorestreaks, abilities, modes, guns, campaign details 100% right so far and he leaked it way b4 the reveal

      • LovekillerX

        Same here lol.

      • Daniel

        Its real, every single scorestreak, weapon details, and maps and marketing material were leaked from him way before the reveal and he got it right even with the names

        • RdJokr

          Err, no, I wasn’t talking about the multiplayer map list. We’re talking about the Zombies post.

    • Kill Denied

      Seems legit Gongzhu is real

    • Daniel

      Its real, it got right 3 maps b4 the announcement

  • Mark

    Incoming 1000 ASD livestreams.

  • ScOott

    Message to all parents: hide your bank cards! You may have to get a loan to pay off advanced supply drops if not …

    • Guywithbrains

      What is funny that I saw some guy on Twitter guiding a kid to use his parent’s bank card to pre-order Black Ops 3 from Amazon…

      Definitely take note from Scott’s words!

    • MichiganerE

      Listen to this man, everyone!

  • Thank goodness, now I can spend all my money on advanced supply drops!

  • Rorke File

    This game is official dumb. They can’t be like that for money, because of the sales are so bad.

  • Ratboy


  • Naqash Liaqat

    Yay for tmartn!!! geys we r gon hev e 100000 openung

    • Redrum

      I’m Super Excited!

      • Drasadex

        Super duper excited!!

  • Troubledchemeng

    Who cares fuck this game. Fuck u AW.

  • Money Boy

    I hate the idea that you can buy supply drops in my opinion, but SHG probably makes a shitload of money out of it. Especially from Youtubers and streamers.

  • mekky3765

    Fuck u SHG

  • Stefan Lang

    Game is still aids.

    • Juses


      • Stefan Lang

        Grow up.

        • Juses


    • jooker-jr


  • CrowReap .

    So happy that blops won’t have supply drops or variants well they do but not stat variants

  • jooker-jr

    Didn’t care about it before, will not care about now.

  • Blaine

    Aaaaand you still can’t buy even 1 ASD on PC.

  • mekky3765

    AW is like a really long nightmare. END you horrible game END.

  • MMninja12

    i really hope tryarch dosent take advantage of the way we like them and make us pay for some really ridiculous stuff

  • tippsy09

    For all the people who lose there shit over this, here’s an idea, don’t buy it.

  • x-Alpha_Wulf-x

    I got all the best well known elite variants in the game through normal supply drops and I’m not even close to grandmaster prestige. Only elite variant I’ve gotten in ASD without any duplicates was a KF5 Spanner. So I’m glad I never bought any ASDs cause my luck is incredible.

  • Skree

    They remove the limit for Shitbox one and we still can’t buy them on PC well played SHG well played

  • Kyle G

    The only reason why people hate these is because they don’t have disposable income that other people have who do buy them.

  • Adrian Rivera III

    Question for all : When you think of COD developers what company do you think of first ? Treyarch ? IW ? OR SHG ?

    • zack