Earlier today, Activision released five new screenshots for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Reckoning DLC. In certain images, the soldiers are holding weapons that are currently not available in Advanced Warfare multiplayer. The image reveals the CEL-3 weapon, that was previously exclusive to Exo Zombies, is coming to multiplayer. The other image appears to show an AK-47 weapon.

Michael Condrey tweeted out stating that the images show “some hints” but still “other surprises” are still in store for new weapons. He also stated that no new weapons are directly included with the Reckoning DLC pack.

Last month, Sledgehammer Games stated that they have plans for more weapons for Advanced Warfare. We’ll update when we learn more.

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  • Ryumoau

    I love that Sledgehammer is still supporting the game with new weapons even this late after the game’s release. Hopefully Treyarch shows this same support. 🙂

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    • Daniel

      SHG is the best developer ever when it comes to post launch content
      You may call them greedy, but NEVER lazy

      • >Never lazy

        lol no

        • Daniel

          They are not lazy, you may not like their game but they support it more than any other developer, and they put alot of love on it
          Treyarch is overrated, after launch the only thing they touch is gun balancing.

          • idi

            They’re insanely lazy, the “royalty” variants are direct copy and paste and even the model is the exact same with just a purple camo. New weapons mostly reuse old gun sounds, 90% of the Advanced Supply drop items are re-skinned versions and the only reason they add more weapons is to sell more ASDs to children with their moms credit card and YouTubers.

          • RdJokr

            LOL OK, you try designing thousands of loot pieces so that none of them even look remotely the same then. See how that works for you.

          • Lolwat^

          • idi

            Give me a company with hundreds of developers and that is literally the easiest thing possible.

          • Psychomaggot105

            They are the first dev to use up 3 years. I’d wait to see what trey and IW can do before saying they’re the best post launch.

          • HeyItsNick

            They are 100% lazy. They add “Royalty” Guns which is just a camo on an already elite variant. The SAC 3 Royalty has Red Dot Sight simply because they were to lazy to make a new iron sight for a gun. The “FREE ROYALTY HELMET” is literally the Sentinel Recon one. They barely patch out of map exploits, they don’t work on fixing the spawn system, and will never work on fixing it. They won’t buff most weapons in need of a buff and they wont nerf weapons in need of a nerf. They just add all this new gear so that people can think the game developers actually care, when in fact they don’t. Gear is added for them to make more money off ASDs and think of it, does a new “x-ray” exo actually help you play better? Nope, it doesn’t benefit anyone when it comes to gameplay. All this new gear is just an illusion to get you to think the game is fresh and awesome, but it’s not.

            Don’t get me wrong I like playing AW but a lot of people have given up on it. I can’t wait for BO3.

          • Get your head out of your ass they don’t even camoflauge their guns dude.

            Treyarch even gave the BO2 multiplayer weapons BO1 camoflauges that had actual effort on them.

            SH literally pastes the texture over parts of the weapon and calls it a day.

            You can especially tell on the STG44 were its not even consistent.

            Hell, doing any exo movementremoves the camoflauge for a few seconds on any weapon when the effect comes on your screen,

            Splitscreen still has fucking echo and the screen effects from exo movements aren’t even cropped onto the screen properly, this is the kind of shit that was done properly in COD4.

            Another thing is most of the campaign exos don’t even show in first person and most of the textures on the sleeves don’t even show the correct texture in first person.

            They sat there and advertised that there animations are ” so advanced ” when mags don’t even come out of the gun in third person.

            That’s just the tip of the damn ice berg, I could go on a whole list about shit like the ronin mask, or the PC port but to say SH is never lazy is a incredible downright obvious lie, even IW wasn’t this lazy.

        • Deadly Ed

          Yes a few things have been lazy, ie the ronin mask, but SH have added way more addition content than the other devs.

          Agree with the advance supply drop purchasing system or not, they have added loads of free content and cool weapons.

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      • Rolocker

        I like how SHG is giving us lots of content post launch. But I can definetly say they are lazy at various points
        You think I’m wrong? Here’s one thing:
        Legendary Ronin Helmet

      • Xerolh

        Never lazy? Half of the new shit they add are just reskins.

        • Kobrah

          But at least they are adding new shit. Who cares if they cut a few small corners? Most of the stuff is free anyway

    • Kyle Soule

      I am actually very surprised that they are still coming out with new weapons this far into the game’s life cycle.

      • Donnyboy99

        They are planning on relaesing 6 more guns actually

        • Kobrah


      • RdJokr

        If only more people played this game, I would probably stick around with it even during BO3 season.

        • SPAWNST4R

          Hahahahaha !

      • priester

        The hope more people will play the game

      • Insider

        Due to limitations of the previous generation consoles some weapons that were supposed to come with Reckoning are coming out as free dlc

        • Kyle Soule

          That makes sense.. never thought of it that way.

    • bob

      Well, when you got a cash cow, gotta keep milking it, especially with how poor AW sold.

      • Ryumoau

        your comment was so idiotic that you had to upvote it yourself. Thats just sad. 🙁

      • RdJokr

        Oh hey Bob, you’re back! How’s it going with suing Activision?

        • MichiganerE

          I’m assuming it hasn’t gone well for him. Maybe if he added more salt to the wound, it would help.

      • Kobrah

        Lol, bobs back. Bitching as usual

    • Koolz

      Its great to see a rare supporter of the hardworking devs at SHG.

      • EnderZ

        U idiots believe you represent an entire community of COD wrong. Look at CI subscribers very small. In fact Ali-A has more followers than this entire site x10+. There are but a very few regular commentators that thinks this is their personal blog site. But Bitches let me spell it out 4u. “U r the minority in the COD community, the majority is playing COD not whining like wee gurls.,

    • LLORT

      It’s not Sledgehammer’s decision. Activision are trying to milk the game as much as they can especially as it sold so appallingly and the fact nobody barely plays it anymore. I can’t believe you’re so naive to think SHG are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts LOL! If anything; it could have a detrimental affect on any sequel as they’ve spent far too much time fixing and desperately spoon-feeding content.

      Take your fanboy tinted spectacles off and realise the industry is making a mockery of people like you.

      • Ryumoau

        do you ever write anything intelligent?

  • Diego Diniz

    You know what? F**K Advanced Warfare…
    I just wanna know about BLACK OPS 3 right now!

    • Keshav Bhat

      More info August 5th w/ the eSports reveal.

      • bob

        I’m super excited for the eSports reveal, believe it or not. Black ops 2 had a lot of good things going for it in that arena. If I had my wish, I would make a few small changes..
        1) scrim lobbies, where you could set up a BO5(or whatever) with host changes in between that are preset and agreed on.
        2) league play on dedicated servers or a way to hide IP, please no more router roulette.
        3)theater mode (not sure if confirmed to be in or not :O )
        and finally, some tournaments man! I wana be able to set up tournies in game and have it all set up so that people can play the teams and check who is next.. Whether this is from private matches or in a league play scenario (obviously IP booting is going to be a thing they will have to solve bu..) and with this tourny mode, you could win some cool aesthetics and stuff.

        If they added all that to the game, they’d have me buying it day 1.

    • Daniel

      AW is better, mark my words

      • Diego Diniz

        I Play every single COD. AW is the latest one, so i’m playing it. But I dont Like it. Not even look Like a Call of Duty Game. I can tell for sure, COD GHOSTS is way better than AW (i’m talking about DLC Maps, NOT Standard Maps). If you played “Departed”, “Favela”, “Mutiny” and “Showtime”, so you know what i’m talking about…

        • RandomGamer

          Favela is a mw2 map, point is invalid

          • Rekt

            Favela was remastered in Ghosts in the 3rd map pack.

          • Diego Diniz

            COD Ghosts Remastered:
            Favela = Favela (MW2)
            ignition = Scrapyard (MW2)
            Showtime = Shipment (COD4)

            Shame I cant find enough PLayers to play DLC Maps…

    • ccrows

      *Fast forward to 8/3/2016*

      “You know what? F**K Black OPS 3…
      I just wanna know about Ghosts 2 right now!…”

      • bob

        Please no… No ghosts 2.. That just sounds awfull.. Modern Warfare collection in HD remastered… just give us that and all will be repaired..

        • TheDemonOfHate

          Or at least MW4.

          • bob

            I don’t know man.. After how bad modern warfare 3 was… I really can’t imagine mw4.. Some people think mw3 was great, but I can almost guarentee they started on that game or black ops 1 and never played the glory days of cod4-mw2..

          • TheDemonOfHate

            I think MW3 is a decent game. I started playing on BO1. I still play COD 4 & MW2. It’s better than MW3. But just tons of modders now a days. They should disband Ghosts series & make a new series or remaster MW series.

          • Koolz

            Honestly I loved MW3. Got me into cod.

          • Diego Diniz

            MW2 Was AMAZING! When I got my first AC-130 on Multiplayer…it Was like Having a BLAST!

      • Diego Diniz

        COD Cycle BRO!

  • dat gun?


    • Kobrah

      It’s a zombies gun from the first DLC

  • Daniel

    And that is why SHG > Treyarch

  • No point of AK47 when the Bal and STG exist.

    IMO we need the ol’ 94 and M16

    • Daniel

      Fuck the 94. M16 would be good tho
      I thought the same when it comes to the AK 47, it will be too similar from the STG, but at the same time Im so glad its coming back to CoD after 4 years without it, such a legendary/nostalgic gun
      Other weapons I would love to have:
      MP 40 or PPSH
      AK 74U
      ACR(even though AW’s weapons are recoiless already)
      Intervention(AW needs a bolt action sniper)
      Model 1887 or Spas 12

      • Kyle Soule

        Especially the PPSH and Intervention.

      • To be honest I feel we need something truly different than just recycled weapons with better textures called ” new “.

        I say we should get something campaign wise, like that cut mission after Induction? I say we should get that, or maybe expedition to are relationship to Will, make us truly feel bad about his death.

        Or maybe realistic uniforms for AW. Fuck that stupid clown loadout or ridiculous wrestler. Maybe a helmet with NVGs and a light ghillie loadout, similar to what titanfall did.

        Maybe for gloves we get Oakley SI’s, like in Cod Ghost.

  • Ak74u

    Glad their adding the CEL-3 in AW, it is really lacking in shotguns hope this one can compete with the tac-19

  • Whatever

    It has a new camo on it

  • Ghost

    I find it funny that people think that SH is putting extra work into making these “DLC” weapons. AW had the least amount of base weapons out of any CoD, so you think you’re getting more when in fact everyone should have had these weapons from the beginning. Not to mention that STG sounds like the HBRa3.

    • jooker-jr

      cod 1,2,3,4 ( and maybe 5, i dont know ) had less guns :/

  • Every 3arc fangirl

    How to be a REAL CoD Fan:

    1. Play either COD4 or MW2 (It’s better if you download it for free on PC) or any COD made by 3arc that has zombies on it (Important).
    2. Say bullshit and complain about any other COD that isn’t from 3arc/has something different from other COD titles.
    3. Attack anyone else that supports underrated COD titles and defending the overrated ones with senseless arguments.
    4. Complain about Ghosts and AW saying that both IW and SHG copied a lot of ideas (That were already in every COD… F*uck SHG, thay had guns like in BO2! How unoriginal they can be??)
    5. If you play/played Ghosts, Complain about being shit just because you need more skill than in BO2 (Ghosts has the best DLC Maps ever made)
    6. If you play/played AW, complain about the 2 main Weapons of the game because you’re so noob that you can’t deal against them despite having other guns that can out play those 2 other ones. (Also you’re an unlucky bastard with RSD/ASD. Your inventory is full of Nigerian Gear LOL)
    7. Last but not less important: Suck 3arc’s dick and believe that BO3 will save COD.

    If you follow this steps, you will become the best COD fan ever! #Respect

    • Mr Hug

      Praise the lord i do none of the above

  • TheGamerBeast

    that’s the shotgun from Zombies?

    • Jason_88

      I believe so, def looks like it

  • Mr Hug

    Guys, Battlefront or Black ops 3?

    • Star Wars by far. But I’m getting both

    • Yankeephil

      BO3 for zombies, hands down, Battlefront for actual FPS gaming

  • Guest #1

    Finally a ‘real’ weapon instead of all the laser weopons

  • melchor2679

    So many weapons yet everyone uses the ASM1. (I use the AK12 and ARX-160)

  • B.j. Denis

    Is there doing to be a trident

  • MasterSonny