We got a chance last night to go hands on with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s multiplayer mode at a press event; we were allowed to play for almost an hour and capture footage. Now, we’re here to share our first impressions of the Treyarch’s next title’s brand new Combat Movement system.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 does feature a new ‘chain’ based movement system. Treyarch talked greatly about the fact that it is “chain able” and when fans fully utilize that, the best user experience occurs. But they also made it clear that you do not need to use the new movements to be successful. And with that statement, we do agree. Playing the title, we did not have to use some of the movement features; we were easily able to get around the map and be successful. However, using the movements are fun and brings a new experience to Call of Duty.

Thrust Jumps 

The title does feature thrust jumps, but Treyarch clearly emphasized to us that these jumps are nothing like Exos from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare; Dan Bunting, Multiplayer Producer, emphasized that Advanced Warfare’s vision of verticality is not what Treyarch is doing with Black Ops 3.

The thrust jumps in the game aren’t that effective. It doesn’t add full verticality like Advanced Warfare’s movement did. You cannot jump to get on top of any buildings in the maps we played, and you cannot really jump building to building. It’s hard to thrust jump as its limited and has to be controlled effectively by the user. On your HUD, when you start a thrust jump, a “power meter” (it’s the white bar in the center in the feature image) appears on your screen indicating how much thrust you have left for your certain jump. As you start to jump, the meter declines; once it’s out, you cannot thrust jump till the meter fills back up.

We played on the PS4, and to control the jumps, you have to tap and hold X. If you fully hold X, then you go to the highest jump possible, and the power meter is fully used. You can tap X just a bit and jump slightly. It’s all tightly controlled by you. While in the air, you are able to change directions. You can even turn 180 degrees.

The amount you go vertically depends on how much you press the jump button. Speaking of the verticality height, the fullest thrust jump barely reached the height that you can go in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Players in the maps weren’t flying around; boots on the ground was key to success in many situations.

Wall Running 

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 does introduce a new movement ability to Call of Duty with wall running. To get this cleared up, it’s not Titanfall styled running. You cannot start wall running just by jumping near a wall; you have to jump and aim your character’s feet properly to the wall and then you start running. But the kicker is wall running is limited. 

Out of the four maps we played, wall running was truly effective only on one map. It’s get to around faster, but it also puts you at a disadvantage at times as you’re exposed in the air. Wall running does allow you to “reverse direction,” meaning if you’re running one way, you can jump around 180 and go right back if the action has changed location. Wall running was not easy to use at first; it takes time to adapt to this feature…you have to be right on the wall in order to start running. You can in fact jump from wall to wall. And yes…many mistakes were made falling out of the map while wall running. 

Power Slide 

Similar to the Boost Slide from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 features the power slide. On the PS4, you can activate the feature by pressing the O button. Power slide is actually a great movement feature; it lets you get out of action or get near enemies faster.

With the addition of power slide, dolphin dive is gone. As David Vonderhaar said, “RIP Dolphin Dive.” It will be missed.

Chainable Movement 

From what we played, you get the best experience when you chain these movements together. You can go from a power slide straight into a thrust jump then into wall running and get around enemies. You can start a thrust jump but then come down quickly into a power slide if you’re in the middle of fire and mantle through a window. 

It’s all connected together and all works so seamlessly. The movement system in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 does not feel anything like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. There’s no Exo mechanics at all. The movement system is a fundamental ‘evolution’ of Black Ops 2’s movement system. It’s fluid, nice and it sort of feels like the next step for Black Ops.

To be completely honest, I could not figure out how to use the entire movement system at first, and I played my first couple of games as if it was all boots on the ground. The match was completely enjoyable; you are not left out of any battles and players aren’t flying over your head. Any play style really does work with the map design in Black Ops 3.

By the way, sprint is unlimited in Black Ops 3 multiplayer. 

And with all of these new movements, Treyarch is making something clear: the game is fast paced, and it’s all about guns up action. During every movement, you can fire your weapon. Your character is always ready with guns up.

Have any questions on the new movement? Let us know in the comments and we’ll answer soon!

  • Guywithbrains


    Now that I got my first comment… those thrust jumps are not so bad. Gameplay looks fun so far.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Now that I have seen the movement, it doesn’t look to be an issue. It’s like Titanfall but grounded more. Slowly looking good Treyarch, keep it that way.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Yeah, most of the gameplay is on the ground, and you can’t really use the movement to escape situations. It’s just there to traverse the map quicker, from what I’ve seen.

      • TehShadewRaeper

        Great way of putting it

    • Hope they nerf the snipers a little and give more power tho the shotguns. (Im a shotgun lover/master) 😛

      • Und3rY0urB3d

        Snipers are ment to be powerful. People who use shoguns are no hope wannabes.

        • Hell nah cuz, Snipers are overpowered because they can be used at any range. Shotties are only short range so it takes skill and knowledge to traverse the map and get within range of enemies.

          • Tall

            “Shotties are only short range so it takes skill and knowledge to traverse the map and get within range of enemies.” Majority of the people that only use shotguns are generally new/low-skilled people that just enjoy the fact that they can point and shoot in a general direction and kill someone because of the shotgun spray. Please never say that you must be tactical and traverse the map to be good at all.

          • Fawwk you mean boiiii. Try using a shotgun on a big ass map. No way you gonna kill anything unless you know how to be tactical. A sniper in CoD is useful in small map like nuke town, and a huge map like turbine. If anything, its low skilled players who use that bullshit of a gun to kill at point blank and across the map.

          • Und3rY0urB3d

            Bullshit. Snipers you need to either have good luck or good skill. When you are using a shotgun all you need to do is put a person in your crosshair and spam the trigger. Weak sauce.

          • I’m not going to continue argue because I won’t be able to get anything past your thick-ass skull.

          • Und3rY0urB3d

            That’s all right I can’t hear you over all of your obnoxious, pathetic spraying anyway.

          • You must be fun at parties

          • Und3rY0urB3d

            I don’t go to parties.

      • ^isCancer

        The best shotgun in call of duty is a sniper soo

    • TehShadewRaeper

      I was in the same boat Jordan about the trailer, turned me away but once you actually see the game in action the movement doesnt look very AW like.

    • nammion

      Chainable movements is definitely a titanfall thing lol. I liked titanfall way better than the last 2 cod offerings. I hope this one will be good. Note: treyarch hasn’t let me down yet. Hope they don’t start to

  • OneManArmy

    God bless you Vahn.
    There hasnt been a more handsome bald guy at any e3 stage.

  • jooker-jr

    What about FISH A.I ?

    • Drasadex

      Next-gen bird AI is next. 🙂

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Well the hunter killer is returning, so I guess you’re right, lol.

    • Keshav Bhat

      From what I saw, there wasn’t any fish in the water

      • jooker-jr

        FISH A.I OR NO BUY.

  • jooker-jr

    Will we have the double hitmarker like AW ?

  • Spodermen

    Bluck cucks 3 iz fun playun ight now un mi spodi 420 gamun cunsule

  • ScOott

    What is TTK like ?

    • MW2 style

      • ScOott

        Thanks, although I didn’t play mw2 multplayer so not much help lol, my first multiplayer cod was black ops one ..

  • A few questions I have:

    1.) Quickscoping/Sniping – How easy is it and how are the hit boxes for it?

    2.) The Sparrow seems OP. It is? from what I’ve seen. Spamming explosive bolts concerns me

    3.) Are there more than 2 usable weapons in the game? Watching gameplay it seems so, but I want an answer from those who have played it.

    That’s kind of all for now. I’m sure I’ll have more in the future.

    • Michel

      1) No auto aim, so it seems a bit more difficult.
      2) you have like 5 bolts
      Have not played it but seen it on youtube.

    • Murjam

      watch the new video by pamaj he uses a sniper there

    • jordanxbrookes

      Quickscoping looks easier than Black Ops 2. I have no idea what Vahn is thinking of :/

      • He’s thinking of sucking the crotch of Faze Rain.

      • SoulTaker

        Come on dude let little Timmy have his chance of one day hitting that 420 fakie no scope stop hating.

    • LovekillerX

      Quickscoping is back (again, surprise!)


      • Raines

        I have nothing against “quickscoping” as long as the person using the sniper rifle actually has to AIM at the person to get the kill.
        The problem in BO2 is that, if you look at any quickscope killcam, is that you don’t have to even be aiming at the person. You could be 20 feet to the side of them and when you scope in the reticule auto aims right on the person, which is utter bulls***.
        Its nothing more than auto aim and needs to be REMOVED.

      • Raines

        Actually I didn’t see any quickscoping in that video. He acutally had to AIM every time. The generally accepted gripe of quickscoping is not even aiming at the target, and when partially aiming down the site, it registers a kill with auto aim

    • Keshav Bhat

      1) Quickscoping is kinda easy. I was getting wrecked by snipers. (But it’s pre-Alpha, so I expect that to change)

      2) I haven’t actually seen Sparrow being used.

      3) yes, there are more but with pre alpha tuning some of the OP guns are really OP.

    • BullsTrader

      To 2) The Bow? You have to be very accurate to hit anything from what I’ve seen.

      To 3, well duh. Maybe that’s the only weapons which are in the current build of the game? That AK looking weapon is a tad OP, which was confirmed by Treyarch aswell.

  • theeeNerd

    Craving for more gameplay videos!

  • Is Tmartn the only one that has gameplay up? I searched Youtube and didnt see any other ones. I just want to see some raw gameplay without it being heavily edited.

    • LovekillerX

      There is tons of gameplay. Just search “Call of duty black ops 3 multiplayer gameplay” and put “an hour ago.”

    • Primey_

      Drift0r and Ali-A has some gameplay

    • BullsTrader

      AliA has some aswell, and some of the FaZe members aswell I think.

  • TheWalkingDon

    Finally seeing some real gameplay, I am not as angry as I was when seeing the edited together MP gameplay. The compound bow seems a little OP, but if they have good hit detection and tight hit boxes things may be OK.

    • BullsTrader

      The bow is hard to aim with what Ali-A said.

      • TheWalkingDon

        Yeah, I would take anything Ali-A and Tmartn said with a grain of salt. They are company shills and nothing more. Both are annoying commentators too. I don’t understand how they get the subscribers and views. Their voices are like nails on a chalk board to me.

        • BullsTrader

          I know, but still. Looks hard to do

  • shantzonpoint

    Oh goody shock charges are back. The more I watch this game, the more lame it looks. The Scythe is rediculous. 2 bullets from a mini-gun for a kill……….ugh. The movement looks like a dumbed down version of AW.

    I can see it already. Guys camping in a building with shock charges/c4 waiting to get enough kills to get the scythe…………..yawn.

    • Matty Fletcher

      You say yawn yet you’ll still have your cock firmly wedged in the console come November. Quit your moaning Mandy.

      • shantzonpoint

        lol………….I’m guessing you’re one of the guys that sits in a corner of a room with shock charges by the door.

        Just because you throw your ankles above your ears every time Vonderhaar speaks doesn’t mean other people can’t critique his games.

        I hope it’s a fun game but from what I’ve seen so far, I’m not overly impressed. It looks like wall running and boosting was thrown in at the last minute to compete with AW movement.

        I do like the sound effects of the game. It sounds more like Battlefield which has always had superior sound over CoD IMO. CoD has a superior movement and aiming system tho.

        I’m assuming the connections will be far superior than AW (I don’t think it could be worse) so that will help a ton. It will be interesting to see how strong the SBMM is for BO3.

        • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

          Thrown in last minute? What the fuck are you talking about they have been working on this game for three years and everything looks pretty smooth for a Pre Alpha build of a game hence why their ready to show us the game so early.

          • shantzonpoint

            Just look how the maps are designed. There are only a couple places to wall run and they are off in useless, wide open areas. I haven’t heard one review that said wall running is an integral part of the game. Have you? I’m glad they added wall running and boosting to the series. It just adds to the fun. I just don’t think it was part of the original blueprint for this game.

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            I personally prefer the fact that wall running is not overdone at all on any of the BO3 maps I’ve seen so far and I think it’s clear to see this was intentional by Treyarch to keep us on the ground for the majority of the time as opposed to running on walls 24/7. This isn’t Titanfall this is Call Of Duty.

          • lol…………………

          • Tricky VIk

            “I’m pretty sure they added those mechanics to add fun to the game, but not necessary for someone to use to to play successfully, with that being said I know it’ll be a good game (for me) and people will have fun, it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll have fun or not.”

  • xboxdead

    Hahahaha all the same people who said the game looks horrible are now riding its nuts omg it looks so good yea have fun waiting for that beta to test it out

    • Its funny tbh. Also, the same thing happened to SW:Battlefront.

  • New system seems to be way better than AW. Dunno why people are freaking out what they saw in the multiplayer reveal.

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Looks and plays better than both Advanced Ware and Ghosts put together, this is gunna be damn good. The movement is smooth, pistols actually do damage and are not pea shooters, the HUD is just beautiful I welcome the rectangle mini map and sliding is smooth and practical, the sounds of guns (silenced and unsilenced) are amazing and the maps look great. Calling in score-streaks on a quick hologram is genius!

    Looks like BO2 on steroids which is a very good thing.

  • IW’s next game better be slow paced like old CoD’s or i’ll vomit from all the speed

    • Yes, I for now enjoy and will enjoy the fast-pacedness. But I would like a return to slower pace. But I can always play CSGO and BF for that.

      • Argy

        I’m a fan of when the company gets it right and combines the two into one game… Like give me a level that pushes the fast pace but also make stuff that’s slower…

    • Raines

      I won’t be buying any game from Sledgehammer again. They promised classic playlists, which we got, but then took all of them away for the crappy random “Mosh Pit” (but since TDM is back up there, but so what?)
      They bait and switched those people that were on the fence about buying AW, then screwed us.

  • iTwerk Scopes

    I too would ride Vahns Dick ? Treyarch has it all figured out every time! Switching to PlayStation Nation just for Early Dlc but will still play on Xbox One specially with the elite controller coming out. I really don’t mind switching but it would be better if everyone got Dlc at the same time

    • Tsaki

      Activision is the one that makes the deals about the DLC, not Treyarch.

  • james lamberson

    Could we please stop with the “its like Titanfall” its like Bo3.

  • Robmeister89

    Reading this puts me at ease a bit.. still going to hold full judgement until I play the beta..

  • shantzonpoint

    Is it me or does the care packages seem to take an extraordinary long time to drop?……….lol

    • Keshav Bhat

      Yes. They take VERY long to drop.

  • Ok, refreshing news for now. Thank you.

  • What do you think of Scorestreaks? Are they fun to use?

    • Raines

      Yes, but AWs killstreak rewards SUCK!

  • Mr Doge

    Oh I just can’t wait till Bo3 comes out so people can start complaining about all the little things. The CoD community expects so much but no matter how good of a game they get, they still end up hating it :/

    • SoulTaker

      When Black Ops 3 comes out that’s the first thing they will do…COMPLAIN!
      xD Even though they love broken games as most of them say COD 4 and MW2 are glory days yet forget about all the bullshit they had.

    • Raines

      Depends on the players. Sure there are always little things that bugged me about past CODs, like quickscoping auto aim(which was horrible in BO2).
      But I still loved every COD since MW2. Never hated any of them.
      But AW? I hated it with a passion so much I quit playing it.

  • brutedawg

    my concern is this “power meter”

    do power slides eat up the power meter? when you chain movements, what is the absolute max amount of stuff you can do before your power meter depletes? how quickly after using the power meter does it fill back up? will loadouts affect the power meter (faster regen, more chainable movements, etc.?)

    • ZeroCousland .

      The power meter is only used up when you do a double jump/glide.

    • Kevin Acton

      I think their is a perk that builds up your power meter quicker. don’t think it will be that useful/overused.

    • Tricky VIk

      “You should watch some gameplay videos, and try to get a feel from what you see.”

    • Raines

      I’m glad thrusting is limited by a power meter. jetpacks ruin the game, at least they will be limited and can’t just thrust all over the place getting gay kills

  • Josh2242

    Somebody needs to give this article to Thunder. I really want him to enjoy this game cuz I’m disappointed that he left cod (with his own right reasons)

  • Raines

    This is GREAT news!!! I didn’t want to buy BO3 because of the jetpack crap.
    Seems that these abilities won’t be as cheesy as Advanced Warfare, thank god!!
    Boots on the ground is the way to go and glad to know that the cheeseball jetpack fanboys are going to be neutered in BO3.
    NOW I’m excited about it finally. I think Treyarch was listening, even though this game has been in production for 3 years. I think they met in the middle between those that like the jetpack, and those that hate it.
    And I was starting to lose faith in Treyarch. Reading this review restored my faith in them. Thanks for not giving the jetpack fanboys the advantage!!!!

  • Raines

    One request though Treyarch, if someone reads these as I cannot figure out how to start a thread at callofduty.com, RESTRICT Specialist abilities in Ranked Play.

    • Raines

      Oh, that and impose a longer ban time from Ranked Play if someone backs out of a game. 10 minutes does NOT discourage jerks from backing out. Needs to be 2 hours or longer.

  • Raines

    Ok, everyone look at the video above. The jetpacks actually allow people to fly….YES FLY!!!!
    What utter garbage. I knew you couldn’t trust anyone when they said the jetpacks have little effect. More fanboys that want to trick people into buying it before trying it.
    If you hated the jetpacks in AW, you need to watch the video above. I said once, “why don’t they let players fly and get it over with”….well its going to happen.
    Thanks Treyarch…..NOT

    • Raines

      Ok, what I thought was flying was actually “wall running”. But looked a lot like flying. Still, its garbage and I cannot believe Treyarch put it in there. The CoD we have all come to love is going down the tubes and it started with Advanced Warfare.
      Thanks Treyarch for taking our beloved CoD in a crap direction.

  • James Glover

    The thrust movement should be forward and backwards only no side-to-side movement, this would stop a lot of flying around the map and would limit a lot of anger with the players. Also one of the other quires to all of these call of duty games is the lack of hardcore modes to play in, to how many you can play in standed mode. The last problem to the games is I think the creators have forgotten that not all the player are 18 year old with the reactions of a cheetah some of us are getting old and slowing down, just something for you to think about. Thank you for listening.

  • chris_deaf

    IT SUCK, we want to everyone want be fair Xbox 360, and PS3 must to be have a campaign and give them to all free. So some people has poor because don’t have any Xbox one or PS4 too, because don’t have much money about Xbox one and PS4 , and there have only Xbox 360 or PS3. Doesn’t no matter for what happen has the Campaign? must be a fair everyone want to. Please just fix it and don’t be upset to them. Everyone want that campaign? right? please tell them and cheer up at them.
    Thank You. I hope god blessing to you all.