Responding to a comment about not adding prestiges after launch on Reddit, David Vonderhaar has stated that the team at Treyarch ‘are not fans of adding Prestige Levels after launch.’


We are not fans of adding Prestige Levels after launch. We wanted Prestige to have an end goal and off ramp. It’s why we gave it a name (Master Prestige) and removed the level icon when you hit it.

We do think there is a room to do interesting things to highlight a Master Prestige player that keeps playing that is NOT adding more prestige levels.

It’s designed, but not implemented yet, and I don’t want to put my foot in my mouth in case it doesn’t happen for scope or schedule reasons.


This is in contrast to Sledgehammer Games; they launched Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with 15 prestiges and in March, added 15 additional prestiges called “Grand Master Prestiges.” With Infinity Ward, for their older release, Modern Warfare 3, they added 10 additional prestiges after that title’s launch. They did not add more prestiges to Call of Duty: Ghosts, however.

Treyarch has not yet announced the final number of prestiges that will be in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

SOURCE: Reddit via CoDOnlineBlog

  • Psychomaggot105

    So can we have 20 at launch

    • WesupDude


  • arturoehr

    No one is fan of that bullshit

    • Well no ones a fan of your bullshit. Wtf are you talking about anyway?

      • Joshwoocool

        bullshit lol

  • Ryumoau

    I’m personally glad they aren’t just needlessly adding more prestiges to artificially lengthen the game’s lifespan. The majority of CoD gamers rarely reach beyond the first couple prestiges anyway and hardcore fans shouldn’t need more prestiges as an excuse to keep playing. The actual gameplay should hopefully be enough.

    • Guywithbrains

      What I hated in AW was that I was finally reaching my first Master Prestige but then they added another 15 prestiges. It felt like an endless challenge.

      • ScOott

        Can’t speak for a.w not played it enough, but mw3 was a biatch for adding prestiges, I hated the amount they added. I’m sure I can remember them adding more prestiges twice, twas horrible idea then, imagine it still would be.

        • Kyle Soule

          Yh I wasnt a huge fan of them adding more prestiges. Its just a cheap way of trying to get people to play the game a little bit longer.

          • Ivan

            And that’s bad why? For someone who is playing, I would want as many players online
            U don’t have to prestige!

          • Kyle Soule

            I didnt say its bad, its just something that Im not a huge fan of in MY opinion. Dont get me wrong I like to prestige and I know you dont have to prestige but it does suck when you get to master prestige and all of a sudden theres like 10 or 15 more prestiges and you have to level up again to get back to prestige master.

          • Yes, I would want the same, but you don’t get anything for prestiging another 15 times. Heck, you don’t even get anything for prestiging after 5 times. Lol.

          • Actually you do get an elite gun every time you prestige now after you pass the first master prestige.

          • Ok yes I forgot about that, But I don’t promote unbalanced altering of gun stats.

          • Pflann

            Varient weapons were a bad idea it takes no skill to get kills with a speakeasy or an obsidian steed if you get kills by using base weapons then your by far a better player imo

          • Yes, that’s what I meant. I agree with you.

          • Aceshigh87

            Assuming you haven’t gotten the weapons already in your previous 15 prestiges. They should have made it a variant of your choice instead. I know I personally need to hit Master Prestige 6 before I’ll get anything new (assuming I don’t get the Steel Bite by then, 8 if I do).

          • I’ve been playing this game since it came out and I only have 6 elites but no AR and 1 smg elite

          • Aceshigh87

            You are one unlucky person, I gotta say. I’m missing a few big ones (RIP and Insanity) but have a lot of elites in general.

          • Thomas the TankSwag

            I have all the great elites for guns i dont use: inferno, obsidian steed, rip, Silver bullet, insanity, goliath. But all i want, or would use,is the speakeasy or a single sac 3

          • I redeemed the pistol and launchers elites for xp

          • ScOott

            It doesn’t work like that, not for me anyway, you finally achieve that max prestige after months of grinding, few weeks later you find out that your no where near finished and feel discouraged to carry on because they just added more, I’d play the game more knowing I’d finally reached max prestige, would be interesting to see what different approach they could take with it.

          • Pflann

            Honestly i liked the fact shg added more prestiges just because the gameplay is awful and it only took me 2-3 weeks to reach master prestige. Grand master prestige was a walk in the park the only reason i still play it is for my clan

          • I’m not even prestige 3 on AW, shit is hard as fuck.

          • Kyle Soule

            I gave up on AW lol. Im still on prestige one.

          • Spodermen

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          • Kyle Soule

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          • Spodermen

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          • Kyle Soule

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        • spartanelite

          Fun Fact:There’s infinite double xp on MW3

          • MichiganerE

            MW3 may have not been the best CoD game, but there’s no denying that it had some cool shit.

      • Kyle Hubbard

        I disagree. Sure it does feel like a huge challenge, but that is what some players are looking for. I got to Master Prestige in early January and i didn’t enjoy playing games, to get no real reward, and no levelling up. I think it gives players a challenge to go for. i would never want to see a huge chunk of players being at the max prestige because it would completely ruin the ‘prestige’ of being that high a rank if everyone had it (BO2, Ghosts).

      • Imventing

        facts bro.. i made it to prestige 25 now I’m forcing myself to complete it

        • You must put a lot of time into playing then…

          • Imventing

            i took advantage of the double xp a lot, and only play SnD as well. But I only have 7 days played so I suppose you can make that judgment lol

    • I personally think adding more ranks is fine. It may have been artificial in terms of lengthening the game, but it still worked. People were a bit more incentivized to play longer due to the added ranks and rewards because of it. Not everyone is a fan of it, but then again, it’s also completely optional.

      • gangla

        Same. I can’t imagine a suitable alternative to that. Being fully maxed and not earning xp or anything sucks.

        • Joshwoocool


          • Challenges would be better because you actually have to do something to get them instead of just playing the game enough. A cool idea would be that you can’t prestige to the next prestige until you both play the game enough (in the form of the standard XP) and you complete certain challenges. The challenges would change for every prestige. Then there would be a point. Also, you would still get calling cards for completing challenges like you do now.

          • MJA21x

            That could do the complete opposite though. If you forced players to do certain things that they don’t want to do, they might simply not bother. Players should be able to play the way they want without being punished.

          • It would make the prestiges more valuable. Or what if you got armor and special guns by completing those challenges. You could show off. Not “oh guys look I pressed a button and opened a random supply drop and now I have the speakeasy like everyone else.” LOL! I know about supply drops challenges but those are too easy. And instead of variants why not have actual new guns.
            EDIT: But I understand the casual CoD player is too lazy for that.

          • Kyle Soule

            Speaking of prestiges, I wonder if you will be able to prestige in bo3 zombies since they said that they are bringing XP rank progression to zombies. If so then that could really help with longevity to zombies.

    • ccrows

      There’s a bunch of people that hit GMP a couple of months back in AW, and are complaining to SH to add even more prestiges.

      Replay Value with COD is important for maintaining the population… (especially outside of TDM/DOM/Search)

    • ccrows

      Prestiging is optional, and what’s wrong with giving people more “Options”?…

      • Joshwoocool

        people love the grind.It’s a slap to the face when you hit max then a few months later they add 15 more.

        • How so? Is it because people feel inadequate because someone’s a higher rank?

          • Joshwoocool

            No.Hitting prestige master then them putting in more ranks kinda defeats the purpose of prestige master.It would be like collecting state quarters,getting all 50 states (both Philadelphia and Denver quarters) then having the mints make a boat load more of them.

      • Aceshigh87

        There is another option, at least there was in BO2: Resetting. If you want to keep grinding levels instead of anything else, you could just reset everything and go again. That way if people want to prestige more they can and if people want to stay at max it won’t get ripped away from them.

    • CraziBoi94

      Exactly. Spot on. It should feel special when you reach that point.

    • Aliahsan


      • Ryumoau

        hey!! I’m subbed to you on youtube. πŸ˜€

        • Aliahsan

          Lol i know, but i miss your comments on my videos lmao. It’s been a while indeed.

          • Ryumoau

            awww i’m sorry. i just don’t use the youtube website as much as i used to. i mostly just watch youtube videos through the ps4 app. lol

  • Kyle Soule

    gudumet! um laet.

    • Well at least you’re here!

      • Kyle Soule

        Yh true πŸ™‚

  • Dr. Salim

    Looking back at the MP reveal trailer I saw that the highest level was 50.

    • Thomas the TankSwag

      Ffs, needs to be atleast 20 prestiges with 50 levels. Aw reached original prestige master too soon. Black ops 3 had it spot on for time to reach max prestige, i hit it the weekend before ghosts.

      • RdJokr

        “Black ops 3 had it spot on for time to reach max prestige”


        • Thomas the TankSwag

          *black ops 2 ;). the time it took was perfect – it didn’t feel like it was a boring grind getting to max like mw3, but still felt rewarding when you hit it.

  • David Carcedo

    Nice 3arc that’s a crap, i don’t want 20 fucking prestiges, with 10 or 15 like BO1 is enough… the 14th prestige of black ops 1 is beauty

  • Guywithbrains

    Having Master Prestige as max prestige is fine but why they don’t put level icon for it? For example MW2 had pretty cool max prestige icon.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      They did have it’s own icon. Look at BO2.

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Good shit.

  • ccrows

    At least give us the ability to reset our stats like BO2 then… *sigh*

    • RdJokr

      He hasn’t denied that yet though, so it’s not like it isn’t an option.

      • ccrows

        I hope so, cuz there’s a lot of people out there that like leveling up 24/7/365.

        The last F**king thing I want is “no games found” lobbies, because people got bored from already being maxed out… <_<

  • TheGamerBeast

    this guy is so smart and everything he says about MP makes sense…. i agree with him 100%.. but atleast keep stats reset in the Game like BO2

    • RdJokr

      He certainly is doing a better job as Community manager than Condrey and Tina ever will.

      Condrey had better give the job to somebody and just be studio head for their next game. This job ain’t cut out for him. And Tina… I don’t even know what to suggest, other than maybe stop blocking people?

      • LovekillerX

        I have to admit that although Treyarch isn’t my favorite studio, David Vonderhaar communicates damn well with community. He can be seen in Reddit answering to multiple questions. With other developers I have to go to Twitter and I can’t be even sure if I get answer lol.

      • ccrows

        Condrey is a still a much better CM than Tina though.

        I could give a rats ass about Tina’s social life, or random thoughts that cluttered up her Twitter…

        • TheGamerBeast

          all she says or does is tag u to Activition support account and say they’ll help u lol

          • ccrows

            Or block people, or have conversations with her female friends and ignoring people asking her for help.

            ^ Of course when you call her out on that, she cries and says that her account is “personal”, and to use the main IW account.

            Yet she still uses her “personal” account to promote upcoming COD stuff.

            Tina needs to get her S*** together with the community before 2016, or IMO she needs to go… <_<

      • TheGamerBeast

        okay i agree in some of the stuff here.. but not gonna lie atleast for Condrey it’s there first COD and as for there first time they did a great job.. AW is fun… but Tina and IW oh from where should i start…oh god the worst ever

        • RdJokr

          Yeah, but I’m still sore at Condrey for “exo-dodging” us PC gamers. At least Vahn is showing love to PC already, so I can expect a quality COD on PC this year and probably not get disappointed.

      • Anyone recall the work of Mr. Bowling? lol

  • It’s comforting knowing Vondy is watching over us, or is it?

    • bjgf

      Like a blanket made of Gods fingers

      • Joshwoocool

        his head warming are hearts and souls

      • Wait, does that mean he would finger us in our sleeps? That’s a bit scary to be honest. ?

      • Thomas the TankSwag

        *Vahns fingers

  • Phil Nichols

    Ghost did it in Extinction, with each DLC, they added 5 more Prestige levels

  • LovekillerX

    I hope they bring us 10 or 15 prestiges. Above 15 is maybe a little bit too much. I got 16th prestige in AW and then I thought it was enough for me.

  • asas

    I think the problem of this its not prestige again , its lose it all, example:

    Im prestige 10
    And suddenly , they add 15 more prestiges

    If i prestige and they dont remove my gold weapons , or gold camos , or my complete challenges, i dont see any problem for prestige again

  • Aceshigh87

    I personally don’t think there is a need for more than 15 prestiges. I don’t mind doing the Master Prestige ranks in AW but only because they made challenges not reset so I’m more on that grind than I am on the prestige grind.

    There are always more things to do than just prestiging. I never understood people saying CoD needs 30 prestiges and then using two guns for the entire cycle. You want a different grind when you hit max prestige? Trying doing all the camos and challenges. Keeps the game fresh.

  • Daniel

    Thanks Vahn

  • fulzee

    On MW3 I got to 20th, prestiged 2 more times at 20th for fun, then reset all stats 3 days before Black Ops 2 came out. I got to Master prestige on BO2 around february of that games lifecycle, got to like 1st on Ghosts, I don’t think I prestiged once on AW. I’m now 9th prestige on MW3 again, for 31 total on that game. 10th cod4 10th waw, 9th mw2

    • fulzeegay

      What do you want a fucking cookie? You see anyone else tryingnto show off there stats?

      • TheDemonOfHate

        If he or she is not accepting the cookie may I have it. I’ll PM you my address.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Well I am Master Prestige On all CoD & GMP on AW. Suck it

  • ReZ_115_SoN_of_a_Gun


  • Off topic, but it’s funny how everyone loves Vahn now considering people wanted him dead years ago because of a sniper patch.

    • Drasadex

      They’ll hate him again once the game comes out.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Correction: 12-year old FaZe wannabe fanboys wanted him dead because of the sniper patch.

      • Yep not everyone.

        • jordanxbrookes

          Exactly. I praised Vahn for nerfing the quick bloopers.

          • I didn’t know about it until later on, but yes it was a good thing.

      • I’m not a 12-year old FaZe wannabe, and I like to snipe. The patch wasn’t the most exciting thing for me. But to be honest, sniping is still pretty easy in BO2. :/

  • Ascher1it

    I also dislike the fact that they add in more prestiges after launch, and the only reason I’m doing it on AW is because of the ASD. I was already on my 13th prestige when ASD were added in as level up bonus’ and I got pretty mad at it, but hey… Nothing you can do about it. However, if you hit the Master Prestige, but still can show your dedication by playing much and “maybe” getting a different icon, then I would actually be okay with it. I like to finish what I start, and this adding in of new prestiges… Let’s just say that wasn’t what I signed up for.

  • Jensen

    Yet again my brothers, we ask our Lord. And like a clap of thunder from the skies, He listens.

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    • Joshwoocool


      • just trying to grow man its hard

        • Just put your info in your bio and continue to comment on CI. That’s what I would do if I were you. Good luck on your channel man, I might go check it out. πŸ˜‰

    • Baruck obuma

      checked out your vids man and their pretty cool i subbed.

  • Ak74u

    If they go 20 prestiges with level 55 that would be great I would say 15 prestiges but I know I will be playing it more

    • Lets just hope Vondy makes the best choice available, whatever it may be.

      • Ak74u

        True I don’t care how many as long as it’s not too much like 30 hopefully we get zombie prestiges or something like that

    • MiddleAgedGamingSociety

      15 would be great. The whole adding prestiges is sloppy.

  • Extremists

    Id be down with 10 or 15 prestiges, but id love them to be a legit grind again. You leveled so quick in AW with the supply drop shit that it didnt mean jack shit. I remember the days when it actually meant something to be max prestige.

  • Guest

    Thank god

  • Good.

  • pleasemakenewcontent

    I want them to make actual more content to keep us playing thats not just some new maps and a couple new guns..

    • Ak74u

      Exo suits were new content in advanced warfare as well as weapon variants

      • Exos don’t add any way to lengthen play time though, they are just a new movement system. Variants are unbalanced.

        • Ak74u

          It’s still something new, what the fuck do you expect from them to give us more? A pony and a piece of shit

          • Joshwoocool

            exos rounded up sucking but I cant fault them trying to bring something new to the table

          • Even though I hate exos I actually wasn’t trashing them in that comment. I meant that exos do something different than lengthen play time. And new guns to get in a way I already described in earlier comments would be better than variants.

  • WesupDude

    Thank god. 10 prestige’s is the magic number.

    • FazalGaming

      If I am correct, Vondy confirmed 15 prestiges.

      • WesupDude

        Well either way as long as that’s the highest I’m okay with 15.

  • jahladagaming

    Sledgehammer didn’t have a clue what CoD should be like. Treyarch are the masters; the only thing they have done wrong in my opinion is forgetting to have a counter measure for sniper instant kills in Black Ops 2. Everything else had a counter measure, even the target finder. Now, if they can nail hit detection and connection (like MW2 managed all those years ago) they really could have a great game in BLOPS 3 that will last for a good three years while we all don’t buy the next IW and SH garbage games.

  • king wolfe

    With so many games coming out in November and COD suffering fatigue and on the decline to its death, this information wont save it..its too late..if they fuck around and bring back old school cods to xone its night night for black ops 3…its a wonder why Microsoft didnt fight for exclusives..whats the

  • jordanxbrookes

    This annoyed me during MW3 when I reached Prestige 10 Level 80 and they added in 5 more Prestiges. There should be no more Prestiges after the highest. Also, I don’t know how they could do it, but I’d like to see Prestige mean something. Remember when you were in a lobby and if someone was Prestige 10 Level 55 they were considered respected and/or God back in Call of Duty 4?

    • Yep. It’s literally pointless now. It would be better if it was a ranking system but that’s what league play and Halo are for, lol. “Technically” being a high prestige doesn’t mean the player is actually any good, it just means they play a lot.

    • SoulTaker

      Not really just mean they played a lot since XP back then was hard to get by hell I only prestiged twice in WAW since it took forever.

      • Yes, that’s all prestiging ever means. But people praise it. I do understand why they praise though. It’s because they believe it shows skill based on kills, which really doesn’t mean anything, especially if a camper or spawn trapper can also get a lot of kills too, but not do anything else. But at least back then, if not now, it was fun. Don’t get me wrong I still do prestige and it does lengthen play time, but it needs to be fixed.

    • LovekillerX

      Nowadays it doesn’t mean almost anything sadly. Hackers give you max prestige and ruin your K/D and W/L. Also today it seems like prestige doesn’t mean so much skill anymore… when I saw prestige guys coming into my team I was like “WOW victory here I come!” but today I can see how I get prestige guys to my team and they suck. Meanwhile level 16 with no prestige brings my whole team down with legit quickscoping.

    • FazalGaming

      I thought they added 10 new prestiges not 5.

      • money b

        they added 5 at first then the next set of 5 came after

  • HeczTehFinezt

    Me being a hardcore gamer and not a CoD player, I could care less about going into the next prestige or hell I’ll prestige once and thats about it. I never put too much time on the mp portion but since we’re talking about Treyarch, I put more time into playing zombies than mp.

  • Treyarch should add a second set of leaderboards that are based on Score Per Minute in addition to the playtime = score leaderboards.

  • HinoThatGuy

    is it fair for everyone who cant prestige to the max because somone else got to play it very very early? I am not a fan of Allowing those other folks to have the advantage of getting to the max first. It is equally the same to have another set of prestige levels. And in all honesty, if prestiging keep going on and on. Alot of people would stay playing Call Of Duty. In My Opinion

    • Why does getting to max matter besides bragging rights? For BO2 I only prestiged once. That way I didn’t lose my unlocks. It’s just the way I prefer doing things. I like to keep it simple.

      • It doesn’t.

        • Haha, simplicity at it’s finest. I’m all like “I like to keep it simple” with a long comment and you just state the main point. Well done. πŸ™‚

          • I was agreeing with you. My bad bro. I didn’t know there were rules about commenting. You can scroll down if you would like to see I actually do leave long comments as well. And if you weren’t being rude then again my bad I understood you wrong.

          • I know you were agreeing with me. We cool bro! I was joking around, it’s fine. πŸ™‚

          • Alright. I just don’t always know.

          • Yeah, sorry about that. I should have made things more clear.

      • HinoThatGuy

        Every one plays Differently. If you want to stay where you dont lose anything thats good enough for self. I do like to challenge myself to keep going, pushing myself to the next level. Heck if I dont do it. Some else will.

        • Very well then. We all have our own opinions. πŸ˜‰

  • This is a good approach. I think that once they start adding additional prestiges, it basically devalues the original top prestige. If they keep raising the level, there is no point, it’s like a meaningless goal. Good stuff Treyarch.

  • Phil Nichols

    If you read the actual article, it vahn said there are 15 prestiges in BO3

    • Keshav Bhat

      we haven’t heard a confirmed final number yet

      • Phil Nichols

        So let me get this straight, when the game design director says as of now we have 15 prestiges, you won’t mention it because it’s not “confirmed” but someone posts wrong dates on LinkedIn and you post he left Treyarch when he actually got promoted?

        • Keshav Bhat

          wait what? He left Treyarch in December 2014 and has even stated in his Linkedln that he is looking for new experiences and possibilities for a job. I don’t know where you got that wild idea that he got promoted because no one at Treyarch or Activision disputed the information we posted; they usually do if we post something that’s misinterpreted.

          In regards to the 15 prestiges, as I said, “we haven’t heard” because we haven’t heard him say it. CoDOnlineblog didn’t link any source and it’s no where in his Twitter feed. If you find a link, I would be glad to be proven wrong on that.

          • Phil Nichols

            In your source video from Liam he even states it’s speculation and not confirmed, but you are correct that he is no longer the director of zombies. And while his page may say he’s exploring other possibilities that doesn’t mean he is unemployed. If you look you can realize that the dates for his most current job are wrong. They should read Dec 2014-present. LinkedIn is just a giant resume, and you don’t have dates that overlap. If it was proper then it would say zombie director 2010-2013 then zombie/concept director Dec 2013-2014. If you follow the link on his LinkedIn page to his personal website and click on CV on the top right it will lead to his resume. Right there, and you will see that his most recent job experience is dated 2014-2015 (current project) gameplay/design concept director. So December 2014, he went from Creative/design director of zombies to creative/gameplay concept director which sounds like a promotion to me. They most likely merged the campaign and zombie director position because of the 3 year cycle gives plenty of time to handle both. I just see it as hypocrital when you state that you omited information because it’s not confirmed but then post other information as fact when your source stated it’s speculation. And on a side note, if you took the time to read this, Activision/Treyarch didn’t correct you on that article because it doesn’t affect the game, and it’s no ones business if people are still employed or not.

          • Keshav Bhat

            You present interesting information about this, but currently, we have no confirmation from Activision and Treyarch that he is still an employee there. They informed us that Blundell now leads Zombies and Zielinski doesn’t have that position anymore, and Zielinski himself has yet to correct us. If you read his summary on Linkedln, it says “Until recently,” that he worked on Zombies.

          • Phil Nichols

            There may be no evidence saying he still works there, besides his updating resume saying his current project is Treyarch Concept Director, but there is no evidence he doesn’t work there either. The only thing that is confirmed is that he is no longer the zombies director, which after 5 years in a position, you’re bound to move. Which is why his summary said “until recently” he worked on zomies.

  • I’m glad they’re not going to add more prestiges in that game’s life span. It pissed me off when SHGames did it with AW. I literally reached max prestige the day they announced 15 more levels. It’s probably one of the main reasons why I don’t bother to touch AW

    • FazalGaming

      Well doesn’t it give you more stuff to do?

      • They should add something else to go for that is different than the same old stupid prestiging then.

      • No?

  • Alex

    I’ve just come to a realisation. I prefer the build up to a call of duty game than the game itself. TBH I’m kinda bummed thst bo3 is futuristic it doesn’t tickle my fancyat all. MW4 hype baby bring on 2016

    • FazalGaming

      Unless it’s Ghosts 2

  • This game should have an ‘Overwatch System’ like for CS:GO

    • Can you explain? I haven’t played CS:Go enough yet. Is it the anti cheat?

      • What is the Overwatch?

        The Overwatch lets the CS:GO community regulate itself by allowing qualified and experienced members of the community (β€˜investigatorsβ€˜) to review reports of disruptive behavior, determine whether those reports are valid, and apply temporary bans if appropriate. read more @

  • Such menu. wow.

    • Guywithbrains

      That lobby is really nice looking compared to dark Black Ops 2 multiplayer lobby.

      • LovekillerX

        Yeah I want lobbies to be colorful and that is has some “element” that changes. For example in Black Ops 3, as you can see, there is a different “scene” when you have different specialist selected.

      • Would be cool if it had different screens

        • LovekillerX

          I think your screen changes depending on which specialist you have active.

          • XtremeK1ll3r

            I think it changes depending the map are you going to play

    • Cool, that looks real. Source?

  • Spodermen

    en vundyhur wi trus

  • burrgee


  • Stefan Lang

    There was really no point of prestiging in Ghosts or AW so I hope this time around we actually have a reason to. Bo2 was a perfect example. When you prestige you get a permanent unlock token, along with the refund option, reset stats option, and extra class option. It would be cool if in the combat record, your stats show differently per prestige. For instance at prestige 2 it shows how you performed throughout that prestige. Average kills during that prestige, average points per game, deaths, etc. As far as adding more prestiges goes, I dont think it’s a good idea. Im only like 18th in AW and I dont even plan on hitting 30 before bo3 comes out. I was gonna play until I got the speakeasy but oh well.

  • tarfeef101

    Yeah, I’m a pretty big perfectionist, so I always feel the need to be master. So it was kinda annoying to have to grind through fifteen extra prestiges. I feel like a better game experience is a much better way to get people to keep playing.

  • satish pydikondala

    Possibly 9 prestiges to rank up also included master prestige since there are nine specialist characters to rank up

  • IceKoldKilla

    THANK YOU! I fucking hate what AW did. I was already abandoning the game when suddenly, “Oh and now you can go up to Prestige 30! Please play our game…”. Oh heeeeeeell naw! Never played it again. Stopped at Prestige 1. I got it on sale, finished the story on Veteran, got to Prestige 1, played Exo Zombies, got the 1st DLC as a gift and never touched the game again. I hate the Exo jump. I know clasic exists (it still does, right?) but I found it hard to find players or lagging sometimes. So yeah, I hate raging. I wanna have fun in a game.

    • XtremeK1ll3r

      And maps are not realized to play them with classic mode..

  • Erik

    I was extremely disappointed when SHG added master prestige, because it worked. I thought I was done with the game but now I’m wasting more of my life trying to max out grand master prestige. I’m on 11 now. I’m a die hard S&D gamer, racking up 12-24k xp a game with the TAC-19 and I have to say, I’m extremely irritated that 90% of the S&D population uses the ASM/BAL. No variety at all.

    • It’s because of the terrible variety and gun balancing of the guns themselves that people only use the ASM1 and the BAL. People want whatever advantage they can, sadly that’s the only 2 good guns.

      • Erik

        Agreed. Wish they would buff the range and accuracy on the KF and SN. Increase the range on shotguns. Increase mobility and zoom on LMG’s. Increase the mag capacity on the AK/HBRA – this is the least they can do if the BAL and ASM remain unscathed.

        • I mostly agree except LMGs should not be buffed. That would just make them into increased damage ARs.

          • Erik

            Well, something needs to be done to make these guns more desirable to use. This game is too fast paced for LMG’s. The only advantage LMGs have over AR’s is the clip, unless you see otherwise.

          • I like it better without LMGs. Besides damage and clip size they have no advantage and do not need to artificially be put on par with ARs just because they are not viable in this game. I do not need another Black Ops 2 and Ghosts f*ck fest of LMGs.

          • Erik

            I skipped BO2 and Ghosts so I can’t say I can relate. But with MW2 and WAW I can remember more than 2 dominant guns. I think that Exo boosting also changed the dynamics of guns. Ex. People hopping across the map vs running in a straight line makes it more difficult to snipe. Going back to the original topic, I don’t mind going through another set of prestige levels so long as the game is enjoyable. Right now it is not, and I can’t say I got my $60 worth til I reach the max.

          • Yes, in those games LMGs were viable but not OP. Black Ops 2 was filled with LMGs with the target finder attachment and Ghosts was full of LMGs with silencers and thermal sights. It was terrible and I do not want to see that happen again. But I do see your point of having every class of gun be viable, but sometimes it’s hard.

          • Yankeephil

            But in MW2 the perks were OP, I remember running with Lightweight/Marathon/Commando and the magnum and Tac knife, that was an unstoppable class

  • Umpman Joe

    I’m glad, I hated the grand master prestige thing, it burnt me out. I hit master prestige in January and then they added grand master. The grind of getting to grand master burnt me out and now I don’t have as much playing. I played the other cods all the way to November because once I hit master prestige I could have fun and goof around.

  • Jessica Because

    Probably more calling cards. They didnt mention anything about taking the prestige calling cards away.