Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar has responded to fan worries about Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 being on last-gen consoles holding back current-gen development. Many fans have been thinking that the game coming to last-gen will affect their current-gen development and limit how far Treyarch takes the current-gen version.

Vonderhaar has stated that Treyarch is solely focused on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. They are not bringing any features down in order to accommodate last-gen versions. In addition, he confirmed that it was an Activision decision to bring it to last-gen, and they have handed the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions to different studios (Beenox and Mercenary Technology) to work on.

Vahn even stated that Treyarch doesn’t have last-gen dev kits at their studio anymore, commenting “You don’t have to hope. It doesn’t. We are making the game for this gen”.

Vonderhaar stating that last-gen versions isn’t holding them back is already been showcased with Activision’s initial announcement of last-gen versions: features are being removed/adjusted to fit Xbox 360 and PS3. The campaign mode is already seeing only two players max for co-op online play, while the current-gen versions will see four players online; it also shouldn’t be a surprise that there will be features from other modes being simplified to support last-gen as well.

For fans comparing this to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s last-gen versions, even though Sledgehammer Games focused solely on current-gen and handed development of last-gen to High Moon, the game at launch was the exact same with all the same features. As of last month, that had to change as Royalty weapons just could not fit in the last-gen versions because of limited RAM space on the Xbox 360 and PS3. It looks like Black Ops 3 will be different.

SOURCE: @DavidVonderhaar

  • Thatlazykid

    I feel like thats a lie tbh 🙁

  • Will WilFredo Mendoza

    LIES!!! All LIES!!!! The cake is ALSO A LIE!!! Still buying it anyway, I know you all will.

    • Drasadex


  • lumps-of-a-god

    That’s good for current gen so we can potential in gameplay
    But it won’t be the same for Last gen
    I don’t know if this is legit tho

  • Drasadex

    Vondy is a beast.

  • Tsaki

    David Vonderhaar trying to damage control and shit.

    • Joshwoocool

      Till read the original article.It said the same thing.This is just a double confirmation

  • MichiganerE

    So, it seems like what happened with 7th gen games (current-gen at the time) being ported to the 6th gen consoles (last-gen at the time) is happening again with the 8th gen – I expected something like this. Also, this feels like deja vu considering that this is what happened with WaW on the PS2 (it was called World at War: Final Fronts if you didn’t know).

    • Daniel

      But WaW came in 2008, and last gen came in 2007, there was only a one year difference.
      Current gen came out 2 years ago yet they are still making stuff for 10 year old consoles
      Current gen also came late to the party, it should have been released in 2012 or 2011

      • MichiganerE

        What does that have to do with anything? Last-gen started in ’05 with the release of the 360 (it started in ’04 if you count handhelds).
        That was the original plan, but shit happens.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        The shift from PS2 to PS3 happened quicker because the PS3 added multiplayer, which was game changing.

        • Joshwoocool

          PS2 had multiplayer

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Yeah, barely, but it wasn’t as supported and promoted as it was in PS3 games. Online became a big thing in the PS3/360 era. It became easier for developers to allow online play, and it became easier for the players to connect online. PS2 isn’t really known for it’s online games like the PS3/360 is.

          • Joshwoocool

            Starwars battlefront 2

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I just said that it had multiplayer, just not to the extent that PS3 had. The jump from PS2 -> PS3 was huge (giving game developers tons of new options) compared to the jump from PS3 -> PS4, which was basically just enhancing what players already had. That’s why the transition is taking longer.

      • jordanxbrookes


    • #HUG

      WaW Final fronts is pretty much this situation. yes. it is what i’ve been comparing this all to. I remember the amount of disappointment for many of my friends who bought final fronts for zombies but got the last of the campaign missions

      • MichiganerE


  • Why would you even want to buy BO3 on last gen? I mean it must suck playing with terrible graphics

    • Daniel

      Way less features
      Different/bad gun balancing
      Way less maps and no new guns
      The list goes on…

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        And it still costs $60. Most people going to buy a current gen console eventually anyways, might as well do it now instead of later so that you get your money’s worth of the games.

        • Aidan Brooke

          60 bucks is still cheaper then a 350$ xbox one Excluding the game

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            You can’t have a 360 forever. If you’re plan on gaming in the future, you have to buy a current gen console eventually. Might as well do it now and get your money’s worth out of games.

          • Justin Boczon

            They should at least try knowing that there are poor kids out there with old-gens who couldn’t wait for Black Ops 3 and got it on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 as a shitty version. Load of crap. They could of at least tried. No one just throws away and old-gen just like that. It costs money. Your probably rich so you have nothing to worry about, and your not helping. You statement was incorrect Siftblade.

          • spartanelite

            How about instead of still buying game’s for last gen you buy a current gen console

          • Brian

            Lol pathetic bum can’t afford next gen console

          • urmgurd

            Screw Consoles! #PCMASTERRACE

          • Booce

            lol a kid who asks his mommy and daddy to buy him the good new consoles
            Get a life

          • Johngod

            Pathetic bum actually bought the next gen console

        • Justin Boczon

          We are not rich man! You expect us to go out right now to get a $60 game and a $300+ console just for one game. Where is your brain? Lets all waste money on the new-gen. Treyarch focusing on the new-gens. WOW. That is a load of crap, also what is filled in D Vonderhaar head instead of a brain.

      • Aidan Brooke

        dude, last gen has the same maps, including dlc, the gun balancing is exactly the same, and the guns are the same too. Yes i know last gen doesn’t have royalty’s, but those aren’t really guns. Those are default guns with different stats and skins. get your facts straight

        • DarkWhiss

          Well it’s only your loss in the end if you dont want to upgrade. Being limited to or removed features.

        • spartanelite

          Your guys version isn’t even updated yet

        • Justin Boczon

          Dlc? No dlc’s! They did not try to make it good for the poor kids. I hope the company runs out of money! AND, no campaign- one of the best parts.

      • Rob Schneider

        Where does it says “way less features”
        The only announced feature was 2 player co – op campaign, with some more to come. But if they’re reductions like that, then I don’t really care anyway
        Gun balancing was matched on 360 to Xbox One way quicker than for ps4 for AW, where are you getting this information about it having bad balancing from? Or are you just making ignorant claims
        It has not been said that there will be less maps, possibly less DLC however, but that doesn’t affect all players, didn’t even buy DLC for the last two CoDs
        AW 360 had all the new guns that were in next gen, apart from the royalty variants and SAC1.5 , which is only a minor loss
        If you can provide a source for this information then okay
        Otherwise, stop saying what you think as facts.

      • james

        Your full o shit. Period.

    • ccrows

      I’m sure there’s some people out there that might get BO3 for BOTH gens, since they still have friends on prev gen. (for whatever reason)

      Still, I’m guessing that Treyarch is not really gonna support this, and defer all support questions over to Beenox/Merc. I really do think Von is gonna play “Not my problem” after the first month of launch as possible for prev gen.

      People think SH’s support was bad on last gen, I think it’s gonna be worse for BO3 with Trey…

      • MichiganerE

        For sure.

    • ben wills

      Why would you want it on current gen? Still horrible graphics compared to PC

      • Yep, but better than Last Gen.

      • Vikerii

        Who cares. That only matters with the campaign. Good luck in PC finding lobbies for any mode other than TDM. I know because I was pc up until AW. With ps4, I’m playing any game mode I feel. No looking back.

        • Primey_

          “Good luck in PC finding lobbies for any mode other than TDM”


          • Vikerii

            Lol. Ok, whatever.

          • Brother Penguin

            What do you mean bs? It’s actually kind of difficult to find matches in CoD for PC nowadays. The only CoD in PC that has a good sum of players online would be the older CoDs, as in MW. You can still find lobbies in CoD PC, but you’ll just end up playing with some of the same players you play with.

        • Aidan Brooke

          that’s because its freaking AW!

        • ben wills

          It was a post about double standards that flew over everyone’s head, cuz you know, bias

      • Humza Qureshi

        If you’re playing COD on PC for the graphics your are literally retarded.

        • Aidan Brooke


        • ben wills

          That applies for anything then. Don’t get into double standard bullshit

          • Humza Qureshi

            No it doesn’t. No one plays COD for the graphics. That’s a fact. What else does it apply to?

      • Henry Arias

        horrible graphics? they dont even look that much different you moron

        • ben wills

          That is factually incorrect. Typical ignorance, part of your nature to justify your shitty purchase.

          Do know that it is factually incorrect, though. Some people have actually seen both.

          Oh, and you also missed the point of the comment. Nice one.

          • Henry Arias

            have you seen the beta on PS4? looks the same as last gen there is hardly any difference at all you moron

          • ben wills

            There isn’t a beta on last gen

          • Henry Arias

            I played the beta then played BO2 on my 360, didnt really notice any change in graphics, looks the same to me

    • GinsuVictim

      Me. I don’t care about graphics being any better than they already are on last gen. They’ve been fine for this long. Just give me 60fps.

    • guy

      Who cares whatever console you buy it for, you guys will still hate it after a week.

    • Rorke File

      I’d rather play Bo2 or MW3 if I didn’t had a current gen or didn’t could buy one.

    • Yea because I buy the game to admire the graphics….

      • Booce

        Ha g g gg g g g g g GAAAAYYYYY!!!!

    • jordanxbrookes

      It’s not really the graphics, although the AW port was awful and not aesthetically pleasing, but more of the reduction of features and not up-to-date on patches, fixes etc.

    • Xx_COLSEY_xX

      I really don’t care if the graphics sucks. I could go back to PS1 and play Crash Bandicoot and have a lot of fun. I don’t need amazing graphics to enjoy the game.

      • sahraoui sidahmed

        So true, graphics are overrated

      • Justin Boczon

        Its not only about the graphics, but also about the lack of features such as campaign or paint shop. What Treyarch did was say “Lets give the poor old-gens a crappy version, piece of shit because we don’t care about them, we care about the money. ” THEY ARE SAYING “DONT WORRY ABOUT THE POOR KIDS BEACAUSE SINCE THERE DESPERATE ABOUT THE NEW GAME AND GET IT IN A CRAPPY VERSION, THEY WILL GET THEIR PARENTS TO BUT A NEW CONSOLE AND WE MAKE MORE MONEY.

    • Primey_

      You could say the same about playing on current gen

    • noobswontlie

      I hope it has B02 graphics at the least.

      • Henry Arias

        the graphics arent even bad you moron, they look the same as 360 and xbox 1

        • noobswontlie

          I never said the graphics are bad, im just saying that the last gen version should at least have BO2 graphics.

    • Rob Schneider

      I have no choice really
      Heading to uni next year hopefully, need new laptop, book, accommodation etc , not spending money on an unnecessary console, of which fails to impress me still
      My brother has a PS4 but its not mine obviously so I can’t take it
      No point of having two next gen consoles within the same family
      I also have a large number of games I’m yet to play/complete on 360 due to Games With Gold
      Please have a think about these topics before making of ignorant comments, I’ve attempted to sound as calm and formal as possible too.

    • Henry Arias

      dude the graphics look the same on both last gen and next gen you idiot

    • urmgurd

      Well, I could buy this game on Ps3, just to get DLC first before all the Xbones, but I’m actually getting on PC, because #PCMASTERRACE.

    • Billy Larson

      well not all people have the next gen consoles like me

  • Daniel

    There won’t be too many dlc guns on current gen because old gen can’t handle it and ATVI would have to lower dlc price on last gen if they removed gun dlc from their version, which isn’t happening.
    Same goes for zombies, treyarch can’t do a giant skyrim sized map because it would be impossible to port it to last gen
    And they can’t cut zombies off last gen because its the main part oft he game
    Greedy ATVI

    • Keshav Bhat

      But who said DLC is coming to last-gen?

      Activision said DLC plans for last-gen will be talked about closer to launch.

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      Well AW has already released DLC weapons on current-gen and PC but not on last-gen because last-gen couldn’t handle it. Treyarch may still be able to put giant zombie maps for current-gn and PC, if they cant fit onto last-gen than it won’t pass down to last-gen.

  • Thatlazykid

    I am worried about zombies not getting a huge map due to old gen consoles 🙁
    If old gen don’t get dlc then that might be ok

    • MichiganerE

      It seems that last-gen won’t hold back current-gen, so even with the game on last-gen, you can still expect some huge maps. It’s just that last-gen would probably use a lot of fog to make it work.

  • guest

    just by having a 360 and ps3 version is automatically going to scale down the possibilities for the game to have

  • Prince Of The City.

    Anyone notice how he says mentions PS4 first when he talks about what Treyarch is focusing on? Hmmm.. Lol

    • Daniel

      Vahn likes PS4 more, it is his personal preference not ATVI’s

    • ccrows

      Didn’t notice that, just rooting for the end of console exclusivity at E3… 😉

    • jooker-jr

      Xbox has one, ps4 has 4, 4 is more than one which means 4 needs more poewr to render ( how? That’s not your business)


  • Spodermen

    Gud cuz we ull kno activusion en gaem cumpuny neber lie 420% seur bout et

  • Brad

    You could tell Vahn wanted to strangle whoever at Activision decided to make the game for old gen haha

    • CloneCatCommander

      How? He still has nothing to do with it anyway, so I have no idea why he would care so much.

  • DeathBringerZen

    Vahn said “PS4, Xbox One, PC”… He typed PS4 ahead of X1!?!

    Oh God…

    • Tsaki

      I don’t think this means something

  • ccrows

    I know Vov has lied in the past. *cough* LAVA! (on Magma) Pod jumping (on Pod) *cough* *cough*

    However I honestly believe him on this. Personally, my guess is that Von/Trey wanted NOTHING to do with prev gen, and Activision still pushed.

    I’m guessing Von even said, “Fine go find someone to put it on prev gen, I want nothing to do with it”. I mean you can kinda read between the lines in his Tweets about how he feels about BO3 on prev gen…

    • Kobrah


      • ccrows

        It’s a bad habit to break.

        I’m mostly on GFaqs, and a lot of people have been saying Von there for years, which makes breaking that habit even harder… 🙁

    • Don’t forget being able to go in the stands on Encore, that never happened. But yeah he is telling the truth on this one.

  • llxster

    Its probably gonna be just like the advanced warfare port it while costs $100 and $150 but i’m still going to buy it for last-gen and everyone will be tempted to also especially if they haven’t upgraded to current-gen.

  • SoulTaker

    Eh I don’t really mind if it’s last gen or not. To me I didn’t think A.W was held back and I doubt the PC version will be held back as well if Drift0r is right the PC version will be glorious hopefully my rig will be able to run it at 1440P 60 FPS with a few upgrades down the line before launch. The only game I feel was actually affected by last gen was Destiny which a dev stated that the game was held back from being 60 FPS because of cross platforms.

  • Stefan Lang

    He mentioned ps4 in the consoles before he mentioned XB1 if that means anything lol.

  • YAY!

  • LovekillerX

    This is good news. Now people can put these complaints about old gen to rest. I’m just here hoping that E3 would come faster… come on!

    • Guywithbrains

      Now just wait for people in denial coming to claim he is lying. In my opinion this is good news but I knew it all the time. AW proved it that old gen doesn’t affect current gen (at least my version of AW which is working like a dream).

      • LovekillerX

        Yeah AW looked so gorgeous although it was also available on old gen. It runs great without any problems and I’m glad it works the way it should be working for me. But I know that old gen is suffering… and maybe it will be worse this year. DLC announcements for PS3 and Xbox 360 coming later sounds already “promising”…

  • juggz

    All this talk about graphics but truthfully its all about money sell as many on last gen as possible and sell as many on next gen. pure numbers ppl.


    The old gen argument is irrelevant – the fact they are still using the same engine from 2005 is the factor here so regardless of it coming to the old gen; the current gen version will still be completely dated and held back by this alone. It looked dreadful in the trailer and the fact AW looked better; means they’ve had to sacrifice visual fidelity already. Not a good sign really but as it’s got CoD on it; everyone will be once again blinded by hype only to bitch when the game is out with everyone saying the usual ‘i told you so’ regular as clockwork.

  • Gamersville101

    yeh next gen will save money since all the games are gonna come ouit on tht and if you buy ps3 vmsz then eventually you will have to switch when then you have wasted money on those old games

    • GinsuVictim

      How is it a waste of money? We get to play a different version now, then a better version later. It’s worth the price for me to play now rather than wait three or four years until I see enough games out to make me want a new console.

  • Pit Craft

    They said they could not do swimming on bo2 beachse of limitations does that mean that last gen won’t have it

    • Pit Craft

      Shut the fuck up you moron

  • It is good news that the development team are not holding any features back in order to keep both platforms equal.

    My best guess is that the last gen versions are going to be so watered down, it would be pointless to buy it. Watered down as in weaker graphics, lack of features, and I also bet there will be even more crashes and hardware problems just like the AW port.

    In conclusion, the only reason why the last gen ports are coming is because money can still be made and Activision needs it. One thing I don’t like about this decision is how it will effect server populations.

    • GinsuVictim

      Most people who buy last gen were never going to buy current gen anyway. It’s not going to affect population all that much.
      I’ll buy last gen gladly.

  • Ok ! And now that one about Snow White and those dwarfs, please !!!.. 😀

  • burrgee

    There you go you crying bitches yous happy now? Jesus christ people on this website are depressing as fuck, cough cough fatty jordan.

    • Aidan Brooke

      yeah everyone has $350 to spare, sure man

      • burrgee

        You had two years to save up its not that much, and plus that wasnt my point.

        • Aidan Brooke

          hey i have other stuff to buy too you know

          • burrgee

            Fare enough, but its worth it getting a current gen console if your looking to play cod trust me, i would bet my life no more cods will be coming out on last gen after bops 3. So if i were you i would start saving bro.

          • Aidan Brooke

            Yeah, I’m starting to get annoyed by my xbox 360, maybe I’ll be able to buy the one in a month or two

      • burrgee

        Get a job you fucking bum can’t stand black people

  • Navv

    Glad that’s settled then, no more whining.

    • burrgee


      • Navv

        Exactly what? You piece of shit

    • burrgee

      Exactly what your mom said lastnyt when I was cuming on her ass

  • Melchor

    If you don’t have current gen I suggest you begin to save up! Black Friday and Christmas bundles are always a great time to buy and take advantage.

    • Navv

      Shut the fuck up you idiot

  • Navv

    Personally to all those saying just upgrade, personally I don’t feel it’s worth upgrading yet. Hasn’t been one game that’s made me think, wow, I’ll spend £350 on a new console. Will get BO3 if I feel it looks good nearer release but I’m sure many will agree it’s stupid to waste that amount of money for one game that by Christmas will most likely be unbearable anyway. These games have a consistent tendency to play amazing for the first month then go downhill completely. Let’s hope Treyarch manages to change that.

  • Ak74u

    I hope zombies will be bigger, better and scarier than ever I want a true next gen zombies experience

  • Austin Garris

    I love how people are like oh last gen consoles are shitty. Hey I have a Xbox one and 360. And guess what? I am not impressed by next gen graphics. Ryse looks good but the hardware is so much better but the graphics are not in comparison? Stop hating on people who wants to buy games are last gen

  • Ryumoau

    This makes me feel alot better about the ps4 version. i was really annoyed when they first announced the last gen versions.

  • Adavanter Mki

    That’s what they all say… sigh.

  • jordanxxxbrookes

    Where is “BradyiLuvcock” at? His opinions are always facts backed by “millions” of other players and all that oppose his few is somehow a fanboy. He called Black Ops 3 releasing on last gen “anti consumerism” lmfao. I be he tells his girlfriend(boyfriend?) he watches porn so much because masturbation increases weightloss by 200%

  • Gorudensukaji

    What i find funny is how they can only have 2 player co op on last gen, yet HALO has had 4 player co op since like forever WITH better graphics, besidea that the campaign in supposed to be an arena style campaign, so you can bet your bottom dollar they’re gonna use multiplayer mas as part of the campaign or vice versa, MEANWHILE the visuals from what ive seen of BO3 which is recorded on current gen, looks about as good as advanced warfare on last gen, im not convinced thst this took 3 years to make. The older COD’s have never drasticly improved their visuals, now go compare fallout 3 to fallout 4..

  • PeopleAreStrange

    I don’t get the whole elitist attitude regarding people having last gen consoles. Kudos to you if you were able to get a next gen console but some of us, especially college students, can’t afford that shit right off. If you wanna drop $400 or whatnot on a console then that’s on you I don’t get why others are downed for not being dumb enough to do the same. To me, $350 is e price of a goddamm textbook. It’s bad enough games are $60 a pop. You want a parade for having next gen? I’ll want until those consoles go down at least another hundred or so. Or even get it used. As long as the damn game is playable who cares what console it’s on. But if anyone wants to buy me a next gen so I can be “cool” Then I’m not gonna stop you.

  • BudWakkaH

    At the end of the day. They’re all a business and are very dedicated to pleasing the fan base the C.O.D series has massed over the years. They wouldn’t want to cause disputes and a possibility of losing fans over something so simple as old and new gen differences. So they have made the best and in my opinion the right decision on realising BO3 on both gen consoles.

  • Henry Arias

    the beta for BLOPS 3 is out and the grpahics look the same as 360 graphics

  • Henry Arias

    i have both last gen and next gen and the graphics dont even look that much different, both look the same to me so im going for 360 version

  • Joshua ODell

    Well its not ideal to play on last gen but if your like me you only have the cash for the occasional $60 game then you will be pleased its coming at all.

  • Gavin

    Is there going to be dlcs for ps3? Because if not im not buying