PC player @ConverysStuff has been data mining the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PC files following the latest update that launched on July 9th; they’ve found new unreleased weapons, which may be coming soon to Advanced Warfare.


The new weapons include STG44 assault rifle, Blunderbuss shotgun, and the SVO Sniper Rifle (which is the Dragunov SVD). The leaked images also reveal that Legendary Weapons might be coming soon, which have been hinted at by Condrey on Twitter.

DLC4 weapons

We should note that these weapons are all only being tested out by Sledgehammer Games and there’s always the possibility that the weapons will not be made available to users. We’ll update as we learn more.

SOURCE: @ConverysStuff via CoDAW Reddit 

  • ChernoAlphaMk1


    • Juses


      • ChernoAlphaMk1

        Sorry Juses

  • Super029something

    Please based Vahn don’t let there be weapon variants in BO3. I’m okay with weapon skins but no variants, plsty.

    • Antal120

      There won’t be weapon variants (including supply drops) in #BO3.

      • RdJokr

        Correction: There won’t be stat-changing weapon variants. Cosmetic variants can be created by players.

        • Antal120

          Cosmetic modifications. Yes, you can add camos and new “attachment variants” for the weapons but It’s not the same model as AW.

          • RdJokr

            But you can “save” the variants onto your profile.

      • Super029something


  • LovekillerX

    Actually also most of the maps have leaked already. But to be honest, these weapons look cool. STG44 reminds me of CoD4 weapon MP44 (or something like that?)

    • RdJokr

      Or the actual STG44 in WW2 COD games?

      • LovekillerX

        Haven’t played those so I don’t know.

      • Tap


    • Tap

      STG44 is a world at war weapon lol but hopefully its good

      • NuclearGamer

        it IS the mp44… mp43 was what people called it before hitler found out about the rifle, it was discovered, named the mp44. a few months later it waws changed to Sturmgewehr which in english means StormWeapon 44. wish everyone knew their history.

        • DEMOLITION12

          you dont discover weapons lol….

          • Bigi345

            You just don’t know history

        • Cock Mongler

          You didnt know your history before you watched a youtube video or read an article so you can just shut up, with your degree in wikipedia surfing

        • Noah Sigmund

          Stormweapon 44 xDD wtf are you saying :’D Sturmgewehr means assault Rifle:D also Hitler didnt like the STG44/MP44 because he thought it was an ugly gun and Theres was a bent barrel for the stg so that the germans could shoot around corners ^^

    • LovekillerX

      Looks pretty accurate to MP44… almost 100% accurate to me.

      • NuclearGamer

        The StG 44 is a German selective-fire rifle developed during World War II that was the first of its kind to see major deployment and is considered to be the first modern assault rifle. It is also known under the designations MP 43 and MP 44

      • MaZerN

        no it looks like the stg-44 from WAW. lol

        • ccrows

          & IIRC COD4 too…

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        The STG is from the WWII era. The MP is more modern.

        • ng7476

          No the mp44 is wwii era too…..it’s the same gun

      • Christian Rodriguez

        it did come out in a game though. i think its in der rise

    • Kyle Soule

      That would be pretty cool if they put the STG44 in the game. I think I would get back into the game for a little while if that were the case.

    • Bigi345

      They’re the same weapon

    • Andrey Martim

      During the Second World War, Hitler didn’t approved the development of a new class of weaponry (Assault Rifle), so, the german R&D developed the STG44 as the MP44 (Maschinenpistole 44 = Submachinegun 44) disguised as a upgrade for the existing MP. 42. Both names as MP44 ans StG44 is the same weapon, but under different desginations.

    • The STGG44 actually is the MP44 in all Cods that had it and it was actually a gun itself in Cod WaW and Black Ops.

  • NBDxMoNkeYzZ

    more guns that only people with money to waste can get

    • RdJokr

      These guns will be free, like the M1 Irons.

      • Juses

        Stap lyen tew er self

        • RdJokr

          Or, use your common sense Juses. Look at the screenshot closely. The AE4, which you have to pay for, has an arrow sign, which basically means you have to buy the map pack to unlock it. The 3 new guns are just “locked”.

          • LovekillerX

            Didn’t notice that. Thanks!

          • NBDxMoNkeYzZ

            you suggested them being free.

          • NBDxMoNkeYzZ

            This is just another money grab, more reasons to try and get people to buy ASD to try and get better variants of these weapons

          • ccrows

            The only people that are gonna be really interested in this stuff are gun collectors.

            Each of these 3 guns stats are pretty “much middle of the road” in their own weapon category anyway…

          • NBDxMoNkeYzZ


          • Kyle Soule

            I was thinking that this could be an image from someone who already owns the season pass and it could be locked until they reach whatever level?

      • NBDxMoNkeYzZ

        only one will be free at the most

        • ccrows

          Each base gun would be free, just like what happened for the M1 Irons…

        • DeluxeFPS


      • Jimothy

        I hope

  • ccrows

    TBH, I thought Condrey was trolling us with the whole “All signs point to yes” Magic 8 ball picture on Twitter.

    Any new weapons to “earn” in regular supply drops (and possibly ASDs if the credit feature is true) will is a good thing that adds replay value to the game.

    Definitely something fun to do until BO3, or when the BC CODs become available… 🙂

  • DOZ3R

    “Users on reddit” What the fuck do you mean? Give credits to https://twitter.com/ConverysStuff you asshole..

    • RdJokr

      It’s not just Convery, other people found out about the internal codes first. Then Condrey started digging around for more stuff, which led to this.

      • momo5502

        “other people found out about the internal codes first”
        This sounds so wrong… well, it actually is.

      • DOZ3R

        uuh, sure.. fucking leeches

  • Ak74u

    I know they said they would bring back an old weapon and there was a community poll to vote for which gun we wanted to return in AW. The top ones were the intervention ( which isn’t really needed since the MORS is already good), ACR (which would be nice but unlikely to happen) I don’t remember if the STG44 was a top weapon for the voting poll but I was hoping for an smg. Most likely we will get the blunder buss because there are only three shotguns in AW besides the ohm. I’d rather have the STG though (:

  • jordanxbrookes

    I must be the only one happy to see the SVD Dragunov. Also notice how the Legendary variant is called Return To Sender because in the MW3 mission “Return To Sender” the Africa Militia on the rooftops were using the Dragunov. Sneaky, sneaky Sledgehammer.

    • I know I was thinking the same thing. I loved the Chopper Run in that mission, but no matter how many did I shot they would just come for more. 🙂

      • That happens in Cod games because the mission doesn’t move on to the next part until it is triggered by movement or something. The trigger is not how many ai you kill unfortunately.

        • Yeah I know how it works. Just figured it would make it more realistic and make more sense.

          • It would be, but it’s not how they do it. It might be because of the engine actually, but don’t quote me on that.

    • Kobrah

      Do you really want another semi auto sniper though?

  • Finally a new shotgun I got Royalty on all of them (even Ohm) so It awesome to see shoygunners are still not forgoten.

  • Koolz

    This is pretty cool! I still play AW so I’ll be looking forward to using these.

  • Christian Rodriguez

    they should add the peacekeeper or Ripper to the game.

  • Andrey Martim

    Really don’t care about the Dragunov… But StG. 44? Is the push I need to get back to this game… Love WWII weaponry, they need more love.

    • Yes

      This helps since I hate the futuristic crap cod is turning too….we need waw2

  • These guns better be remodeled, the video that came out before it was taken down already had shown the animations were reused.

    BO1 and COD4 had the SVD looking odd and stretched and MW3 the gun was awful and MW2 was probably the perfect design for the SVD.

  • Zavian Hodge

    Blunderbuss 4 the win

  • Jackobeeno

    Anyone else notice the legendary guns?? If they are coming out for DLC weapons then we are sure to have them on all the orginal weapons and I cannot wait!

  • I like that they’re bringing the old WW2 style STG (The legendary variant: Relic) I dope they do that with the SVD and the blunderbuss.

  • Mario Rivera

    Adding so many new guns instead of buffing the crap load of useless guns this game has… How about a smg that actually competes with the asm1, how about a mk14 that doesnt need up to 4 shots to kill ppl, how about a burst AR that doesnt constantly get 3+ hitmarkers?

    • Lick M. Balls

      KF5 competes with ASM1, Mk14 is actually a three hit kill at the most, ARX-160 is a solid 2 burst kill while the IMR is usually a one burst, and the AK-12 Has 98.8% perfect accuracy. I think you just suck at the game.

  • Mikey9835

    Who wants to bet this will be exclusive to advanced supply drops? I mean michael condrey has to save up for juggernog mini fridge

  • Mako Shark

    I just got this yesterday. I didn’t buy anything besides the extra maps and one set of extra slots month or so ago. Anyone else received any of this stuff?

  • OMG its FPSBroski

    its funny that 3 days after they announced all the weapons mentioned in here XD