In the multiplayer reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Activision has stated the new weapon paintshop feature (which allows you to add custom made paint to your weapon) will not be available on last-gen consoles.

At the bottom of the image it says “Weapon paint feature available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC only.”

There will be other differences as well; in the description of the trailer it self Activision noted that “PS3 and Xbox 360 platform version features and performance may vary compared to other platform versions.”

Stay tuned for the latest.


  • Kobrah


    • Will WilFredo Mendoza
      • Juses

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          • rare pepe

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  • ChickenDoughnut

    This game shouldn’t even BE on last gen

    • KarmaMJO

      Activi$ion will suck any money they can. The next like 3 CODs will be on last gen xD. Sad but trueeeeeeeeee…….



  • Rorke File

    This game doesn’t have to come out on last gen, hope the next one of IW doesn’t.

    • Sniper

      If we hold true to the ten year play station cycle, this should be the last cod game for ps3 (as it should be). Personally, I think it’s all right if trey arch has nothing to do with the last gen versions. I’m happy I get to play cod one last year on my ps3. Not having paintshop is alright, as long as the gunsmith is still there. But the real losers this year are the x360 and pc players, for obvious reasons.

      • This kid just call out PC. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

        • Ceejay In This Bitch❤

          I upvoted before then saw “pc” so i had to switch

    • Colin MacKenzie

      In all honesty, why does the Infinity Ward game even matter? Do you really want to play Ghosts 2? Black Ops 3 will be my last CoD hands down.

      • Rorke File

        I think Activision is smart and they won’t release a Ghosts 2 for now, either a remake or MW4 and they got the old map designer back.

        • Colin MacKenzie

          I will gladly take a Modern Warfare collection over Ghosts 2 or MW4 in all honesty. Unfortunately, with Microsoft’s new policy of backwards compatibility with online features (including using old, hacked servers) there is no need to remake anything.

          • Rorke File

            May they already started working on it and they half way ? And they gone denied the backwards compatibility thing.

          • Colin MacKenzie

            What are you talking about??? Microsoft just announced at E3 2 days ago that the Xbox One is backwards compatible!

          • Rorke File

            I mean may IW is already has started with a remaster and they now half way, and they hear this. So they gone denied it.

          • fires

            its about as backwards compatible as PSNow, which launched prior to XboxPreview. The only difference i can tell is, Xbox’s current library on preview is pisspoor, and that if you own the retail disc, its free on preview, unlike PSnow

      • DEMOLITION12

        ur just shit

        • Colin MacKenzie

          Yes, I’m just shit because I don’t want to play an IW title after how much of a failure Ghosts was both casually and competitively. By all means, it’s the consumers fault for the failures of a developer. -_-

          • DEMOLITION12

            how was ghosts a failure? you are clearly just bad at it

          • Colin MacKenzie

            I did fine with Ghosts as with any other CoD. Look up the reviews for Ghosts and it’s the second lowest rated CoD of all time. Look up the Pro opinions on the game and they couldn’t have wanted to go back to playing Black Ops 2 competitive more. I’ve been playing CoD since WaW and I can tell when a developer drops the ball. IW screwed up big time when it came to Ghosts…

          • DEMOLITION12

            so its a bad game because other people told you so… ok

          • Colin MacKenzie

            Nope, I say it’s a poor game and I’m not the only one. I’m one of millions of CoD fans both casual and competitive who thoroughly disliked the game and thought it was garbage.

          • DEMOLITION12

            once again your only reason for it being bad is that other people said so too

          • Colin MacKenzie

            My problems with the game were the abuse of explosives, terrible maps, no eSports support, too many perks, game breaking glitches and instead of fixing most of the above issues before launch, they released the game an spammed as much micro transactions as possible until the community rioted for changes… That’s why Ghosts was a POS.

      • theeeNerd

        Ghosts IS a failure, but you cannot deny that Ghosts has the best bullet registration rate of all COD games. If they fix all other BS and keep the connection that good, Ghosts 2 should still be a good game.

        • Colin MacKenzie

          Best bullet registration? Assuming the link I’m attaching doesn’t work, look up on YouTube “Clayster I can’t with this game”. It shows a professional player who was denied a round changing kill because of poor bullet registration…

          • theeeNerd

            There are a couple things with this video. 1st, thermal optic won’t actually tell you where the hit-box is, he might be hitting that guys backpack or bulky suit all the time; 2nd, we don’t know about his network condition at that specific time, his roommates might be downloading p**n using p2p and squeezed all his upload bandwidth.

          • Colin MacKenzie

            Clayster doesn’t have any roommates short of his family and their downloads don’t matter due to the fact he uses a private business line in his home. Putting the doubt with his connection aside, does superb bullet registration make a good Call of Duty game? The general community consensus is no. Black Ops 2 had rather poor registration issues and yet still is regarded as the best CoD since MW/2. I would take great features, great gameplay and an average hit registration over what Ghost provided.

          • theeeNerd

            Does superb bullet registration make a good Call of Duty game? Absolutely not. Just like I stated in my first comment “Ghosts IS a failure”. I am not trying to justify or defend Ghosts by any means. But we should still acknowledge and appreciate what it has done right, also have a positive expectation for what will come next.

          • theeeNerd

            I also has the same opinion that BO2 is the best CoD since MW/2. And I actually think it is better than MW and MW2.

          • theeeNerd

            And if you really wanna dive deep in. Please go to youtube and search for OverBakdedMuffin, he has a lot of network testing videos. In his channel search for “LagComp Review” or something like that. You will find out.

      • GinsuVictim

        I’m looking forward to Ghosts 2. I had a blast with Ghosts and still play it when AW is acting up.

    • Ryan

      Why would I want ghosts 2

  • Deadly Ed

    Im gonna be spending ages on customizing my stuff.. i always do with stuff like this.. lol

  • Melchor

    If people keep buying COD for last gen Activision will continue exporting the game. It’s time to buy a current gen console!

    • imBATMAN



    Here’s the straight up facts, Last gen is by far the largest playerbase, by a HUGE margin, if you take the last couple of CoDs on this Gen the numbers have been pathetic, the DLC take up has been pathetic and the player retention is even worse. If they released BO3 only on current gen and PC then it would be a death sentence to the franchise, Game sales all over are on a massive decline and Cod has been one of the worst hit, In its heyday MW2 had millions of players online, even 6 months into its cycle, MW3 had 300k players the June after release, Ghosts had less than 7k and AW was expected to be just as bad hence the marketing decision was made to hide the numbers, ATVI know this, Making BO3 for last gen, regardless of your own personal feelings, is the only way the game could reach viable sales, without them the franchise is sunk, AAA titles with billion dollar budgets can not survive on Current gen sales alone.

    • Filip Crauzer Quitko

      Nice comment

    • Slothigans


    • AlexK489

      Eh, yes and no, but could you make the same argument for a game like, say, Batman Arkham Knight?
      Arkham Knight’s only releasing for current gen consoles. Not because of money or greed, but because the old gen (360, ps3) can’t handle what they want to acheive with their game.
      So in all honesty, even if IW’s next game doesn’t come out on last gen consoles, it could be a good sign from a technology standpoint.

      • SPAWNST4R

        Batman doesn’t have the development budget of a CoD game, no where near. BO3’s advertisement budget alone would dwarf almost all other games development costs!

    • MichiganerE

      Xbox One has sold over 12 million units while PS4 has sold over 20 millions units, so what are you talking about?

      • SPAWNST4R

        That’s shipped to retail units, not sold to customer units (well documented on Internet) and even if it was 30 million its still no where near enough. So what are you talking about ?!

        • MichiganerE

          That is sold to customers.

          • SPAWNST4R

            nope, do some research ! and either way, them numbers still suck for sales .

          • MichiganerE

            Why don’t you do some research? Sony even said it themselves that the PS4 has sold over 20 million.

  • ItsTom915

    Last gen BO3 doesn’t sound too bad at the moment. 2 player co-op is fine by me, and I wouldn’t even use the paintshop feature because I can’t even be bothered to make a good emblem on BO2 xD And considering High Moon Studios isn’t making the BO3 port, I think this port will be good.

  • guy

    I’m guessing in paintjob you can only customize that little part. That’s pretty lame…