UPDATE – July 31st: Xbox One Preview Program Members that own the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass should have Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC show up in their Downloads List. More information on the Preview Program is available here.

If you do not see it in your downloads list, then go to My Games and Apps -> Hit “Start” button on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare game -> Manage Game -> Ready to Install. Reckoning should be under Ready to Install.

Original Story: 

Activision Assist has just posted an article on their support site stating that Xbox One Preview Program members will be able to get early access to Advanced Warfare’s Reckoning DLC maps, but there are some limitations. According to the article, players will be able to play the maps only in local private matches, and the Exo Zombies maps will not work because it’ll need a title update, which is coming August 4th.

Even though the Reckoning DLC Pack will be available to download from the Xbox Live store prior to its release, access to the entire DLC pack will be limited until it is officially released on Tuesday, August 4th.

The four new Reckoning DLC maps will not be accessible for online multiplayer. However, these new maps can be played in local multiplayer mode.

Attempting to access Exo Zombies Part 4: Descent will cause the game to crash. The latest Exo Zombies chapter requires a title update that will be released in conjunction with the Reckoning DLC Pack on August 4th.

Sledgehammer Games and Activision have not officially stated yet exactly how this will work…we’ll let you know when we do.

SOURCE: Activision Assist

  • Adam

    Local multiplayer with 2 player split screen and not 4 cause the next gen consoles are underpowered.

    • Dan | Pony

      Who would play 4 player splitscreen anyway? 2 player is like looking through a bloody letterbox as it is…

      • Marcusi23

        before online multiplayer was even a thing 4 player split screen was the best thing in the would. Get a couple friends together hangout play some golden eye on n64. With online now kids don’t even have to go outside to talk to their friends lol.

      • Axel Noir

        Fuck you.

      • Yankeephil

        Split screen used to be bad, but now everyone has 60″ TVs so it’s like playing solo games back in the ps2 days

      • I played 4 player black ops 2 zombies once on a 22″ screen. Worst experience ever

      • Thomas the TankSwag

        4 player split scren is great , one of the things i miss on next gen – and most games don’t even have 2 player splitscreen now a days though, I’ve had to go back to “swap everytime you die” which just makes my friends camp.

    • Endo Flawless

      Hey so are PC’s underpowered too? You know anyone playing 2 players on 1 pc right now? Here is some advice, get your own shit to play on, and then OMG if you had friends they could LAN w/ you…and no one is playing 2 player or 4 player by choice on the same screen. Try system linking and have 2 screens.

    • organizm19

      It’s a current gen console. And we are all getting fucked cuz of the old systems. They really can’t afford to make a good game, just a passable one. Anyone notice that the exozombies is total shit? Would be great if it worked as advertised. I don’t care for anything but the zombies mode on any of their games. I think that’s how a lot of ppl are. They sure figured out a formula to make 120 per game evn though most people only play a third of it. It’s like paying 120 for a minigame…

  • Timothy Brown

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  • RdJokr

    Wow, one whole year, and you’re only doing it just now? Tsk tsk, Activision.

    At least now there’s a confirmation for a new patch next week, and people on Reddit can stop pegging me for “sources” whenever I say there’s a patch coming next week.

    • Yankeephil

      A patch would be obvious, there’s always a patch(update) when new DLC drops

      • RdJokr

        Yet people are still asking me “how do you know there’s a patch coming” when I say it.

        • Yankeephil

          Whoever asks you that is dumb, every new DLC they release a patch to fix all the fuckups from the last DLC

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      Didn’t the preview member thing start at E3 2015 though?…

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            Yes. I’m talking about the Preview Program not the CoD DLC thing.

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            OK so when did the preview program actually start then?

            AKA 2013 or 2015?…

          • infinity396

            2013 or earlier…. backward compatibility for preview members first was announced at E3.

      • CptD3FAULT

        No. The Xbox beta program been around since the 360.

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    Is it free?
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      I’d assume the preview portion either is free or requires you to have the season pass. The actual DLC no it’s not free.

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        I know the actual DLC isn’t free hahaa I meant if it’s a free demo-ish type thing

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    • It’s not hard to become a preview member. Just get one of your friends that has it to invite you to it.

      • Duty Calls

        If you could get a preview member instantly… but at the time all things are sorted the dlc is out. I like the idea of preloading everything, DLC and full games. I like it on pc and I would like it on xbox one. I still don’t know why they only do that for preview members. That’s unfair.

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