Sledgehammer Games has confirmed that the new Royalty Elite Variants and the SAC3 non-akimbo variants are set to be available only on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. They have no plans to bring these weapons to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 due to hardware limitations and restrictions.

PLEASE NOTE: These Elite weapons are only available on the current generation of consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4) and PC. We are dedicated to providing a wide variety of content to all AW players wherever possible, but in some cases are unable to include additional content on the previous gen consoles due to hardware limitations.

The new weapon variants are available starting today on Xbox One via Advanced and Regular Supply Drops. The new variants are coming soon to PS4 and PC. Learn more here.

SOURCE: Sledgehammer Games

  • fpsDREDD


  • Fred

    Sledgehammer can go fuck themselfes stupid cunts and shitty game developers I hope Michael gets raped.

    • AlexK489

      “but in some cases are unable to include additional content on the previous gen consoles due to hardware limitations”

      Cause that’s totally Sledgehammer’s fault right?

    • Keshav Bhat

      You do realize that High Moon Studios develops the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions…and that the PS3/360 console have a lot less memory space then next-gen? That’s one of the reasons why last year for Ghosts, we only get two new DLC weapons – because the 360/PS3 could not support anymore.

      So, for AW, there’s no more space to add weapons into the game on last-gen (or they’re saving the space for DLC guns) and so this is a current gen only feature. If Black Ops 3 makes its way to last-gen, you should expect this as well.

    • Simon Hunt

      Your a Mouthy little prick. What if someone said that to you

      • simon, you’re nothing but a user on a call of duty website, unless you’re a SJW overly sensitive tumblr hipster you wouldn’t give a damn either.

    • Spodermen

      thuts rud

    • This is a rancid reply but made me laugh nonetheless.

  • Connor Burge

    the transition has begun.

  • RdJokr

    Does anyone still want, or even hope, for BO3 on last gen now? I certainly hope you guys will change your mind.

    • Connor Burge

      I personally don’t want it to be, don’t get me wrong i loved the xbox 360, but it seems we need to move forward.

      • Jamsehh

        We need to move forward, yeah it sucks for those who don’t own the current gen but if they work on it for the older consoles it just holds back the potential for the new hardware. BO3 Xbox One!

      • Dakota

        Better attitude then most the 12 year old brats on here about to have a mental break down about their game their parents bought for them being fully optimized

    • Daniel

      Old gen players are lazy, current gen is not that expensive anymore, they should stop holding us back, specially on 3arc year

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        They aren’t lazy, just broke. Thank capitalism and maybe even Activision for nickel and diming for so long lol.

      • RdJokr

        Now if only Activision would just get this over quick and announce it already, so last gen guys will know for sure what they should invest in.

      • GinsuVictim

        Lazy? It’s not lazy when you have no interest in buying something.

      • Dakota

        Holding us back? You sound like the most arrogant spoon feed brat I have ever seen. I have an X1 but at least I don’t whine about being held back and sob about it when you should realize how fortunate you are to have shit to play.

  • Anthony

    If I’m correct, but I don’t see the base non akimbo SAC3 anywhere. If the only way I can get the BASE of this weapon is from supply drops, then talk about lame and me not caring anymore about it.

    • youarepoopataw

      Yea your pretty stupid if you never seen the gone it unlocks after a certain level and I think I have about 4 of em step your game up

      • we

        what are you trying to communicate to us??

      • Anthony

        You’re* and I don’t even know what you’re trying to say. Try being less retarded

  • Eddie Redgrave

    Anyone recieve one yet?

    • Jamsehh

      Are they live yet?

      • Eddie Redgrave

        Sunrreal confirmed theres been a playlist update

        • wh

          who is sunnreal?

          • Eddie Redgrave

            Spelled it wrong twitch steamer #7 in tdm

  • Melchor

    Don’t really care about this particular weapon but knowing the old console limitations the developers should save space by getting rid of all the useless gear. Don’t get me wrong some are nice looking but others look exactly the same.

    But moving forward, it’s time to move to the current gen. I’m looking forward to the Black Friday bundles.

  • Michael:GodOfEWN

    Who cares, The Witcher 3 is out

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Downgraded pos game.

      • SoulTaker

        Sure the game is downgraded because consoles can’t handle the 2013 look, but the game is not a piece of shit. I bet you haven’t even played The Witcher 3 yet or even the Witcher 2 if all you’re caring about is the graphics.

        • Guywithbrains

          It is odd that CD Projekt Red can do whatever they want and fans just blindly defend them.

          By their fans’ logic one can call Ubisoft, EA and other “evil developers” names because they lied about graphics. However, when CD Projekt Red does this they just say how it is just a game and you should not care only about graphics. That is so hypocrite.

          Also I have seen Metacritic user reviews giving bad number because of good reasons (bad controls etc.) and then blind fans just click “not useful” button because they hate if someone doesn’t like their favorite game.

          • modernpoika

            Lol i would do the same for Uncharted. Luckily the games are so good i don’t need to 🙂

          • SoulTaker

            I’m no fanboy of them. I hated the Witcher 1 the controls were utter shit. Witcher 2 was beautiful and a big step up. I said in that comment that basically graphics don’t make a game. I like the Witcher due to the story Witcher 1 being bad in my opinion while the other one being great. As a PC gamer I like their stance on how little things like cosmetic DLC is free as well as open to modding which basically is gonna open up the way to the old graphics. So to each his own and Metacritic really?? Anyone could go their and give a bad review just because they hate the game for the sake of hating it and every game falls into the list in that last little paragraph don’t you think???

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          It wasn’t downgraded because of consoles. And it is a straight up lie through and through. Oh, a lack of fetch quests? Wrong. Non downgraded graphics? Wrong. 60 fps on PS4? Wrong. I think it’s alright but I don’t agree with the critical reception, seems generic. Very thankful that it has plenty of hours of gameplay, though. it’s best for me to not be negative all the time and have an open mind, though, so I’ll have a definite opinion when the game launches.

          • SoulTaker

            I’ve read articles where a dev basically said it was downgraded due to “capacity” of the hardware. If I find the article I’ll link it to you, but pretty much the game is hard to run if PS4 and Xbox One have trouble rendering areas which result in texture pop ins and frame rate drops. Even the medium to high PC rigs have trouble keeping a constant 60 with just one card with everything maxed out. Luckily I game on PC and have a constant 60 on high settings 1080P so that’s not a trouble for me at all also the perks of being able to import my old Witcher 2 save data.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            The PS4 is capable of fifty percent better performance, so it must have been the Xbox marketing deal, if it was because of console. And PS4 could easily get a graphical and performance update in the future, like Dying Light and GTA V.

      • Juses

        Yew dink evry gaem es en “pos”.

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          Uh oh… they’ve spotted me! We shall meet again!

  • RdJokr

    And oh, to all the people thinking that SHG was gonna put in new stats for the Royalties…

    I told you they were gonna be existing Elite guns reskinned. I told you so.

  • joey

    I’m no expert, but this reeks of nonsense – just another ploy to nudge folks toward current gen. Exactly what is it about those guns/camos that overwhelms PS3? What about them is so different than other guns/camos?!

  • I’ve forgotten.. again!

    I take it the dlc isn’t due on the 26th then? 🙁

    • Keshav Bhat

      I have no idea where and how this rumor started.

  • >one gun too much for old consoles

    > new dlc that has 4 maps, a gamemode AND A GUN isn’t too much

    SH’s scammy DLC bullshit nudging you to go buy a Next Gen, once again.
    I already own a Xbox one for awhile now but this is clear full on fucking bullshit, what the hell SH?

    You’re even worse than IW with your ignorant additude and constant lies and nonstop DLC advertising and your fucking terrible lackluster game.

    Most of the weapons are straight ripped from call of duty ghosts, But it doesn’t matter anyway since they’re too fucking stubborn to take out SBMM because it reels in money for them because it makes new players feel good about themselves, despite constant complaints from people.

    Zombies is still awful, and shit compared to 3arch zombies.
    They say the same crap all the time despite being two different DLCS, They’re all broken since the easy to glitch and hide in invincible spots, PAP is useless and the Easter eggs are overly complicated with little to no rewards.

    I mean come on, in 3arch you had to do like 6 different jumps and crouches while looking at a specific angle with a certain gun with a certain amount of ammo in one area with a bunch of other different stuff but AW? Easy. Just crouch in one little table and survive for hours!

    I know this is all irrelevant to the situation but come the fuck on SH stop acting like moneywhoring cunts with their smug faces. They alone have slowly started ruining call of duty period for me and I’m tired of this awful treatment to the dedicated fans who play every single day and pay for your games.

    If BO3 ends up like AW I’m throwing it in the trash because call of duty will be fucking dead to me. I’m not wasting another 100$ again on this series.

    • youaretrash

      You cry much? Dude you are terrible at AW that’s why you cry I played with you you are garbage so since u stink u trash the game

      • Juses

        Evuryding moo cao sed ez treu.

      • I don’t even get what youre getting at, I don’t even know you.

        You’ve never played with me, I haven’t given my gamer tag out once to anyone on this website and not only that, I haven’t played in 2 months. I literally played half a hour today and I’ve seen the royalty and the single handed sac3s.

        The royalty are recolored already existing elite variants and the Idle animation is the same animation as before just without the left handed SAC3.

        Not only that, the reload animation looks like it was done by a 10 year old in 2 days.

        Also, if you’re so sure ” that I suck ” and that you’ve played with me, what’s my gamer tag?

        I know you’re bullshitting too because my CI acc and My Xbox ACC don’t mention each other at all and they’re completely unrelated.

        Since you’re just going to give me more bullshit I’m going to promptly tell you to fuck off.

    • Kyle G

      Lmao, I honestly hope Black Ops 3 sucks. I enjoy Black Ops 2 so much, I wouldn’t mind playing it for another year (still got 6 months left before BO3 comes out).

    • SpetsnazAIRBORNE

      Wow look at all the fuck people give. Your just one person stop thinking your voice is huge.

      • Kyle G

        You spelled Spetsnaz wrong.

        • SpetsnazAIRBORNE

          lol whoops my sorry

        • SpetsnazAIRBORNE

          Thanks I fixed it 🙂

      • Woah, you don’t give a fuck so much that you came to tell me about how you don’t give a fuck? You’re SOOOO edgy.

        Notice how I said I am sick of SH, I won’t buy another game, because I’m giving out my opinion, if youre not going to add to the argument than just leave.

        • SpetsnazAIRBORNE

          I’m tired so seeing all these people talk about if it’s shit and I honestly think no one cares if you give a fuck or not u asshole

          • > I’m so tired
            >no one cares

            Ironic, since you told me to stop acting like my voice is big yet you’re the one saying your opinion is the general con sense.

            Not only that, people are agreeing with me and people do care since I am clearly in a couple arguements, including you.

            So once again, if you don’t care, fuck off.

          • SpetsnazAIRBORNE

            No fuck are given and thank u

          • Haha, you’re still focused on telling me you don’t give a fuck, I’m just going to ignore you now, since you’re a complete moron.

          • SpetsnazAIRBORNE

            Your in a fucking minority a lot of people don’t care if you hate something or not. Just trying to tell u that so don’t lose the bigger picture of that. And one more thing you need to remember that in real life no one would give to fuck so I just felt like getting that out. you backlash so much I seams to me that your knowledge of what your doing makes you look like the ass.

          • XRedxPhantomX

            This website is made for sharing opinions you opinions are clearly different my opinion as stated earlier is Nintendo sucks, not related but true because the wii u cost the same as a ps4 and xbox 360 but all they did was freakin add a gay iPad!!!

          • SpetsnazAIRBORNE

            Lol what are u taking about in your later half of your comment?

          • XRedxPhantomX

            That Nintendo sucks

          • TheBlackReaperHei

            Fuck off. You’re such an insignificant person spouting nonsense for the sake of arguing because you’re a pissed-off little fuckface. Just GTFO this forum.

          • SpetsnazAIRBORNE


    • Last gen hardware is becoming obsolete, which is why newer games will not be released for last gen (ie Assassins Creed Syndicate and Black Ops III). The hardware limitations of the past consoles hold back the current gen capabilities, which is why Destiny is 30fps on all platforms–to make everyone equal. Don’t believe me?

      By this time (2 years after the release of current gen consoles), everyone should have moved on by now. If they haven’t, now is the time. It’s not SHGames scamming us with false claims of trying to encourage console sales. You are the only one assuming that. If you want us to treat your claims as true, please provide evidence.

      Also, SBMM isn’t the problem. People are the problem. If you cannot handle adversity in a title that’s designed for competition, you are playing the wrong game. The number of complaints against SBMM are not valid enough to have it removed. The only complaints I’ve heard about SBMM is how “it makes the game to difficult” or how people have to “try hard every game”. I’m sorry, but SBMM will not be removed just so you can destroy noobs all day for YouTube gameplay.

      • I’m not saying you shouldn’t, I’ve already established that I own a Xbone and a copy ( which I can time stamp. ) and you should, but doing false nerfs to make the Xbox 360 and PS3 look bad is a dick move.

        Also, I’m not assuming.

        Does it not make sense that 8 maps, 2 maps for a gamemode and 2 more all new weapons can fit in old consoles, but SAC3 variants that barley have actually new content on them along with a new camo can’t?

        Clearly, it’s false and scamming.

        Also, my reason for SBMM to be taken out of PUBS is because ranked play exists.

        I mean, you could go the proper route of BO2 and Ghosts and make it so they only have SBMM so if you want to be competitive you can, but forcing you to but pretty much nearly nullifying the point of ranked and not only that, most people don’t like it.

        I mean truly, it’s fairly clear what needs to happen and breaking something just fine is just stupid.. . Is it not?

        • Once again, if you are absolutely sure the company is false and are scamming us, you need to provide evidence to back it up.

          The reason why SBMM exists is to prevent the extreme lopsided skill differences that ruins the experience for the players. With that being said, the reason nobody likes SBMM is because the higher skilled can no longer easily find noobs to slaughter so they can have their “causal experience”. As a result, their k/d ratio is much lower in AW and they now have to actually “put more effort” in their game (Boo hoo hoo).

          Ranked play’s existence is to simply offer the MLG experience and nothing more. It is completely optional and should not be treated as a place where the competitive players must go to while the casual players stay in public matches.

          If people have a problem with me being competitive in public matches, then all I can say is tough luck. I’ve gotten used to being competitive in every match and it doesn’t bother me one bit.

    • LopezxMonkey

      Can’t blame SH they didn’t make the game on last gen.

      • You don’t understand, does it not seem odd that a horribly done weapon and a texture can’t fit on the Xbox and PS but 2 more map packs can?

    • spartanelite

      I mean they didn’t even make the game on last gen if they put these guns in the people who paid or want to pay for the dlc wouldn’t be able to get it

    • Keshav Bhat

      Yes, as I mentioned above! They for sure are saving space for DLCs because delivering content to fans that paid for the Season Pass is definitely higher priority than adding more variants for weapons.

      And, the weapons are new: just because the stats are the same, the weapon have to be considered a new format within game files because of its individual identity in Create-A-Class, which means it takes up space. Space is limited in the old consoles; it’s how Sony + MSFT built that over 10 years ago. Cannot change hardware limitations.

      • Juses

        Why do you feel the need to say this to everybody who comments something similar to what Moo Cow said? You already said it 2+ times before you said it to him.

        • Keshav Bhat

          because i can. and cause i want to inform so that they don’t go around hating with wrong information and can hate with accurate information.

      • Fair enough.

    • xFlutterdash

      Not to mention the free M1 Irons they added, along with all of it’s variants….oh and all the new outfits and stuff….lol. It’s all just BS. I see no reason why SH/HM can’t add in the additional Sac 3s…it has nothing to do with console limitations.

  • Matthew

    Grindin’ Time Boys

  • TheDemonOfHate

    At least PS3 won’t be alone on this. Xbox 360 will now suffer what we (PS3) have been suffering.

    • Colin MacKenzie

      Save and upgrade man. It’s a nicer experience on Gen 8

      • TheDemonOfHate

        I’m working on it & i’ve seen gameplay on current-gen makes PS3 look like crap. Can’t wait to purchase a PS4.

  • GinsuVictim

    Hardware limitations? What a crock of shit.

    • Blaine

      No it’s not. Every weapon has to fit inside RAM, and last-gen consoles have hilariously low RAM. its literally 512mb for the entire system, roughly half of which is dedicated to graphics. Just ran out of space. Here’s an idea: upgrade.

      • GinsuVictim

        No interest in a new console just for a gun and camos I won’t use anyway. If they release more guns and camos in the future, I’m really going to question it.

      • GinsuVictim

        Upgrade? Can I put more RAM in my 360? Better video card?
        Don’t call a completely different console, one that can’t play my 360 games, an upgrade.

      • Jeff Wiseman

        While I agree on the low RAM, I can’t imagine with all the content they’ve been able to squeeze in (DLC maps, guns, exo zombies, patches, rebalances, animated camos, God awful clothing gear in ASD’s, etc….) somehow the purple royalty weapons that are just current elites with a new camo, and a half a SAC3 is the straw that broke the last gen’s back.

        They just didn’t want to bother. Pure and simple.

  • MichiganerE

    I don’t think that this has to do with hardware limitations, I think that it has to do with leaving the last-gen behind, which is good because it needs to happen now that the 8th gen systems are 1.5 years old. Hell, even Ubisoft has left the last-gen behind.

  • Underdog BO1 FTW!

    Why do you guys care? AW Sucks anyway. They even lazy to do one hand akimbo lol.

  • ApexOTR X

    A console is a console just let it be personally i dont have a problem with either there both a gaming console and play games, they both have there flaws. console wars started just because of the platform fanboys that grew up with playstion in there life are mad. show hands who here never grew up with playstation and playstion 2, xbox is just another console no need to hate it, i bet some people played playstion before they started playing an xbox and now they like xbox better, just stop and like both 🙂

  • Mikey9835

    oh well its not like they are missing out. SHG couldn’t even be bothered to animate the singular sac 3, which trust me isnt hard to do.

    • noobswontlie

      Hey, maybe people love the robotic reload, at the least.

  • They won’t have room for a few guns, but they will for DLC camos and Exos. As Kermit the Frog would say, “But that’s none of my business”

    • Keshav Bhat

      They for sure will! I’m sure they left space open to add the next two DLC map packs, or else Season Pass owners would rage and that would be a bigger problem than having angry fans over variants that are free.

  • Chitownbrez

    Wow, I really feel for the people who have a ps3 and a 360, they paid for the game like everyone else and got locked out some content, shitty business move.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      You damn right!

    • WhiskeyDick

      Oh no! Us users on older gen consoles don’t get a bunch of the same variants we have with a purple camo! ? such a loss lol

      Kinda shitty they can’t give us a non-akimbo sac3 though!

      But since our systems can’t handle this games overwhelming badassness, I suppose we won’t be getting the next two dlc’s, added weapons, and new maps either!

      Lolololol fuck off sledgehammer! Shove a Nigerian command boot up your ass! What a joke

      • Adrian Rivera III

        Stop trolling and buy a current gen

        • WhiskeyDick

          I’m not trolling unless this post has upset you, which is clearly shouldn’t…. and I will buy a current gen when I have the means to do so, you don’t maintain my life and it’s necessities, so you don’t have any say in the matter… I’m thankful for that! But clearly I won’t be buying current gen for purple camos on guns that exist already and which I have all of (minus the non-akimbo sac-3’s). I’m perfectly content with playing BO2 and Crysis 3 for however long it takes for me to come across $450 I can splurge on new electronics!

          • Adrian Rivera III

            You should be buying current gen bc the game actually works for it idc to make decisions for you but if you’re being sarcastic about old gens not getting the new content then you obviously care and PS4’s don’t cost $450 they have them on Amazon for 350 either way stop playing old gen like the game actually works

          • WhiskeyDick

            Lol I was sarcastic due to not caring! I’ve seen the new sac-3 non akimbo’s gameplay… what a hitmarker hell! We aren’t missing out on fuck all, and the games on my PS3 certainly work just fine! What the flying fuck are you talking about?! The vector in BO2 is the sac3 non akimbo done correctly! Lol and if I am to buy a PS4.. that’s $350… well now I need a game! That’s another $60… oh shit! Now I need PS+ to be able to play multiplayer… That’s another $46… maybe we need a season pass next! Lol fuck food for the next few months! I can look like Anne Frank and play AW on PS4 😀

          • Adrian Rivera III

            If you had bought AW digital for the PS3 you get it free for the 4 I thought I was talking to a real gamer but you’re just a noob you don’t take cod serious you’re still talking about BO2 on PS3 give me a break step up your game and buy a current gen or stfu about it bc PS4 users are laughing at you

          • Dorian Halteman

            You’re a bitch shut up.

          • Adrian Rivera III

            Lol kk keyboard gangsta

          • TheBlackReaperHei

            How about you go fuck yourself you asshat loser. You can waste your own money but us, smarter people will stick to the PS3 where gaming online doesn’t cost a dime

          • Adrian Rivera III

            You have no idea how it plays on the 4 and Xbox one you’re used to it glitching and freezing and lagging like crazy you can be sarcastic all you want

          • WhiskeyDick

            Whaaat?! I did buy AW digitally, they left it free to upgrade to PS4 which expired March 2015. But, please do inform me what a real gamer is! What’s a fake gamer? Also… I don’t lag or have glitchy games, I pay for 50mbps internet.. Connected directly to my PS3 via CAT6 cable… I have yet to join a lobby I’m not the host in. Freezing? Yea the last update had me freeze 3-4 times in the past month, so what? I’m glad you have appointed yourself the PS4 user spokesman, tell your followers full of giggles I don’t mind their laughter at or with me!!! ? you seem to have it in your mind I’m trashing PS4?! I have played AW on PS4, the differences are…. Brace yourself for this! Better graphics and more foliage and so forth in the maps ?

          • Adrian Rivera III

            Dude you’re making yourself look dumber by the second you’re playing on a last gen that already makes you a joke no one can take anything you say seriously bc you play on a PS3 if you knew anything you’d get with the times and upgrade already instead of acting like having a PS3 is still great

          • WhiskeyDick

            The fuck?! You asshat… I never once acted like the PS3 was great or some shit! My entire point of all this was I’ve more important necessities to focus on in my life, video games is not a priority to me! Something that simple you couldn’t even grasp yet have the nerve to call me dumb?! I’m sorry I’m so dumb I rather keep shelter above my head, food on my plate, the lights on and food preserved. You and others sound so fucking uptight and snobby. But it’s all good, do your own thing and enjoy the luxuries! But don’t fuckin treat those who can’t afford or have other priorities like shit because they don’t have the latest consoles! fuck sakes

          • Adrian Rivera III

            You’re ranting on a COD related site but now you have more important necessities in your life you’re a fkn idiot it doesn’t take much to save and get a current gen you make it sound like you’re working for pennies and can’t afford your house im sorry if you’re broke I assumed you were American and made at least minimum wage

          • WhiskeyDick

            Again, there you go assuming more crazy shit! I did indeed state the PS3 wasn’t as terrible as you made it out to be because it’s certainly not! If I were to justify owning a PS3 I would state I actually bought the PS3 4yrs ago brand new from someone on Craigslist for $100, and that was a smart purchase! As for what I do for work, it doesn’t really concern you but I do make good money when the work is available… It’s just with the economy having gone to shit, work isn’t nearly as consistent as it used to be, people aren’t splurging their money around carelessly. It depends on each person’s field of work and their location! I even know some builders that are struggling to keep their head’s above water… Sooo we American’s need be reminded not everyone lives a perfect life, and struggling occurs day to day. But I have no issues with last gen being left behind! Go ahead and assume all you’d like, you certainly understand fuck all so I’m going to stop wasting my time replying to you and get back to work. Take care!

          • Adrian Rivera III

            Bottom line last gen sucks you’re making excuses for it next time before you talk shit make sure you re up to date

          • redskinsdude33

            chill bro some people can’t afford next generation consoles. I’m glad you’re rich af but there is no reason to hate on people for not having money.

          • Adrian Rivera III

            I’m not hating on anyone I don’t see why if you can’t afford one then so be it but to say ppl are still on last gen bc the current gen isn’t any different they don’t know what they’re talking about

          • faze apex

            get a better job then working at mcdonalds lmao get back to making fries then typing a paragraph explaining how big of a fag you are

          • WhiskeyDick

            That was quite a retarded assumption, especially when I stated I don’t have a steady flow of work, McDonald’s doesn’t have lack of customers.. Ya fatass couldn’t get fast food off the mind though! I am an artist of many sorts, from graphic design to graffiti and everything inbetween. That makes me a fag? Since when did jobs decide others sexual preference?

          • faze apex

            you have dick in ur name. clearly a fag

          • TheBlackReaperHei

            Lol, “faze apex”. You’re such a gamer bitch-boy, fan-boy loser. Don’t bash others when you’re username is shit. Troglodytes these days, get with the times kid and grow up.

          • Irby

            I feel you this guy probably smooches off someone and not work hard nobody can just get up and say they want to go buy next gen because they have an extra $400 lying around people have to work hard to buy there things

          • Mroggoldfish

            Your a total joke gamers don’t talk shit about another gamer no mater what they play we play for the same reason so stfu and play your ps4 congrats you have one yay woo hoo your talking shit to someone in the same system family smh

          • Adrian Rivera III

            You’re not in the same system family shit you’re broke buy a current gen and stop bitching

          • Adrian Rivera III

            you were trying to justify not having a current gen but you’re just trying to make sense out of being poor and broke

          • Madcowboy69

            I agree

          • XRedxPhantomX

            I wish I could play on a newer gen but I’m a kid stuck with small amounts of money and if I bought the console I would need to get new games. So instead of fights over gens lets tease Nintendo users!!!! XD

          • Peter Griffin

            To be honest you’re a fucking cock. There is no such thing as a real or fake gamer. AW on old gen works perfectly fine. I’m on 360, my internet is shit, yet I can still enjoy the game non-glitchy, smooth and best of all; cheaper. So shut the fuck up because some people care more about the welfare of themselves more than an old console sold to them branded as ‘new’

          • LordMorghulis

            and don’t forget..much more newcomers,campers and boring lobbys. (:..thats nextgen lol.

          • Madcowboy69

            AW still clutches and freezes on the one, so stop bitching dude

          • whiskey dickAKA CRY BABY

            NOT CARING??!!!! You just wrote 3 books about how much you do care that you are stuck on old gen and if you did not car so much you would of never took the time to comment the first time let alone 3 so get a job and buy a ps4 it xbox1

          • Views From Ceejay❤

            I got the 4 for 300 € 500GB

          • Billy Bedlam

            I got my xb1 for free, got it form the gear up for battle moutain dew and Doritos, the codes on the back of th hips underneath the pop caps

          • Madcowboy69

            I just pulled a royalty weapon on xbox one… It’s the same stats as an elite version that’s on the 360…

      • spartanelite

        No they can’t and it isn’t SH fault it’s that 10 year old console are getting old

      • Keshav Bhat

        Couple of things:

        -High Moon Studios is working on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Advanced Warfare, not Sledgehammer.
        -High Moon probably did not add these variants because they are trying to leave space open to add the new DLC packs.
        -It’s not developers fault. It’s the fact that these consoles are so old and memory space is limited by what MSFT and Sony put into the hardware when they launched. Developers cannot magically add new memory space to hardware that’s already shipped.

    • Joshwoocool

      saying locked out is to imply that content has been available ,but are holding it back

      • spartanelite

        They aren’t it free content,they just can’t give it you

        • Joshwoocool

          what are you even trying to say?

          • spartanelite

            That its not possible to give you the content because the old console’s are too old

    • The game is broken on 360 anyway waist of my fucken money

    • AstroCyborg

      not a buisness move but the last gen hardware

  • O.G.Bobby Johnson

    Pure garbage move

  • Freeze

    Lol buy a next gen console.

    • Dakota

      *Current gen. As well a lot of people aren’t the richest. Before you whine at me I have a Xbox 1 but its dumb when a person acts like everyone has an extra $250 for a console.

      • Colin MacKenzie

        Even then, the day-to-day decisions one makes can impact their ability to save and spend for a new console. Cutting costs for periods of time can help to save up for newer things. In addition, I’m fairly sure most who play Call of Duty have some money available to them if they spend $60 a year for the game. I’m also willing to bet that those same gamers also spend even more money on other games, gear, accessories, etc. So to those who spent the money on a console and the games in the first place, I’m confident that if they wanted to have a new system and the new CoD, they could find a way to get it.

        • GinsuVictim

          Yeah, I choose not to buy a new console. I have thousands of other games I haven’t even played.

        • Dakota

          Smarter argument but then again its about priorities and most people put their family, food, clothes and many other things over a game that’s all I have to say 🙂

      • WhiskeyDick

        If it were just $250 that’s a pill I could stomach much easier…

        PS4 – $350
        PS+ 1yr – $45.99
        BO3 – $59.99

        That’s not as cheap as most here make it out to be, but I’m glad you respect those of us whom have more important things to use the money we do have on necessities, video games just aren’t that damn important lol

        • Dakota

          I try to be. These kids are beyond selfish and seem to forget life is just to damn short to be mad over some fucking pixels I still hop on the 360 borderline even more then the 1. I prefer Bo1 and Bo2 to Ghosts and AW on “Next gen”

          • Kyle G

            Hell yeah, BO2 is the shit. It doesn’t matter if newer call of duties have better graphics if you are too focused dealing with all of the faggotry and bullshit in them.

            Besides, the graphics aren’t THAT much better. Who wants to pay 400$ for purple camo guns, single sac 3’s, and slightly better graphics?

          • Overachiever

            I prefer Ghosts. (:

      • Freeze

        I am a kid. I don’t have a stable job. I worked during the summer and bought myself an XB1 and PS4. It is not fair that others are held back because of developments on other consoles.
        It splits the community causing way lower player counts.
        It looks awful. Gameplay on the 360/PS3 is so visually unappealing. (personal things) which shows that the consoles are at their limit.
        They cannot update/add everything they want because storage have 4gb for some (my 360 has 300, Mw3 edition).
        People won’t bother saving unless they have to.
        You CAN pay for it, you may need to save up, but people have had YEARS to upgrade!

        • olaf

          Not everyone lives in the US …. current gen prices are different around the world .
          Here in mexico the xb1 is $600 , so yea not everyone can afford that…

          • Freeze

            Id recommend the PS4, better for the money. But you have had since 2013 to upgrade. Back before the PS3/360 there would be a new console in times even as close as one year.

          • Freeze

            I think you can earn that within that time, and if you choose to pay for other things that arent necessities and claim you cant, then gaming is not as important to you.

  • FATHEAD661

    People are hoping and praying that BO3 is current gen ONLY so we can get more of everything from our games, instead of having last gen hold us back. But as soon as they (players) start to see the effects of this, they start losing their shit and calling SH out. Toxicity of this community is too much too handle sometimes.

  • Humza Qureshi

    Call of Duty will never “push” graphics on console, just like Battlefield 4 or any other FPS designed with the purpose of being a 60FPS arcade shooter. I think we’ve all seen what limits look like this week with the release of The Witcher 3 being unstable on console and PC (not due to lack of optimization), and Star Citizen on PC also shows limits. The next generation of consoles and PC will start with the release of the Nvidia Pascal.

    • SoulTaker

      Witcher 3 runs fine on my PC mate…

      • Humza Qureshi

        What are your specs and fps.

        • SoulTaker

          AMD FX 6300 (OC to 4.1 GHz), EVGA GeForce GTX 970 Super Clocked ACX 2.0, and 16 GB of RAM.
          Running it on high settings 1080P with shadows on medium and Hairworks only set to Geralt . I never go under 30 but keep a constant 45-60 FPS at times if I turn on Nvidia Hairworks for everything the FPS takes a big hit though, I also have a Sweet FX preset to make the game have less saturation and better overall coloring. Feel bad for the console players as their frame rate suffers below 20 FPS at times when it’s already locked at 30 FPS.

          • Humza Qureshi

            30 FPS isn’t amazing; the point of PC is to take everything above and beyond. People with two Titan Xs should be getting 70-90 FPS on ultra. You’re only running it on high, not ultra. And to further help my point, it’s almost impossible to run HairWorks on all people.

          • SoulTaker

            You never mentioned ultra mate you basically said it’s unstable basically meaning it’s unstable at all settings if you don’t put that important detail, and high is still better than consoles graphics example is this picture.

    • jooker-jr

      But come on, these consoles are almost 10 years old.10 YEARS!

  • MMninja12

    dont owrry last gen u rnt missing out on muc! just reskinned guns and a “new” gun

  • Alex ( EXO SUX )

    Who gives a flying fuck…. AW is boring as bat shit it got old quick… 2 horrible years of COD this futuristic shit is annoying.

  • OMG its FPSBroski

    i got gameplay of all of them on my channel 🙂 as someone gave me pc gameplay with the royalty elite variants 🙂

  • Carlos

    I don’t need a ps4 just to use these guns… Finishing my bachelors degree is first…

  • Potato Republic

    ‘Hardware limitations’… For reskinned guns… And for decoding a SAC3 into a single one?..

    *Sniffs the air*

    • Keshav Bhat

      You do realize the weapons being reskinned and different variants means that there are considered a “new weapon” in terms of memory space?

  • Adrian Rivera III

    Ahahahahahahahha what ppl don’t realize is SH Games didn’t even make the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions that tells you right there it’s not even worth playing on old gen

  • derrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Well we’re fucked on last gen. Reason I say is remember when PS4 had the Grand Master Prestiges and PS3 didn’t have them? If somebody who had Grand Master on PS4 played on PS3 the scoreboard wouldn’t load. Now there is going to be next gen only guns. Prepare to never see the leaderboard again. WOOOOO!!!

  • Diego Diniz

    Ps3 and Xbox 360 had your time. Go buy a PS4 or Xbox One and stop holding us back!

  • Eric Wyatt

    im sick of everybody talking shit about xbox,and how much better playstation is.the ps4 may be a little more powerful but at least xbox live is working 99% of time and if sony could keep bs hackers from taking it offline i may consider getiing a ps4,but the ps3 left a bad taste in my mouth b/c when i first got mine it was offline almost half the time. hell lets be honest the competiton just seems to be better on xbox.I know most of you are going to comment stupid shit and come up with some retard stats to try and prove your point,so here this fuck you is for all you so i dont have to reply again.And lets remember opinions are like assholes,I got one and you and you and you

    • Matty Fletcher

      Shut up and go play in 720p ballbag hahahahahhaha

      • Eric Wyatt

        dont worry i will, Because ilove been able 2 play when i want 2. Why dont u go get ddosed and play when hackers want 2 let u play

        • Matty Fletcher

          Yaaaaaaaaaaaawn hahahahaha stick your tampon back in fan boy. You’re blatently the one that needs to get out and find a missus! I mean who gets this angry about a shitbox?? I can imagine your room now. Pizza boxes, wank rags and miley cirus posters covered in fap fluid. Bahahahahahaha

          • Eric Wyatt

            u dumd bitch.did u not see my profile pic of me with my 36 and been with the same woman for just proved my point 4 me and didnt even put ps down in my original comment .all i said was i had a problem with psn being down so much.And i know because i have both time u reply get ur facts right.SO HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY MATTY.AND GOD BLESS YOU

    • Juses

      Xbex leve guetz ddosed es muech es Ps4. Meybuy evun meer tiemz diz generation

      • Eric Wyatt

        shows how muck u live hasnt been ddosed since havoc map on advance warfare.And was only down few hours PSN was down almost all weekennd this past one and every other one since thanksgiving.Ive noticed u must not much of home life since u seem to comment on everyone else post.heres an idea why dont you get out of the front of a screen and go fuck your wife for a change before she leaves your ass 4 a casual gamer such as myself, who knows theres more 2 life than games.

        • Juses

          Aculy xbox live wuz duwn 4 tuemz un upril n few tiemz diz munth. N ur ubvululy n ruturd cuz psn duz nut goe duwn evry wekund. Diz shoez hao much fanboy u er.

          N eye burly pley gamez eye dunt kno wey yew dink dat. Eye alo dunt kno wut yew meen by “u seem to comment on everyone post.

          • Eric Wyatt


          • ScOott

            Eye thunk eh es en vurgen..

  • ghosts sucks

    I have played for 2 days and I still haven’t got any of the new weapons. What the hell!

  • Andy Young

    It’s just re skinned elites already in the game.. Total bs

  • Jesse Dowling

    2 points-

    1st specifically what hardware limitation prevents the use of purple royalty camo? Is there not enough storage on the 250gb hd I added? Not enough ram? Rather than blame the time tested and proven hardware why not just admit that they don’t want to bother developing the addition for the past gen. systems? Honesty is good.

    2nd- If the old hardware was not up to the task then why did they waste time porting and packaging it only to get 1/2 way though it’s cycle and decide they could not handle purple camo’s and 1/2 of a gun it already render’s 2 of?

    Going forward I am thinking I will be glad that I skipped the current gen. consoles and go right to a PC in the future. Til then I will stick with the 360 and hope for some honesty from the dev’s.

  • HMS is working on AW on previous gen consoles. Unfortunately for Call of Duty, Sledgehammer and Activision, their names are on the game. So it’s fair to “take it up the chain” since HMS doesn’t appear to have any contact info or social media accounts.

    Memory limitation or whatever is holding things back should have been thought of before SHG agreed to do prev gen consoles. As far as I can tell, Halo 4 is good on 360, so Microsoft/343 knew it would work with updates.

    The Royalty and SAC3 updates would be great, but I’m moreso hoping the next two main DLCs will be available for prev gen.

  • Boohbah Wreker 67

    This is such bullshit y u dooooo dis Highmoon?wtf