Last month, Activision announced brand new licensing agreement with Fathead to bring epic Call of Duty wall decals inspired by the game, allowing fans to further experience the game.

Today, three Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Fatheads are now available for purchase for $99.99 on the official Call of Duty store. In addition, fans can also purchase a Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 cover art Fathead and additional Fatheads on the official Fathead store, for 50% off (or up to 60% off on certain items) till July 7th.

New Fatheads include:

SOURCE: Call of Duty Shop // Fathead Store (via @xDRyanP)

  • cool

    • Dalaxer

      I find you everywhere

  • If there was a Simon “Ghost” Riley fathead I’d definitely buy one, but I don’t want an AW or BO3 one. I’ll just stuck with Big Ben

    • Keshav Bhat

      Yeah…I would buy one too, but I believe since this agreement just started it won’t happen 🙁

      • Well maybe if those Remastered CODS ever happen we might get one

        • jordanxbrookes

          Black Ops <3

          • Well to get a Ghost Fathead I’d like a Modern Warfare Collection 🙂 only so I can play MW2 remastered. Best COD Campaign ever

  • Dr. Salim

    Is there a Fathead of Condrey’s face?

    • shantzonpoint

      A Condrey dart board would sell better. …….

      • jordanxbrookes

        I want one.

  • I just drank bleach

    When I open the package, I wanna hear….ELITE!!!!

    • GinsuVictim



      • I just drank bleach

        As long as they’re Nigerian knee pads, keep em coming….

        • GinsuVictim

          I redeem all clothing loot, so I have no clue what they even look like.

          • iTYPE2ANNOY

            DAMN YOU’RE SO COOL!! …JK

      • jordanxbrookes

        *Nigerian kneepads.

  • Ratboy

    damn 50 for BO3

  • Michael

    I wanted

    • k5berry

      I wanted a Vonderhaar body pillow

      • Thomas the Tank Sw

        Vonderhaar onesies!!!!!!!

  • LovekillerX

    I’m just here waiting for official beta date…

    • Guywithbrains

      I bet it will be August 8th for Playstation 4. I am lucky to have one.

      • Keshav Bhat

        Where did you find that date?

        • LovekillerX

          Just a guess I think and also David Vonderhaar had 808 tag if I remember right.

          • EmperorEye

            Really hope that beta starts before august 17th, thats when I have to get back in prison (back to school).

  • TheGreatnessWithin


  • ScOott

    May sound a bit stupid but… Wtf is a fat head.. I thought it was a little figure with a big head, but then I seen the price :-s

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      It’s a giant sticker/poster you can stick on walls, mirrors, or windows. Alex Hill posted a picture of a football one below.

      • ScOott

        Yh why is it called a fathead tho, it’s just a giant sticker .. On a side note I seen you comment on a youtube comment section somewhere, might of been tmarn..

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Idk, ask the people who make it. And yeah, I comment on Youtube much more than I comment here, so you might’ve seen me.

          • Guest

            “Idk” would’ve been ok, telling to ask company is a dick move. I could imagine the mean spirited Youtube comments you make.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            How is that a dick move? It’s probably a FAQ on their website. If not, you could probably just look it up on Google. And my comments on Youtube are barely ever negative. Have a look if you’d like.

          • Kyle Soule

            Yh I think I saw you comment on a Drift0r video before or somewhere.

    • Kyle Soule

      Yh I know. I thought it was a little sticker or something and decided it wasnt since it would be an outrageous price for a little sticker.

    • Jessica Because

      That would be a bobble head. And I dunno about you but that photo of the BO3 fathead doesnt look like a cutout image like most of the fatheads. Looks like a full on photo. Not impressed so far. Id rather just have a poster of that and frame it even.

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    I don’t appreciate the name calling!

  • Ryumoau

    what the heck is a ‘fathead’? Also the pics make it look like they are just huge posters. If thats the case, they are way too overpriced.

    • Jessica Because

      yeah if it were more of a cutout and not a full picture, it’d make sense. The price though, Id rather have a $10 poster.

  • Gooby

    Hi guys today I just learned English but I will still be speaking Dolan (: