Following MLG’s announcement regarding Capture The Flag removal, Michael Condrey has confirmed that they will also be removing Capture The Flag from the Ranked Play playlist soon.

MLG’s removal of Capture The Flag takes effect with the start of Season 3 of the MLG Pro League.

Condrey has not confirmed a time frame as to when we can expect the update with this. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

  • Now Variants need to be removed from Ranked Play and then it’ll be much better.

    • RdJokr

      “Sorry, but weapon variants are the heart of Advanced Warfare.” – Condrey.

      • Slothigans

        Did he really say that? Weapon variants are cool, but they really throw the balance off of ranked play. It’s annoying. Like hey, you can’t use a uav but let’s let them use the most over used, overrated, overpowered obsidian steed in a game mode with restrictions. I will never understand their logic.

        • Drasadex

          Yeah and I can’t use a launcher to destroy a warbird, but you can use the damn Speakeasy

          • It’s because they didn’t make a launcher that is only launch on. Like wtf.

          • Drasadex

            Then they should just make the Stinger available, but disable the player lock-on

          • Yes I agree, but they didn’t and won’t. They are stupid.

        • RdJokr

          Yup, he did say that in response to a question about banning variants in ranked play.

    • Pflann

      They wont take out variants from ranked as condrey thinks that they are the heart of the game

  • Smayo

    Let me guess; so much people playing that the servers can’t handle it anymore… best CoD ever I tell youse…

    • KoD Phazz

      Did you even read the article before posting that stupid shit? It’s being removed due to it being removed from competitive Call Of Duty. If you would have used the time it took to make that comment, and read the article instead, you probably wouldn’t look dumb.

      Side note – it would be nice to get variants and streaks removed from Ranked if they want it to be a more legitimate competitive playlist.

      • Smayo

        Butthurt that I trash your beloved game ? Maybe you should learn how to detect sarcasm, then you probably wouldn’t look so dumb next time…

        • KoD Phazz


        • KoD Phazz

          You looked dumb because you came into an article and made a stupid comment about the game type and didn’t even read the article. I’m not butthurt at all son, I don’t even like CTF nor do I care how you feel about a game that I enjoy playing. Have a nice day 🙂

          • Smayo

            I did read the article before posting, I posted a sarcastic comment under it thinking people here would be intelligent enough to see through that, but I should’ve known better with these AW fanboys…

          • KoD Phazz

            That’s real smart. Post a comment about a game you shit talk. Great job. Feel good?

    • Steed Sucks


    • Ha Ha lol nice try there buddy.

  • NotShitAtCOD

    It’s funny cause the person in picture is using a SN6 so you know they are not playing ranked or competitive.

    • Fuukeboi

      Your point being?

      • British Blaze

        Point: They’re not playing ranked or competitive game in the image above.
        Point of point: Unknown.

      • Stefan Lang

        Nobody uses the SN6 in comp lol.

      • Slothigans

        Obviously he’s making a joke of it. You would only get it if you played ranked or competitive. And if you do, idk what else to tell you.

      • Kobrah

        he is saying the weapon balance of this game is so shit the SN6 does not even get used in ranked play

        • NotShitAtCOD

          Ok good people get the joke.

  • james lamberson

    Variants!!!I spoke my piece.

  • Spodermen


  • Dr. Salim


  • I really don’t understand why people hate CTF so much. For the most part it seems to be the very short spawn delay but it seems there has to be more.

    For me when you have good CTF players they can be some of the best games but then again CTF has always been my preferred game mode. We used to hold big ass awesome 20 and 30 player clan scrimmages back in the COD:UO days and honestly they were the best days. COD CTF is really what made me love COD.

    • cpsi0vwi0jap d

      ctf in this game doesn’t work because the people whit the exo suits move to fast so the spawns are flipping all the time so there is no spawn prediction like it used to be on past call of duty’s

      • And MANY stalemates with bad spawns in general.

      • IMO this is a serious problem with every objective game mode in AW. Hence the reason I haven’t played it since January and only 26 hours total.

    • It used to be great until Sledgehammer ruined. I loved it in BO2.

  • Josh2242

    Oh no, not ctf. Oh no.
    did this really need to be an entire article?

    • Joshwoocool


  • THEAVENGER2015 .

    slegehammer can do what they want because alot of people wised up by know sence they like having skbmm in pubs,,slegehammers next cod wont sell good at all anyway,thank micheal condery for that boo,boo,lol

  • You know what won’t be removed? That shit called variants. That’s what.

  • Pirates

    Yes, Capture the Flag has sucked in Advanced Warfare thanks to the exo-suiting rooftop campers with their god damn BAL-27 Inferno Cheese Class Supremo Setups! Fuck them I just wanna capture the flag and score a point for my team!

    • Jeremy Ross

      Well I have no problems with CTF in aw. Y’all complainers about weapons, streaks or anything else really just need to get better, the game was perfect the day it came out but idiots complain so much the guns and everything else have changed can’t even double stack streaks now. I am able to kick ass no matter what. So that means all of u can too just learn from your mistakes……get better change the way you play, join a clan a real clan like mine will help u better ur self

      • Kobrah

        wow, chill out dude. not everyone like to use only OP weapons and cheap tactics

      • Drasadex

        I shouldn’t have to use the ridiculously-overpowered Obsidian Steed/Inferno/Speakeasy just to have a decent time.

      • Henry Greenshields

        Streaks should be removed from Ranked Play. Simple. So should variants, I understand that “variants are the heart of Advanced Warfare” but they give an unfair advantage in a gunfight. This is similar to streaks, they give an unfair advantage in map control.

  • Thatlazykid

    Was i the only one who loved CTF in black ops 1?? :/

    • J4MES

      I loved everything in Black Ops! Every mode worked seamlessly on the maps and CTF was immensely popular. Used to see 30-40,000 in that playlist alone.

      • Thatlazykid

        Good times man :/

  • Nolan

    Well shit, next supply drop is on capture the flag.. Yet is not on my playlist… Any suggestions?