Microsoft has just announced that Xbox One will be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 starting this Fall. Retail AND Digital copies will work. All games will need to be downloaded from the Xbox Store, once the game is available, you can insert your retail disc and it will allow you to download and play the game or you can purchase the game if you dont own the retail disc. Over 100 games will be available this fall. The best part is nothing is required by the developers, Microsoft is handling all the porting. A demo of the Xbox One running the original Xbox 360 Mass Effect was shown.

Time to get all of your old Call of Duty games back out of storage…

  • Freeze

    Will the graphics be enhanced?

    • Mike O’Brien

      No, but it will have lower latency and smoother gameplay.

      • Freeze

        Okay, that is decent.

        • ScOott

          You not watching it ? ..

          • Freeze

            Nah, at school, and would have finals to study for anyways, probably will just tune in for activision

  • Vicsupreme


  • Navv

    Will be so good to play Black Ops 2 on XB1.

    • Vicsupreme


  • Freeze

    NOW I can sell my 360.

  • ScOott

    Yessssss! Black ops 2 here I come ! … If I don’t like black ops3 (which I will) then I’ve always got trusty black ops 2!

    • Vicsupreme

      HELL YEAH. The only game I’m hyped for

    • HypeeZGb

      Fuck that, yes BO2, MW2, COD4 and WaW lol

  • ScOott

    We getting a controller with paddles on the back as well!

    • imBATMAN

      scuff? lol but are we really?

      • ScOott

        Lol yh looks actually better than the scuff, has some other things on it, should check the video out for it, I think it’s called the elite controller

        • Stefan Lang

          Pretty sick

          • Mick

            What do the paddles do?

          • Stefan Lang

            I believe its remapping. Just like the scuf controller. And it has trigger stop toggles. Probably gonna sell for about 80$

          • Mick


          • Ian s

            It retails for 150

        • Vicsupreme

          It’s fucking awesome that Microsoft was the first one to step up and do this. Drift0r was just talking about how one of these companies should do this

          • ScOott

            So many games I never got to play now I can, although I’m just happy can play older cods now, the wait for black ops 3 won’t be as long now ..

          • Vicsupreme

            yeah dude, its especially good for someone like me who didnt own a 360 until 2013

        • imBATMAN

          ok thx

        • Deshawn Coil

          This scoot guy is in ever discussion

    • burrgee

      yeah but i bet it cost like a £100

      • ScOott

        I don’t think it will be that much, but if it is il probably still end up buying one ..

        • JT7878

          On release? Atleast a bill American. I just don’t see them cutting down Scuf by 50% out of the gate. Fuck Scuf. Never dealing with that POS company again is priceless. All the Amazon shit I saw earlier on areddit were people cookie stuffing for affiliate bread. They were all claiming $80 as clickbait.


          They posted the price at $150.

  • TheDemonOfHate

    Do you think that PS4 might do this too?

    • k5berry

      Hopefully, didn’t they mention something involving PSN and backwards compatibility before the PS4 was released?

    • Ryumoau

      we can only hope. But considering how the ps4 is still missing basic features like video and music support, i’m not holding my breath for something as advanced as this. 🙁

      • Vicsupreme

        Nope, it would run ps now into the dirt

    • Johnny

      I don’t think we will see this. Sony is promoting their streaming service PS Now and if they enable backwards compatibility, it defeats the purpose of that service. PS4 uses a different architecture than the PS3 so the only way they can do this is to make an emulator. Whether they invest on it or not is unknown.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      They will probably feel forced to now. That’s the beauty of competition. Although I’m worried Sony may keep trying to push PS Now instead.

  • Thatlazykid

    i hope ps4 does this please i hope!

    • Vicsupreme

      Nope, they don’t want ps now to become obsolete

      • Thatlazykid

        If ps4 dont do backwards compatibility then they fucked up big time :/

        • Vicsupreme

          Yeah dude. They can’t do it without looking like total jackasses for ripping people off with a shitty streaming service and a bunch of remasters and then to turn around and shit on people who actually paid for ps plus by them creating backward compatibility

    • #HUG

      The PS4 does recognize when you put in a PS3 disc, so it seems eventually it may be possible. But this is completely awesome for those who have an Xbox one, unless they got rid of their 360 and games to get one…

  • Ryumoau

    I’ve been off and on watching the xbox conference since i’m a ps gamer and on ly care about whether Black ops 3 will show up.
    But i have to admit this backwards capatablility is freaking awesome and its a HUGE blow to Sony’s lame ps now streaming service.

  • semir krcic

    does anybody kno if psn can do this

    • bigb22

      I guess we will have to wait to see at 9 pm est/6 pst. Its really them just wanting everyone to upgrade systems now.

    • WhiskeyDick

      Currently, no it cannot… But maybe now Sony will get to work on this feature for ps4, if so I wouldn’t have any issues buying a ps4… It will certainly help ppl transition to current gen consoles IMO

  • Stefan Lang

    So will we be able to play Old CoDs and have some cross platform shit going on with people playing old cods on 360??

    • kia0525

      You can play mp with 360 players

      • Rorke File

        And the other people playing the old games on the ONE.

        • Sentrill

          No… I seriously doubt old cods or any multiplayer themed game will become backwards compaitble. It costs too much money and the companies dont have the time to port every game everyone pleases. Expect games with a good story to make it on the list. Expect it to be like the Xbox to Xbox 360 compatibility lost. Also, the ports they made so xbox games could run on the 360 were horribly laggy at times. The same will happen because it’s a compatibility port and not a remake.

          • Rorke File

            Microsoft is doing anything the companies don’t have to do anything.

    • Mobin Amanzai

      not yet, there’s only a handful of 360 games, more to come soon.

    • Shaun Greig

      I got told that call of duty won’t be playable because treyarch refuse to allow it but time will tell

  • imBATMAN

    But can we play with people that are on the 360?

    • Vicsupreme

      Hopefully, that’s what i wanna know

      • EVX

        Yes you can, check the xbox website

  • Guywithbrains

    Watching Xbox press conference and Black Ops 3 still missing… maybe soon.

    EDIT: Quite good compared to previous Xbox press conferences.

    • Vicsupreme

      Who gives a shit??? Xbox got black ops 2 back!!!!

  • Anthony

    I get to play black ops 2 again. :’)

    • Raptor

      Not yet 🙁

  • Mick

    This is freakin awesome! Hopefully it’s like a cross platform thing where I can play with people on 360 who don’t physically have an XB1. I haven’t seen more than 100,000 people playing a cod game in forever. (I know BO2 gets 100,000 players sometimes, but not on a daily basis). The good ol’ days ?

    • Smayo

      You can, they mentioned it in the presentation, for example I put BO2 in my xbox one and you play Bo2 on your 360 we be still able to join the same lobby, but I think we won’t be able to communicate with each other

      • Mick

        Oh okay. Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t get to watch the presentation. School is such a drag sometimes :/

  • lights1996

    Anyone know how DLC will work with this backwards compatibility?

  • MurkN101

    I have a feeling the Xbox 360 games you play on Xbox One won’t have online multiplayer

    • Vicsupreme

      They already said multiplayer will work

  • semir krcic

    please add this to ps4

    • Vicsupreme

      Nope, you have ps now

  • semir krcic


  • semir krcic

    playstation if you don’t add this peple who play your wonderful games wont play anymore cause of 1 thing please add this to ps4

    • Vicsupreme

      its called ps now, kid. Use that shitty service and get over it or just get an xbox one since it obviously has what you want

      • semir krcic

        well ps now doesn’t have old cod games so its basically shit and im not a kid

      • #HUG

        PS now is directed for people to play off console. Phones, tablets, TVs all without having to dump $400 for a new console.

  • Tom

    will you be able to play black ops 3 because that would make my life

  • Melchor

    Damn, Microsoft has done a great job so far in E3!

    • Johnny

      Even though I have a PS4 the conference was very good. A lot of emphasis on 1st party titles, backwards compatibility, pro controller, and then the hololens. I don’t know how Sony will be able to top that. Though it seems that Sony might end up showing Black Ops 3.

  • Ptrain727

    Damn, that’s awesome! I have a ps4 but this is a great feature and I’m pretty jealous. Congrats guys!

  • J4MES

    Looks like I’ll be buying an Xbox One and dusting off my MW2 and Black Ops discs! Love to see the old COD’s reborn again – just wish this happened from the get-go so I didn’t have to suffer Ghosts for all that time.

    • Vicsupreme

      if you’re “dusting off your discs” doesnt that mean you kept your 360 also and weren’t forced to play ghosts?

      • J4MES

        I had Ghosts on the PS4. I couldn’t justify setting up both consoles in the same room as my PC either. Can’t really go back to the 360 when on PC and PS4 either especially paying the Gold subscription.

  • Aceshigh87

    I wish Sony would do this but with the architecture change I don’t know if it’s possible. PS Now is kinda a good substitute but not everyone’s Internet (mine included) is capable of handling it. Plus it’s kinda ridiculous to expect users to pay for games they already own.

    Maybe a hybrid system is in order? PS Now streams the games (to avoid the architecture problem) but if you insert the disk you can play without having to pay since you own the game.

    I know I have a few PS3 games I’d like to go back to without having to hook the old console up but hate the idea of having to pay o stream them when I already paid retail price for the game.

    • Ptrain727

      You don’t have to buy it again. You just insert the disc once it is available in store and it downloads.

      • Aceshigh87

        You didn’t read my comment, did you? Yes, what you said is how this new XBOX compatibility works. I’m talking about Sony’s Playstation Now system which doesn’t download any games to your system, it just streams them. You pay for every stream though, whether you owned the game or not.

        • Ptrain727

          My bad man, just woke up and skimmed through. All good.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Very impressed by Xbox and Microsoft. GG.

  • Spodermen

    diz iz bury gud newz

  • Brad

    Playstation – You can have your early DLC. FUCK YEAH BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY WHOOOOO

  • Will WilFredo Mendoza

    Dammit! And I was gonna get the PS4 and now I am debating 🙁

  • Ratboy

    Thinking about switching… Playstation conference must happen now to persuade me back!

  • Tyler volk

    Yeah boys I can play some WaW on my Xbox one OOOOOOOO YEEEEAAAAAHHH plus new sick graphics (I hope)

    • The Flash

      i doubt this, i think it means you can play them on the Xbone with no longer a need for the Xbox 360 if you have one.

  • Ak74u

    So the old games like cod4 will look next gen on the Xbox one?

    • I hope so!

    • The Flash

      i doubt this, i think it means you can play them on the Xbone with no longer a need for the Xbox 360 if you have one

  • is mw2 gonna be playable on xbox one then ??

    • GinsuVictim

      Once they add it, yeah.

  • The Flash

    does PS4 not have backwards compatibility?

    • Joeldagod

      yes and no

    • JoZer805g

      There is Playstation Now but its a subscription base service to rent PS3 games on the PS4 and multiple devices. But a high speed connection is highly recommended to play the games with less latency.

  • FATHEAD661

    I wonder if this means that multiplayer for older CODs will be revived? I truly hope so.

    • JoZer805g

      It most likely won’t cause the players on the Xbox One will be connected to the 360 Live servers for the 360 games.


    When it meant “All games will need to be downloaded from the Xbox Store”, does that mean that i have to repurchase the game?!

  • Show N Prove

    We get mods as well!!

  • Dom

    Everyone is so happy but Activision said they aren’t allowing it since they want the upcoming games to be the spotlight of CoD, so good fight to all you people who cant let go of shit games due to hacks.

  • Jen Stevens from Part Source

    I really hope sony can make the same thing happen… call of duty world at war.. ps4.. jeez

  • This is great. I have still have my 360 but now it will be easier cool.


    Xbox one comeback?!

  • scrotesmd

    brilliant news, i wont need my 360 for rockband 3!

  • Kiba

    What does this mean for halo and cod servers, does this mean that xbox one players can now play online on those servers? For example and xbox one friend playing with a xbox 360 online player matching?

  • Niya Christina Robinson Hilson

    I know this is a far shot, but do you think the newer games would be able to be played on multiplayer through both consoles as well? I highly doubt it but it doesn’t hurt to ask

  • Kkody2

    Will you be able to download DLC on Example- BO2
    If you have already payed for that dlc will you be able to download it for free on the Xbox one
    IM mainly wondering if it will even allow you to because I mainly play like origins zombies.

  • NovaNation Project

    I have pre ordered black ops 3 on xbox 360 in hope that i can play it on either my xbox 360 or the xbox one with the backwards compat, has there been any official posts that said that bo3 will be backwards compat?

  • Tyler Vivian

    So you can download a preowned Xbox 360 disc to the Xbox one and you can play it without inserting the disc?

  • dragon666soul

    I digital downloaded black ops 1 will I be able to Dow load it to my xbox one or do I have to buy it