GamesRadar has revealed a new feature that is within the Safe House for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. As announced back in June, the Safe House is exclusive to the campaign mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and is a hub for all things campaign. The Safe House lets players check out their achievements, upgrade their weapons, customize their physical appearance, and more.

Today, GamesRadar has revealed that the Safe House features a training simulation for players to practice different campaign scenarios before going into the missions.

There are areas where you can tinker with your loadout and physical appearance ahead of time, a trophy cabinet that shows off your achievements, a training sim that allows you (and friends) to practice scenarios, and even a machine that lets you build your own weapons by trading in currency earned during the game.

SOURCE: GamesRadar

  • SoTotallyXray

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      • SoTotallyXray

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        • You failed getting furst as you didn’t state your accomplishment correctly.

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        • Kyle Soule

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          • Kyle Soule

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  • I really hope this campaign doesn’t suck. I really enjoy stories in video games and I hate when there’s poor writing and subpar character development

    • Biff Ibkus

      Treyarch hasn’t failed yet with story, imo.

      • jordanxbrookes

        They did for me in Black Ops 2.

        • Kyle Soule

          How did they? Just curious not disagreeing with you.

          • i found it good in my opinion because it was centered on Mason and his relatives (Alex Mason, woods, menedez) instead of ‘MERICA and killing some random terrorist like in ghosts

          • Kyle Soule

            I agree but you put menendez as one of their relatives.

          • i meant that menendez was close to david mason because he killed his father and he crippled woods

      • I thought BO2 had a shit story, but other than I’ve enjoyed all their campaigns. Including Big Red One and COD 3

        • Oh yeah those games had a good story

  • This sounds dope as hell. I wonder if you can change the level of difficulty in the training sims.

  • Kyle Soule

    Sounds pretty cool. Now it will help people get better at the game (no hate). Well, I guess everyone probably knows how to play at this point lol.

  • Kyle Soule

    Whatever happened to Bob? Is he still testifying against activision?

    • Patrick Murray

      I sure hope he is i sure would love to play the bo3 beta for a couple more days. #InBobWeTrust
      No but in all honesty I think he got butt hurt and realized he wasn’t thinking at the time when he made that giant arguement so he probably decided to not comment anymore.

  • ScOott

    Guywithbrains will be spending a lot of time in the safe house lol! :-p

    • Kyle Soule

      What, is he bad or something?

      • ScOott

        Yh that’s why he loves SBMM, at least he got his own special mode, bless ..

        • Kyle Soule

          A whole mode dedicated to Guywithbrains.

        • jooker-jr

          technically, AW players will dominate in bo3 because :
          1- they have SBMM, so they are competitive.
          2- they are used to the movement.

          • ScOott

            1) They won’t dominate because they haven’t got any better because they been playing same skill as them, only so good you can get from playing people on the same level

            2) The movement is completly different..

          • jooker-jr

            1- for me, it did improve me, my 1st game after 5 months of playing AW, I became better in bo2.

            2- yes it’s different, but it still has flying like AW, And AW players are used to it.

          • ScOott

            1) good for you that you improved

            2) the movement will play completly different, you can tell its a lot slower, you have hover instead of super jump, and tbh it doesn’t take a lot of getting used to in a.w anyway.

    • jordanxbrookes


    • Juses

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    • www


      Go to 35:45. Thats basically guywithbrains.

  • Smayo

    Nice, hope it’s something like the cargo mock up in CoD4 incl the timed achievement

    (Ps. I just recieved an email that I get my beta acces code on August 10th)

  • Ryumoau

    This is pretty awesome. So glad to finally be getting more Campaign info, since its been oddly neglected.

    Sounds like the practice mode will be more detailed than the virtual firing range from AW. Though that would have been nice to see return for the multiplayer part of the game. 🙂

  • Mick

    I’m kinda hoping that they bring back the virtual firing range to BO3. Whenever I play it, I practice the movements a bit so I’m not rusty when I first start out. Plus, it’s always good to look at your loadouts ahead of time before the match officially starts.

  • Ryumoau

    I also noticed they mentioned we could build/customize our weapons using currency earned in campaign. Are they bringing back CoD points for campaign? That would be pretty cool.

    • Its called Battle Tokens or something like that. There was an Ad on Xbox One for a while where if you pre-ordered you got like 25,000. I’m pretty sure that it’ll say it when I go into the market place and click pre-order. I’ll keep you posted.

      • Ryumoau

        nice. i hope that bonus gets added for people who preorder the retail disk version as well.

  • It would be nice if they had some kind of matchmaking set up for those who don’t have any friends online to run missions with them. Basically the way that destiny does with their strike playlist.

    • Patrick Murray

      Yeh it’s a good idea but I fell that Vondy is taking destiny’s ideas (safehouse = tower,or the reef) I know this game is gonna be great but treyarch needs to create their ideas and be original

  • Diego Diniz

    When is Beta Pre-load Date???

  • John Rittenberry

    This information is great and all, but I have a question. What time (notice I said time, not date) will Black Ops 3 be released? Will it be released Friday at midnight? If so, will Gamestop stay open late for a midnight release?

    • Yankeephil

      On big release days, most gamestops close early, like 6pm then re-open at like 10 pm for a midnight release “party” and some gamestops will actually have the game playable while you wait. But when it gets closer, call your local gamestop for what they’re specifically doing

  • melchor2679

    A place where noobs will feel safe.

  • CoDforever

    what does it mean by build your own weapons?

    • RdJokr


  • I hope this campaign is good as bo2’s. I loved alternate endings, actual choices, different outcomes and incredibly fun strike missions. I just wish they had more, because it showed a drastically different view into call of duty.

    Instead of being the special flower and the center of everything, you weren’t. You were a nameless solider doing realistic operations within the call of duty world. It’s something you don’t see, yknow? And I loved it, and in fact I still play them, a lot.

    • ben wills

      Realistic operations was a guy planning to get arrested so they’d take him to the place where all their military stuff was and he could escape and hijack their stuff?


      • Strike force, not main campaign, silly. I said that.

    • RdJokr

      Strike Force was a great idea, but it really needed an improvement for the AI. Playing those missions on Veteran was a bitch, because the AI teammates are too dumb to do anything right.

      • Yeah, that’s why you play it as a solider and you should rarely enter tac view.

        TBH I’d buy dlc missions for strike force. No reason at all why they wasted a perfectly good concept done right.

        • RdJokr

          With that atrocious AI, I can see why no one would want to make DLC for it.

          • Implying they can’t improve it.

            To be honest the only thing I see wrong with the AI is that they don’t shoot and protect things very well and the CLAW unit gets stuck in some areas when you direct it elsewhere.

          • RdJokr

            Well, when we’re talking about the same game, it could take a lot of work to improve the AI. But when they’re working on a new game, they have time to improve everything, including the AI. So having DLC Strike Force-esque missions would make sense for Black Ops III (not saying it’s happening though, but I do love to see that happen).

  • Parrylyse

    With it being in the campaign sector I can’t see it being of any use. Firing range worked well. Of the few things people agree should have stuck from AW, I think the firing range is the top.

    • I dont know. This is all opinion here but firing range didnt do much. Like I could take targets down the same no matter what weapons I used. Like I could do the entire first range with a speakeasy in 10s but it could take me 5s to take an actually enemy down just because how bad the game was made

      • Parrylyse

        Oh yeah the actual targets served no use to me but when I tried a wacky class like something acog and silencer for example, I could go so how it handled to decide whether it was even viable to use. And for seeing what camos were looked like on certain guns.

  • Semir Palic