Sledgehammer Games has announced that new gear sets for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare have been added into the Advanced Supply Drop rotation on Xbox platforms.

New gear includes Carnavale, Trapper, Disco, Jackpot, XRay, Paratrooper, Fireproof, and Aces sets have been added into the rotation.

These new gear sets are coming soon to other platforms.


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  • RdJokr

    So the gear sets are free, but the gun camos are not… Dammit Sledgehammer.

    • TheNewZeOn


  • Diego Diniz

    WTF?! This is SO Ridiculous Dude!

  • Diego Diniz

    Dont even looks like a Soldier…WTF is this?!

  • Vikerii

    Sweet HBRa3 Adapter Enlisted! Lucky ASD!!

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      • CookieChairman

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      • Adept™


    • Adept™

      Technology in advance warfare is so advance that camos are obsolete and you can fucking wear anything lol…… Even a toilet

  • drjakeyoung

    Can someone help? My ASD are broken! They wont open when i get them, they just show up as locked. I’ve tried everything from restarting to levelling up, but they simply wont open. I’m on PS4 BTW.

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      • Again, the hater that tries to gain power over others. You know nothing about my parents, so you can’t act like you know anything they’ve done. Also, I think adding more random loot to the game is a bit much. However, I do think it helps define a serious player over a foolish player. The smarter, more logical players will use darker, more low profile gear. On the other hand, the more foolish, less caring players will just use all the bright silly gear because they think it looks cool. Whatever, we all have our own opinions.

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      • PatPatPat

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  • Trippy Killa

    I hate how they never have full gear sets of customization, most of the time its just exo and helmet. It’s so stupid, at least the legendary is a full set though

  • Koolz

    This is getting a bit out of hand…but I can’t complain about free stuff 🙂

  • TheDemonOfHate

    Sucks for us GMP. Guess we just have to buy just to get these outfits. 🙁

    • WhiskeyDick

      If you read the title, it states they’re added to regular supply drops too! Cheer up slugger! You’ll actually be able to get this gear! Shame they implemented earning asd’s after so many hit GMP knowing they’d be unable to earn them.

      • TheDemonOfHate

        I am very sorry my bad. I don’t know how to read very good as I drop out of school at a very early age. But thank you for noting that. God bless you & have a very goodnight. #SWAG

    • Henry Greenshields

      There needs to be a way for us GMP to get them, maybe for the daily supply drop challenge we should an Advanced Supply drop instead of a normal one.

  • At least they are free. But they could instead worry about their game.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Damn, these are actually really cool. Too bad the games ass.

  • Slingshot // YT/SLintegra

    carnivale looks epic but advanced supply drops? i mean cmon at this rate its just an excuse to take more of our money for a pair of knee pads from one set a helmet from another and an exo that doesnt match either amongst tons of copies of the same shitty MK14 variants… overexcessive and unnecessary bullshit. It should all just go through the rotation of all supply drops.

  • Slingshot // YT/SLintegra

    did anyone actually read it… it says exclusive to advanced supply drops not normal ones.

  • THEAVENGER2015 .

    when black ops comes out this game will just be a bad memory,slegehammer,you are truly the biggest joke in cod history,your next cod wont sell that well sence you like putting skbmm in pubs,,people will skip over to iw an treyarch

  • Mr Blobby

    Exclusive to Advanced Supply Drops? Getting kinda fed up of this……so one legendary gear set (sentinel CI) you can get from normal drops but the carnavale you can only get from ASD’s. Ridiculous that people are probably spending quadruple what they spent on the game on these things….Clever from Activision though

    • Mr Blobby

      Almost tempted to make a new account just so I can get this stuff for free…..just for the personal satisfaction that I didnt contribute to Activision employees holiday fund

  • So I guess witch doctors all around the world eventually said ” fuck it ” and cut the helping act and just be direct about their intentions?

  • beamer

    I received a very boring “Legendary” Sentinel CI Helmet. Worth $4k.

  • Smoking Man

    what a waste of fuckin money

  • unknown

    then how did I just get the carnavale boots in a regular supply drop

  • Delphine Wolfgang

    I’d much rather just buy the aces outfit from the online store for around $5.00 – $10.00 then buy advanced supply drops.