Sledgehammer Games has announced that the next season of Ranked Play is now live across platforms. For Xbox One, PS4, and PC, Ranked Play Season 5 is now live.

For Xbox 360 and PS3, Ranked Play Season 4 is now live.

For the last season, ranked play gear will start to roll out today and next week.


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    First Boii

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    Its Just me , or xbox live on 360 its now down? its running sooooooooooo slowly , and for example the fucking console cant download the profile pics of my friends , anyone have this problem too?

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    Do the mods on this site care that these kids spam each and every article posted with this annoying pointless gibberish, EVERY article! I come here to get Cod info not to read a bunch of kids argue who was the first moron to post comment on every article.

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      Just click the minimise button on the first comment who starts it and it will minimise all the rest as well 🙂

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    Doesnt matter. Ranked is a joke with kids running around with loser ass weapon variants. Condrey is lost.

    • Ha ha yep.


      Should i go look at old posts where you said ” Call of Duty AW is going to be the best COD” ????

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        Go right ahead. Let me know when you find it buddy (;