Activision has just released released a FAQ for the Black Ops 3 beta that begins next week. Some of the new details revealed were that the file size will come in at 15gb, although its unclear if the file size is the same for all platforms or just the Playstation 4. We now also have confirmation of when codes will be emailed out, codes will begin “rolling” out to Playstation 4 at midnight pacific time the day of the beta. Check out the rest of the FAQ for more details..

How big is the Beta file?
To make the Beta a fun and valuable experience, we’ve packed it with a lot of content. Therefore, the file is approximately 15 GB and download times will vary based on location, server traffic, and connection speed.

What’s the difference between my Beta code that I received and my Beta token?

Your pre-order Beta code reserved your spot for the Beta and is redeemed at Once you have registered, a Beta token will be emailed to you on a rolling basis beginning at 12:00 AM PST on August 19th for PS4 users and on a rolling basis at 12:00 AM PST on August 26th for Xbox One and PC users. This Beta token will allow you to download the Beta from the platform you have designated in the registration process.

SOURCE:Β Activision Blog

  • LovekillerX


    Now that I got first comment… I really hope that beta is indeed for making things balanced, not just marketing gimmick.

    • Juses


      • ScOott

        LoveKiller was on his period not long ago, don’t start correcting him, he might throw a wobbly at you ..

    • Guywithbrains

      There will be a couple of guns that are going to be used mostly. For now seems like assault rifles will be dominating this game.

      • LovekillerX

        Yeah lets hope it isn’t same mess like Black Ops 2.

        • Dr. Salim

          BO2 assault riffles> Any other CoD

          • LovekillerX

            I disagree but I respect your opinion.

          • Dr. Salim

            you can’t compete with those ARs

          • LovekillerX

            ACR (you literally can’t compete with this)
            AK-47 (if you put kick + extended mags it is OP af)
            M16A4 (impact + silencer making it usually one burst kill)
            Type95 (red dot + rapid fire… you’re done)

            For me M8 and Swat were bad. But this is all about taste. I’m talking about MW3 assault rifles.

          • Dr. Salim

            ACR Vs. M27: ACR shoots slower but deals more damage, Could go both ways.
            SCAR-H Vs. L: I hope you are joking. The H has a nearly infinite 3 hit kill range
            An-94 Vs. Ak47: The an-94 shoots way faster if you can spam it right not to mention the high accuracy it holds unlike the Ak’s high visual recoil.
            Swat Vs. M16: Both were overshadowed by their burst fireing counterparts but I would take a Swat with no attachments rather a M16A4
            G36C: Almost the same thing as the MTAR but just a tad bit better
            Type95 Vs. all: Shows the true unbalancing that IW did with their AR’s. The worst thing is that they made the same mistake 2 years later.

          • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

            The M8A1 was bad ? Ok…

          • SarDoggy

            I liked the M8 but the SWAT was AWFUL!!

          • I’m I the only one that liked the type 25, and the type 3 round burst version from mw3

      • Koolz


      • DEMOLITION12


  • Is 12 AM midnight or noon? Someone create a countdown so I can figure what time it begins in my country πŸ˜€

    • LovekillerX

      AM = after midnight = time between night and forenoon.
      PM = past midday = time between forenoon and night.

    • ScOott


    • Guywithbrains

      You have countdown on Charlieintel. Just go to main page and you can see time to beta from this moment is 5 days 22 hours and 40 minutes.

      • That countdown indicates it would start ~8pm Wednesday in EU yet some are saying it starts ~8am Wednesday in EU…

  • TheTacticalRabbit_YT

    So that’s 20:00 in the UK. Once it’s downloaded that’s very little of the 19th remaining. Although I suppose we have 8 extra hours on the 23rd so it balances. I’m looking forward to this, I really hope it’s good. If the community doesn’t like Bo3, CoD dies.

    • Shinobi1k

      How retarded are you? Did you not learn how to tell the time in school yet?

  • Koolz

    I preordered the digital deluxe edition from the Xbox store, but i never got something to redeem on the call of duty website. Should I be worried?

    • LovekillerX

      It will automatically get you into the beta (correct if I’m wrong).

      • Koolz

        Ok thanks

    • AlexK489

      Digital pre-orders get you in automatically, no worries dude.

      • Koolz

        Cool thanks.

      • Rayan Baig

        Thanks I was so worried I would not get it

  • TheTacticalRabbit_YT

    actually 12:00 am would be 00:00, so 08:00 in UK. So actually that’s perfect for us.

    • SarDoggy

      Actually no because of server traffic your download probably wont be done until 17 or 18:00 a’clock your time. Ours will finish from about 9-14 a’clock in the afternoon which is perfect for us.

  • Domagoj

    Like WHY ? Im on PC, running 10 download and / 0.7 upload. Why they didnt bring pre-load. So, im not gonna be able to play this game on 26th. Freaking 4 hours of downloading. BROOH.

    • James

      Imagine Xbox one, its gonna be even longer!

      • Elliot

        Xbox one actually downloads fast I can download 15 GB in 30 mins

        • jordanxxxbrookes

          I don’t wanna ruin your chance to flex your Xbox One is awesome muscle, but he’s referring to Xbox One having to wait longer as for as the start date of the beta not the amount of time to download

          • Elliot

            No the first comment was about him having it on PC which is the same start time as the Xbox one. PS4 has it on the 19th.

        • Domagoj

          All depends on download speed. On PC, approx. 15 gigs ~ 4 hours for me. Sad But True.

      • Vicsupreme

        It just depends on your connection dude, not console specific

        • James

          Well yeah , my connection suck, it took me something like 23 hours to download advanced warfare!

          • Vicsupreme

            Damn brother! A game that large is no more than an hour for me

        • Domagoj

          I wish we could pre-load day early.

      • Domagoj

        Ahh, dont even start with Xbone, shits download even slower.

  • ApEx_Gaming

    does it get sent to ur email u ordered with or ur psn

    • Whatever e-mail is linked to you Call of Duty account.

  • xjumper

    They should send out this keys ealier…

    • Group_935

      I would like that too, so you could download already.

      • curi0us

        This. I’d love to download the beta earlier and just be ready for it when it launches.

    • SarDoggy

      Agreed. There will be Way to much server traffic because there giving them all out at one time. They should start sending them from the 15th-18th and let people pre-load them.

  • ScOott

    Just to clear this up for people, if you registerd for the beta, you will get a code sent to your email address, you type that into your ps4 to start the download of the beta .. Correct me if I’m wrong ..

    • Guywithbrains

      I concur.

      • sunny

        I havent got any confirmation that i applied for beta

    • BooBee

      If I pre-ordered the digital version then the beta should be magical and just download itself without a code.

      • ScOott

        No I don’t think it works like that, your registerd with the beta without the code.. But you still need to check your emails for the code to download the beta ?

      • Yankeephil

        They said Digital pre-orders will automatically sppear, just leave your PS4 in rest mode and it should automatically download the same as a system update

        • bImperial

          How do you know this?

          • Yankeephil

            Fead the article, it states it about halfway down

    • Group_935

      You are right. You will get your email from PSN and Call of Duty account.

    • Johnny Tejada

      Yeah but what email is it getting sent to your psn email or the email you have for call of

      • Shit, if it’s the email I’m screwed. I don’t have access to that one anymore. Well, I guess I will be contacting support.

        • Probably will be the call of duty email since that’s the account you used to redeem the beta code

        • Johnny Tejada

          Yeah i put my current email on my call of duty one because I had an old one

        • ScOott

          I’d get it done now if I was you.

        • Lorenzo

          just change the email on your account, cant you do that?

          • Yes. But I had to unlink the email I wanted to use from a different cod account. Then I had to somehow access the current email to reset the password to then be able to change the email on But I still haven’t gotten the password reset message yet, it’s been hours.

      • ScOott

        I would assume It’s for your cod email, as that’s who will be sending the email..

      • FY Skateboards

        I redeemed my beta code with my Activision id on the cod site is that fine?

    • Kobrah

      How do you register?
      NVM, I preordered digitally

      • CB1995

        You dont need to do anything, once the beta is out you will be able to download it straight away on whichever console you bought it on πŸ™‚

      • Yassine LeDuc

        So did I, but I preordered it a day late and I have no idea how to download the beta. What should I do?

        • Kobrah

          On PS4 I just searched it in the store. Not sure of Xbox is the same or not

    • Daniel Jaime

      So, when you get your beta token at 12 am, how exactly do you type that into your ps4 console, I’m confused. Can someone explain please?

      • ScOott

        Like when you dowload Dlc codes in the store..

        • Daniel Jaime

          So the beta token is a code and you have to access that code in the “redeem code” section of your ps4 ? Correct?

          • ScOott

            Correct πŸ™‚

          • Daniel Jaime

            Thanks!, hope it’s as easy as your saying it is

      • Kia

        Playstation store .

        • Daniel Jaime

          Can I put my ps4 to sleep while it’s downloading?

      • JamesMcEnhill123

        Redeem code via ps store

      • CB1995

        Yes thats correct, they come out on a rolling basis so you may not get yours at 12am. so just be patient

  • The Flash

    well that sucks, everyone knows how long the xbox one takes to install items from the internet, if this is 16gb and i cant even start it early as i’ll be asleep, theres almost no point bothering with the beta

    • BooBee

      I have 100Mbps ISP speeds and my call of duty updates at about 5GB or whatever it was usually takes like 15 mins. A full game at 25GB takes about half hour to 45 mins for me.

    • AlexK489

      O.o i can get most of my stuff downloaded within the length of a TV show on the One man, and my internet’s not all that great..

    • The Flash

      the updates for AW and reckoning all together too at least 4 hours, a joke

    • KuuGeeL

      took me 10-15 hours to download NBA live 15 digital which was only 14gb.

  • Piotr Piter

    So mail sending start on 19 which is the day of beta starts. Knowing how PSN works we will be haveing long download time cause of poor sony servers. Thats sad they should allow PS4 players download is few days before and lock it like preorders are…

    • Group_935

      I just hope the servers won’t go down.

    • Yankeephil

      I don’t know why you thing Sony servers are the reason for long download times, when I swapped my HDD, it only took 8 hours to redownload about 450GB of games and add-ons, thats roughly a gig a minute

      • Piotr Piter

        When traffic is high download time go way up, when traffic is low i download pretty fast. So yes its sony servers i checked that and it is not my isp or console.

  • JoZer805g

    Best tip to download the beta quicker is once it is downloading. Put the PS4 into rest mode and run it with an Ethernet cable. Wait till the orange line is stop pulsing and turn the console back on.

    • Group_935

      What if you need a longer Ethernet cable?

      • Yankeephil

        Buy one. Lol, i bought a 10m Cat 6 cable so my PS4 can stay wired

      • I used to use a 50′ one for my xbox lol. It’s normal to have long cables.

  • Guest

    I was just about to come here to ask when do we get notification. I entered code back on June 30th and didn’t get so much as an email response saying, “thank you for entering the beta” to confirm, just a thank you after entering code on the COD profile site…Although they sure remind me about the season passes on mobile app for AW -__-

  • @Cymbuh

    Oh no Download speed varies based on Server traffic…. Not the first week of AW all over again please.. Took me 1 week to download my game that i bought off dashboard.

    • Koolz

      I’m gonna be at school that day so I’ll start it in the morning.

  • curi0us

    At least they’re touching base with the fans early and answering questions.

    My only complaint is what if the servers just…fail or suck? Looking at you Street Fighter 5 beta. Will we be compensated with an extended beta or will it just be taken in stride while they go back to the drawing board and work on the server infrastructure?

    Seems like for every question answered, there’s two more questions.

    • jordanxxxbrookes

      No, for every question there is one followup and one doomsday overexaggeration…I mean look at yourself, you’re more concerned with server crashes which of course is possible but think positive, lots of betas have pretty smooth servers….

      It’s sort of like when we see an awesome weapon and then a debbie downer comes in to ask, “is it going to be overpowered, and overused, what about the balance”

      • curi0us

        It’s still a question worth asking. This is the first beta since [email protected] and I remember it being buggy for a few days. But gradually over the beta they added tons of new things and fixed the bugs.

        And yeah, betas are good for fine-tuning balance so we might see a less powerful gun in the beta might be a little bit more fair at launch.

        All things in due time.

        • jordanxxxbrookes

          I was making fun of weapon balancing, if the weapons are similar to BO3 or even MW3 the game will be fine. Most “weapon balancing” is just people wanting guns they are getting destroyed with to be weaker or less prevalent. I tend to just adjust unless it’s MP40 levels of unbalanced…

          Weapon unbalance isn’t unfair if every has access to same guns. Besides with SBMM we learned that COD community isn’t as much about what’s fair as we are just wanting an organic and fun experience based off our selfish wishes…That being said if there are server issues I doubt they’ll extend. Unless all 3 platforms have issues, extending one platforms time will be seen as “unfair” and lead to more bitching which is what we tend to do best.

  • Maximiliano Martinez

    I have a feeling my digital download version will begin downloading really late. I’m glad I also have a physical code from when I preordered at GameStop.

  • ReZ_115_SoN_of_a_Gun

    Yay, Wahoo. Awesome. Nice. Cool.

  • ReZ_115_SoN_of_a_Gun

    I pre ordered on Amazon then canceled but still got the beta code. Going to try out the beta to see if I like the game.

  • Dangelo95

    With my luck I won’t receive the email and won’t get to play the beta lmao hopefully not but its bound to happen to some of us with so many pre orders how do you expect everyone to get the code it’s impossible

    • Group_935

      You got me worried.

    • SarDoggy

      Impossible if they did this they would be getting sued left and right for false advertisement.

    • Lespii

      If you put in your code, you’re getting an email with a playstation store code.

  • Diego Diniz

    Wish I could play this Beta for 3 months…until NOvember 6th…

    • DJSkrubBoy

      That would kinda make the game boring.

  • If my beta cod is getting delivered to me on the 26th, why does the beta start on the 25th?

    • DJSkrubBoy

      Xbox one Beta starts on the 26th.

      • Aww what? Do we get it for for a day less?

        • Dominick Vaughn

          yah xbox all ways get the stuff first now ps4 gets it first πŸ™‚

          • I know that, but i ment do we get it for a day less.

          • The “day” you get it all depends on the timezone. From the moment you get the email, you should have exactly 5 days until it is locked, and you get it the exact same time as everyone else.

  • justchill1234

    This means there will be no preloading, as the code will only be delivered on the release day. Looks like no using of internet on that day then..

    • satish pydikondala

      well the code is going to be sent at midnight so you could download it at midnight onwards

  • SarDoggy

    Is that…an MTAR?

    • satish pydikondala

      no its the xr-2 the burst rifle

      • SarDoggy

        Ohh now i see it. Thanks.


      does it look like it?

      • SarDoggy

        It does but I see how its an XR-2.

  • xRyzK

    i pre ordered it from the ps4 store ??? will i need a beta token ??? -sorry for english-

    • SarDoggy

      No. Digital Pre-Orders are automatically signed up for the beta.

  • OMG its AliA

    I pre ordered from amazon and it has been 30 hours since, and i have not received the beta code yet… shoul be worried

    • SarDoggy

      Did you check your receipt Ali-A ?

      • OMG its AliA

        What do mean

        • SarDoggy

          Your amazon receipt after you pre-ordered it. Check your email thats connected with your amazon.

          • OMG its AliA

            I did but nothing has come, only an email confirming my order and the code is not on that email

          • SarDoggy

            Scott Lowe a communication manager at activision has said that beta codes are limited and that some stores and online websites would run out. Thats why i pre-ordered in May. Future reference never pre-order a game for the beta a week before the beta.

          • OMG its AliA

            So I will not get the beta code -_-

          • SarDoggy

            Possibly not. Are you saying you haven’t gotten a beta code(Redeem at call of duty website) or a beta token(emailed you 12 AM PT August 19th).

          • OMG its AliA

            Yeah but I’m on Xbox

          • SarDoggy

            Okay so you did redeem code at Call of Duty website? If so then you’ll receive a beta token August 26th 12 AM PT. You have to have Xbox One there is no beta for the Xbox 360 or PS3.

          • OMG its AliA

            No I have not received a code to enter on the COD website and I have got Xbox one

          • SarDoggy

            Okay i recommend contacting Activision Support on twitter. They respond to about 90% of questions so I’m sure they’ll be able to help you.

          • OMG its AliA

            I contacted the retailer I got it from and got the code. I entered it in and now I have to wait till the 25th?

          • SarDoggy

            26th. Codes will be sent out 12:00 AM PT,2:00 CT and 3:00 ET. I recommend staying up until you get your code,start the beta download,go into power options and turn wi-fi off when your ps4 is off/rest mode and put it in rest mode.

          • OMG its AliA

            I have an Xbox but I will keep that in instant on mode

          • So you’re not Alia-A, got it…

          • Steve

            All preorders are guaranteed to get in the beta

          • Bass_YT

            Lol bro your code is on your digital receipt I guarantee you

  • It would of been better if they let us pre-load it. Then again, i don’t know how difficult it is to set that up

    • SarDoggy

      Definetly agree. Most people will be Trying to download the beta at midnight when there sent and that’ll be a hastle

      • Thomas the TankSwag

        Seeing as ps4 download times are horrible anyway, therell be extra traffic due to everyone downloading it, and its a large file, id expect it to take atleast 12 hours even on good internet speeds.

        • SarDoggy

          I’m staying up till 1(I live in arizona and thats the time codes are sent) To download this so when i wake up i will only have to wait 2 or 3 hours to play.

          • I hate when they do 12 am pst. I gotta stay up til 3

          • Mattaber

            Yeah no kidding, us first shifters (work 6 am to 2 pm) kinda have an upper hand though. I can start the download at 5 am just before leaving for work and it’ll easily be done when I get home 9 and a half hours later

          • bett

            Has anyone else not received their code after purchasing the previous order deluxe card from best buy

          • John Schudar

            Agreed. Even though I’m on mountain time, I’d still prefer 12am EST so I can get my code by 10pm ish but god forbid some users actually get to play on the 18th for 2 hours.

          • Leeboyopm

            What time will uk get codes, i dont know jact about time zones, all i know is ours is gmt

          • I just got the codes. With 2 extra ones

          • Ismail Ahmed

            Help me how do I yet my code it hasn’t cone through

          • notjustaprettycake

            has your token arrived yet? mine still hasn’t.

          • Rx_demon_xX

            Can I have one please really wanna get this game

          • Liam Wilkes

            could I have one?

          • Ismail Ahmed

            How do you get the code I pre ordered but never got own code

          • Uahm 313

            If America get codes at 12am PST in the UK we are 9 hours ahead so we will get it 9am in the morning

          • Kasey

            Thank you for that. Was kinda worried I didnt get my code aha

          • anonymous

            Its 10:40 in the UK and still haven’t received my code?

          • Uahm 313

            Im in UK i got mine 9 in the morning u might hv done something wrong or check ur email inbox

          • goose

            ill be downloading this for two days straight maybe be able to play for a couple hours before the beta closes. very slow internet speed..about 1.3mb

          • SarDoggy

            I doubt It will take that long. I would say 16 hours max. You’ll have plenty of time to play the beta dude don’t worry.

          • goose

            actually it will. 1 GB takes 2 hours flat to download. 2hrs x 15 gb = 30 hours / more than 2 days.

          • ej

            30 hours are not even 2 day, a day have 24 hours so that mean that you are waiting 1 day and 6 hours!

          • Alex Kuntz

            i downloaded last of us and it only took that afternoon and overnight and it was done. so for me the beta wont be long

          • John Schudar

            Thank god for 105mbps πŸ™‚ But, you’re still only as fast as the server you’re downloading from and we all know how blazing fast PSN is πŸ™‚ lol

          • John Schudar

            Here’s the problem with that: They’re sending the codes out in rolling waves. This means that starting at 1am our time (same time zone here) they go out, but we’re not guaranteed to be in wave #1. Thankfully I have multiple codes being sent my way so I have a bit more of a chance of being in 1st or 2nd wave.

          • Emmanuel Obodoako

            Have you got multiple codes going to your email, like more than 1 code

    • Ryumoau

      yeah, especially considering how slow psn downloads usually are.

      • Siftblade

        Tip: if you want PS downloads to go faster, make sure you’ve quit out of any game and put it into rest mode. Playing a game while you download makes it take so much longer.

        • DJ3K

          Facts, this should be the featured comment. You would be surprised on how many people, that are still not aware about this method.

        • Ryumoau

          i never used rest mode. Thanks, hopefully that will make things go faster. πŸ™‚

        • Mario Rivera

          i wouldn’t recommend that, Midnight downloads are very prone to crashes/errors due to traffic load. u can easily get on 99% and have the download crash. if u really want to play asap, u wanna be able to see if u have to retry the download right away. Happens to me often when i download games/dlc at midnight.

          • Siftblade

            No, playing the game literally makes the download take longer because your PS4 is doing more work. The sleep mode is optional. I never had a download fail, so I put it in rest, but you can just leave your PS on if you want. Just a few days ago, I was playing Limbo (no online) while I was downloading Styx (PS+ IGC game). The download was set for 3-4 hours while I was playing Limbo. I was checking often and it took forever. I quit Limbo, paused then unpaused the download, and it was only 45 minutes. The difference of having a game running and just leaving your PS on/in rest mode is very notable. I’ve checked it with many different games and I’ve gotten similar results across the board. Test it yourself if you feel you must, but it will make downloading games much faster.

          • Mario Rivera

            The download is only as fast as ur bandwidth, not ur consoles hardware, If ur not doing any background network activity u should be fine. Restarting a download (Limbo) u selected during high traffic will most likely download faster. Rest mode is not making a walmart connection into google fiber, thats not how it works.

          • Siftblade

            I know, that’s what I just said. The rest mode thing isn’t a big deal, but the game download is. Go test it yourself and try downloading something while in a game vs. downloading something with nothing else running. It goes much faster. I don’t know why, it just does. The reason people probably think PS downloads take so long is because they’re playing a game while they download.

        • Dayo

          takes longer with rest mode and playing a game offline doesn’t slow it down

          • Siftblade

            ….. lol enjoy your download speeds man. Next time you feel like complaining about how slow PSN downloads are, remember this and test it yourself.

          • ICGAMER

            man my internet is crappy!!!
            lan cable: 1mbs per second download!!!!!!!!! and whats even worst, is that its the fastest in my country!

          • Siftblade

            lmao sucks man.

          • Leeboyopm

            No mate i downloaded elder scrolls 15 gig update in 3 hours in restmode, said 7 on notifications before turned on restmode, also test Internet connection while downloading, makes it speed up also try using googles open dns, primary secondary or open dns primary secondary, also close every app ie game and app, because even if your only playing a single player it might have leaderboard plus online data and the ps4 system memory.

          • Christianx85

            Actually no, it takes longer whilr playing a game and its faster in rest mode because in rest mode it only uses de internet for the download c:

    • John Schudar

      Agreed. I was expecting they would allow pre loading the beta. But, they probably want to have time to adjust the servers as needed. You start letting a few thousand at a time and keep making tweaks and adjustments. But if you let half a million people on at once since everyone would be pre loaded.. It could spell disaster for their servers lol. So I understand.

      It’s a much different thing to climb up to 300k to 500k users a couple thousand users at a time then it is to go from 0 to 500k in 2 minutes.

    • Jeremy Geyer

      Set your Primary DNS to and Secondary DNS to

      • Zain Ali

        what will that do? sorry if i sound stupid

  • Ray Ruiz (llobateres)

    Ok, right. Thaks. In EU the Beta Token emailed at 21h of 19th August?

  • Ryumoau

    I think i preordered pretty soon after they first announced Black Ops 3, so hopefully i’ll get my code early. It will likely take me half the day to download the beta though because ps4 seems to download games alot slower than the ps3 did for some reason. πŸ™

    • Steve

      It seems longer because the files are bigger

      • No I think it’s the ps4,I have 100+mbps speed, but my 12gb takes like 1+hour to finish downloading.

    • I don’t think getting the code early will be possible, treyarc will automatically send the codes at 12:00am, not sure what time zone, but they will send it to everyone at the same time.
      If you pre-ordered it directly from the playstation store, you don’t need a code, you will automatically be able to play it.

  • This is so dumb. Why do they have to send the code on the release of the beta? Why wait the last minute?…..

  • Potat0chip

    if your on ps4 to get the beta free all you have to do is make an account in quatar then preorder the game it dosnt ask for creditcard once you download it just go to your account and play it

    • Bass_YT

      Please explain this in more debt

      • ben wills

        Pay me 100 more dollars than you have, and I’ll be able to explain it in more “debt”

    • Fake, using that’s just a method to have the game in your library, once you try playing it, you will have to buy it.

      • Potat0chip

        of course its not going to give you the game for free its only going to give you the beta

  • RdJokr

    Damn, they’re really cutting the beta time even shorter for some people by doing this.

  • Johnny Tejada

    On the website on your profile does it say that email is already in use on anyone else’s email?

  • DJ3K

    This is really bs, some of us have jobs, so won’t have time to enter beta token until like 5pm and then have to wait to download, but luckily I have fast internet. They should’ve let us pre-load day or two before, so it’s ready to go on the 19th.

    • ethan

      12 am is midnight

  • Just Imagine ♋️

    Ok, so, someone enlighten me.

    Which email to I recieve the beta code with? My main Cod Profile email, or my PSN email, or the email attached to my EB Games account which I pre ordered with…?
    Idk, just someone helped.

    A person attempted to answer somewhere in this, but didn’t explain at all.

    • SweeperX

      the email on

  • If I pre-ordered on PS4 itself does it automatically give me a beta code? I never got one so I was just wondering. Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Rawr & LittleSpoon

      you don’t need to donwload nothing, stick your ps4 in rest mode and it will download automatically

  • Dominick amaro

    I was wondering if I pay $10 in advance at GameStop and pay the rest on the release date if I would get the beta code.

    • Yankeephil

      They would give you a code, you would need to go on the COD website and the COD would e-mail you a code to use on your system

  • Adam

    So if i am in england will i get the beta at 12am?

    • You’re in a different time zone, so probably at a later time.

    • Vonderhaar

      7 am

  • If I pre-ordered digitally, will the beta automatically download?

    • Yes if you purchased it from the Playstation Store.

      • YoungMurf

        Been looking this question answered for a while now thanks.

  • rageinjector

    Just a heads up for all the people that preordered digitally, you don’t need a code or to download according to playstation support on August 14th.

  • KuuGeeL

    11am for me! my internet is 4Mbps gonna take me about 8-12 hours to download πŸ™

  • Trigger Shotzz

    i preordered black ops 3 from amazon in the uk on monday and i still havent received the beta code by email.
    Can anyone help?

    • Cancel the pre-order. Then 2-3 hours later try again. You should get it within 2-4 hours.
      Although, I’d recommend purchasing directly from your ps4, or which ever console you want it for because you’re automatically entitled to play the beta even without a code.
      And if you pre-order it from Amazon, you won’t get 2 Advanced Supply drops, black ops 3 theme for ps4, and a camo for advanced warfare.

  • Riley Riehn

    ok, quick question. i pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition of black ops 3. so scenes i pre ordered it i dont have to do anything else, so do i get the beta code no matter what because i ordered it or, do i have to do anything else????

    • Where did you pre-order it from? You should have received the beta code in your inbox(email).

      • Riley Riehn

        microsoft, scenes im get the digital version i had to buy it from there. no pretty for sure i didnt get the code yet cuz i check my inbox once a day. i would have seen it.

        • You should have purchased it directly from your xbox, but not sure why you didn’t receive the code…

          • Riley Riehn

            ya probly, but i had to use my gamertag and account and stuff for it to get on my xbox. like when i check my games and stuff on my xbox its there. do you think i will get the beta code on the beta release date. because ive been seeing things about getting the codes on that date.

          • Wait never mind, you don’t need a code. When the black ops 3 beta releases you’ll be able to play it since you purchased it from the xbox store. πŸ™‚

          • Riley Riehn

            really AWESOME!!! cuz ive been looking for an answer on this for a while now. thanks man for answering my question. you the real mvp

          • Yeah man, no problem πŸ˜‰

        • On the PS4, if you buy it digitally you will automatically download the beta without the email. I assume this is the case on Xbox One as well.

          • Riley Riehn

            ok, thanks for answering my question man!!

  • Kyle Soule

    That much space is needed for a beta?! Wow.

  • Daniel Jaime

    How do you type in the beta token into your ps4 console so it can start downloading the beta? Help please

    • FraMarte

      Redeem code in the store.

      • Daniel Jaime

        Basically the beta token is a code that you redeem? Is that what your saying?, thanks in advance

        • Charlie


      • Daniel Jaime

        Thanks in advance,
        The beta token in a code, okay got it πŸ™‚

  • Reece Larner

    This may sound like a stupid question but i need to make sure. If I put my code in the call of duty website will I get a key when the beta is available?

    • FraMarte

      Yes as written here, via mail

  • Brandon Stainton

    Someone help me here please
    does anyone know when ill get the beta code sent to me by email?

    • FraMarte

      In 24 hours from the purchase.
      If you didn’t receive it after 1 day do what I’m saying: pre-order the game via PS Store and you’ll be able to download the beta automatically without any email. After the beta cancel the pre-order. No money charged and 100% you’ll play.

      • D hit him

        U can’t refund through PS. U need to call sony, an u got a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a refund. Cod ghosts, digital, DESTROYED my ps3. Called support for a refund, nothing, not even a ticket.

    • Charlie

      If it was digital than your auto signed up.

      • Brandon Stainton

        i dont have the digital one.

  • Charlie

    free beta code 9DVX-RDX2E-RDGL use here only will work once hope you enjoy!

    • Charlie

      Who ever gets it reply.

    • lol doesn’t work

      • Charlie

        It’s for PlayStation 4

        • I tried it for all 3 systems.

          • Someone else already claimed it then.

          • I just wanted to get the beta for PC for free, lol.

          • D hit him.

            If u have a ps4 (PS Plus), Xb1 (Live gold), and pc, you can afford the beta.

          • I just wanted to try. I am going to pre-order on amazon and cancel the order. I’ll see if I get a code this late. Also I don’t have a PS4.

  • ForsakenKlarity

    Ok I need help!!! so I preordered the game (of course) I put in the beta code yet I didn’t get any notification telling me i’m in beta, or some sort of notification. Is that meant to happen or what, so do I get the beta code token on the 19th like everyone else? thanks in advance!

    • I didn’t get a confirmation either. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • Daniel Jr Venancio

    will i be able to game share the beta with a friend since its downloaded on psn

  • Mlg42069

    Is this when for digital download. or pre order on amazon.

  • Lots of people saying this and can’t believe they’ve not let us pre-download it. Seems crazy. If they’d given us a 2 day window to download it it’d stagger the traffic and make it less likely to end in a huge clusterfuck.

  • Andrew Helms

    What if you put the code from the pre order receipt in on the psn store? I put that code in the psn store like two months ago. Will I be able to download it?

  • Diego Diniz

    I will buy PC version to get 10 DAYS of Beta…that Sucks…but its a way to play more…

    • Or just pre-order it on amazon and then cancel the pre-order.

  • Mercury

    I have got a beta code for xbox but now play ps4 it was aready typed in for xbox is there a way i can switch it to ps4

  • CΓ©dric Simon

    I preordered the digital deluxe edition from the Playstation store, but i never got something to redeem on the call of duty website. Should I be worried?

    • Moe Palani

      You’ll be able to download it as soon as it launches! Digital Deluxe Edition FTW πŸ™‚

  • James Foster

    If I pre order tomorrow before can I still get beta

  • Lespii

    So is it normal that I don’t have any email about a code yet?? I have had seen pictures of people downloading the beta and thought I was left out. Just wondering, thanks

  • Alexome

    I recently got my beta code and used on the cod website but I went to my email and never got a notification that I redeemed the code or anything about the beta. Is it normal and will I just get my beta token on August 19?

  • Silver Joystix

    Damn. I have to wait one more night for this.

  • Sami Alfaqih

    Can someone please reply to this . Will I be able to gameshare the beta ??? Answer Asap

    • D hit him.

      I think so. Prob will do with my friend

      • Sami Alfaqih

        Thank you

  • siffonen

    These downloads should be available much earlier because not everyone has a 100M connection speed, it takes some time to download with just 10/1M connection.

  • JamesMcE123

    Ive entered my code at cod website but ive not yet been emailed, i know it does say a rolling basis but how often are these batches sent out

    • BAMozzy69 .

      No one has received an email yet as its not midnight (PT or 8am GMT) on 19th August.

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I entered 2 codes – 1 for each console (PS4 and XB1) but as my console accounts are linked together (both on just 1 CoD account) I am concerned that I don’t get both Betas. I hope they don’t send out 2 for 1 console… I was very specific about putting in which code was for which console but as there is no way to check or no verification email etc, we all have to play the waiting game to see if we get our Beta access.
    The fact it doesn’t come out before the Beta is due and we can pre-download ready to play from Midnight PT, or in my case 8am GMT, but on a rolling basis just adds to peoples anxiety. For every minute the codes are delayed (due to roll out), the more anxious people will get – wondering if their Beta codes worked, whether they will get access etc etc

  • Scott

    I haven’t received my beat code for the PS4 through email yet please help.

    • Chris Rumpf

      yeah ive been looking on here for help but i havent gotten one either

  • Cam

    What email do you get the Beta token on when they send them out on a “rolling basis” do you get it on the Activision account because I logged in with Playstation or Facebook can’t remember

  • ColonelBazz

    I guess download will become available at 12am midnight PST as well? I ordered digitally, but I guess I’ll have to wait until 9am up here which is 12am PST and not be able to download it when it’s 12am up here xD

  • Adam

    Can anyone help?I have redeemed my activation code and they said they will send the next code to my email, will they send the code to my psn account email or my cod account email because i made my cod account a wile ago and no longer have access to the email it is linked with?

  • dylan murphy

    What if i pre-ordered on my ps4?

  • Luke Teisseire

    So is it sent as it turns from August the 18th to 19th or as 19th turns to 20th? I’m confused

  • Fenix_Timez

    what time will the uk get it

  • Gabriel Zombei

    Ok can someone help me out I preorded my game at ebgames and got a code and entered it at the blacks ops 3 beta site and i don’t know what to do next because they beta is coming out soon and I wanna make sure I can play it

  • Toni

    When do you receive the email is it tomorrow or should you recive it later that day help please

  • Roach101010

    Where do you get the beta token in my email??? When will it be sent ???

  • Moe Palani

    3:00 am eastern time? really, how disappointing… πŸ™

  • Seamus Birch

    Almost 6:30am pacific standard time in New Zealand one of first countries to see the sun each day and no email. Must be rolling out in reverse order! About time they got their act together. Should of allowed everyone to pre download save the stress. Will probably get emailed in next 10 hours while I’m at work!

  • Salvatore

    i preorderd the beta in the store in may but can’t download it what am i suppossed to do?

  • Timodom123

    If you preorder it digitally do you need a beta code

  • Zed Woodman

    I still haven’t been emailed my beta code

  • Amund H

    If you have preorder in store do you need the cd to play beta

  • Rayan Baig

    So I pre ordered black ops 3 on the ps4 and I wanted to know do I need a access code or will it come on downloads when it comes out

  • Alwaleed Al Qudsi

    my brother and i have different account but we both want to play the beta…is it possible for both of us to play beta with only one code?

  • maybe if you wold make sure your wifi is really good, make sure to turn off your laptops, computers, and turn off the wifi on your phone for a fast download speed, and dont play any games because your ps4 is just doing more work

  • ty

    not sure if my beta code worked. entered the code from my receipt onto my call of duty account but no confirmation email was sent. i know the tokens are getting sent out tonight but i want to make sure i’ll be getting one.

  • itsphilmate

    I entered my code in the website, and received 3 more, why? do I need to enter them all for the beta to work or what?

  • Sam Forman

    Just like any PC, if you are doing anything on the system that causes your system to access the hard drive it will slow down, or possible cause a file corruption while trying to place the downloading files in correct sequence! Definitely will take longer!

  • omar hamad

    I entered my bo3 beta code but i have not received any email (i need to know how to download the beta)

  • Joshua Andrew Lloyd-jones

    guys whts the email u got for your token i think i blocked the email and i can only unblock it with having the email address u get it from

  • Tyler Martin

    How do Playstation ppl already have the beta? How did I not get a token yet? Someone help me

  • Joe

    Your beta comes with 3 extra codes right?

  • george

    Why do I receive an email with three codes? one saying My Token and two saying Friend token?
    What do I do with those extra two codes? That means that I can give it to a friend so he can have the beta? please help

    • Joe

      I have the same question

      • Brandon

        Im still not getting my email what is it called

  • Blackflash

    I need the beta

  • hobnobs24

    what do i do if the codes are sent to an old email?

  • SwatBaseball

    Who has a extra beta code

    • Epicx Snipez

      People do probably have an extra beta code but not just to give it to some random broke ass guy who probably wont even say thank you lmfao get it yourself bum

  • Keeghan Rorie

    i typed in my code and nothing has been sent to me and my friends are already downloading it

  • Bobby biotxh

    If i download beta will i also automatically get final version when its released? Im not sure how this beta stuff works

  • awesome_farts

    I played cod til……

  • Rm

    So my email for my beta token didn’t show up when it said I receieved one how can I get another one so I can access

  • Gomolemo

    what email does my beta token i get sent to? cod account or the one i used at my game shop?

    • Zmas IV

      I would also like the answer to this. cod account or psn/xbox account email? answered by somebody who has downloaded it.

  • Kasey

    I havent recieved my beta code yet 😐

  • DoubleDelinquents

    I still havent recieved my beta token through email, help?

  • gmtdavidoff

    I haven’t received my beta token email!! What do I do?

  • notjustaprettycake

    I entered the Beta code for Black Ops III but didn’t receive an email. Does anyone know who I contact? It’s very frustrating trying to find a solution.

  • AceMan

    dude i downloaded full games 40gb on the ps3 in 30mins ,so get a better internet connection

  • anonymous

    I haven’t received my black ops 3 beta code yet and its 10:36am in the UK

  • Patty

    What the hell is the point starting on Wednesday if we can only download it
    Midnight sure we’re not even gonna have enough time to play it I heard the beta is only
    3 days long

  • Dormant Unicorn

    can you only submit the code when the beta comes out for your console?

  • Jaden Trask

    I didn’t get email , I preordered from GameStop and redeemed it on the black ops 3 website , it’s 6:06 am and haven’t got my email for the beta token

  • Xzavier Torres

    i havent gotten my beta token yet what should i do
    and also i pre-ordered it and redeemed my code and still no email

  • Uahm 313

    First person to reply gets beta code

    • Kevin Pandit
      • Uahm 313


    • Jj


      • Uahm 313

        Be quick for ps4 :

      • Uahm 313

        Redeem at playstation store

  • Cj

    It took mine 2 hrs in rest mode at 10pm last night because they started before midnight.

  • Ali

    i haven’t got the email yet , i live in the uk and i already redeemed my code! wtf

  • Neil Kapadia

    i pre ordered at gamestop for pc. i put in the code at do i get the beta token email on the 26th or should i already have it?


  • noah

    Well if you have xbox one. It has really fast download speeds. And it helps to have xfinity high speed internet with 50 mbps.

  • Carlos Maldonado

    I havent gotten my email yet, and its 4pm

  • Baerto

    So it’s saying for me that the code has already been redeemed? can someone help me?

  • Just

    I never got to play Cod black ops 3 beta Cos psn decided to send a notice about the beta yesterday and i have been downloading it and i have 6gs of 12gs at 10:00am suday

  • vito villavicencio

    Is it true that you get two extra beta codes?

  • Jusimali

    I preordered the digital deluxe version on Xbox one back in beginning of July and it will be downloaded when game comes out. Question, there was no mention of the beta codes back when I purchased. How do I go about finding or obtaining the beta code via Xbox one if I have already purchased this way. A m when? I really don’t want to miss out on the beta coming out in a couple of days!

  • Jusimali

    Question: I already preordered the game via my Xbox one back in beginning of July. There was no mention of the beta code or how to obtain it back then, and I purchased the digital deluxe version. Not sure if it makes a difference. If I bought through Xbox, am I still able to get this beta code? And if anyone knows how I’d go about obtaining it, if they would be so kind to plz explain to me? Thanks so much!!!

  • Z4 Jake

    hey guys, does any aussies know when the beta goes live for xbone in Australian EST?

  • Lucio Cambray

    Does anybody know why the beta code doesnt work and says try later

  • Mason

    How do you get the code. If you pre orderd black ops 3 off the dash board

  • Crazy-buzz_kill

    Just a late question, how much did the beta codes at Gamestop cost? Did you have to pay full, or just $5?

    • Crazy-buzz_kill

      What I mean is were you only able to get the beta code by preordering and paying $60?

      • ghosts sucks

        5 bucks and that was it