The all new Legendary and Retired Gear Classes are now available in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Legendary Supply Drop Loot

Legendary Loots are more “elite than elite.” The Legendary class will begin with the Sentinel CI Gear Set and Carnival set. The full gear set, which has eight pieces, is now be available via Regular and Advanced Supply Drops on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Take a look at the new Legendary Gear Sets:

Retired Supply Drop Loot

Sledgehammer Games has also retired certain gear items on all platforms for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The gear and weapon variants are denoted as retired rarity class and can no longer be earned via Supply Drops. If you decide to redeem any of the retired gear, you can never earn them again.

Retired Gear will be Red colored so you know that its going away. The first set of Retired Gear can be seen in the gallery below:

  • Jeff Coleman

    Can they retire the game?

    • Ak74u

      Hey I still give them a lot of respect for listening to the community and having persistent patches so stop putting the game down at least they listened to us. Hate on me for loving the game

      • Thomas the TankSwag

        Actually ,they aren’t listening to fan feedback with all these bullshit advanced supply drop gear sets theyre adding in. Some of the gear sets have completly ruined the game.

        • RdJokr

          How are the gear sets ruining the game? I could accept the argument that weapon variants somewhat ruin the game by upsetting the balance, but gear sets? C’mon.

          • Thomas the TankSwag

            Clown , psychedelic , kraken etc…. I love the game but it doesn’t feel right fighting people dressed in those sets. An option for all people to be viewed with default sets would fix that though.

            Weapon variants are fine with me, they can be annoying at times but it adds replayability into the game.

          • Ak74u

            Sure some of them look rediculous but I don’t care as they help me get kills. With their giant surfboard exo suit and their big highlighted red or blue head get me easier head shots and I feel sorry for them every time. They stand out so much

          • wipeurpuss

            Its always something with you little kids always finding something to complain about ohh It does not feel right shooting people dressed in certain gear sets WHO CARES OMG SHUT UP ITS YOU PEOPLE WHO CRY ABOUT THE DUMBEST SHIT

          • Kyle Soule

            I dont mind gear sets but its the ones that dont make any sense such as the deep sea diver or whatever that I dont get why they put it in the game.

          • He means it makes the game a joke and childish.

        • Ak74u

          OK.. This is what happens when idiots ask for character customization. Its the community that fucks up the game… And you DONT have to buy them either I haven’t even bought an ASD only got them from leveling up. You got to admit there are some really nice gear and camos soo OK ya they ruined the game

          • Thomas the TankSwag

            Yes, There are some great gear sets in there, but a lot people wear the bright glow in the dark shit. I have noticed less people dressed as fagits since the 5% xp boost came out.

        • Kyle Soule

          And another thing they havent listened to the community with (I know Im going to get a lot of hate for saying this) is SBMM.

      • lunator100hd .

        I still play AW but they dont listen the community at all

    • Ryumoau

      …thats so clever and completely unpredictable. :/

  • OMG its FPSBroski


  • Will WilFredo Mendoza

    Do we really care about AW at this point? Come rage at me AW Fanboys!

    • RdJokr

      Since I’m still excited to see the Exo Zombies finale, yes I still care.
      But no I’m not gonna rage, that’s just childish.

      • Will WilFredo Mendoza

        I respect you!

    • lunator100hd .

      I will be laughing when bo3 come out only to realize how broken is like bo2 was.

      • Will WilFredo Mendoza

        Well, considering the fact that everyone says that every year of CoD, I couldnt care less. 3ARC is the best at making CoD. Black Ops 2 is still played alot more than Ghosts. Ghosts is barely, hell even rarely mentioned at all, thats a broken CoD.

        • some2example2

          you’re mistaken, the best call of duty dev’s were old infinty ward, mw and mw2 and old school treyarch, waw and blackops 1.

  • Gooby

    ai cant wai t run around wit ai big fukn birds beak on mi face!

  • WhiskeyDick

    Does this mean the x-Ray gear set and disco and all that is on psn too? That’s kinda been left out of the article but it came with legendary gear sets on Xbox

    • WhiskeyDick

      No sign of the new gear sets yet… But still receiving retired loot???

      • Alcibiades

        IKR? same happened to me!! whats the point if we are still receiving retired gear

        • Jay Evan

          It can only be earned once i’m assuming