Upgrade your loadout with all-new multiplayer content, including new weapons and character gear. Xbox users can jump into the fray today and take the all-new M1 Irons Base Pistol for a spin. And with new weapon variants and character customization gear added to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supply Drops and Advanced Supply Drops, there are even more ways to play your way.

*NOTE: The SAC3 and Royalty weapon variants are available on Xbox One only at this time. Release on PlayStation® 4 and PC coming soon.

  • So now they are releasing trailers at 5PM EST? It used to be 1 PM EST.

    • Kobrah

      Is there a problem with that or just an observation?

      • Well it’s just wired lol maybe the contract with microsoft is going away like idk

  • Dakota


  • UrbanGamer69

    I’m Still waiting for more major BO3 news. CoD: AW News is becoming More irrelevant by the second.

    • CoDforever

      The thing that sucks is that since this year they have done things differently by revealing all the major bo3 news in april, we have nothing to look forward to except actual gameplay till novemeber

  • Ak74u

    I’m not gonna lie I still love this game it is something different from the other cods but still has that cod feeling in it. It sucks on the 360 but I’ve seen it on Xbox one and ps4 and it looks really amazing. This is SHG’s first full cod game they’ve developed and it’s pretty good being their first. I’m glad they have joined to the development cycle and can’t wait to see their next game

    • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

      To be honest, if they want to convince me to buy their next game they should work on the spawns, matchmaking and gun balance since they were mediocre in this game.

      • ScOott

        Next time I hope they copy and past more from treyarch as in make the “jet pack” boost thing like treyarch are planning on doing, if it gets executed the way I’ve read about it, it sounds 10000 times better than double jumping 50 foot in the air for no reason like SH, although SH idea of innovation will probably be to add a triple jump or something stupid 😮 ..

        • Ak74u

          If anything I think treyarch took SH’s idea of boost jumping and made this “thrust jump” just not as extreme as in AW. Also in black ops 3 they have a similar perk to blast suppressor which SHG’s first introduced it

          • Trippy

            They took it from Titanfall not advanced shit fare

          • ScOott

            By them copying I ment the pick 10 system and zombies, and If they was to copy again I would hope they change their version of the jump .. I don’t know how much they do “copy” each other n doesn’t bother me who copies who, as long as it makes it a better game ..

          • Ak74u

            It’s pick 13 not 10 and zombies wasn’t supposed to be in advanced warfare but many people were angry that it would of been treyarch’s turn and would of been able to play zombies. Many people were angry with their version of survival mode so this is why zombies came in.. They weren’t trying to copy.

        • backslider

          you know, you dont HAVE to jump 50 feet in the air everytime. you can control it. and people who jump that high are just another skeetshooter medal.

      • Ak74u

        Spawns and weapon balance I can agree on but then again every single cod has had bad spawns. SHG really needs to improve their weapon balancing more than anything in my opinion, there are many useless weapons

    • Daniel

      AW is the best cod

      • Thatlazykid

        Dear lord…. -_-

        • Ivan Nowosiadlo

          Best call of duty? really? lmao WaW is without a doubt the best one hands down.

      • Diego Diniz

        How Old are you? 5 Years Old???

        • Twat

          He’s probably not 5 years old. He just states his opinion. It’s more likely that you’re the 5y/o not allowing him to express himself.

          • Diego Diniz


          • Tricky VIk

            “I’ve noticed that not many people like you, that’s a shame, I’m sure you could be liked my friend, give it a try.”

        • travis

          cod4 came out 8 years ago, but yet you go with 5….

      • Ak74u

        It’s a good cod but I’d say cod4 will always be #1 Ohh the memories I’ve had with cod 4 <3

    • LovekillerX

      AW is one of my favorite Call of Duty games but best in my opinion is MW3. I wait for the day when there is actually better Call of Duty than MW3. I hope that we will see MW collection remastered someday.

      • HypeeZGb

        No the MW series will always belong to infinity ward, but as far as im concerened COD4 and MW2 will always be the best and thats because of the simplicity ot had. Modern warfare no major futuristic stuff. Dont get me wrong i love BO2 as much as the next person for most of us who played COD from the beginning we all hold a special place in our hearts for COD4 and MW2. MW3 was ok but by far not the best and thats because the simplicity left along with most of the original producers.

  • ScOott

    All to late to be adding stuff into the game Imo, I would really love to know the player count at this point, I would bet money on black ops 2 still being higher ..

    • That’s because BO2 player count is higher. No doubt in that.

    • LovekillerX

      Well I don’t need player count, why would I? I can find my matches and that is all I want. But I understand your point though. If I would play “more rare” playlists then it would be nice to know how many players are playing uncommon gamemode. I think that is possible in MW3.

      • ScOott

        I don’t need one, nobody needs one.. Would still be good to compare it to black op 2 tho as of now..

        • LovekillerX

          I don’t really see reason for comparison though. But I don’t know maybe it is just me.

          • ScOott

            I think it shows if it’s a good cod or not .. I think black ops 2 was the last amazing cod, and I think most people will play it over a.w .. I know you really like a.w so wouldn’t u like a player count just to shut People like me up, and prove that I’m living in the past, and I’ve just turned into a “cod hater”.. You could say to me “well your in a minority now, because a.w has this amount of more people than black ops 2 so stfu, because it is actually a good game” ..Or maybe it’s just me ..

          • LovekillerX

            I have no need to prove other people wrong because it is about taste. I don’t like Black Ops 2 so much (expect the campaign of course) but that is just my view and my taste. Others can like it if they want.

            I like AW and it is one of my favorite Call of Duty games ever made. It may have lower player count but I don’t care because I find my matches. When I can’t find matches anymore then I will care. I think because I play on PS4 I won’t have problem when it comes to matchmaking.

            I just hope Black Ops 3 will be more like Black Ops 1. I also hope they will add mercenary playlist or an ability to choose between connection or skill based matchmaking (I think that is possible in BO2) so me and everyone else can have a nice time too.

      • w

        others are having problems finding games though, way to be selfish lovekillerX!!! Always memememememe

    • glitch031

      Too late to add stuff? You can’t release a game and in the middle of it just stop releasing stuff.


    How much do you want to bet they got that advanced supply drop from leveling and not paying $2

  • ghosts sucks

    Uhhhhh, how bout the new DLC

    • GinsuVictim

      I’ve been checking daily in hopes of learning about the next DLC. Shouldn’t it be out soon?

  • I’m back to CI guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve last commented. 🙂

    • CoDforever

      the fact that you locked your account actvitiy pisses me off so much for some reason .. do u care about ur randomn anon account that much

      • Why? What do you want to know about me? That I’m on pocketnow and ioshacker as well? I also visit Technobuffalo and some other sites. There, my Disqus sites.

        • ScOott

          Wouldn’t you like peole to follow you tho ?

          • Maybe, I don’t know, I mean I had thinks unprivate for like 6 months and nobody wanted to follow me so I decided to just keep things private.

          • ScOott

            I would follow, I tried before 😮

  • CoDforever

    does anyone find it funny how at 0:38 and 0:45 hes holding the non akimbo SAC with both his hands yet during gameplay he only holds it with one

    • Eric Wyatt

      Animation design i caught that the other day in another gameplay video

  • joe

    dear game brass, if you know what we ps3 n’ xbox360 players think about this, well, i’m sorry you had to hear that. had to hurt.

    • hiMYnameIsJOEandIamBROKE

      Well get a job and buy a ps4 or xbox1 and stop hating on games trying to move forward and not trying to be held down by the old systems

  • Daniel Mertens

    very entertaining, fun game for months , until BO3 comes out ,
    only the players make COD broken

  • RiP CoD

    People still play this? I thought the majority abandoned it back in December and went back to Black Ops 2? No wonder Sledgehammer had to hide the player counts especially after the embarrassment that was Ghosts. It’s funny how you used to see more people in a Sabotage lobby on MW2 than people playing the likes of Ghosts altogether! I bet AW only gets 20,000 online at a time now per system. I remember the days when you used to get 1m+ at a time. My my how Cod has fallen..

  • alex

    Hate is a strong word. I really really really reaeeely dislike this games

    • FazalGaming

      I dislike this game with passion.

      • GinsuVictim

        I dislike the problems with this game, but the game itself is fine if it would just work.

  • Harry (Barry)

    if only the graphics were as good in game, pause it at 52 seconds the speakeasy looks sick even if he isn’t even using the foregrip! 🙂 BLACK OPS 3 HYPE!

  • Diego Diniz

    Pew Pew…Shots Fired!

  • Rorschach Ink

    So where the hell is the Supremacy dlc trailer? Doesn’t the 3rd dlc come out on the 31st of May?


      Here is my guess for the dates of the future content (again just a guess I have no prove)
      June 26th- we get the trailer
      June 29th- we get 2xp
      July 2nd- DLC comes out

    • ghosts sucks

      June 2nd more than likely. I’m just as pissed. It should have been May31st