Four new Personalization Packs for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be available now for purchase on PlayStation Network and on PC.

Here are the new micro items that are available now on PlayStation Network (link here) and PC (here):

Standard Personalization Packs:

  • Backdraft Standard Personalization Pack – $1.99 – Enter every match with guns blazing thanks to the Backdraft Standard Personalization Pack. Unleash the heat with animated, liquid fuel-burning weapon camo, three fireproof reticules, a calling card, and an emblem item.
  • Psychedelic Standard Personalization Pack – $1.99 – Trip out your opponents with the Psychedelic Standard Personalization Pack, powered by an animated, shimmering weapon camo, three hallucinatory reticles, a calling card, and an emblem item.
  • Tiki Standard Personalization Pack – $1.99 – Become the mythical guardian of every capture point with the Tiki Standard Personalization Pack, complete with an animated, glowing weapon camo, three shipwrecked reticles, a calling card, and an emblem item.
  • Lagoon Standard Personalization Pack – $1.99 – Drown your competitors with the Lagoon Standard Personalization Pack, combining an animated, aquatic weapon camo, three watertight reticles, a calling card, and an emblem item.

All of these micro items are available now on Xbox Live, PSN, and PC. Stay tuned.

  • AC

    Generic comment about how much I hate DLC and why Activision should burn in hell. And generic comment about why AW sucks.

    • the big dirtty

      Generic comment about me totally agreeing with you.

  • Omg i was right on these to! I said they would come out on june 4th.. imma beast!

    • RdJokr

      It’s common knowledge that every DLC for COD comes out on PSN and PC 30 days after they come out on Xbox Live.

  • Max Martinez

    To those on Xbox, which two should i get?

    • TWD

      Tiki and Lagoon

    • ScOott

      avoid Psychedelic, looks nice but you stand out like sore thumb.. The amount of people I’ve killed in the distance thanks to this camo is unreal

  • banaldmc

    Worst camos since cod started doing this. Blops2 had jungle warfare, ghosts had hex etc. These are for kids

    • TheDemonOfHate

      and for teens, adults, & elders. Don’t forget them.

    • RdJokr

      Yes, as if Black Ops II didn’t have any ridiculous camos.

      • SoulTaker

        I personally thought Bacon looked disgusting. xD

  • LovekillerX

    Those are nice looking camos. Especially Psychedelic and Backdraft.

    • WhiskeyDick

      Love the backdraft camo! And still trying to get that damn backdraft Exo in asd’s lol… Bout ready to give up hoping

  • JoZer805g

    We need real camos

    • AC

      Those are already in the game.

  • O.G.Bobby Johnson

    I want the exo from the startup screen the all black one that skinny like a spine.

    • RdJokr

      That’s basically every Exo without a booster pack.

  • Melchor

    I might get the Psychedelic camo since I already have the Exo.

  • Matty Fletcher

    Where’s juses and spoderman?