UPDATE – June 8th: Sledgehammer Games’s Michael Condrey has teased one of the Legendary Gear Sets coming to Xbox on June 9th.

Original Story:

Sledgehammer Games has just announced that Legendary and Retired Gear Classes are coming to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox One and Xbox 360 starting June 9th.

Legendary Supply Drop Loot

Legendary Loots are more “elite than elite,” according to Sledgehammer Games. The Legendary class will begin with the Sentinel CI Gear Set, and there’s only one in existence thus far: the first person who reached Grand Master Prestige in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has it. The full gear set, which has eight pieces, will now be available via Regular and Advanced Supply Drops starting June 9th on Xbox platforms. This is the first Legendary Loot for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Take a look at the new gear set:

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.02.53 PM

Retired Supply Drop Loot

Sledgehammer Games has also announced that they will be retiring certain gear items starting June 9th on Xbox platforms for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The gear and weapon variants will be denoted as retired rarity class and can no longer be earned via Supply Drops. If you decide to redeem any of the retired gear, you can never earn them again.

Retired gear will be Red colored so you know that its going away. The first set of Retired Gear can be seen in the gallery below:

Both Legendary and Retired Gear Sets will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC at a later date. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Sledgehammer Games

  • Legendary Loot looks amazing! They should just stick to gear and cosmetics and retire all the gun variants.

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      • The User above me is a joke guest account :p

        • FazalGaming

          The user above me smells like nachos.

          • Is that ever a bad thing?

          • Xx_COLSEY_xX

            The user below me is amazing

          • Tricky VIk

            “Aww thank you.”

  • HenryDF

    Legendary = useless reskinned cosmetic items.

    Retired = useless items that they’ve taken out of Supply Drops.

    So basically, you’re not going to notice anything new, and this is SH dressing up minor changes as something awesome, as they did with the Royalty Elites. Yay, fun times.

    • CrowReap .

      Ikr same shit you can’t fix a boring ass game

    • jooker-jr

      The legendary doesn’t look skinned for me.

      • RdJokr

        No, if you look carefully, the Legendary gear set there is pretty much a reskin of a typical Sentinel gear set. Just with more complex color patterns.

        There will be more Legendary gears in the future, but who knows if there are gonna be more reskins, or completely new cool stuffs.

    • Dale Martin

      It’s not just for outfits. They’re applying it to weapons, as well. I know because my bal27 inferno says legendary when I’m in a match, although in the armory and create a class it still says elite.

      • Aden Horbury

        It’s just a glitch bro it happened with me it’s an elite not a legendar

  • Here’s the variants they’ll be retiring. For now that is. I’m sure there’ll be more in the future.

    Edit: I see they added the images now. Nevermind :p

    • HenryDF

      Nobody used any of those guns anyway, all they’re going to become are collectible items of zero value.

      As for the gear, I’m sure a lot of people will be happy there’s no more Nigerian Gear. Otherwise, these are all changes that I doubt will impact the game at all.

    • RdJokr

      Pfft, all weak guns anyway. Guess they’ll have some sort of “collectible” value. Wonder what they’re gonna retire next though…

  • Braedon Joyce

    anyone else just thinking “wtf?”

  • Jesse Dowling

    So the 360 can handle this update/upgrade but not purple camo and 1/2 of a gun set it already renders? Good to know.

    • BO3 seems like it’ll only be Current Gen so if you’re complaining about some lacking features, you’re gonna be really pissed when you have to buy a new console to play the newest game lol

      • Jesse Dowling

        Nah- that ship has sailed and I think I will be glad I skipped the Xbone. Looking like the best option going forward will be to go PC. It just makes sense rather than being tied to a single console. I get the last gen-current gen thing- just wish they were a bit more honest in the reason it can’t handle purple camo and 1/2 of a gun set, rather than blame the hardware. They just did not want to do it, fes up and own it. 8^)

        • Dempsy Leon Bigglebee

          Doesn’t want to buy a new console for $350….

          …Builds $2000 computer which will be outdated in 3 years…

          • ScOott

            Even if it was outdated (which I doubt it would) it would still be 10 times more powerful than consoles, I’ve seen p.c gaming and couldn’t belive the difference.

          • Jesse Dowling

            Considering that the 360 is now 10 years old it seems to have done pretty well by your 3 year outdated standard. 8^)
            I already have PC’s and use them for real work so it’s not a stretch to run a game on it. And let’s face it anything electrionic is outdated the minute you plug it in anyway right?

          • fires

            well, a maxed PC is probably 1200, but if you want all the bells n whistles for a 2k pc w/o including monitor, mouse, or keyboard – thats a PC that’ll last for a decade easily, but usually people just go ~1200 PC and just buy upgrades when needed.

        • Adrian Rivera III

          PC gets no post launch support like it should good graphics don’t mean shit when the game is broken with no real updates for PC

          • Jesse Dowling

            Indeed that has been the normal course- but maybe that is changing ever so slowly. Maybe not- Might just be a sign I should grow up and stop playing games at 44 years old… Nah! What fun would that be. 8^)

      • Eric Wyatt

        its already been confirmed for 360 and ps3.and Ill be honest with you i have it for the XBOX1 and the 360 and the competion seems to be more competitive on the 360.I can bust out big streaks easily on the xbox1 and the 360 i have to really work hard to get the same streaks on the 360 version of advance warfare.maybe its because more people are on the 360 version because i have alot of friends who have not upgraded

        • MichiganerE

          It was never confirmed to be on last-gen.

        • It has not been confirmed for 360 or PS3. If you’re going by what Game Informer said that has been confirmed made up.

    • infinity396

      i think it may be a limit of ability to store more variants on 360.. this is just changing font color for loot already in the game..

      • Jesse Dowling

        I have asked all the dev’s and activision for clarification on the “hardware” issues but they refuse to simply identify the specific issue. you came up with a plausible reply in 15 words, they should be able to do atleast that right?

        • infinity396

          you would think so..

    • Keshav Bhat

      Correct! The variants of the SAC3 and Royalty are weapons, which take up a lot more space in the game’s RAM compared to gear sets. Weapons require stats, cosmetics, it’s own attachment sets, and more. Thus, they cannot add more weapons; that’s also why – most likely – we don’t get DLC guns anymore with DLC3 – no space left on last-gen for new weapons. Although you may think “the Royalty are just re-skinned other elites,” the game code doesn’t know that. The game code sees it as a new weapons, and thus it takes up its own space.

      • Jesse Dowling

        See how simple is that- 8^) So will retiring these weapons that probably never see any use allow new ones? At a certain point gear just becomes a housekeeping chore, how many gloves do we really need? Now i spend each prestige collecting loot so that when i hit the next prestige i can trade it all in for xp and skip the first 15-20 levels. 8^) we have become gear farmers! hah!

        • Keshav Bhat

          No, while they are removing those weapons from supply drops and advanced supply drops, those weapons are still in game code as users who don’t redeem the weapons will still have to have the weapon functioning.

          • Jesse Dowling

            Ah yes- of course. Either way- I will ride out the end of AW on 360 and then go from there with an eye out for bo3 pc specs. Thinking that it should not take 2k to do a ‘reasonable’ gaming box. 8^)

          • MichiganerE

            You don’t need 2k for a powerful PC, that’s a bullshit lie. You can build a $600.00 PC with some very decent specs.

  • Daniel

    Good stuff I love this game

    • Thanks for the positivity! 🙂

    • Gamefr3akable

      Same. I love Advanced Warfare.

  • Mi6300M

    Retired Gear…

  • Spodermen

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  • O.G.Bobby Johnson

    I’m going to play now to get all of the soon to be retired weapons

    • Creeper21112

      ikr for once i auctully want the nigerian crap

  • ScOott

    Just something else to sell supply drops imo, their not adding anything amazing, I supose the free revolver was a little something then again, even that was to sell even more supply drops for the veriants, the whole business structure is always going to make it feel cheap and a middle finger to fans that’s the problem, should of just stuck with a gun Dlc with the main dlc and then some micro dlc camos ..

    • imBATMAN


    • jooker-jr

      I don’t see anything wrong with what they’re doing.

      • ScOott

        They are basically giving you the same, gear in the game over and over again without adding anything new ? And making people pay to increase their chances of getting the same gear with different stats .. How is that good for cod ?

        • WhiskeyDick

          Basically they’re removing shitty gear no one uses anyway, and introducing new reskinned gear… It may sound shit, but I think we’ll all be glad to not be earning Nigerian boots and knee pads regularly… Plus! Less cheesy gear in the asd’s and sd’s = better chances at better gear

          • ScOott

            Well yh that’s looking at it positively, but my point still stands :-p ..

          • WhiskeyDick

            Well who is forcing users to pay for gear with better stats?! positivity is a nice way to look at things with all the negative Nancy’s on CI

          • ScOott

            Nobody is, But that’s not the point, It the main thing their pushing, I’m just saying I would much prefer a new weapon with every dlc and a lot more micro dlc, I brought every dlc and micro dlc in black ops 2, I want them to take my money lol, but I want them to give me a reason to buy stuff, not recycled, luck of the draw weapon stats.. But that’s just me ..

          • infinity396

            but really hardly any of this is recycled, since the retired stuff will not be showing up in supply drops post June 9th.. IMHO, they could have done that to most of the Nigerian gear and not just that 1 set..and maybe worked up the option to allow players to choose to re-roll an item from a Supply drop if they already have it..

          • WhiskeyDick

            I completely agree! New weapons would be fantastic! but hopefully they’ll be getting rid of more shitty gear/weapon variants so they can add a new weapon in the next dlc…

          • Indicus

            They are probably doing this to say “We actually gave them an update yay” Also to sell the DLC because publicity is publicity

          • Adrian Rivera III

            But why is it this game is almost 7 months old and they’re thinking about this now

  • imBATMAN

    Legendary gear looks turrble. I hate the rugby looking helmets

  • Babz

    Cod AW is so boring I literally can’t wait for Black ops 3
    Sledgehammer you’ve fucked COD up once again. AW Multiplayer and zombies is just awful. I get a headache from all that jumping all over the place….

    • supr squirrel

      Methinks you won’t enjoy BO3 much, either, considering there is going to be wall running, etc in it.

    • Adrian Rivera III

      When did they fuck up cod before ?

    • Eric Wyatt

      If it sux so bad why are u her reading about the new features?

  • John Sotiriadis

    games with gold announced https://youtu.be/SUZsbxOjIwU

  • Drasadex


    • TheWalkingDon

      I’m sure T-Bagn and Ali-Gay are going to be super excited to bring this info.

      • Drasadex


  • TheWalkingDon

    And yet I still can’t get the Obsidian Steed, Inferno or Speakeasy.

    • supr squirrel

      The only one of those that isn’t available via normal gameplay is the Inferno. Both the Speakeasy and Steed can be earned by simply prestiging.

      • TheWalkingDon

        I’m almost done with Prestige 10, so I’m hoping for something good, but all I ever seem to get is clothing or guns I don’t use.

        • Creeper21112

          after prestige 15 16-30 give a certian elite gun like presteige 16 gives the obsidian steed

          • supr squirrel

            Yep, that’s what I was trying to tell him (or her), but I was trying to wrangle a 2 1/2 year old at the same time so I didn’t explain it as well as I could/should have, haha.

      • Avi Nash

        I have like 4 infernos.. And I got them all in normal supply drops via normal gameplay. I’m grand master prestige 30.

        • supr squirrel

          Right. I’ve got everything he listed but the Inferno via supply drops. I was just trying to explain that, even if he never received anything via a supply drop, that everything but the Inferno by simply prestiging.

          • Bogdan Mitrovic

            I’ve got the RIP in a normal supply drop, and the Strider also, and the Sledgehammer, and the Whirlwind (adv supp drop)…

    • Jordan Nealy

      i got mine in like before prestige :D. I love SH for giving a noob these fantastic guns lol.. But I’m prestige two now so lol…. add me on xbox: HUSKI MAN 30000

    • Bogdan Mitrovic

      I’ve got the RIP, Silver Bullet, Sledgehammer, RailDriver, Whirlwind, ASM1 Strider <33 , Ameli – Chicanery , EM1 – Polar Vortex etc and a couple more

  • Nandoni

    Am I the only one that does not care about these items at all? I mean, weapon variants fine, I care about, especially the elites, even though I think they are stupid, but you take what you get.
    But all this stupid gear sets? It is all the same, the new special epic legendary set is the same than 5 other gear sets before, its just a wolf or something on it? Really?

    Man, there are far more important things to do in this game and they focus on all new legendary clothes in a game where you don’t see your soldier… Where is this going?

  • Adrian Rivera III

    SH is just milking the shit out if this game when BO3 comes out Activision is gonna make bullets for your gun micro transactions


      they arent milking anything this is free lmao

    • Spodermen

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          • Adrian Rivera III

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          • Mason

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          • Concerned citizen

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          • Ahib Alghazali
          • Aden Horbury

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          • Spodermen

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  • Please

    Just waiting for all weapon variants to be RETIRED

  • bird

    more stuff i won’t ever see outside of pictures on the internet

  • Mario Rivera

    I would retire over 90% of the crap in the supply drop rotation. Lets drink to no more kneepads and enlisted mk14 variants!

  • Navv

    Really hoping Black Ops 3 will ditch supply drops entirely and put more challenges in for better gear/camos. Shouldn’t have to pay to get interesting stuff for my character, and even then most of it is rubbish.

  • Cadence

    I wish they would retire the Obsidian Steed, Insanity, and Speakeasy just to freak everyone out.

  • zombiefreak935

    How are things in cod?

  • ghosts sucks

    If you can make to Grand Master Prestige you should get everything. All guns all uniforms. You won’t get anymore ASD’s.

    • Redrum

      If you can make to Grand Master Prestige you should go outside

      • Indicus

        The person above me just made one hell of a point

  • JoZer805g

    Good thing I have the entire set for the Sentinel Mobile gear.

  • Kirkio

    As much as I love Advanced Warfare I am getting pretty tired of the supply drop system. The only loot I use are ones I’ve unlocked through challenges, or the Sentinel Medic set because a) I used to play Medic in COD3 and b) it looks awesome.

    Is it really necessary adding a new rarity level, and retiring random crappy weapons and loot? The reason I deleted all of that stuff is because it’s bland looking and/or the weapons are awful. Just because it has a shiny new label on it doesn’t mean I’m bothered about collecting it all again.

  • Isaac

    Um this is a bit weird but I was about to select my loadout and my BAL Inferno showed up as legendary and it’s only June 2. I think it’s a glitch. This happened after I downloaded the 4th compadability pack. If you have answers please tell me if you have any.

  • boogie

    i just saw a guy with a legendary bal on june 3 IM SO CONFUSED

  • aaaaaahhhhnnnnnn

    inferno is legendary

  • Jack Atkinson

    I have a legendery shirt and the asm1 rigor dose anyone want to buy my account

  • Aden Horbury

    Too if any of u guys have the elite AK inbox me on Facebook with a pic I wanna see it

  • Zombesnak

    Can you get retired guns and legendries on xbox360 like the blunderbuss cel-3 and ak47 in multiplayer and legendary x-ray armor

  • Connor Wilson

    I just got a legendary repulser called supersonic but it’s not even a good gun and it hasen’t changed much skin wise, legendary it not the right name for it because it’s the same or worse as an elite