Michael Condrey has just announced that a new game update for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be available July 9th and include tuning for for PDW, MP443 Grach, Atlas 45, MORS, & Crossbow weapons. This update was first announced in early June.

It’s not clear as to which platforms the patch will be available on, on July 9th. Stay tuned.

  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT


    • Kyle Soule

      26th? 🙂

      • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

        Maybe 😉

        • Kyle Soule

          Maybe? There is no maybe when it comes to the 26th comment. Juat kidding 🙂

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    • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

      You have lost yous treak ScOott 😛

      • ScOott

        I know :-/ Your to QuickzZ :-/

    • fuorit frst. I win.

  • melchor2679

    I guess they all deserve a buff, don’t care for those weapons though.

  • ccrows

    C’Mon Condrey the MORS does not need a buff. <_<

    This is like the "Reverse Vahn" (with the DSR) just to appease the QSing crowd… *SMH*

  • Ak74u

    Yess crossbow needed a patch more than anything and also the mp443 grach, I wish they would buff the sn6 though and that would be it

    • ccrows

      ^ THIS!

      The SN6 needs a buff a lot more than the MORS… *Sigh*

      • Ak74u

        It’s the weakest smg…

        • ccrows

          Fully agree, that was a PITA to get Diamond/Royalty…

        • Thomas the TankSwag

          It really isnt that weak, fire in bursts then judge it. I can do just as good with the sn6 executioner compared to most smg variants.

          • ccrows

            I used the Executioner the most myself (with Grip + ADV Rifling), but it still sucks using that gun against an ASM1.

            IMO Put a slight range buff to it and things would be different. A Range and Recoil buff, and that gun would be really good…

          • NotShitAtCOD

            The only way to make the SMGs somewhat good in Aw now is to nerf the asm1 to a Max 4 shot kill up close like the rest or bring the others up to a 3 shot kill up close

          • Ak74u

            Its good with accuracy but out of all the smgs it has a 6 for damage which is the lowest out of all of thrm , the asm1 has an 11 for damage -__- sn6 needs a buff

          • Thomas the TankSwag

            Imo, the accuracy and high fire rate make up for the low damage. Its a lot better than the mp11, kf5 and sac3.

          • Ak74u

            Yeah but it does need a buff at least a point if damage then the elite version will be amazing. It would be nice to have another smg compete against the asm1 I’m tired of always using the asm1

          • JOEY MURKEM

            No. its not better than the kf5..Sac 3 yes.but the kf5 is 10 times better

          • You use the that little bar? DO YOU THINK IT IS AN ACCURATE REPRESENTATION OF A GUNS EFFECTIVENESS? That bar has nothing to do with real damage…

          • Ak74u

            Check out drift0rs video on the sn6 then it really is the weakest SMG. FACT.

          • NotShitAtCOD

            Why the Fuck do I need to burst it, it’s not a burst fire weapon it’s an automatic that’s what I mean the sn6 is weak when you don’t burst it and the kf5 is weak when you use the first five shots. It’s bullshit the best guns in the game you just use thats it.

          • Thomas the TankSwag

            If you fire In bursts the RPM is a lot faster.

        • ak74uISTERRIBLEatAW

          You must suck donkey nuts because the sn6 executioner is awesome and i rip people apart with it I put up 40kills easy with it just step your game up

          • NotShitAtCOD

            You probably have host

          • scared?

            Step up come play what’s your tag

          • TargetFinderNoob

            Lol, nerd arguing over a gamegame XD

          • NotShitAtCOD

            Or just a low kd

          • youareshitatAW

            Yea low kd wrong over 2 have host wrong again so what is it next? If you want to play we can again just bcuz you suck donkey nuts does not mean the sn6 is bad

          • NotShitAtCOD

            The sn6 IS bad if you want proof

          • NotShitAtCOD

            The sn6 IS bad if you want proof go into ranked and play with the base sn6 not variants and go positive. It won’t happen unless you get fucking noobs or everyone’s AFK. And the reason that is because in ranked everyone the asm1 or bal which will out gun it. And I’m not talking about variants I’m taking about the base version. Everyone won’t have the the best sn6 variant to try out.

          • Demonic_Gamer

            SN6 is amazing but truly does need a buff even though I sometimes go H.A.M with it lol

          • Ak74u

            Your a fucking idiot im talking statwise it is the weakest SMG out of all of them look at its numbers and statistics and you will see it really is the weakest. And 40 kills wow omg I’ve gotten better but with a bal or asm1 of course. Sn6 the third is a good weapon but every other still beats it and that’s a fact. You probably reverse boost or have a low kd if your getting that many kills with the sn6

      • NotShitAtCOD

        The SMGs in aw suck there’s no balance. The mp11, KF5 and sn6 all need a buffer before the mors. Also I hope it’s a nerf to the mors cause the mors is already op.

        • WhiskeyDick

          The kf5 Is a beast…. And with the mp11 and sn6… Use extended mags with rapid fire and u have a legit weapon that can compete with the rest

          • boom

            Second that I run rapid fire with reage extender

          • WhiskeyDick

            Yes! On the mp11 and sn6 I use rapid rife+advanced rifling+extended mags… And I usually tear through enemies with ease…. Though I do understand these weapons should be able to accomplish that without such attachments

          • NotShitAtCOD

            The kf5 is ok but only if you land the first five shots which doesn’t help when there’s multiple people or if you have an elite version. Also the mp11 and sn6 were ok if you put rapid fire on but after they nerfed rapid fire it’s useless.

          • WhiskeyDick

            I use the kf5 single stack (increased fire rate) as I have no elite versions, my accuracy is decent and I easily can melt those around me within range, long shots with most smg’s is just spraying and praying. But to call the kf5 trash is absurd, I can destroy ppl using the asm1 or bal easily, I think the kf5 is one of aw’s most underrated guns!

          • NotShitAtCOD

            It is trash when you compare it to the asm1. Don’t get me wrong I like the mp11, kf5 and sn6 but the fact that they all have a 4-6 shot to kill is garbage in a game like AW. The asm1 will out gun people at medium range most of the time the other smgs can only do that sometimes and your accuracy has to be on point even then sometimes you’ll lose the gun fights. It’s simple a gun that has a decent rate of fire and kills in 3 shots most of the time is going to be better then the rest and out gun the rest unless you get up close. But even then all the smgs will do good damage up close.

          • NotShitAtCOD

            Also the single stack is pretty good as well it’s like saying you got the carbon bal. Yes it is only a enlisted gun but that doesn’t mean that that version is like the base one and that everyone should think the kf5 is this great gun.

          • NotShitAtCOD

            Also I’m talking base varients the base asm1 is the best gun in the game and the varients just add to that power. The base kf5, sn6 and mp11 no attachments suck they’re ok at best and will be beat by the bal or asm1 most of the time. The only time they wouldnt would be if the person wasn’t looking at them or is really hurt.

          • WhiskeyDick

            I agree! But I think the point of variants was to speak to a specific players style and ability. If we all had to use the base versions of weapons, I believe buffs would be in extreme need

          • NotShitAtCOD

            Yes but then it’s not really far anymore. Because that would mean that everyone needs a good variant in order to use that gun. The base Bal asm1 even the hbr which is the gun I prefer is good you don’t NEED a variant. Also when the base one is good then everyone has it and it’s not just based on luck

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        Sledgehammer can’t get anything right. Catering to the immature sniper community… WTF?!

        • WhiskeyDick

          I think they’re doing this due to the hitmarkers with the mors… Which if you’ve ever played “one shot” you’d know is pretty irritating…. But I agree there’s far more weapons that need a buff more than the mors

  • Thatlazykid

    I’m more interested in zombies on that day than this patch 🙂

    • ScOott

      Does it get live streamed? Have we got a time and a place to watch it ?

      • Thatlazykid

        I’m not sure about that but i think it will be live streamed

        • ScOott

          I hope we get a time if it does, I can’t watch the whole show.. Should of been at a games event then it wouldn’t matter.

  • AidanMauricio

    It would be better if they, you know, nerf all the OP weapons instead of buffing all the lame weapons.

    • GinsuVictim

      If they bring them up to the level of the so-called OP guns, it evens out.

    • Nothing really op in AW, mostly its just crybabies

  • Andrew

    Thats cool but im max lvl can i still earn more asd plz michael cockdrey

  • Wackyorb

    I do think the MORS needs a buff, but not too massive

  • Guywithbrains

    Maybe one day they make all guns worth using in some way. For now ASM1 and BAL-27 keeps dominating the game.

    In another news today 8 P.M. UK time Syndicate has something “epic” to tell us. Some people say he tells us something about Black Ops 3 Zombies but it is really hard to believe. I can already hear “This is SOOOO EPIC guys I am going to Comic-Con 2015!!!11” and nothing new related to Black Ops 3 Zombies.

    • GinsuVictim

      I’ve been using the Hole Puncher a lot lately, which replaced the BAL-27 as my go-to gun.

  • Good, but i don’t see the MORS needing tuning at all.

    If anything, the NA45 could have a wider activation radius for the explosion rounds.

    The MORS doesnt need anything but its sway reconfigured to significantly decrease the longer you aim down sights.

    This promotes punishment for quickscoping while hardscoping, or actually actually taking aim is rewarded.

  • ghosts sucks

    I’ve got 287 kills with the crossbow. Out of that, I only have 1 skeet shooter kill. I’m sure that some of that is due to lack of skill but come on. They better buff the crap out if it to make it decent.

  • I just drank bleach

    Has this game had more updates/tuning than any other cod?

  • spartanelite

    Are you serious I’m so done really they decided to buff pistols after I grinded to get them royal I finally did but wtf the timing,also they should buff the lynx and na-45 as well not just the mores and fix the camo challenges as well,long shot’s on snipers really this hardly has any points that long for them to count as long shot’s and buff the xmgs and epm3 its impossible to get royal on that wepon class because of them and on launchers as well because you have to shoot thing’s down with the maheem its free fire and you have to shoot down UAVs and paladin’s wtf is that about

    • WhiskeyDick

      The epm3 is easy to get diamond camo with if you go play some hardcore Dom, took me a day or 2 but it hurts ya eyes while firing…. But I haven’t used the xmg’s yet

      • spartanelite

        That actually never came to mind thanks 🙂 lol but the xmgs are truly awful,long shot’s with those things I’m pretty sure is near impossible to do that and its a shame since the shirt look’s really cool :/

        • WhiskeyDick

          Nope! I actually equipped the smg’s today to see the big deal, and I see none… If you go to a good vantage point in any map and go into lockdown mode, getting long shots is fairly easy… I didn’t do this in hardcore since I can only imagine you’d be a sitting target… But I had good success, mostly on the solar map and sideshow map, one day I’ll revisit these to fully get diamond camo. Until then I’m still trying to get 2 more dogfights with sn6’s and gotta do the amr9 challenges (probably will do these in hardcore too, as I find burst weapons work best there, and domination provides me the most XP)

          • spartanelite

            The dog fights are basically the hardest one because it basically just luck and timing I just jump around a lot and they’ll eventually do the same or if someone doesn’t see me I just follow them till they jump

  • Ruh roh, dont nerf the MORS or Sledgehammer will never hear the end of it.

    • Xx_COLSEY_xX

      Nerf? I believe it’s getting a buff. I use MORS Silver bullet (+2 damage) and get hitmarkers now and again. Same with any other MORS. For me the damage doesn’t really matter on Sniper Rifles. The MORS SHOULD be a one hit kill if you hit them from waist above, no matter what. But for now I use Atlas 40mm Carnage Sniper Rifle (+1 damage). Only had about 2 or 3 hitmarkers out of around 35 to 40 kills. Yeah it looks ridiculous and you can’t hipfire with it but it shows it’s true colours.

      • Mark

        The extra “damage” is actually just a penitration increase. The Doctor has the same damage but with a lower penetration.

    • NotShitAtCOD

      The mors needs a nerf you barely have to aim in and then the game will automatically put the shot on the person it’s complete bullshit.

      • Leo Macphee

        fuck off thats bullshit mate its the hardest cod to snipe

        • NotShitAtCOD

          HAHAHA now that’s funny that you think that.

  • Xx_COLSEY_xX

    Meanwhile at Sledgehammer studios…

    Condrey: Hey guys I have a very special announcement to make… Lets buff the pistols!

    Employer #1: Yes Michael that is a wonderful idea. Everyone uses the pistols and they always complain they aren’t good enough. How about the crossbow? Let’s buff that.

    Condrey: Of course. Here’s a promotion and free 10 Advance supply drops. Let’s also buff the MORS to keep the 10 year olds mouth shut. God damn they do give me a migraine.

    Employer #2: What about buffing the SN6, MK14 or the MP11? Like the community wants.

    Condrey: What did you just say!? (Grabs Employer #2 by the throat) I’ll deal with you later.

    #Condrey is evil

    • lunator100hd .

      SN6, MK14, MP11 and sac 1.5 utterly useless espesially when you play with a 2 plus kd acount, i really dont know what to say any more, these guys must have brain issues.

  • The crossbow needs an overhaul, like the BO2 version, this BO1 CB is way too slow, even for the first BO.

  • ian gehl

    does cod aw freeze anymore for anyone ?

    • Scott


  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    Please don’t buff the MORS.

  • I’m too cool for me


  • RdJokr

    Was kinda hoping you guys would include more stuff than that. I mean seriously, the MK14 could use a bit more buff here.

    • WhiskeyDick

      While I do agree, if used in hardcore playlists the mk14 will drop ppl in a flash, I used the mk14 and imr in hardcore to complete my royalty camo challenges for assault rifles, and they perform much better there, probably due to quickly double tapping trigger while aiming the players just drop immediately… In infected the mk14,imr,epm3 and amr9 suuuuuck (I’ve yet to use them in core playlists)

  • TheGreatnessWithin

    Dammm. People still play AW lmaooooo Im ready for BO3 baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Chris Smoove Voice)

  • Bmeowmix

    Weee MORS buff. Now I can get 420quickscoped off of scorestreaks even more.

    If anything they should have nerfed it. The thing is and has been the best sniper in CoD history aside from maybe M40 in MW1…


    The only thing good about this game is its monthly patches without it, this game would have been average or even lover in its current conditions

  • cod madafuka

    im on ps4 it has juat begun few minutes ago 4.557 gb im fucked

  • Thomas the TankSwag

    Now live on ps4

  • Mako Shark

    Buff the Speakeasy back up to original levels I can not get more than 77 kills with it.