Activision and Sledgehammer Games have announced that the fourth and final DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Reckoning, will be available September 3rd on PlayStation and PC. Reckoning DLC brings four new multiplayer maps and the final part of the Exo Zombies saga, Part 4: Descent.

“We’ve had an absolute blast supporting the fans throughout the DLC season, and continue to come up with fun new ways to play Advanced Warfare. The support and feedback we’ve received from the community continues to inspire us, and we’ve taken that inspiration to heart with Reckoning to deliver a new set of multiplayer maps and the conclusion to Exo Zombies. We are grateful to all of our fans and hope everyone enjoys playing the new content as much as we enjoyed creating it,” said Michael Condrey, Co-Founder and Studio Head, Sledgehammer Games.

“What an amazing journey this has been. From the moment we began with prototyping Advanced Warfare all the way to the completion of our fourth DLC pack, Reckoning, it’s been an incredible experience. We’ve often said we have the best fans in the world, and we mean it. We look forward to continuing to support our fans,” said Glen Schofield, Co-Founder and Studio Head, Sledgehammer Games.

Multiplayer Maps:

  • Overload: Enjoy the grand view of downtown New Baghdad from this exotic compound, complete with fountains, gardens and decorative plasma lamps. The map’s multiple levels and long perimeter site-lines highlight medium to long-range combat, and firing a shot at the lamps will send enemies flying in a burst of energy.
  • Quarantine: Following a deadly viral outbreak, the island has been converted into a biological testing center. This medium sized map’s tight corners dial up the speed and open areas combine to allow for any style of gameplay. Activate the map-based scorestreak to unleash a devastating ship-fired missile strike.
  • Fracture: Discover what secrets are locked in the ice in this arctic excavation site. Take refuge behind wind turbines and heavy equipment through large combat areas cradled on the shelf of a glacier. Stay alert as the timed event cracks the ice sheet, sending one lane sinking to the depths.
  • Swarm: Reconstruction is underway in Seoul, South Korea, congesting narrow corridors of this small to medium sized map with vehicles and equipment. Take position in war-scarred storefronts that provide plenty of cover over the streets or flank the enemy through close quarter interiors in the center of the map.

NOTE: All four multiplayer maps will be featured in the Reckoning Exo Grapple Playlist, which will allow players to use the Exo Grapple ability that was introduced with Advanced Warfare’s Ascendance DLC pack.

Exo Zombies Part 4: 

  • Descent – In the last episode, the team – Bill Paxton (Aliens, Titanic, Edge of Tomorrow), Rose McGowan (Planet Terror, Scream), Jon Bernthal (Fury, The Wolf of Wall Street) and new member Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness, Burn Notice), are about to escape from the Atlas aircraft carrier on which they’ve been stranded. But before they do, they discover their friend and original squad member, John Malkovich (In the Line of Fire, RED, Burn After Reading), has been turned, and is now among the undead. Descent introduces a remote ocean Atlas survival facility, new “fused” exo zombie enemies, and the Trident Reflected Energy Weapon.


The new DLC pack will be available September 3rd. The DLC pack costs $14.99 or is included with the Advanced Warfare Season Pass.

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  • Dangelo95

    By the time I play the black ops 3 beta I might not even touch advanced warfare I even have the season pass just have no desire to play it like I was with ghosts last year please black ops 3 be good so I actually wanna play cod like I did for black ops and black ops 2

    • LovekillerX

      I’m actually more hyped for IW 2016 title because Treyarch has disappointed me this far. Now that it is Destiny type game I’m pretty worried about the campaign not having actual story. Also specialists might ruin this game for me because I didn’t like the guardian system in Destiny PvP.

      I just want to see pure gun skill… but nowadays it is just stacking your streaks and camping just to put another air support in the air…

      • Dangelo95

        Everyone has a opinion and I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with yours I just prefer treyarch games over sh and iw and I think black ops 3 will be a great game and I’m sure treyarch will fully support patching stuff that’s why we have the beta to have a better launch….. As for IW 2016 what they must do to make a come back from ghosts is make boots on the ground of course but they also have to go in a new direction they can make ghosts 2 as long as it’s completely different then ghosts or they can make mw4 either way they have to step up cause after ghosts they have to do something to get fans to invest in their game

      • jordanxbrookes

        I feel the same way. I’m probably more excited for what IW has been cooking up than Black Ops 3, but I’m still excited for the Beta.

        • SarDoggy

          It’s cause of my straw polls isnt it jordan ??

      • Thomas the TankSwag

        Im more hyped for AW2

  • Can someone explain to me why they even have exclusive deals? Like, why not release it on both systems equally and just give one or the other the competitive contract?

    • Vikerii

      People HAVE explained it, over and over. It’s a business affected and shaped by console wars.

      • Okay, if im asking, I obviously didnt know the answer, which is why people ask the questions again.

    • Kobrah


      • PS players watch xbox players play the game for a whole month and get to determine in that time whether they actually want it or not ( for those who dont have a season pass) Thats part of the reason I never bought DLC for MW3 and Ghosts. They actually lose a portion of buyers by doing this.

        • Kobrah

          Yes, but MS/Sony pay them millions. It also probably sells extra copies on the ‘preferred’ console

    • Kyle Soule

      Tell that to activision. They love money.

  • LovekillerX

    I can’t wait! 🙂

    • Vikerii

      Yeah I’ve enjoyed the dlc so far. I know a lot of people don’t, but I’ve been playing AW just about every week since it came out. Definitely less over time, but still enjoy it.

      • LovekillerX

        I would definitely play AW if Sony would put something else than indie titles to PS+. I don’t want to support their indie policy. Last game I downloaded was Infamous First Light… and that is the only game I actually downloaded. I bought PS4 year ago.

        • SarDoggy

          Omg its so annoying. I hope they put like BF4 as a free game or something like that soon.

          • LovekillerX

            Of course you took triple A example because that is what indie defenders usually do. I don’t ask for Bloodborne or Uncharted 4, even very old PS3 game is fine which ISN’T indie. Now I will get God of War Ascension for example.

            They should put indies AND other games. Not JUST indies.

        • They need to at least put one triple A game in the ps+ offering. Shit I wouldn’t knack at this point

        • Thomas the TankSwag

          The games have been really good the last few months: Lara croft, stealth inc 2, Rocket league, and metal gear solid

          Next months games look shit though.

  • Thomaskempe

    Worst. Birthday. Present. Ever (My birthday is on the 2nd but still)

  • Group_935

    Looks great.

  • thankgodps4istakingovercod

    When do we get the fucking new guns

    • Thomas the TankSwag

      20th august

  • RdJokr

    As if it wasn’t obvious enough…

    But you know what SHG? PC players can’t play this DLC unless they have last week’s patch on consoles, which you STILL HAVEN’T DELIVERED.