Treyarch’s Director of Development, @PCDev, has confirmed that Black Ops 3 will be compatible with the upcoming Windows 10 software.


Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 will be available starting July 29th for customers; it includes many new additions, including a new Xbox app.

Treyarch and Activision have not yet confirmed if Black Ops 3 on PC will support the new Xbox app functionality in Windows 10. Windows 10 does allow developers to make titles cross play between PC and Xbox One, and even allows cross-buy functionality for titles. We’ll update when we get more information regarding Black Ops 3 on PC’s support for Windows 10.

  • derrrrrrrrrrrrr


    • Actually 2 and a half-year-old BO2 still has players in Search on PC. So nice try.

  • ScOott


  • ScOott

    If it did, How is that fair, mouse and keyboard vs xbox one controller :-s

    • RdJokr

      Technically, you can use mouse+keyboard on consoles, thanks to the XIM4 adapter. But yeah, most will be sticking to controllers, which makes it an unfair battle if PC players can cross-play with Xbox players.

      Plus, I don’t think this would be happening any time soon.

      • ScOott

        Juses, I hope cod never does this, even more reason to buy a ps4, how Is this a good idea in any game :-s I thought xbox put all the b.s behind them, looks like more to come ..

        • RdJokr

          Which is why cross-play is only a good idea if it’s a co-op type of game. For multiplayer, especially competitive ones like COD, it’s just not doable.

    • The Flash

      i dont see this as a bad thing at all, it means i could play on my xbone with a friend who plays on PC

      • ScOott

        And get destroyed by someone with a mouse ? ..

        • I’ve forgotten.. again!

          Maybe if you’re playing for a living. But as someone who exclusively uses an xbox pad – I notice no difference when playing on xbox or pc. I don’t suddenly get owned when I play on pc.

          what I have noticed is that it’s always the m/kb users that seem upset about playing pad users, never the other way around.

          if there’s as much difference as keyboard users think there is – then see pad users as a gift for not removing SBMM from BO3 😛

          • ScOott

            Anyone I’ve ever spoke to has said keyboard and mouse, takes more skill, but if your good you can destroy people who use a controler :-s .. No idea, I’ve never played on p.c ..

          • kx4122

            you just need to stop talking to those people

        • The Flash

          well that may apply to multiplayer, but not Zombies or Campaign

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        People on PC have much better aim and accuracy due to how much control the mouse gives them compared to a thumbstick. If it’s in private lobbies (so you can invite your friends into 1v1s cross-platform) or if they had their own playlist, that’s cool, but I wouldn’t want them sharing public lobbies.

    • kx4122

      that mouse and keyboard vs controller shit is so overrated people play with a controller vs KB+M in advanced warfare and titanfall on pc and it’s pretty even, i know since i used both the only problem is wallhacking and aimbots on pc

      • MC

        Oh shut up, you’ve never played on pc

  • Dr. Salim

    Will it run on my Virtual Boy?

  • Diego Diniz

    Thank God I bought my PS4. PC will have LAG, Stutter and Freezes. This is for sure!

    • Vikerii

      Me too. I made the jump to PS4 for AW. Loved PC, but now I can play any game mode. No more empty lobbies.

    • SoulTaker

      Pretty sure my friend has had way more lag and freezes then I have on PC…

    • Why would PC lag?

      • Diego Diniz

        Sorry my bad english cause im brazilian, but, the point is: I always been a PC Gamer but after MW2, Call of Duty is CONSOLE GAME! Its NOT a PC Game anymore. Support, DLCs, even the Gameplay (Streaks, Time to Kill etc etc) is MADE FOR CONSOLES, not PC anymore! Patches come first on Consoles…after 1 month, maybe more, the same patch come out for PC. So, i let PC and bought a PS4 and im very happy with this choice. You build a MONTER PC, with 144hz MOnitors + TOP VGA (Very Expensive $$$) and stuff…BUT FOR WHAT??? Consoles are “holding back” graphics and no matter how your PC is good…play COD in a Console is WAY BETTER!!! More PLayers, better support, NO Cheaters etc etc etc

        • Yes I agree with that, but it is still enjoyable. And who would build a PC only for CoD? Lol. And another thing I do play CoD on Console too. I have AW on Xbox One.

        • ben wills

          BO1 and BO2 were fine PC ports. 3arc already way ahead of the curve on things. I’m sure Ghosts 2 and AW 2 are going to be piles of trash from a PC end, but I’ve no reason to doubt 3arc.

  • SoulTaker

    PC might also get mod tools according to PC dev as he said he’d love to release mod tools which would let you make your own multiplayer and zombie maps if they ended up releasing the game with mod tools PC would fucking rock this year.

    • Yep, it would be great.

    • bullshit


  • Pirates


  • ben wills

    Well no shit

  • kx4122

    cross play we only wok if COD clamp down on all that pc wallhacking and aimbotting that plague pc, console will not want to deal with that shit

    • Blox

      Have you ever played on PC? Surprise surprise, there is rarely a hacker IF EVER, I have never found a hacker in the thousands of hours I have poured into PC shooters.

  • warship legend

    i ve recently installed bo3 to my pc ! i have amd fx 6300 3.5 ghz cpu, 8gb of ram and dual x saffhire r7 265 vga! and windows 10 home 64 bit ! but when i open it, it stops on the loading screen and close ! does this happen because i am on windows 10?