To kick off Sledgehammer Games’s #HammerWeek celebration, they’ve activated 2X Legendary from now till tomorrow, July 28th, at 9AM PT across all platforms.

This means that in all of your Regular Supply Drops and Advanced Supply Drops, you have twice the chance of getting a Legendary Item. If you’re on Xbox One, now’s the perfect time to try and get one of the three new weapons that launched last week!

  • ccrows

    First… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Kyle Soule


  • ccrows

    Back On topic, 2XP is pretty cool.

    I been playing a ton of Dom lately, so if I get any legendary items that would be great.

    Hopefully “supply drop credits” come soon too… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Prostidude

      Same Here

  • bird

    what a shitty promotion. They should have at the very least made it all week long, or also included 2x supply drop time. like rapid supply all week. As is, i still have likely a 98% chance to not get any legendary items today/tonight

    • Prostidude

      It Is All Week, It’s Called Hammerweek. This Is The First Event Of The Week

      • bird

        I am aware. Do you honestly think that any additional promotions later on in the week will be any better?

        • Prostidude

          I Agree With you 100%

          • bird

            Cool Cool… just didn’t want it to sound like the duration of the promo was what I had beef with, rather the promotion itself

          • Prostidude

            Yeah, I mean most people still don’t take into consideration that this is a business and all they legitimately want is money…

  • Aye

    Starts Monday. Ends Tuesday. Welp…

  • shadowguy14

    It’s so hard to care about AW anymore. I’m excited for DLC4, but just barely, and only for zombies.

  • I just drank bleach

    just passing by waiting for bo3

  • People on the ps4 don’t even have legendary weapons yet! This is bullshit.

    • Imventing

      stop complaining bro. i mean i have an xbox one but still. you’ll get your chance when BO3 drops,you’ll get all the exclusives first

      • I don’t care about the exclusivity, I just think it’s dumb that they do this when we don’t even have the legendary weapons yet. We don’t even get a chance to earn them because we don’t even have them.

        • Alex Casado

          so PS3 has legendary gear (at least loadouts) but PS4 doesn’t?

    • Prostidude

      If You Didn’t See It Is Across All Platforms For Today Only. ๐Ÿ˜€ Enjoy..

      • That literally has nothing to do with the comment I posted…

        • Prostidude

          Unless your a fucking retard. You said not a PS4 and I said across all platforms for today. So if your a non comprehensive family inbred get of the internet and go back to kindergarten.
          I swear people like you. You come on this site to get information. But you have a fucking cock-eye so you cant see right. Do you even know what all platforms are? Or does your dumbass think it is an Atari. Get off the fucking site if you don’t want correct information.
          Jusus Crust.

          • I said that ps4 doesn’t have legendary weapons you idiot. maybe you’re the one who is fucking blind. Why don’t you go back to first grade you blind monkey.

          • Prostidude

            AND I SAID LEGENDARYS WILL BE ACROSS ALL PLATFORMS FOR TODAY ONLY. You are the most retarded person I have ever seen. a 2nd grader could comprehend “It Is Across All Platforms For Today Only.” GTFO

          • What part are you not understanding you fucking moron. I know that it will be in all platforms for today. I’m saying that it’s bullshit because us ps4 users don’t have legendary weapons yet, so the only thing we can get is gear!!

          • Prostidude

            IT SI ALL FUCKING LEGENDARYS. IT SAYS IT IN THE FUCKING NAME. 2X FUCKING LEGENDARY. Does it say ” Xbox One You Get All Legendarys, PS4 Fuck you you get Gear Only.” NO ITS ALL FUCKING LEGENDARYS

          • We never go the update! We can’t get legendary weapons! What are you not understanding? Please explain, your intelligence baffles me.

          • Prostidude


          • Lulzlapalooza


            HACKER’s irritated Prostidude can’t comprehend basic common sense.

            And Prostidude’s pissed off as all he did was try to ‘help’.

            *Adam Sandler! Come look this!*

          • modernpoika

            Wow you are truly a retard. Well what can you expect from 8 year old kid…

          • Prostidude

            “Well what can you expect from 8 year old kid” Get Some proper ass grammer then talk to me.

          • Endo Flawless


          • Endo Flawless

            Everything you’ve said has been irrelevant to the comment, and you’re not even trolling that’s what makes this so stupid.

          • Grammar Nazi

            *Get some proper grammar, then talk to me.

            You capitalized incorrectly, don’t know how to spell grammar, and forgot a comma. Oh the irony.

          • How are we supposed to get legendary weapons if we don’t even have the update yet? We can’t even get it in advanced supply drops.

          • So who’s the second grader here?

          • Endo Flawless

            Let me help you here stupid, no one gives a fuck about the clothing.

          • Prostidude

            Comprehend Basic Shit then reply to me

          • It’s X2 the possibility of getting legendary, but we can’t get legendary weapons.

          • Endo Flawless

            Bro he said there is NO LEGENDARY WEAPONS ON PS4, not there isn’t 2x legendary drop rates, which makes you a raving ranting retard.

          • I think he gets it now.

    • NioxJaD

      The PS4 and PC players have had the update since July 9th for legendary weapons according to the updates that have been posted on this site.

      • No it said “legendary + retired gear”. I’m taking about weapons.

        • NioxJaD

          It was called the same thing when it was released June 9 on Xbox one – “legendary and retired gear classes”

          • I would have know if we had legendary weapons, I play the game a descent amount of time to realize, but I have never seen anyone with a legendary weapon. Plus a lot of people were complaining that it wasn’t fair that we ps4 users can’t get it, since we don’t have them.

  • Stefan Lang

    Yeah fucking right. Last time when they did double the elites in the skyrise playlist all i got were shitty shotguns.

    • Prostidude

      Well None of The Legendrys Are Shitty soooo……

      • paul

        Not all legendarys are great.BUT I agree they are not shitty

        • Prostidude


  • Ryumoau

    why is it called hammer week if this is only lasting one day? lol

    • Prostidude

      This Is The First Event

      • Ryumoau

        oh i didn’t know there was going to be other things happening too.

        • Prostidude

          Yeah It’s Slegehammers 6th AnniversaryAs A Studio

          • Imventing

            then it should be double xp all week up until august 4th. I MEAN IM JUST SAYING ยฏ_( ห˜อก ห˜ฬฏ)_/ยฏ

          • Prostidude

            There will be better things than that

          • Thomas the TankSwag

            But didn’t we get sledgehammer 5th anniversary gear a few months ago?

          • Prostidude

            We got it Last Year xD

          • Prostidude

            Sledgehammer was Establishe on July 21st, 2009

  • Prostidude

    For those Who Do Not Know. It Is #Hammerweek It Is Sledgehammers 6th Anniversary As A Studio. This Is The First Event, It Will Be Happening All Week Long! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Risto

    It’s shitty they haven’t even realized the new samurai gear, clown gear and etc for the PS3..would have been at the Store already.

  • Coolio.

  • imBATMAN

    I bought 100 Advanced supply drops!!!!

    • Prostidude

      He Bought 200+

  • Chris Best

    Yay !!! I got Legendary boots on PS4 (Sarcasm implied)

  • Bought some today didn’t get any legendarys my friend bought double then I did a got 1

  • TheToxicBowTie

    I’m so happy it happened I was doing a supply drop opening on Monday not even knowing about it and I now have all three legendary guns add me on xbox one TheToxicBowTie