Its truly a new era for Call of Duty. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s multiplayer beta will be available first on the PlayStation 4 platforms. The beta will be available in August on PS4, and it’ll come soon after on Xbox One and PC. 

PlayStation announced that the Call of Duty: Black Ops III multiplayer beta will launch first on PS4, starting in August. The beta will also be available on Xbox One and PC at a later date. Actual beta launch dates and details have not been released yet.

Preorder now for Beta Access. Beta is only available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

  • vNebz

    fuck u

    • Bigi345

      K m8

  • LovekillerX


  • SonicDash06

    Fucking hate the guy doing the presentation. Playstation is the new home for cod. Im just like “kill urself”

    • SoulTaker

      Calm down man just a game no need for those thoughts. ;-;


      am sure it was a long term deal…

    • Drasadex

      bruh, settle down lol

    • Devin Wolfe

      Time to go to the dark net and order a hit on the CEO of Sony.

    • Phil Nichols

      This sums up how the world feels about you

  • I get that they get DLC first but why they get the beta first tho?

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      because Sony is now partnered with Activision and Beta first on PlayStation is great way to reward the fans.

      • Brad

        Great way to reward the fans that payed the same price as the xbox players, great way

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Now you know how we felt everytime Xbox got something early (which was everything). Sucks, but you’ll get used to it.

        • bradisstupid

          Wow brad how stupid do u sound? Now you know how ever Sony player feels

    • Mr_DPM

      They don’t get it first.. Xbox doesn’t get the Beta at all based on the wording of the tweet.

      • omar_soft

        Uh Xbox does get the beta, read just about every past announcement regarding the beta…

        • Mr_DPM

          I understand that. I was just saying, based on the tweet, it’s going to only be on PS4. Maybe they worded it wrong. Maybe I’m reading it wrong. Idk. I was just giving my observation. No need to be a dick.

          • blatt

            You mean based on a tweet by Playstation…odd they wouldn’t tweet about other platforms…

          • omar_soft

            Not being a dick, im just saying that in just about every other announcement about the beta it includes X1 and PC

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        The beta is coming out for PS4, X1, and PC. PS4 is just getting it first.

  • xboxhasdied

    Hahahahahaha Xbox is dead have fun waiting ahhhhhh this is the day Xbox has died

    • mr hashtag

      Can’t you tell you have been sad all these years when Xbox had the exclusive rights haha.

      • guy

        The sadness is over

        • mr hashtag

          I don’t know what the deal is of who gets it first anyway, never bothered me.

          • guy

            Yeah I’m probably not gonna even get this game cause of Fallout, RIP COD 🙁

          • besides, everyone will hate blops3 in 7 months…

          • Kip Bingham

            seriously i know right its just a game.

      • hastagyourassissore

        Awe hashtag I can tell ur booty hole got all sore when u had to wait for the beta

        • mr hashtag

          I couldn’t careless about the beta, im not gonna argue with a 12 year old either

    • Fred Steele

      Xbox hasn’t “died” at all, just because PlayStation are getting content for Call Of Duty first. Do you realise how many other games our available on Xbox? there are many more games which are outperforming Call Of Duty now, it is pretty sad that you made a comment which makes it sound like you paid £350 for a console in which you only play Call Of Duty… if anything Call Of Duty is dead, no true Call Of Duty fan should enjoy the unrealistic, dirty, futuristic setting of COD’s such as advanced warfare and black ops 3!

      • Patrick Murray

        Yeh that’s what I’m saying we have Halo one of they greatist games to date and The Division which looks sick lol I find the dlc got boring after bo2 anyway so why should I get a ps4 for cod lol all ps4 fanboys are such a joke

  • schobi2k9

    Sony wins! COD / FF7 / TLG / Uncharted no one can top that

    • Kurt Angle

      Don’t know about FF7. As far as I know, it will come to Xbox one. They never said it was exclusively for the playstation. They only said its coming first to playstation.

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      Uncharted 4 looked amazing. It could get Game Of The Year.

      • sp james qs

        nah f1 2015 is that m8

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      Fallout won everything, really.

      • Rosco

        Also games such as h1z1 are making appearances to ps4

    • Daniel

      COD???? LOL
      FF7 I hate final fantasy and seriously, a remake
      TLG? A game about a kid with a giant dog and all you have to do is press one button to make him play the game 4 u?
      Uncharted was AMAZING

      • KevJumbaify .

        You’re a kid. You don’t get why people are so excited for the last guardian. Plus horizon looked fucking amazing.

      • Lol how old are you? 12?

      • Tones Mercurio

        *laughs at cod while on a cod news site*

    • one word: DOOM

    • kia0525

      I’ve been wanting an ff7 remake forever. However, it did say “First on PS4” so I’m assuming it’ll come to the xb1 eventually.

      • Bobby1kenobi

        PS4 and PC confirmed but have never mentioned XB1

    • Zarky

      Cod 4 on Xbox One > Priceless 🙂 GG

      • Marcusi23

        Only if you’re talking about singleplayer. Cod 4 servers are down so you won’t be able to get online.

        • Demetrius Radford

          yes u can get online homie

      • MaxPar

        Activision refused to play old cods on Xbox one so you fail kiddo

        • rich gang

          you are actually retarded

          • MaxPar

            Lol uMad nub

          • MaxPar

            Says you with your gang username lols what a faggot umadkid?

      • Rosco

        Yet backwards compatability isn’t working

        • Joshua Sanchez

          Only until fall will that feature work, which means somewhere between september and november, who knows…

    • Patrick Murray

      Halo 5 that’s all I have to say

    • Bobby1kenobi

      the last of us, bloodborne, uncharted and now early access to CoD DLC. Its a good time to be a sony owner.

  • Guest

    I love how people are like Xbox is dead. Who cares that they don’t have exclusivity for doc. It means nothing. I never even buy doc anyways cause I’m against paying for extra content.

    • ARTID INCHAI wouldn’t even be here if you don’t care..

      • xGeneralRex

        I suggest you look up the definition of hypocrite before you use it any further.

      • Sinewed

        I dont care about DLC but i just want competitive cod to stay on xbox, especially since i bought a scuf and 2 headsets. Since they making the deal it could mean COD Champs is sponsored by Sony.

        • ahhhhhhsick

          Hahahahhahahahha bought a scuff and a headset omg what a fucking fool

    • sorebootyhole

      Xbox is dead oh and u cared enough to comment another one who’s booty hole is sore

  • TheGamerBeast

    When for other platforms??????

    • PatPatPat

      More then likely, September, or maybe even October.



      • RedGamer

        tbh they didn’t say, hell it could be a year

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    Imagine COD MLG on Playstation. The legion of Optic fans will soon migrate to PS4.


      cod population are pretty large …i don’t see why not

    • Kenny

      They put Xbox on RT and they are CLEARLY winning by almost 3x. This says something.

      • Dude, switch it the other way around and see how it would work, all the xbox players RT’ing to their other Xbox friends, while favouriting does nothing…

  • Mark

    does xbox get it at all

    • Phil Nichols

      Most likely a month later, so you can expect it in Sept.

      • Bigi345

        A beta a month you sure?

        • Juses


        • Phil Nichols

          I’m not saying the Beta will be available for a month but it is plausible that it would wait a month before going to XBox. I.e. Beta arrives on PSN in August, and it is active for 2 weeks then goes away but XBox players still wait two more weeks before they see it

      • Demetrius Radford

        not a month later. that means the ps4 beta is gonna last for 2 months. id say a few days later a week at max.

  • Brad

    This is such bullshit first lets start with bo3. That looked exactly like hardcore in old cod games. Smh ttk is 1 bullet for each gun. Now I won’t even begin to explain how angry I am about the fucking beta being a month exclusive to shitty Playstation. I’m ok with the DLC but the beta, REALLY?? Fuck Activision and fuck that faggot that was talking for Sony

  • Looks like I will be preordering it on PS4, even if I will end up buying it on Xbox One.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      What’s the point of that?

      • Doesnt cost me anything if I get a refund and I get to play the beta a few weeks to a month early.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Just for CoD DLC early? Stupid reason bro.

      • WhiskeyDick

        I’m pretty sure his intentions are to play the beta in August… Lol not for the early dlc

      • For the beta bro.

  • jordanxbrookes

    I’m fine with DLC, but the Beta? Come on now.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      It’s time for you to migrate. Join us!

      • jordanxbrookes

        I have friends with PS4s, they’ll let me play it early and record it early there ;P

        • Run N Gunning Camper

          You know it’s not the same as owning one. Go PS4 and you can camp with me.

          • jordanxbrookes


          • Get a PS4 man, it’s best owning all consoles and being part of the multiconsole master race! 😛


      hop on the trend train,this been going on for awhile now.

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox
  • I understand that there are some long term COD fans that are upset on this site, but you have to understand this literally sums up how Playstation users have felt for years. It’s unfortunate that deals like this exist, but let’s not forget, the video game industry is a business and it’s about making money. Call of Duty is a multi-million dollar brand and that’s why deals like this exist. I am really excited as a Sony fan that this is happening, but I can understand how this came as a shock to some players.

    • kia0525

      It’s all good, I’m cool with it, ps4 does have more units out there, more units equals more money to be made. I don’t blame Activision for their decision.

      • Spiderknows

        And also more players , how many pros are out there on box? Ps esports will attract even more pros so who gives a shit if the old players wont make the transition, its a new day and age. Were moving forward not backward. Ps deal was the best thing that could have happened to console industry.

        • kia0525


        • Remainz

          Hell nah PS4 is a faget Console that no one likes they’re lucky they have money. They’re Just Fanboys that wants to by like Xbox. Hey Xbox is doing it, Let’s do it also because we can’t find our own damn shit. Cod is Xbox and it’s been here since the beginning, And PS4 finally stole it haha??? We made CoD Famous. Don’t forget CoD 1 Was never on PS.

          • cesc-2007

            Some one is unhappy. Did you have an day at school. Just one question for you.
            If no one likes PS4 how come its out sold eggsbox……

          • james haught

            atleast the xbox one wasnt been hacked lol you can now use pirated games on ps4 shows u who has better security lets not mention how many hackers r on ps networks compared to xbox lol i cant go into a aw lobby on ps3 without someone aimboting with god mode

          • Duffle bag BOYZ

            Well that is more of the CoD servers fault… like I cant play MW2 at all without hackers using some kind of hack on all platforms including PC and its becoming hard for me to play BO2 on PC wihout hackers either. sooner or later the game wont matter to the Developers and hackers will just have their way completely.

          • xbox is clearly better

            whats funny is that on xbox i can on anu cod and not have a problem at all with hackers…i guess thats just something exclusive to ps and pc…

          • Bobby1kenobi

            Liar, there is so much hacking on xbox.

          • Maurice Green

            fist of all psn wasn’t hacked the system got overloaded with reports of hacks so…. yeah get your facts straight

          • Bobby1kenobi

            Xbox is far more notorious than playstation for hackers and modders but yeah we did get hacked by anonymous in 2011 and it lasted 3 weeks. Lizzard squad fuck with xbox as much as they do with psn nowa days though.

          • Bobby1kenobi

            eggsbox hahahahaha

          • Jeffff

            That moment when you’re calling someone/something a faggot but spell it faget

          • Jeffff

            He’s gonna need some burn oinment

          • Jeffff


          • David DjBongz Tongakilo

            wow it must really hurt you that cod has come to ps4 lol, And how can you say “no one likes” when the ps4 has been dominant in sales while xbox one is playing catch up not to mention xbox ones fail backward compatibility hahahaha…. go figure you dumb ass fanboy i got both consoles so no need to be a bitch boy fan about either.

          • herb mosley

            Backwards compatibility isnt out yet, only preview program members have it its not finished thats why its called preview program.

          • manc9826

            Ha ha you’re wrong cod has been on ps since the begining like xbox and pc because 1 , 2 and 3 where all on ps2 and so xbox did not really make cod famous and cod is not xbox because if it was it would be an exclusive to xbox which the only exclusive thing to xbox cod had was early dlc which that only started in black ops 1 which when microsoft mad the deal for early dlc and as for sony are lucky they have money you could say the same for microsoft as they probably have more money than sony due to the fact they also sell things like windows , office etc.

          • Aaron Pierce

            lol what a tit, sit down shut up bcoz you don’t no what you’re talking about

          • Aaron Pierce

            btw ps4 has smashed xbox out the sky by units sold, tool

          • Fate

            I’m an Xbox player and I just want you to shut up.

          • Duffle bag BOYZ

            You know Call of Duty abandoned Xbox players and when they see the profit they can get from Playstation they will never bat an eye towards Xbox ever again.

          • Let remainz alone guys. He’s clearly a 7 year old

          • Yeet

            You spelt faggot wrong

          • Levi Hansen

            That was a fanboy comment. congrats on being hypocritical.

          • Brandon Roblero

            Fuck playstation

          • herb mosley

            I have a xbox one, ps4 and a ok pc so im good either way.

          • Anthony Fellers

            Well that’s funny since cod started just on pc 🙂 but then went to playstation and Xbox at the same time

          • Bobby1kenobi

            no it didn’t it started on the playstation and pc at the same time.

          • Steve Monstaa Blood

            PC made COD you bloody idiot. If it wasn’t for the PC community, you wouldn’t know what COD was.

          • Bobby1kenobi

            playstation made it. It wasnt that big of a thing on PC.

          • Louis Lemos

            you do realize that playstation is older right and has been out way longer

          • Daddy6969

            Your stupid as fuck I played Cod on my ps2 Nd 3 u dumb bitch u dumb asses copied blue ray took u like 10 years and Sony is a better company more money higher quality only broke niggas use Xbox u broke nigga

          • Decor8ed

            ps1 came out way before xbox. xbox are riding coat tails

          • Robbie

            Dumb ass yes it was it was on ps3

          • Bobby1kenobi

            COD was on Playstation before it was on Xbox so your really just talking shit. CoD existed before modern warfare and the only platforms it was on were PC and Playstation. Xbox wasn’t even a thing back then.

        • Damian Kain Bowers

          thats funny since mlg just made xbox one the official gameing council for pro gameing

          • Jake

            They’re switching over to playstation in a few years so that’s funny

          • Brandon Roblero

            Jake they will not switch they will go on playstation and practice and when torment over they forget about playstation on go on Xbox again

          • Rosco

            You meant gaming, not gameing. Get an education before arguing ?

          • Emil Mumino

            Nobody likes a smart ass! You know what he meant fuckin idiot

    • UrClades

      i’m worried about competitive CoD since everything and all pro players are on xbox.

      • bob doe

        Mlg cod will still probably be played in xbox as im sure mlg has contracts with microsoft. However, i think itll be like the old days where you have to bring your own game.

      • MaxPar

        Lols all pro on Xbox! Looooool best thing I heard today stfu, ps4 has the pros too you muppet

        • UrClades


        • rich gang

          even more retarded

        • sp james qs

          just wait till next cod lol to be fair all i play atm is ghost e sport

        • Bradley Goins

          Lol I’m an Xbox player and I played gamebattles against the number one team on aw with my team on ps4 and wrecked them. Ps is no competition to us Xbox gamers. I’m making the switch so it will be a peice of cake destroying wanna be pros.

          • Levi Hansen

            these comments are so ignorant. there are good players on all systems.

          • Bobby1kenobi

            your a rent boy

        • Lmao

      • Duffle bag BOYZ

        Here is the thing the “pros” will just move over to playstation easy as that because they have said many times that the Xbox is their preferred console but overall it does not matter.

  • Antonio Perez

    TEAM PS4! Now On DLC Release Date I Dont Have To Be Up On Twitch Watching Sonthing I Can’t Play!

  • xboxisdead

    Hahahahahahahahaha omg Xbox fan boys r sickkkkkkkk ahahahahahahaha so booty hole hurt all of a sudden it was aww we all should get it together but 2 weeks ago it was fuck PlayStation we get all the shit first ahhhhhhh how does it feel Xbox is dead now they no how it feels to NOT know when they will get the new shit they don’t even get a date hahahaha

    • Getting rid of guest accounts would make this site so much nicer.

      • Tricky VIk


      • frenchisbootyhurt

        Getting rid of booty hole hurt Xbox fan boys would be even better oh yea we started to get rid of them already last night beta sorry u gotta wait sting a little

    • dead

      Enjoy the feeling you feel now in your booty hole bet that stings a lotttttt its dead let it go

  • Tricky VIk

    “Hmm, I wonder who is upset on all this matter, you know, it feels good, but that feeling fades away quick, I don’t love consoles, I love gaming, that means everything about it, and all platforms with it, there is no need to be hateful, but humans will be humans.”

  • Solace Alex

    Yet again the internet full of childish man babies continues on. I think both Xbox and PlayStation out did themeselves this year.

  • Stefan Lang

    If anything the beta should have been at the same time I can settle for dlc being late cause I dont really buy dlc but the beta? That’s doing too much

  • galaxygraber

    There are so many immature kids in here. It has been unfair from the very start for some people to get content earlier than others even though they all paid the same price. Console exclusivity is bullshit, and this is coming from someone who owned a PS3 for most of CODs life. Xbox shouldn’t have it, PS shouldn’t have it, no one should have it.

  • KevinWoof

    Hey Xbox fangays, how does it feel?

    • Juses

      KevinWoof whalecum bek tew churlieIntul. Beh wurned dat derz many fagits heer nao

      • KevinWoof

        Thunks juses, iev bin hear all de tiem, bawt nevur wunted to cumment. Naow dat exbox fanbois r mewd, i em hear to be saltaey.

    • Kenny

      Idk fanboy, haven’t felt anything yet since we have gotten content first for 7 years in a row. I’ll let you know in August.

      • KevinWoof


  • KevJumbaify .

    Sony wins E3. The last guardian, horizon zero dawn, shenmue 3, uncharted 4, and more.

  • RdJokr

    And once again, PC players get a massive shaft in the face for not playing on a console. Yeah, thanks a lot Activision.
    Welp, at least we still get to play the beta.

    • Marcusi23

      Its business not personal consoles sale games not pc. Call of duty sales on console not on pc. ghost nor aw has yet to hitting 1 million sold the last time cod hit 1 million sold on pc was bo2 and they just barely hit it where 13 million was sold on ps3 and 360. and its not just cod its 95% of games that comes out for consoles and pc the pc is lagging way behind.

  • Andrew Venegas

    At least Xbox got all the dlc early for the good cods…PlayStation gets the leftovers

  • Ghaster5573

    Honestly i dont care about DLC(PC player here)always was late for us regardless of platform and the whole fucking franchise started on PC oh well….the game still doesnt look very “Next-Gen” despite of what Youtubers said and btw they wont bash it so they get invited next time aswell, keep that in mind when watching their videos…so far the game is just BO2 with a lil bit of Graphical enhancement and a bit of Wallrunning and btw Last-Gen will look better(despite some features)than AW did because of using the same engine i presume Ghosts used…say what you want but COD wont ever go fully Next-Gen with the Graphics because 60fps and 1080p is just hard on the hardware that is already outdated and miles behind PC maybe when PS5 and XB2 come out but even then i doubt it…..AW will probably be the best looking COD Graphically this Gen.

  • theeeNerd

    Anyone waiting for a collector’s edition just like me? That’s the only reason stopping me from pre-ordering this game on PS store right now.

    • Peewee78368

      haha last time i checked ps4 is 10.5mil ahead of xbox one in sales hahaha nice try

    • Aceshigh87

      That’s what I’m waiting on. I like that the digital deluxe gets the season pass for like half price but I also like having a physical copy so I want to see the collector’s editions before I pre-order.

      • theeeNerd

        Exactly. But I don’t know when it will come out and will it make it before August. You know, the BETA starts at August

  • YerDum

    People say XBOX is dead yet they have to give this kind of deal to PS4 to bolster sales lol.

  • Demetrius Radford

    Xbox isn’t dead people. thats like saying Sony had cod dlc and MS gets it. Sony’s dead? My point. MS is announcing more 1st party games at gamescom also.

  • Guest

    I love reading through the comments and seeing all the playstation owners trying to mock Xbox over Call of Duty, only one of many games playable on the Xbox, Call of Duty is not a deciding factor on a consoles life cycle, therefore claiming Xbox is dead is ridiculous and invalid. Especially since backwards compatibility has been announced and many great games, exclusives and cross platforms together! I personally have not bought DLC for call of duty since Black Op 2, they no longer appeal to me, to the point where I sold Advanced warfare two weeks of owning the game! This futuristic, wall running gameplay is silly and not good for CoD.
    I do recall a lot of playstation owners saying call of duty is dead, cod is awful. Now DLC is early, it’s suddenly the greatest game! Give it 4 months and it will be consistent complaints and wanting a new call of duty! It’s not worth getting excited about.
    If you want to give hate, crack on and waste your life, simply proving that this website is now full of pathetic human beings who say a lot over a computer but cower in life. I will never revisit this article again to read it, let alone reply. I am simply expressing my opinion.

  • Deadbrinkk

    Sony bought Xbox from Microsoft for 32.8 billion(Sony wins). All these immature no lives argue about which console is better… PlayStation 4 has better hardware and software than Xbox One. It’s crazy how naive people can be! Both are owned by Sony ,so what’s the big deal. It’s console wars again just because of 1 game like damn. Personally i feel PlayStation 4 is better and i have proof, like i said PlayStation 4 has better hardware and software and it has more sales, not to mention that Xbox One sale were so bad that the Xbox One is worth as much as a PlayStation 3

  • thatguy7422

    Good bye activision and activision related games!

  • diego

    Download beta call of duty black ops 3 here

  • Demonic_thrilzz

    Yeah im so exited i got a 2.8kd on aw and ghost im gna reck on ps4 thank gOd i bought ps4 not Xbox lol xbox looks like a box shame ps4 rocked them in sales oh and in matter of fact ps got the stuff first then Xbox stole it from us now we back baby whoooooo

  • Teflon Don

    Just pre ordered a digital copy of blops 3 on Xbox one but have received no info on beta? How do I get beta code?

  • UnguardedUncle2

    I think beta access will release on September on Xbox and PC.

  • Demetrio Macias

    I wish there was an option for transferring COD states of all games to other console accounts. This may be the only reason why people would get upset about the whole transition. I’ve had Xbox forever and personally liking ps4 more then Xbox one. I would like to switch but I can’t transfer all those states of past COD’s with me.

  • Steven Richard West

    Don’t see why everyone is all up in a fuss over two consoles and a game! There both more or less an exact replica of each other that operate on pretty much the same format. One just has a better operating system while the other has a bigger graphics card. Not really much to brag about. Another point to make is PS has a free unreliable network while Xbox you have to pay for, even though Sony is still in the baby stage they may get better but until they perfect individual servers cod wont operate as good as it should. Yes Sony may have better sales but cod still had more players online for Xbox than PS! and yes Xbox 360 games are backwards compatible to Xbox one look it up David DjBongs Tonga.

  • Aussie1986

    Look at it like this halo wasn’t made bye Microsoft or Xbox it was originally made on Mac and Microsoft soft can claim all they want buy exclusives and yeah I have both Xbox one and ps4 but I don’t even use my Xbox one its on once a month my ps4 is always on I find it funny how Xbox fans always play halo card there never made the game look up and research I may have both but I’m a Playstation fanboy threw and threw since 1995 and can’t call your self a true gamer unless have multiple consoles and off the same game on both

  • -MUFN-CornDoge

    i play on pc and it seems that even though pc gamers pay the most for their systems and games they still get f***ed over by cod.

  • BorosLegionaire

    I understand why they chose to release the beta for PS earlier, but professional competitive COD on PC does not exist anymore, so why can’t the people on PC get the beta as well? All of the PC players have always been the last people to get DLC’s and updates.

  • Anthony Fellers

    Who cares who gets the dlc first -_- it’ll still be on Xbox it’s not like it suddenly become a Sony only game if you care that much about who gets what first you need to rethink your life. Honestly I can see why nobody likes people who play cod we truly are assholes to each other -_- why does it matter what you play the game on I play on all consles so yeah I like all of them equally if you start shit bc one person plays on Sony or bc they play Xbox or pc your fucking stupid it wouldn’t kill you to be friendly for once instead of bashing on people why don’t you bc nice even if you have to fake it or just don’t say anything at all or if you see something you don’t like ignore it -_- I would ignore all of these stupid comments but I’m tired of seeing this shit every where -_- it’s old

  • A2312

    Xbox and PS4 are both good but Xbox got everything first for years, why not give ps4 a turn with something first

  • Brandon Roblero

    I don’t no your like play station it’s so ugly lol and stupid

  • Itachi Uchiha

    Okay I understand that this is how PS players felt when they did this with Xbox. And I’m not saying that the Xbox community is better than PS community or PS sucks. I’m saying that they shouldn’t have just switched like that. Can’t expect nobody to get upset about it if they where usually always on Xbox first. They should’ve just left it on Xbox first. But since I own both consoles I guess it doesn’t really matter.