YouTube today announced their all new initiative for Gaming with YouTube Gaming. The new service will have its own website and dedicated mobile app, available later this summer in the US and UK.

“YouTube Gaming is built to be all about your favorite games and gamers, with more videos than anywhere else,” YouTube Gaming product manager Alan Joyce said in an announcement. “From ‘Asteroids’ to ‘Zelda,’ more than 25,000 games will each have their own page, a single place for all the best videos and live streams about that title. You’ll also find channels from a wide array of game publishers and YouTube creators.”

YouTube’s big roll out of Gaming features starts next week at E3. YouTube will have their own live hub at where fans can watch interviews and all the press conferences live. Geoff Keighley, as well as other YouTube gaming personalities, are working with YouTube to provide exclusive reveals and coverage.

YouTube also plans on providing major updates to their live streaming service, including the ability to stream without having to schedule it prior, to take on Twitch.

All of these new features coming following Ryan “Fwiz” Wyatt joining Google back in October 2014. He took over as Global of Head of Gaming and has been working on making YouTube a gamer friendly platform. Today, the first big initiative has been revealed.

SOURCE: @YouTubeGaming

  • GodzXPro

    looks amazing

  • ApoX

    Pretty cool

  • Ryumoau

    sounds interesting. Hope when they say mobile app, they also mean they plan to make an app for consoles as well.

  • Rhinosaur

    If streamers can’t get donations or paid subs, YouTube streaming will never touch Twitch.

    • Doffy

      They pay their Youtubers, do you think they’d really leave out streamers?

    • This is already a feature on youtube so it’ll destroy twitch. And good!

      • Juses

        Er wrung

        • The real Jesus will destroy you

          • Juses

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          • I’m not so sure about that. I’m pretty sure Jesus wasn’t bright pink

          • Michael:GodOfEWN

            He was Mexican. Jesus Rodriguez was his real name.

  • ScOott

    Erghhf, I need an excuse to avoid YouTube… Not spend more time their 😮

    • Ceejay In This Bitch❤

      looks amazing! Knowing that youtube never lags and such high quality it will be an amazing feature and up the youtube game!
      Hope they add porn to YT soon. I’m tired of searching porn and finding trolls on youtube.

      • Siftblade of Rivia


      • ScOott

        Lmao.. Agreed with you, with everything.. Up until the porn.. Still funny tho ..

      • Juses

        Stap wetchin pern, etz en sen.

        • Ceejay In This Bitch❤

          How old are you and why do you type like Dolan

  • Ceejay In This Bitch❤

    Rip TwitchTV 🙁

  • Spodermen

    am en gamur but dis newz in nut empurtent 2 mi cuz haev mi owen streeming servuce culled spodi tv I aberage 1829439493954 vierewz ebery tiem

  • Twitch is a horrible website tbh and I still can’t understand why it’s so successful. YouTube will crush twitch. Should’ve buried them a long time ago…

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      What do you have against Twitch? Just don’t use it if you don’t want to. Twitch is much better for streaming (for both the streamer and the viewer) and Youtube is much better for videos. Youtube streaming is really bad compared to Twitch, and Twitch doesn’t even support uploading videos, just streaming (with playback) and recording highlights. Both have their ups and downs and are used for different things.

      • Doffy

        But YouTubes streaming isn’t even that bad and they aren’t really even trying. Imagine if they put effort into an actual streaming service. They’re gonna crush..

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          If they fix their chat and give Youtube all the options Twitch already has for both the viewer and the streamer, maybe. Problem is Twitch already has a massive community that are used to it and prefer it. Honestly, I would probably stay with Twitch as long as I have the option to myself. Youtube’s streaming isn’t that bad compared to sites like MLG, but it’s not good either. Maybe in a couple of years.

      • Twitch is just a poorly put together website. You would think for leading streaming service it would be more fluent and less cluttered. There are a lot of advantages to YouTube streaming over twitch (I’m not talking about money wise). Overall, ATM twitch is the leading streaming service just due to higher revenue and better streaming quality but the interaction is where YouTube’s at. If you’re a youtuber I would highly advice streaming on YouTube over twitch simply based on the fact that that’s where your audience is and any1 who misses the stream can watch it straight after. I’ve never understood why full twitch streams don’t stay on twitch (yes you can upload them to YouTube) but most don’t. What a waste of a video in my point of view. Literally it’s a free video. Anyways enough of this ramble. As soon as YouTube sorts it’s streaming service out twitch will be a thing of the past. Google have the money and the power to put twitch to the ground.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          You can watch Twitch streams right after they happen. In fact, you can watch it from the beginning if you’re late by 15 minutes and you’ll just be 15 minutes behind everyone else. All you have to do is go to the user’s profile and then “Past Broadcasts”. It has every stream they ever posted all lined up by most recent to oldest, and the only ones that are removed are the ones that the channel owner removes themselves. It’s basically an archive of all their previous streams. Also, how is it in any way cluttered? Want to watch someone play a game? Go to “Games”, choose the game you want to watch, and it lines them up from most popular streamer to least that is streaming that game. Want to watch a specific streamer? Just go to their channel and watch it live, or watch their old streams if you’d like. And from the Youtube streams I watched, the interaction was nonexistent. The chat box is puny and composed of pointless comments and emote spams. At least on Twitch there are moderators for chat that can ban people who spam, they have bots who can restrict tons of emotes or ascii, and they can enable slow mode so that the streamers can actually read the chat and talk to them.

          • As I said, all YouTube needs to do is improve their streaming quality and fix their chats and then twitch is shattered. If you honestly don’t think that twitch’s website is a mess u need to get your eyes checked out. And don’t talk to me about so-called “twitch” past streams because we all know they’re practically non-existent…

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Good job ignoring everything I said. And stop being delusional, I went to a bunch of random Twitch channels and screencapped their past boradcast. Every channel I went to had them available. Here’s an album of them. If you see nothing here maybe you should have you own eyes checked out.

          • I didn’t ignore anything that you said. But most of it was just irrelevant. And could you get any more bias? Going out and FINDING channels with twitch past broadcasts does not represent the grand scheme of things at all. Not a SINGLE streamer I watch has A SINGLE past broadcast. A estimate that less than 10% actually use the feature, which is a shame. Did u heck just go into random channels…at this point I’m starting to think that you’re a twitch marketing executive with the amount of bs that you’re spewing out. LMAO!

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I went to channels I watch often, and I threw TmarTn in there because this is a COD site. Now I’m going to go to the most popular streamers currently playing in any game category and screenshot their past broadcast. Brb.

          • I have literally just gone through a ton of channels past broadcast and very few had any. And as for TmarTn that u showed…all of his past broadcasts are from 2010 LMAO. So basically he doesn’t have any. Let’s look at all the cod channels…syndicate, alia, chaosxsilencer, mrdalekjd none of them have any past broadcast at all. The thing that’s also annoying is that why hasn’t twitch integrated a feature where you can search for past streams?! That’s what I mean by cluttered and non fluent. You have to go through way to many links just to get to where you want. Also, I for one have a twitch (barely ever use it) I haven’t turned off any past broadcast feature in my settings anywhere yet not a single past broadcast is live. Just admit that twitch is broken af. It’s a really glitch and buggy website. Try going on twitch on a iPad/tablet for example it’s horrific. I’m sorry but when u 1st visit the site there’s a ton of features that u won’t ever know exist and u will find it very hard to navigate around. A 3 year old could design a better site than twitch.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Lol and you called me biased? Who’s the one picking and choosing specific channels that don’t show past broadcasts now? Syndicate has past broadcasts BTW, and I believe TmarTn mostly streams on other channels instead of his own nowadays (like The Race, which has PB). You picked people who aren’t known for streaming, they’re known for Youtube, meaning they barely stream often. And when they do, they upload it to Youtube. So I don’t see why you picked these people. BTW, I have personally streamed before because I was playing around with my PS4 streaming features, and they did update to Twitch in my past broadcasts. Go ahead, try it. Why hasn’t Twitch integrated a feature where you can search for past streams? It’s not that hard. If I wanted to watch an old stream called and you know specifically what you’re looking for, go to that channel and look through their past broadcasts. Or you can type the title of the stream into Google and add twitch at the end. It’s not that hard. Not sure how it’s hard to navigate unless you don’t know how to read. Everything is labelled and is pretty straightforward. I figured it out in a few minutes when I first got into watching streams.

          • You asked me TO TELL U THE CHANNELS THAT DON’T HAVE THEM RETARD!! And no syndicate doesn’t have a single past broadcast and he streams more or less daily! I’m done talking wi you because no one agrees.

          • Siftblade of Rivia
          • That really makes me believe that u photoshopped most of the other images…

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Are you stupid?

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            As you can see here, these are the current TOP 3 streamers streaming at this very moment. So there is no way I could pick and choose which channels have past broadcasts unless I personally boosted all of these guys to the top of twitch.


            Look at their names. Okay? Understanding so far? Good. Now take a look at this album of all 3 of their past broadcasts.


            Surprise! All 3 of them have Past Broadcasts! Want more proof? Click on any random channel and look at their past broadcasts! Unless the channel owner personally disabled rewatching past broadcasts, or they never streamed before, then all of their past videos will appear there! Who knew?!

            Now stop being a delusional idiot and accusing other people of lying, when in fact everything I said can be proven.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Also, please, list the streamers you watch. I’m dying to know.

          • Endoskeleton

            streaming quality is already fine u can push 1080p 60fps 9000 video bitrate already on youtube. twitch limits their users to 3500 video bitrate if people exceed that a mod will usually show up and shut a channel down have seen it happen because it was “stressing their servers”

      • Yes, but now the Youtube Streaming is going to improve.

    • Rorke File

      Twitch will have competition so that’s mean they need to be better overall.

      • There’s never been a “good” streaming service out there imo. I think that YouTube will finally step up to that plate.

    • J4MES

      I departed Twitch when they were hacked back in March and didn’t tell the public that their personal details were compromised for 3 weeks. I never like the website either and I’m shocked that Amazon have done next to nothing since they’ve bought it. I can’t really believe that it’s done so well but then again; it hasn’t really had the competition but hopefully this will change now.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Anyone remember when was around? No? Oh ok, nevermind :/

  • some2example2

    hasn’t youtube done enough to ruin gaming, by promoting idiots like ali a and driftor and their whiny nonsense.

    they can’t play the game, so the devs make games around their crappy game style, so they can keep their 3 million subs of 10 year old little kids, because that’s what all those “community” directors of games end up doing when they listen to youtubers.

    and then they “wonder” why the last 3 “youtube” call of dutys suck gigantic octupus balls.

    they don’t complain, 10 years don’t care about “graphics”, that’s why the last 3 look like 360 games.

    i thought the internet was supposed to make things better not worse, it just confirmed that morons listen to each other.

    • Sam

      This ain’t english class no need to be writing essays lmao

      • some2example2

        the whole internet is reading, use your brain.

      • Nice joke bro.

    • jooker-jr


    • The last paragraph though, lol. Great comment. Some valid points.

  • Michael:GodOfEWN

    I’m glad. Twitch isn’t going to “die” because of it fools but competition will be good. Twitch will still reign supreme but hopefully they kick it into high gear, assuming YouTube Gaming makes it of course.


    Sooo we have a new site just for gaming videos… So big youtubers wont switch over and lose there channels and new youtubers wont risk going on it because more people are on normal youtube. This is destined to fail.

  • Simon

    Thanks Fwiz

  • Drasadex

    Yeah I’m not switching to the new site lol

  • OH MY GAWD!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!! That is sweet. Finally, Twitch has competition. Finally, Youtube is hopefully getting their shit together. #ThanksFwiz Fwiz is the man.

    • derrrrrrrrrrrrr

      Good job upvoting your own comment..

  • Hopefully, it will just redirect to that site from a normal gaming channel. So everyone on youtube will still be able to find the videos.

    • derrrrrrrrrrrrr

      Good job upvoting your own comment.

  • So each game will have its own page of videos for that game. The question is whether they put no name smaller Youtuber’s video on there or just the big guys?

    • Drasadex

      YouTube seems to only give a damn about big channels, so most likely just them.

  • Kobrah

    “Will be available in UK and US”
    Because fuck Australia and every other country am I right?

  • Mr codman1976

    This is great news for the gaming community, Youtube and twitch rolled in to one that will be great for everyone.

  • Asekoth

    eye thnik taht it es a gud idya.