Head of Xbox Phil Spencer spoke with China’s Gamecore during ChinaJoy convention this past week. In the interview he stated that moving forward, Xbox’s strategy is revolving around into investing on their first party line-up and signing fewer third party content deals.

My Strategy is more around our own first party franchises, and investing in franchises that we own, and probably fewer exclusive deals for third party content. I want to have strong third party relations, but paying for many third party exclusives isn’t our long term strategy.

This has been highlighted heavily this year; Sony has taken the Call of Duty DLC agreement for Black Ops 3, and at E3, Microsoft did not focus heavily on third party titles coming to Xbox One. Xbox has been highlighting their fall line-up as ‘the greatest games lineup in Xbox history,’ as the company now starts to focus on their first party titles.

They’re launching Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Forza 6, Tomb Raider (console exclusive this year only, coming to PS4 holiday 2016), and more, and with that, they’re transitioning their focus to those titles, rather than relying on signing third party deals.

This year, the fact that we’re shipping Halo 5, Gears of War, Forza 6, Fable, we can only do that and build that best line-up we’ve ever seen really on the back of franchises that we own. It’s great to have Tomb Raider as part of our line-up, but investing in first party, you’ll see more of that at gamescom next week, is really core to our strategy.

Spencer stated that their continued focus on their first party line up will be highlighted at gamescom next week; Xbox’s conference takes place Tuesday, August 4th at 10AM EST. We will be covering the conference on @CIGamingNews on Twitter and all Halo 5 news on @HaloINTEL.

SOURCE: Gamescore via DualShocker

  • K i don’t care about this article just wanted to say one thing:

    • Uh, excuse me, it’s called “furst.” You’re a disgrace to our holy lord and savior Juses Crust. Damn, so many people these days…

  • MuscledRMH

    Definitely a good strategy but they should not get rid of all third party deals. They still got the timed exclusive content deal with The Division (new content first on Xbox) and that game is probably going to be big and pay off in a good way. They need to have some third party deals next to their extensive first party line up

  • oo Yungstar oo

    hey has no option but to big up 1st party now as the last Xbox boss made such a mess of this new console by letting so many 3rd party tie-ins lapse. it will be many years before P3 can get those tie-ins back.

    • Yourdad

      They had the COD deal for 2013 and 2014, they could have it again for 2015 but they didn’t want it. Simple as that.

      I don’t see them sponsor COD on their platform while shipping Halo 5 and Gears at the same time. It would totally ruin the sales for Activision (because in case you doubt, Halo 5 will outsell COD on Xbox One) and it would make no sense for Microsoft financially.

      Concentrating on first party is a great strategy, and Sony should do it a bit more as well. Indies and making third party titles look like exclusives (who said Destiny ?) is cool and all, but without real solid first party AAA titles your console doesn’t have an identity.

      When I think Xbox One, I think Gears, Forza, Halo.
      When I think PS4 …. I think Uncharted 4, Bloodborn … and ?

      In the past Playstation meant big, huge first party titles like MGS and FF, Tekken, etc…
      Now they got all these titles stolen from them by Microsoft (turned multiplat) and the console doesn’t have any identity.

      PS fanboys praise sales numbers and the number of indie games running on their rig whenever you confront them with the heavy lack of AAA exclusives.

      Cool story guys … the same people that kept talking about AAA exclusives in 2013 when TLOU came out. Now tables have turned and first party AAA exclusives don’t seem important anymore, it’s all about third party huh ?

      I call that hypocrisy and stupidity.

      • Keshav Bhat

        As of now, Black Ops 3 has more preorders on Xbox One than Halo 5. So I do think there’s a lot of doubt. Call of Duty has always been more popular than Halo sales wise and I don’t think it’s changing this year.

        • spartanelite

          It actually has more pre orders in Xbox one the ps4

          • Kyle Soule

            Wait, BO3 has more preorders on the Xbox One than the PS4?

          • Koolz


          • Kyle Soule

            Wow, I didn’t know that.

          • ccrows

            Drift0r pretty much explains where preorders are currently at in this vid…


          • spartanelite

            Yeah it dose kinda surprised it dose seeing the deal

          • Kyle Soule

            Yh I know.

          • Tsaki

            As did AW. But the PS4 has more AW sales than Xbox. It is only natural for the PS4 to have more sales. It has sold double the consoles compared to Xbox One. The BO3 sales will be more on PS4 especially since this year the DLC exclusivity is with Sony.

          • AlexK489

            So far yes, but during E3 this tear, Xbox One outsold PS4, and as this article pretty much sums up, Sony has no major first party exclusives hitting the shelves this holiday. Xbox will get GoW, Halo 5, Forza, Fable Legends, Tomb Raider (for the year), Rare Replay, and tons of other great games hitting the shelves, while Sony has….um…The Uncharted Collection? Maybe an MLB game or something…and that’s sad that i don’t know cause i work at GameStop.

            And as mentioned before, Preorders are currently higher on Xbox One. My store only has 24 preorders on the regular edition of the game on PS4 and AT LEAST 72 on Xbox One. AT LEAST.

            Plus this holiday, when Xbox One launches their backwards compatibility, some of the big titles coming out this year are supposed to come bundled with their older 360 Counterparts;
            Fallout 4 is supposed to come bundled with Fallout 3, and Rainbow 6 Siege is supposed to come bundled with Rainbow 6 Vegas and Vegas 2.

            The only things Sony has on the way are a rumored Star Wars Battlefront bundle (nothing crazy special, just copies of the game bundled with the standard console) and a special edition Destiny: The Taken King bundle (which does actually look pretty sweet).

            Sony could be in trouble this holiday, regardless of having the CoD DLC Exclusivity.

          • AlexK489

            The preorder part was for Black Ops 3 lol my bad

          • sion

            you probably the same person that thinks US=The World

          • Smayo

            He probably doesn’t think that at all, all he does is telling how the situation is in his immediate surrounding, which is a pretty accurate prediction how it is elsewhere considering he works in a game shop of all places, how the hell can he know how many pre-orders bo3 has in indo china ?? And for all we know bo3 has triple the pre orders digital on xbox one !!

          • Tsaki

            Well I’m glad Microsoft is picking up on sales. A strong competition is always good in the console market.

          • spartanelite

            I mean well see probably

        • Smayo

          Beta access has nothing to do with it ofcourse… a lot of people, including myself, just pre ordered to see if the game is worth paying 60 $£€ for, if I don’t like the bo3 beta I simply cancel my pre order and play one of the many other AAA titles coming this holiday season.

          it’s not a coincidence that after 3 consecutive years of declining pre-orders/sales suddenly bo3 does so well in pre sales.

        • I’d like to know just how accurate this “pre-order” data is considering there’s thousands of beta codes flying around the internet and eBay being given away, used and sold to people that haven’t pre-ordered the game?

          • AlexK489

            Well considering i work at GameStop, i can see the actual amount of preorders we have for all the versions of the game. It doesn’t speak for all stores, granted, but if it’s a widespread trend then it’s worth taking notice.

            As of tonight my store has 79 preorders for the regular edition of the game on Xbox One, only 25 on PS4. The Hardened Edition currently had (when i checked lol) 16 or 17 preorders on Xbox One, only 7 on PS4. Our Juggernog Editions sold out quick, but we were only given so many; we have 2 for Xbox One and only one for PS4.

            Like i said, this doesn’t apeak for every GameStop, but if there’s multiple stores with fluxuating numbers then it’s at least worth taking notice.

          • Ascending Legend

            Were you guys really only given three juggernog fridges? Wow that’s pretty bad.

          • Yeah but just think how many stores they’re are. Thousands. That’s a hell alot of fridges.. and hence it’s a limited edition!

            Glad to know (being an X1 player) preorders still heavily outnumber Sony. Player pools should still be teeming despite a switch over of DLC

  • 5 words: no one gives a fuck

    • Gamefr3akable

      I do, because this is great for gaming in general. Players are tired of the same deals when the money can go into something original and new. We are lacking that this console generation, so you are wrong.

    • ccrows

      Obviously you do if you clicked, and commented on the article… <_<

    • Slothigans

      Obviously you do you moron. You cared enough to specifically click on this post to let out your hatred for xbox.

      • Smayo

        Give him a break, imagine how hard it must feel if the console you bashed on for months delivers on almost every aspect better then your 400$ purchase, I would want to releases some frustration as well…

        • spartanelite

          Tell me again why ps4 is even selling well at this point xbox has done an amazing turn around since E3

          • Kill Denied

            All the fan boys like you telling the casual that PS4 is a superior console

          • Guest

            E3 was two months ago. What major releases would warrant some amazing turn around in two months? The moment you’re routing for a console to “win” E3, you’ve failed. Some of you geeks trying to replace rooting for an actual sports team with console wars or Twilight styled team hashtags are just sad.

          • spartanelite

            Hmmm ok,(I put that not because I don’t know what to put but because I don’t care)

          • Smayo

            Beats me… considering the ps4 has no major first party releases this year to mention, sony played it smart back in 2013 and created an unrealistic hype around the ps4, a hype they couldn’t and still can’t make true, luckily more and more people are realizing that now…

          • spartanelite

            They really did, it was all just a bunch of band wagoners and low blows from Sony at that :l

    • spartanelite

      No one? I have an Xbox so I definitely care

  • ReZ_115_SoN_of_a_Gun

    Great to be a ps4 fan. got the cod deal and all of sonys 1st party studios are working on a PS4 game. Horizon looks fucking awesome Cant wait for that next year. Glad to see the killzone devs do something else for once. Also got a bunch of great indies coming like firewatch, abzu, rime, no mans sky, soma, wild, and more.

    • ccrows

      Actually it’s a great time to be a fan of either a XB1 or PS4. (and I plan to have both by the end of this year)

      BTW let’s not forget the importance of having two dominant consoles, and also the importance of supporting BOTH systems, in order for console gaming to survive…

      • Actually, it’s a good time to be a gamer, great first party games are coming out on both major consoles. PC gaming is back on the rise and Nintendo is…. bringing out a new console. Just waiting on Zelda from them

  • Choppabro2psn

    Hopefully this will help Xbox a little. Their console has been based on cod, and they lost exclusivity so, let’s see what happens. Harking on the three main AAA titles they have will be terrible if things don’t play out how the Xbox fanboys foresee it.

  • Brad

    Sony must be outraged that Black Ops 3 on the Xbox one is outselling it on the PS4

    • ccrows

      TBF, competitive hasn’t decided if they want to go to PS4 or not yet.

      Also (and much more important) Sony locking up BO3 is a little late in “current gen console transition game”.

      ^ People want to (and they should) game on the console that most of their friends will be gaming on. If Sony would have locked up Advanced Warfare, there’s no doubt in my mind that they would be leading in BO3 presales.

      Time will tell, but Sony “may” have been a year too late in this console generation for COD exclusivity (AKA when many people have already chosen their current gen console)…

      • dryyourryeslittleboy

        But mist of the Xbox users are little Jimmy’s who asked mommy and daddy just for a Xbox because of COD DLC and cod will be on ps4 with MLG book it just like Xbox will be dead

    • drjakeyoung

      How can it outsell it when the the game hasn’t been released? And don’t say pre orders. Ghosts and AW had more xbone pre order sales, but playstation had more overall sales.

  • Black ops 3

    Nice job activision signing sony for exclusivity great move in your part i have both next gen consoles the ps4 sucks their a 20 billion $ company vs an 80 billion $ company the ps4 servers are trash their not setup they crash all the time. xbox never crashes i give sony a year with cod dlc before its back on xbox. over 1/3 of all ps4 are sold in japan alone that mean 1/3 of all the people on it i cant connect to. majority of all units sold are not us based thats just less people for me to connect to which sucks for me with my crappy connection.


    • Thatlazykid

      Lol xD okaaayyyyyy

    • Parrylyse

      Every Xbox One player has to connect to US servers. Yes they don’t crash but for anyone far outside of the US. The connection is poor.

      • I’ve forgotten.. again!

        Since when?

        • Parrylyse

          Since last week when they were like “you know what, cut off the EU servers for sweg points lads.” It’s always been like that. I get 160+ ping on the highest broadband package in the UK.

          • cbns

            Actual ping in games isn’t same as ping shown in xbox one’s connection test. That test connects to us servers but in games you often find european servers.

          • Parrylyse

            Yeah i know but in terms of things like upload studio which are on the dashboard. I can’t even load my clips to upload them. Just cuts out, same with messages and all that other shit.

          • Smayo

            So that triple footballfield sized microsoft server park here in Amsterdam is just for showball purposes ?? Maybe you should check your setup ??

          • Parrylyse

            Yea it appears the information I read somewhere is wrong as I was talking to xbox support (as per usual cos of how shit the console is with encountering yet another error) and asked them about this too. They said there are several but the one you connect to is completely random which still shows how dumb it all is.

          • Smayo

            Maybe you should send your console to MS to get it proper checked, I have mine now for just under a year but haven’t had any problems at all, console or internet wise, you’re in your right to demand value/quality for your hard earned cash…

          • Parrylyse

            I would but it takes so long and tbh I’ve just lost all faith. I’ve came to the conclusion that I’m cursed. This is all but chapter of technology fuck ups in my life. Tried every broadband provider and none are consistent. Then virtually every console I’ve had has had a big issue. I believe some greater power doesn’t want me playing video games.

          • I’ve forgotten.. again!

            How on earth are you measuring your ping?

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      You do realise that’s just the USA alone… everywhere else in the world has more PS4 users.

    • dryyoureyes

      Hahahahaha oh look another booty hole hurt Xbox fan boy ahhhhhh hahahaha

      • NotShitAtCOD

        Yeah but you’re saying that the ps4 servers aren’t shit? I mean it seems like they’re always down. Lol still good to be a gamer this year but still.

    • Bliq

      Ohhhhh… Yeah we know you like to hate.
      Everyone, we need to calm this bitch down.
      Make sure its nipples are okay.

  • Advanced Ops

    I’d say the same if I’d have lost Call of Duty rights. That’s the reason for me to sell my xbox one. I don’t need it anymore. Bought it for early access. Now I buy a PS4

    • GnoudMik

      so you buy an xbox one just for call of duty???? WOW. Also u said it like xbox needed call of duty, or if it is some kind of great game.

      • Guest

        May not be great but it’s relevant and you’re on a website dedicated to COD news COMMENTING. COD’s biased haters pre order, buy, play and comment about the game just as much as the unbiased haters do. It’s polarizing.

      • Advanced Ops

        Yes, I only bought Xbox One for Call of Duty, so Xbox needed Call of Duty at least for me, maybe just me but whatever. I’ll sell it soon and buy a Playstation 4.

    • ccrows

      Why not keep BOTH consoles? Keep the PS4 for early DLC, and the XB1 for backwards compatibility?…

      • Advanced Ops

        I don’t own Xbox 360 games so the backwards compatibility is pointless for me.

    • Thank you

      Hahahaha THANK YOU YOU JUST PROVED MY POINT IN MY POST ABOVE KIDS ONLY BOUGHT XBOX FOR COD DLC now these little boys r running to mommy making them get ps4

      • Advanced Ops

        Glad I could help… I guess. I bought it for Call of Duty early access and now I’ll soon buy a Playstation 4 and sell the Xbox One. I am not really attached to any of the consoles so I really don’t care at all with black box plays the game for me.

  • Ryumoau

    Weird to see China interviewing Xbox about anything.

    • Smayo

      The console is fairly well recieved there, and with the now totally disbanded console ban law it’s going to be a entire new region for all manufacturers to explore

  • melchor2679

    Bad news for the Xbox COD community, waiting a month or so for new content really sucks.

  • Tricky VIk

    “I wonder if there’ll ever be a time when they allowed cross-platform servers, like I suppose like a Cloud server thing where PS4 could connect with Xbox and PC and vice versa? I wonder, maybe that would end one of the feuds they have, like for example having a CoD match with people from different platforms, I wonder if it’s as hard as it sounds, but it does seem like a neat idea.”

    NOTE: “It’s been a while.”

    • jooker-jr

      rocket league is a cross platform game, you can play with PC and PS4 players