Four new Personalization Packs for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are now available for purchase on Xbox Live via the in-game store or the Xbox Store.

Here are the new micro items that are available now on Xbox:

Standard Personalization Packs:

  • Backdraft Standard Personalization Pack – $1.99 – Enter every match with guns blazing thanks to the Backdraft Standard Personalization Pack. Unleash the heat with animated, liquid fuel-burning weapon camo, three fireproof reticules, a calling card, and an emblem item.
  • Psychedelic Standard Personalization Pack – $1.99 – Trip out your opponents with the Psychedelic Standard Personalization Pack, powered by an animated, shimmering weapon camo, three hallucinatory reticles, a calling card, and an emblem item.
  • Tiki Standard Personalization Pack – $1.99 – Become the mythical guardian of every capture point with the Tiki Standard Personalization Pack, complete with an animated, glowing weapon camo, three shipwrecked reticles, a calling card, and an emblem item.
  • Lagoon Standard Personalization Pack – $1.99 – Drown your competitors with the Lagoon Standard Personalization Pack, combining an animated, aquatic weapon camo, three watertight reticles, a calling card, and an emblem item.

All of the items listed above will be available on PlayStation and PC at a later date. Stay tuned.

  • Black

    Psychedelic looks nice. πŸ™‚

  • Chris

    Who else feels like they are loosing touch with cod?.
    Every year, I play less and less. It makes me sad.
    I still get hyped every year for cod.
    But it just doesn’t scratch that itch did like in MW2.
    Black ops 2 did it kind of, but even then the issues where glaring at me every match.
    It really kills me. Because when I start a new cod, I feel this certin joy. The joy is getting less every year.
    Am I alone?!.
    Does anyone else feel this way?.

    • Dakota

      Yeah man kinda of moving on from CoD abit playing other things hopefully Treyarch brings back the vibe

      • Smayo

        Yeah the magic is gone since the focus is more on micro DLC and E-sports

        • Dakota

          E-sports is debatable because 3 lane map design was awesome im Bo2 IMO. Micro DLC is pure Aidz

    • django

      I feel almost exactly the same.

    • david

      Yeah a bit stale at this point but the micro dlc i don’t like because there is no progression its just here is a really awesome camo and reticle easy mode makes em cheap and unwanted

    • ccrows

      But it just doesn’t scratch that itch did like in MW2.

      ^ Being 100% serious, I almost quit playing COD “because of MW2”.

      I’ve never hated a COD game like MW2, because of how broken it was. (and I’ve been with the series since COD2)

      With the exception of COD4, (best game in the series IMHO) I’ve been playing MORE COD since MW2…

      • django

        We all have different experiences with different cods.
        it must be a nostalgic influence.

    • G0D


      • Matt

        When will the personisation packs come out for PS4

    • Rorke File

      I think 2016 will bring something really big, a remake or something thatΒ΄s connected with Modern Warfare trilogy.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I’m praying for a Modern Warfare 4 or a spin-off to the Modern Warfare series.

        • Rorke File

          I think they should do something with Ghost from MW2, I still believe he is alive.They had that interview in studio and were talking about MW4, but they wanted something new and begon on Ghosts.

    • Me. I was absolutely hyped when i watched the Bo3 Reveal Trailer..but after watching it for the second time i somehow wasn’t hyped anymore, like i really lost interest in that game already

      • django

        I am buying a 60$ game with a 50$ season pass just because I love zombies.
        Multiplayer and single player are bonuses..

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        I don’t get why people where disappointed by the trailer… sorry but what was you expecting?

    • ScOott

      Ghosts and a.w are the only disappointments in the cod franchise imo, cod has always got better and better every year up until that point.. I’m hoping black ops 3 turns it round… I believe they can do it tho …

      • w

        nah, it didnt get better with mw3.

        • ScOott

          It did In a way, specialist freshend things up, it played like a great cod still, the only thing that was wrong with it, is it looked a bit dull.. But that didn’t stop it being fun to play ..

          • Guywithbrains

            I wonder why specialist hasn’t come back. Ghosts doesn’t count because it was slightly different from original specialist.

            But in my opinion MW3 is the best. 40+ days playtime and about a half of it is Infected. I love that game mode in MW3. Also All or Northing is great.

          • ScOott

            Yh i loved it, I suposes it would be hard to fit in now with the pick 10/13 sytem ? .. And it was alot better system than what they did with ghosts, I hope they change it back for ghosts two or what ever it will be called, the whole system they had was horrible imo ..

          • ccrows

            It was great (even with support SB and EMPs) until SRP got ruined post patch.

            I mean I still played it and all, but those DLC maps would have been amazing if it wasn’t for SRP PP (post patch) trolls… πŸ™

          • ccrows

            That was pretty much how I played MW3.

            Specialist 24/7 & chasing MOABS… πŸ™‚

          • ScOott

            Lol me too, although I never got one :-/ … I always panicked one kill away, changed how I was playing camped for the last kill and died everytime .. And surprisingly I never learnt from my mistake (sigh)

          • bird

            it looked really dull, and it got old fast for me. i can’t put my finger on why exactly but it just got stale faster than MW2 for me… still was better than ghosts though lol

          • Nothing memorable. Nothing that really stood out like Favela or Terminal. The closest we got to a ‘unique’ map was Arkaden and Dome (Even then it was just a generic setting)

      • spartanelite

        How and did you like mw2?

        • ScOott

          I started with WaW, missed mw2, and have brought every cod since and have always thought they got better, mw2 no good ?

          • ccrows

            “mw2 no good”

            Other than being the most broken COD game in the entire series, it was alright… πŸ˜‰

          • ScOott

            Lol aghh Well my comment excludes mw2 then ..

          • Guywithbrains

            You haven’t played MW2? It is definitely nostalgic and fun BUT…

            – Noobtube spamming 24/7
            – One man army perk lets you load/change your gun so when you run out of noobtube ammo you can load your noobtube ammo again by changing to your noobtube class with this perk
            – Explosives are too overpowered (easy multikills with semtex)
            – You can knife from far if you have a perk for it
            – There is always something shooting you from air (harrier, chopper gunner, AC-130 etc.)
            – Filled with hackers
            – Too overpowered weapons
            – Death streaks

            Just a couple of game breaking problems

          • ccrows

            This pretty much summed up the Commando & Painkiller BS in MW2, and yet OMA/DC was the real gamebreaking issue with that game…


          • bird

            that was fantastic

          • ScOott

            Just a couple lol ..

          • Guywithbrains

            MW2 was great back then but when people found out all these “exploits” it became noobs’ and hackers’ heaven.

          • bird

            that guy exaggerated it a bit. The weapon balance wasn’t that bad, and he is right it is very fun

          • kia0525

            Those people taking advantage of the game were a minority at the time. But now, it’s all you see listed above.

          • spartanelite

            IMO did it something new, yes and it’s where a lot of people started,but it not a good game,it has good map’s the color isn’t good and its basically broken to shit and everyone fan boy’s over the intervention buts a trash sniper and people only use like 3 guns and noon tube then the kill streaks kill you as soon as you spawn,so IMO its not but people defend it anyway

    • Agreed. I’ve just lost more interest as time goes on due to trying out different games of a wider variety. It’s natural. It’s called series fatigue and shouldn’t surprise any of us. CoD’s time for everyone will soon pass and people will move on to other games.

      • ScOott

        Cod has no competition in fps arcade style gamplay.. Of corse people play other games .. But many people will still buy as nothing comes close to it in its genre, I think everyone will stay put for many years to come … (Comment excludes p.c) …

        • Yeah, don’t get me wrong, I’ll still buy every CoD, as I have for the past 9 years, but naturally, I won’t stay hooked on for as long with every new entry, well regarding MP anyway.

    • Mick

      This sounded like a poem when I read it ??

    • jordanxbrookes

      I feel exactly the same.

    • Justin MD

      Infinity Ward’s next game should be Modern Warfare IV. It could be greatness.

      All the great and favorite weapons of the three warfares plus; the Ruger AC-556, Bushmaster M17S, BXP, HS Produkt VHS, the Remington M2010 ESR & the latest modern weapons.
      30 weapon levels unlocking attachments as you level up. No weapon prestiges. Unlock camos like Black Ops 2.
      Unlock things as you level up. 70 levels. 10 prestiges. No squad points. When you prestige you get another class slot, a prestige token to use in the prestige shop, a prestige title, a prestige emblem (no emblem editor), prestige gear & facepaint. 10th prestige title is animated.
      All the great and favorite killstreaks of the three warfares plus some new ones. No very large streaks.
      More realistic killstreaks. Like when a predator hits, I want to see a big explosion and smoke, hear the bass impact and small debris fall if I was by it.
      Mostly medium maps, a couple small insane maps like shipment, and couple large maps with a couple vehicles. World At War’s tank maps were outstanding.
      All new maps. No remakes. If any were brought back, do it with little change like MW3’s Terminal and free for everyone. Just two. Fan vote.

      Plus Dusk, Cellblock, Hill, Palace, & Rooftops were cut from cod4. Alps was cut from mw3. Check out
      Map innovation; Building destruction, every building on the map is accessible, incredibly detailed foliage, random time of day and weather (a couple maps get really dark at night where default equiped night vision googles are needed), every map has a hazard, an occasional dumb small animal or watermelon to shoot at, all parked vehicles can be destroyed or broken into, shoot or RPG rocket through boarded up windows or doors.
      5v5 Spec Ops like Rainbow Six Siege. Rescuing/Protecting hostages, gathering intel, stealing and/or borrowing a top secret vehicle, or breaking a someone out of a Turkish prison. And Spec Ops survival which is way better than AW’s. No Missions or Chaos.
      Bring back Face Off. Up it to 4v4. Same thing with bringing back classics; Just two. Fan vote. I’d choose Getaway and Vortex.
      Modes; TDM, DOM, Kill Confirmed, Search, Capture the Flag, Team Defender, Headquarters, Free-for-All, Ground War, Demolition, Sharpshooter, Gun Game & least three new ones.
      Just a few perks, not an entire page. At least 10 of each lethals and tacticals to choose from. NO THERMITE. No weapon proficiencies or deathstreaks.
      Soldier movements; Crouch, prone, roll, dive, jump, crawl, and climb. Melee attacks; Judo throw, elbow, uppercut punch, or weapon impact to the face or nuts.
      A really good co-op optional campaign. Able to create a class before every mission.

      • CodFanboy

        your asking for a bit much bro this isn’t battlefield 7

        • Justin MD

          Modern Warfare 3 had;

          Spec Ops Survival
          Spec Ops Mission
          Spec Ops Chaos
          Face Off

          My idea of Warfare IV has;

          5v5 Spec Ops
          Spec Ops Survival
          Face Off

          The large maps with two vehicles are World At War’s large map size, certainly not Battlefield size. The six cut maps would be among the 14 pack-in maps (MW3 had 16). 2 5v5 Spec Ops pack-in scenarios. 2 face off pack-in maps. (DLC pack would have 3 Multi, 1 face off, 1 5v5, 2 weapons, and a legend pack) The game would have eight weapons in every category, which is a lot less than AW. Everything else is just improving what’s already there. The vote maps are a bit much.. scratch em and I’d say the whole thing is very doable. Warfare 3 was done in year. Infinity Ward could make this happen without question, but it will probably be Ghosts 2. lol

      • CookieChairman

        Don’t kid yourself, we all know they’ll make Ghosts 2

  • Smayo

    I like lagoon, probably the only thing I like about AW….

  • Guywithbrains

    I remember how people always joked about unicorn emblems, camos etc… now we got red dot sight with unicorn.

    However, they look pretty cool in my opinion.

  • Underdog BO1 FTW!

    god please save cod treyarch! I uninstalled AW 3 months ago. If you like it, good for you. This game is garbage… EXO + SBMM = Jesus crying for mercy

    • youstinkataw

      You just stink at the game and don’t want to try to get better period the end

      • Smayo

        Literally every time someone says he/she dislikes AW, you get muppets like this stating they stink at the game, is that the only argument they can come up with ? I guess so since there is really nothing positive to say about this turd of a game… and they know it

        • jordanxbrookes


      • w

        nah, YOU probably stink at AW. Its why you probably dont feel the effects of SBMM

      • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

        I hate the game to death and have a 1.97 k/d.Am I bad ? πŸ™

    • ccrows

      Yet you’re still clicking on AW articles.

      OK bruh…

      • Underdog BO1 FTW!


    • It’s Juses crying for mercy, get it right!

    • DGxhoundoom gameing

      Lol your just mad becase you cant inbrace change

  • Meanwhile, BO3’s customizable camos.

    • Guywithbrains

      I heard from somewhere Paintjob is like emblem editor. So here comes my problem: I have lots of ideas for camouflages and emblems but I am horrible at doing them. πŸ˜›

      • Practice makes perfect, heh. I myself used to spend hours and hours on such emblem editors.

    • Black

      Are we really going to be able to make the camos, or are we just going to be able to give a personal flavor (through layers) to existing camos ? I’m so confused.

      • Guywithbrains

        I think you will have in-game camouflage as base and then you make your Paintjob on top of it. So I think basically you can have diamond camouflage with troll faces on it.

        That’s what I think but I may be wrong too.

        • RdJokr

          That’s the gist. Basically, it’s the emblem editor, but on a whole other level.

          We can finally make that Vonderhaar camo a reality now.

        • Black

          Hmmm. I see, so basically we put stickers on them for a personal flavour.

      • You pick a base camo, which is like any regular camo we had in previous CoDs. BUT in BO3, you get to add on stuff ON TOP of the base camo (through a version of the emblem editor) which allows for more customization, uniqueness, and cool-looking camos.
        Also, got ninja’d (basically what the others said too).

        • Black

          Ok, thanks. Sounds cool. I may very well like the base camos if they are anything like the ones in blops 2. ^^

    • Ak74u

      Giant penis camos everywhere I can already see it

  • h

    Psychedelic FTW

  • Deadly Ed

    So many melodramatic kids moaning about how CoD isn’t exactly like they want it to be. AW is good game, get over yourself! Yes it has some flaws, but every CoD does. If you dont enjoy it its simple, don’t play it.

    As for micro transactions, they are completely optional, and you don’t have to buy them. So stop your pointless adolescent bitching.

    • Your last advice has to be the stupidest argument ever.

      We keep supporting this micro transaction system where developers can scrap 50% of the actual content away from the game and put them behind a paywall, or just be lazy during the development,make less shit and post launch make more stuff a kid from college could design and sell them.

      If people keep buying them, Activision will keep making less actual content on disc and focus on selling all the additional stuff.

    • Kyle G

      LOL! I know, right!


    • ScOott

      You sound like you need to get over your self.. Please stop your pointless adolescent bitching!

    • Thatlazykid

      AW is a good game?! ??

    • Dakota

      You’re pointless rant wont stop anything.

  • Deadly Ed

    Tiki is vile! its just an orange mess! I like the backdraft one though.

    • ScOott

      God, no ones forcing you to buy it stop bitching man, see what I did their? Even tho you was just expressing your opinion ..

  • Jeff Wiseman

    It’s almost laughable how the “futuristic battlefield” is littered with clown neon, krakens, groots, cowboys, surfers, and and other assorted cartoonish camos.

    When AW came out it had some awesome camos, KVA Assassin, Sentinal Operator, Atlas Tier 1, etc… some showy, but not utterly ridiculous like they are now.

    It literally looks like a circus every match with these costumes, and AW has turned into Barbie dress up for boys.

    • Random

      Mainly because it’s what the community wanted, as they seem to think the ridiculous camos from Black Ops 2 are great. Some of them were, but I don’t like all the animated ones.

    • ccrows

      As long as I don’t see an astronaut suit, or MM/Pred as Killstreaks I’m good…

    • Kyle G

      At least advanced warfare looks semi-colorful instead of a giant tub of shit like ghosts. I agree with you though.

      • GinsuVictim

        The stock maps in Ghosts weren’t very colorful, but the DLC maps looked great.

        • Kyle G

          Oh. I didn’t purchase any of the DLC so I wasn’t aware of that. Excuse me.

          • GinsuVictim

            Best part of Ghosts. The DLC is excellent.

    • GinsuVictim

      A future without a sense humor? I don’t wanna live any further.

    • Yep toss the good old days of slightly realistic cod down the drain. It sucks, and it’s laughable.

    • Dakota

      The game is 18+ it goes to show that SHG knows most of the fanbase is 12

    • jordanxbrookes

      “Barbie dress-up for boys” I’m dying XD

  • Ak74u

    Where’s the M1 irons? Don’t see it yet

  • rw

    this game goes down, and the future is black, very black, my wish is Infinity Ward do a epic game the next year or call of duty goes down

    • lunator100hd .

      yeah like mw2/3

    • Rorke File

      I think they will bring out a remake.

  • Kyle G

    Here come all of the comments complaining about micro-DLCs, people acting like there’s a gun pointed at their head forcing them to buy these.

    • ccrows

      BRB, Gonna make some popcorn…

    • ccrows

      All kidding aside, I’m honestly good with every MT in the series up to this point. That even includes ADS purchases, since the best Elites you can earn by simply prestiging anyway.

      However, I’m concerned going forward TBH. Mainly where is Activision going to make the MT money with BO3? Supply drops are not returning. Paintshop is gonna eat into camo sales. So where is Activision going to make the MT money? (and you know they are gonna find ways to make that extra money)

      Like I said earlier, I’m honestly good with every MT up to this point. I just really hope they don’t get crazy with the MT’s down the road, cuz that will ruin the community…

      • Paintshop won’t eat into any sale.

        They’ll just release Paintshop Packs with different backgrounds and DLC layers.

        You obviously don’t know Activision well enough yet.

        • Black

          Yeah, and I’m pretty sure this time they’ll sell the outfit gear sets directly, and there will be way more of them.

        • Choppabro2psn

          That’s quite an assumption you’ve got there.

    • Slothigans

      That can’t be anymore true. Fucking dumb.

      • Kyle G


  • Max Martinez

    *insert Activision is a money whore comment here*

  • GinsuVictim

    I’ll never understand the point of these unusable reticles.

  • Money Boy

    Ah, aren’t those camos the ones who got removed from the game, only to sell them later?

    • Kyle G


      • Money Boy


  • Michael:GodOfEWN

    Ah, no rubber duck camo.

  • idkwhatmynameis

    Some guy on ps3 had the psychedelic camo on his bal almost a month ago. No clue how that happened

  • zack

    Not that I’m going to buy anything but these items are not available to purchase right now on xbox one. The m1 irons isn’t on here either. Just for anyone who may be confused

  • Justin MD

    This is just for fun. Enjoy.

    Coming Soon! (3 weeks from now)

    Super Perks! Only $4.99 each! 3X more powerful than the normal, wretched, inappropriate perks!

    Super Marathon: Able to run fast. Really fast.

    Super Hardline: Start every life with a UAV.

    Super Scavenger: Grabs every dropped item on the map. If more than one player has this, the one with the better connection gets it all.

    Super SitRep: Explosives will blow-up before you’re near them. Works great with Super Marathon.

    Super Danger Close: Throw a semtex and watch the bodies fly.

    Super Blast Shield: You’re as tuff as a juggernaut without the suit.

    Super Overkill: Allows you to carry four primary weapons. Not all at once like General Grievous, but still brilliant, terrific, and breathtaking. Oh yeah.

    Secret Passageway Pass! Mind Blowing Price: $9.99! Every map has a hidden secret passageway (DLC maps only), but only pass holders can access it. On the inside wall near both doors is an Advanced UAV so you know when it’s safe to exit. Whew, that’s a relief.

    Super Attachments! $2.99 each!? That’s amazing! These are reasonably priced add-ons that the whole family can enjoy! Wow!

    Super Suppressor: 0 decibels. Nothing is heard.

    Super Thermal Scope: Perfect for snipers. This scope sees through anything on the map and cannot be countered. Where are the enemies? Look in the scope. Done.

    Super Extended Mags: 4x round capacity to any weapon. Loads of LMG fun.

    Super Laser Sight: A lightsaber-like laser that can cut through walls and enemies.

    Super Rapid Fire: Triple any weapons rate of fire for instant liquefaction. Super Extended Mags is highly recommended.

    Super Yo Joe Weapon Cases! Elitely priced at $17.99! On every single map (DLC maps only. Remember this.), you will find these glass doored wall mount cases with a mini- gun, flamethrower, demon ready Chucky doll, AH-6 Overwatch killstreak, and an EMP inside. You get it all at once. When you die just go back and refill the greatness. WARNING! These cases are not for the homely, below average, low-income players. Oh no. They are perfect for the beautiful superstar players with high income who want succeed in the game and in life. Fantastic.

    Don’t be a loser! Be a winner! With Call of Duty DLC!

    • Justin MD

      (Side Note) On what I think they should’ve done with extra prestiges in Advanced Warfare.

      Just 5 new ones, all brand new emblems. Mythological creature emblems would be cool. Griffin, Minotaur, Medusa, & Chimera. The Prestige Grand Master emblem would be an enraged Rowan Atkinson face. Perfect.

      The purple gear should be given to Master Prestige players, take the Grand Master gear out of ranked play (only 100 people get it anyway) and give it to Grand Master Prestige players. I’d also give both Master & Grand Master Prestige a wicked weapon cammo and an animated calling card, like the 15th prestige one in Black Ops.

  • JaBoiKnoWs

    do people still play this game? lol

  • ZeOn Escofet

    jajaj nice sh*it, look this i have it on ps4.

    camos: xray, jackpot, aces, disco…

  • DanzTheMan4

    Whoever wears rainbow looking one is just asking to be shot at in the game

  • Yaseen

    Is there gonna be one for ps4

  • Willnard

    PLEASE HELP: I downloaded personalizationa weapon pack but I go to my weapons and I do not know how to change my weapons to the personalized skin. Please explain what I do.

  • tina

    my son bought some of the packages for 1.99 and we installed them, but don’t know how to get them on his guns. can anyone help us?