E3 2015 has been and gone, and this year showcased Black Ops 3 Multiplayer for the first time. Over the course of the next few days, we’ll have several ‘E3 2015 Debrief’ articles and videos where we go in-depth on all things multiplayer.

First and foremost, a huge Thank You to Activision for inviting us out to E3 in LA – myself (Peter), Keshav and Victor attended this year (the first time we’ve all attended the same event).

Black Ops 3 is the third instalment in the Black Ops series, with the return of Treyarch after a 3 year absence. With Sledgehammer Games now in the development rotation, the next time we see Treyarch will be in 2018 once Black Ops 3 hits shelves.

We’ve had several hours of hands-on time with Black Ops 3 Multiplayer across multiple game modes and maps. We were of course playing on PlayStation 4 consoles given the recent exclusivity contract announcement. Going forward, DLC will be appearing first on PlayStation, followed by Xbox & PC.

Here’s a nice panoramic picture from inside the Call of Duty booth at E3:


Let’s jump into movement within Black Ops 3. Keshav has already put together a great article you can check out here.

There’s no denying the Call of Duty Community had an element of concern when the Black Ops 3 Reveal Trailer initially dropped. From the limited gameplay seen, many assumed the exo-suit from Advanced Warfare was making a return in an even bigger fashion, with the addition of wall-running.
Yes, Black Ops 3 does have a thrust jump ability, and you can definitely run along walls, but the effectiveness of both abilities is hugely different to the exo-suit in Advanced Warfare.

If you don’t like reading, we’d suggest watching the 2 videos below!

The thrust jump ability in Black Ops 3 is a very toned down version of the exo-jump ability in Advanced Warfare. Where it might take barely a second to reach peak double jump altitude in Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3 is closer to 2+ seconds. Let’s not forget you can’t even double jump in Black Ops 3 – it’s more of a ‘gradual’ climb vs. a boost jump.
By the time you’ve exhausted your power meter when thrust jumping, you’ve barely exceeded 4 or so metres off the ground before falling again.

So, what’s the point of the thrust jump? To be honest, it’s merely there to keep you ‘moving’ across the map. Instead of walking around a car, you can ‘move over’ a car. Instead of climbing a short flight of stairs, you can thrust to the ledge on the side instead.
Thrust jumping will rarely allow you to reach the second floor of a building, and it definitely won’t get you from one rooftop to another – you’ll simply fail to even come close.

It’s also not very effective in gunfights, simply because the thrust jump is gradual and slow in contrast to the exo-suit boost jump in Advanced Warfare. You might occasionally ‘get away’ from an enemy if you react quickly enough, but by the time you’ve started climbing in front of an enemy, you’re basically dead.

You might be noticing a pattern here – yes, Black Ops 3 is definitely a more grounded Call of Duty – in fact, the YouTube gameplay videos speak for themselves. You’ll find yourself running along the ground a whole lot more in Black Ops 3, and this feels surprisingly refreshing.
You’ll definitely find yourself double tapping A/X for the first hour or so expecting a double jump, but once you’ve become accustomed to the Black Ops 3 style of gameplay, you soon convert. Black Ops 3 feeling ‘slow’ after playing Advanced Warfare was an initial concern, but it didn’t feel slow by any means – if anything, quite the opposite.

Since Black Ops 3 is definitely more toned down vs Advanced Warfare when it comes to movement, it did feel a tad ‘clunky’ at first, but this soon wears off after an hour or so. Additionally, Black Ops 3 has unlimited sprint which increases the ‘base pace’ of the game.

With the thrust jump ability combined with unlimited sprint, and map layouts accommodating the new movement mechanics, you never feel far away from your next gun battle. Black Ops 3 is definitely a fast game in that respect, with an evident emphasis on gun-on-gun battles. In fact, high scoring games seemed to be more common during the Community capture sessions that took place during E3. Getting a 40+ kill game definitely felt more achievable vs Advanced Warfare during the capture sessions last year.

You also have a power slide ability somewhat similar to Advanced Warfare which gives you a noticeable jolt forward. You can also adjust the direction of travel mid-slide to assist in navigating a corner, or even a doorway. It’s surprisingly useful in evading enemies in the right circumstances, as the slide is quite aggressive in terms of speed and motion – much quicker than the thrust jump.

Both the thrust jump and power slide will draw energy from your power meter, which is showcased within a white bar towards the lower center part of the screen. Energy depletion is rather quick in Black Ops 3, meaning you need to be intelligent with your movement actions – that being said, it also recharges quickly enough.

Wall running is also making an appearance – a system many have compared to Titanfall. Although it’s the same concept, it’s significance in Black Ops 3 is definitely toned down also. Wall running is effective in numerous areas, and acts as a tactical movement option, but most definitely not necessary to move around the map.
For example, there are some instances where you can flank on the ‘outer edge’ of the map, not normally accessible by foot in order to bypass a particular pathway. This is useful for either taking people out by surprise from behind, or merely evading potential action for a short period of time.

Personally I didn’t find myself using it all that much, but once we become familiar with the maps, it’s definitely a viable movement mechanic for many situations, and ultimately increases the pace of the game in a positive way.

Fall damage has also returned to Black Ops 3, although you’ll struggle to find circumstances where this will be impactful – at least from the maps we played. As long as you have a small amount of juice in your power meter, you can soften your landing with the thrust jump. In fact, only once or twice did I experience noticeable harm from a landing, which I could have prevented with thrust.

Generally there is nothing negative to say about the movement mechanics within Black Ops 3 – it’s definitely down to personal preference. What I can confidently say however is, movement is definitely closer to that of Black Ops 2 than Advanced Warfare. You will find yourself on the ground a whole lot more, and there’s a real emphasis on gun-on-gun action and overall gunskill.

That’s all for Part 1, but be sure to check back for Part 2 where we cover even more.

Let us know your thoughts below.

  • LovekillerX

    I think that what I have seen this far is really impressing although I’m not so much interested in Black Ops – series. However specialists, gunsmith, weapons, maps… everything looks so nice. I hope they don’t mess it up now and that we get good campaign, fun zombies mode with story and playable multiplayer. I’m sure Treyarch can provide really good campaign.

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          I rarely comment on CI even though I’ve been visiting the website regularly for quite a few years now, I remember pre-black ops 2 announcement hype on CI tbf
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  • ScOott

    So everyone has praised black ops 3 so far, how great it is n what ever, where is the but ? . Got to be something you guys don’t like ? Or might be a concern? Or is cod back on track to being great again ..

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Rejack is worrisome, and the snipers.

      • ScOott

        Stuff like that doesn’t bother me, like it won’t be game breaking.. The fact that c.i and every youtuber acted like ttk in ghosts was no big deal and you just had to get used it worries me for stuff like the new ttk, if I had played ghosts for a few hours I sure as hell wouldn’t of told anyone it is good or even close.. Infact I would of told everyone to avoid it .. And these people we trust to give honest opinions felt it wasn’t that bigger deal :-s

        • Spodermen

          es the person knewn az gooby kyle or an neu person yut 2 b revelued du yu know?

          • ScOott

            He spoke in last article, don’t think it’s kyle, I’m sure he would of said lol .. Jus anoover persun whoo tipes lyke thus 🙂

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        • Siftblade of Rivia

          I thought Ghosts was fun for the first month or so. After two months, I realized I wasn’t even having fun anymore, and I had to ask myself why I was still playing it. I’m not doubting that the people playing may be influenced by being invited to an event (they most likely are), but the hype of playing a new game is always fun for a while. If I went, my honest opinion about Ghosts would have probably been the same. It wouldn’t be until later (when I played in a bunch of pubs matches) that I realized I didn’t like the game. I’m not saying this to defend these guys, just putting things into perspective.

          • blade

            Ghost got dull because the maps were too big, killstreaks to boring, amplify, camping combined with aiming around corners, ied, and the broken hit box with gilly suits.

          • CrowReap .

            imagine if ghosts had exo suits, now that might’ve been fun who knows.

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            It would have been just like AW, not fun at all.

          • That would be insane lol.

          • ScOott

            Day one I never liked ghost because of ttk, the fact it lasted me a month has nothing to do with how good/bad it was, people stayed with it that long in hope it got better or they changed it.. It was clear design flaw from the start, and not one person who gets to go these events said anything, just how I see it..

          • Yeah, by the time all the good map packs came out, everybody had already left. Ghosts was okay for me, not the best game, but good enough for me to get to prestige 9.

      • Guywithbrains

        It is a much slower tactical insertion. You have about 3 seconds time to get your sight to center of that green smoke. After player respawns just spray and pray.

        Youtubers have said that you die more than stay alive after using rejack so it is probably not too overpowered thing.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Exactly. The smoke serves 2 purposes to balance things out. It warns the enemy that you are about to come back (so they can get ready and shoot back in case you try to attack them), or it give the person returning cover so that he can quickly run away and keep their streak going. I don’t see it as OP at all, it’s just a good thing to have in case you die to some BS death. That gun with the bees, on the other hand, looks OP. Hopefully it gets nerfed a little.

        • ccrows

          but boosters though… 🙁

        • PuddingAuxRais1ns

          I may be useful after dying from an enemy from afar.

    • LovekillerX

      Specialist might be OP. For example if you’re doing really great (10 killstreak or even more) and then Seraph (one shot pistol woman) comes and shoots you. Or that guy who has HIVE ability… if I have understood right it is same thing as multiple bouncing betties…

      • ScOott

        Yh I can see more people camping for them streaks. But the same ability might be the thing that gets you them streaks .. I have faith in the abilities till the beta hits, I don’t reckon I’d use the pistol as my go to person, I’d have the double score person specially in objective modes.. (Sorry not sure of any of the names yet :-/)

        • Guywithbrains

          Basically you want Seraph but with his ability and not his special weapon.

          I am also worried than someone with 1-16 stats comes with one shot kill pistol and blasts me when I am on 10 killstreak (if I am ever able to achieve that… Treyarch titles are harder than IW).

          • AgeDoesntPhase

            idk i feel like treyarch titles are way easier can go on 20 streaks like its nothing. iw games im lucky to go on 10 streaks, aw is just random and i get shot because of a random variable but then again to each his own everyone has different experiences with each of these titles.

          • TheMarkofRay

            Treyarch titles streaks don’t stack so it really takes gun(and equipment) kills to get streaks plus there are no support. Meaning you have to earn your streaks more AND it’s harder for a below average player to get anything impactful. IW streaks stack which means you could get a pred missile at 4 kills and end up with AC130 if things are changed correctly. So IW has more streaks up to kill you vs 3arc games where they are earned through more actual kills by the player(or objective based scores)

          • TheMarkofRay

            I like your concern more. Others seem worried about something being overpowered(in the hands of a good player) and them getting destroyed with it. You seem to be more worried that you’ll be dominating and a bad player will end your streak….I think if you go into COD looking to dominate as opposed to scared of what will dominate you, you’ll always have more success.

    • Thomasthetankswag

      Honestly, ive had concerns about black ops 3 since it was announced. Just thought that it would have a buggy launch or have a few small things that ruin the game like ghosts.

      Now that ive seen that theres these destiny like abilities and theres the fast TTK i dont think ill even bother playing Multiplayer after a month, campaign also looked bad in the gameplay we’ve seen – id much rather a linear story based campaign like modern warfare . Still hoping zombies will be good.

      But i had the same feelings about black ops 2, and that was one of the best games ever

  • shantzonpoint

    They mention 40+ kill games and it plays fast paced. They are playing against fellow youtubers at E3 that play aggressive. In pubs it’s not going to play that way. It’s going to be a head glitch, corner sitting campfest. The equipment available only encourages this style of gameplay. C4 with proximity sensors. ..seriously???

    The destiny specialist they brought into bo3 may be a joke but that remains to be seen.

    Remember people/companies that got early access at e3 and were invited by treyarch or Activision (which is the case in this article) so they aren’t going to degrade the game at all. They can’t if they ever want to get invited back again. So don’t take these reviews as gospel.

    • Definitely very valid points, and the general public tend to have a different play-style and overall perspective on the franchise.

      As for our overall opinion/agenda and the potential influence that Activision has on us: Since we primarily report on Call of Duty news and information only, we very rarely give our own opinions on the game/franchise itself. We don’t feel obligated to be overly positive or negative and tend to retain a neutral stance.

      As for what I have written in this article, I decided to take more of an informational/comparative route instead of saying whether it’s good or bad,

      If people disliked the exo-suit from Advanced Warfare, they’re likely going to enjoy Black Ops 3 a whole lot more. It really comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. We could write a shining review and make it sound incredible, but there’s simply to many factors to cover when it comes to multiplayer in Call of Duty.

      • Spodermen

        ur rioght petey

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        I agree. The best part about BO3 is that we’re getting a beta, so that we can see how it plays in pubs before the game releases and judge whether we personally enjoy the game and if it’s worth the money.

      • shantzonpoint

        I love the movement in AW. I also like there is no what I consider camping equipment in the game (shock charges, aed’s, claymores, betties). The connections are just god awful in AW. That’s what ruins it for me.

        With that said, I think it’s good to have diversity between cod releases.

        I’m glad that bo3 has boosting features as well even if they are not as drastic. I wonder if AW was releases after bo3 if it would’ve been better received (movement wise). I would consider bo3 movement simplified compared to AW.

    • TheMarkofRay

      BO2 was very fast paced compared pretty much every COD before it. People camped but if you’re actually good at rushing vs needing a UAV up constantly with people run out in the open with one thumb you’d do just fine. BO3 seems to be a similar pace to BO2. Not trying to be mean but unless it’s like MW2 style Camping there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to rush. If you just run around pressing buttons then of course people will headglitch and pick you off. Almost sounds like those who call people who’d get Swarm “campers” or worse tryhards as opposed to just realizing maybe after 6+ years of COD experience they may actually be good or you and your teammates bad.

  • Ryumoau

    great article! I’m really happy with all the footage i’ve seen so far and hearing that the new wall running and thrust jumps are mainly used for traveling faster, rather than for combat.

    I like AW, but i don’t need those exact movements in another developer’s CoD game. I’m also glad Treyarch didn’t take the easy route and just copy Black Ops 2’s completely grounded gameplay because it would have been safer to just give us another Black Ops 2 game but with a new story and maps.

    One of the reasons i disliked Ghosts so much was because of how safe and lazy it was with its gameplay. Treyarch seems to know how to add new mechanics to their game without making it feel too fast paced like AW. 🙂

    • I mean Ghosts tried a little with inventing sliding, wall leaning, and auto-vaulting over objects while sprinting.

  • Thomasthetankswag

    UNBAN KYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Spodermen

      ur bek!^!

  • Stefan Lang

    If this doesnt get people in the right mind set idk what will. Everyone is so afraid of what Advanced Warfare has done and they still continue to call thrust packs “exo suits”. TBH this game looks 10x better than Advanced Warfare. The thrust jump is simply just there to eliminate ladders and you can really tell when watching people thrust jump in gameplay. Even pay attention the meter, it doesnt even last long. The wall running seems very pratical as well. Just sit tight and trust in Treyarch.

    • TheMarkofRay

      What’s worse is “Thrust Jumping” and AW’s boosts were meant to address community’s concerned with “campers”. So can’t want fast paced gameplay but then realize reflexes are too slow to handle said pace…BO2 had the perfect pacing. If you were a fast pacer rusher you were at an advantage, but if you were more defense or even campy you could do just as well you just had to be skillful…Like a reverse of previous CODs were camping was easier but if you were skilled you could rush with ease.

  • Thatlazykid

    The guns seem very balanced which i like 🙂

    • Guywithbrains

      Every gun seems worth using. And that is something that has been missing from the latest titles like Ghosts and AW.

      What do you think in general of Black Ops 3 so far?

      • Kill Denied

        How the fuck do you know that?

        • Guywithbrains

          Because I have watched gameplay videos so much that I already remember all gun names. I have noticed that no gun is crappy compared to other guns. Of course tuning is only at the beginning so we’ll see.

          A gun is not worthy only when you can go 52-0 but guns are also worth using if you can have fun with them.

          • Kill Denied

            Show me all the gameplay videos that feature every gun in the game.

          • Guywithbrains

            Guns that we have seen so far. ARK-7, Man-o-War, Kuda, Vesper, Weevil, Locus… so for now I have already over 5 worthy guns I am going to use. That is a lot better amount of usable guns compared to AW.

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            True, the only two guns worth using in AW is the Bal and ASM1, it sucks when there is only two viable guns in the game worth using to do well.

          • TheMarkofRay

            HBRA3 and AK12 were both good. KF5 was also very good. Viable means guns that are capable and those 3 guns and a couple other are viable with the right variant(Which admittedly is luckbased). I used KF5 before I gave up on this game and I managed to do well. Although I like challenges. So I’m the type to find the 4th-5th best gun and dominate the corny guys that used top 2 guns. That’s opposed to most people who pretend they are helpless and their success is solely dependent on what weapon or tactics enemy uses.

          • Kill Denied

            But saying every gun seems worth using is wrong then

          • Guywithbrains

            I thought that you aren’t so fundamentalist and can use common sense to figure out that I am talking about already seen weapons in released gameplay videos. Of course I can’t tell you that all weapons are worth using but every gun we have seen so far is worth using in some way.

          • ScOott

            Jeeze don’t test guywithbrains knowledge on black ops3, he will destroy you ..

          • TheMarkofRay

            It may be also since players that are playing now are more willing to try different guns. AW had 5-6 decent weapons but soon as people found out BAL and ASM1 were slightly better they gravitated towards it even if technically a good player could make KF5, HBRA3 and a couple others be competitive. I do imagine the guns will be similar to BO2 where people mentioned like 5+ different OP guns which means that there are plenty of choices. Not saying you’re wrong but it’s way too early to decide what’s “balanced” especially since for most people whatever gun they see kill them the most is the most OP.

      • Thatlazykid

        It’s pretty good especially how the maps look colorful and not depressing which i like. I was kind of worried about the mp reveal trailer but now that we got more mp gameplay it feels like black ops 2 which i also like 🙂

  • LovekillerX
    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Refresh CI. New article.

      • LovekillerX

        Yeah already got that I just was busy I couldn’t check it lol. Thanks!

  • Phil Nichols


    • I never have been a fan of zombies but I am happy with you 🙂

  • One of the most important things, beside the overhelming hype is.. That first time in CoD history, we will have a chance to play Beta.. A damn Beta ! They really believe in their game and I like it. Treyarch FTW !

    • Ptrain727

      there was a beta for cod 4 and world at war too.

      • I started to play CoD when Mw2 came out, thnx for info lol

    • do some research

      not the first time kid

      • OH so there were betas long ago.. OK, did not know that.. That does not change the point I was trying to say.. l2read between the lines, dummy 😉

  • Blaine

    I don’t care if the boost jumping is slower, people are still going to be flying through the air and that’s the problem. If I wanted to do clay pigeon shooting I’d go out to a range.

    • Raines

      Yes, but NOW those that do opt this cheesy thrust tactic are going to be sitting ducks for the core boots-on-the-ground players.
      I can’t wait to own jetpack fanboys and wall runners.

  • bird

    still feels a bit fast by the looks of the videos i’ve seen. Wish it were a bit more geared toward tactical movement and play, as opposed to “sprint until you find someone, spam bullets, whoever hit more wins” black ops 1 and even 2 felt more like you could be covert, and gain advantages through moving with purpose rather than just constant sprint-slide-sprint-wall jump-1v1gun battle fin

  • iPwnTV

    Same shit that was fed to us about AW, in all reality this game is AW again, and its still clearly running on the same Engine as ghosts…well played…dying franchise.

    WWII was a better idea

    • Let’s just wait until the game is released before we start saying the game sucks.

    • Capten ermirica

      Moron. I don’t need to elaborate. Just moron.

  • burrgee

    Didn’t bother reading the whole article it was to long. I just watched the video lol. Cant wait for this game I think its goin to be the best cod ever made no exaggeration

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    I can’t wait to play the beta. Thanks for the vids, Petey. You’re helping me scout my potential corner camping spots.

  • Phillip Briggs

    Can you hear enemy footsteps? That’s all I want to know.

    • I don’t think we’re gonna find that out until the Beta. YTers haven’t mentioned anything like that.

      • Phillip Briggs

        I wish someone would mention it though! It’s something I’ve taken for granted in every COD but Advanced Warfare has killed it for me.

  • Raines

    Great news. Looks like the jetpack fanboys won’t have the advantage they think they will have. I’m glad to see Treyarch took out the over-ridiculous thrusting in this game and that it is also not unlimited.
    Look forwards to owning jetpack cheese players while having my boots on the ground.

  • Raines

    More I think about it, we’ve been promised things before. As with the big “Classic” playlist in AW.

    So when you say “Thrust jumping will rarely allow you to reach the second floor of a building, and it definitely won’t get you from one rooftop to another – you’ll simply fail to even come close.”…….you better not be lying just to get us to buy the game only to find out that the thrusting is all over the place like AW and people are annoying flying around all over the place. How about a MP preview WITHOUT having to commit to buying it first so we know whether or not we want to buy it?
    If its so great, what are you afraid of in offering this? Say a weekend or two where people can try it out to see if the jetpacks are too annoying or not?