We’ve been playing the Black Ops 3 beta all day today, and we wanted to provide fans with a first look at the weapons available in the beta version of Black Ops 3. Not all weapons are unlocked from the start; you have to level up your character in order to unlock certain weapons.

  • Matthew


    • Darun98_

      damn , you are everywhere

      • Matthew

        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Nope.

  • NumbCorns

    Hey guys. Give me free codes

    • Jamiel-InnexInc

      Sure. For which system?

      • Sanfran2gc

        Jamiel, can you send a ps4 bo3 beta code to sanfran2gc@gmail.com much appreciated.

      • NumbCorns

        PC. PM me pls

  • YoungMurf

    Just want this cleared up. I pre-ordered black ops 3 last week on the ps store and haven’t received any code or email or anything beta related, but I have seen people saying it automatically downloads once the beta is released? Can anybody clarify this?

    • Matthew

      It should auto download when the beta becomes available.

      • YoungMurf

        Thanks man, here’s hoping.

  • KevinWoof

    I see ppl already playing the beta? so its out right now?

    • blackburnt7

      i have the same question

      • Rainier Acierto

        naaa they got early access codes from Activision

    • Mikey9835

      Yotubers get early access

    • jordanxbrookes

      KevinWoof it’s been ages since I’ve seen you. Where you been man? How’s RileyWoof? 😛

      • KevinWoof

        Dude, I just disappeared after I realized the mistake I made buying AW. RileyWoof is good, thanks for asking.

      • RileyWoof here. I’m alright.

  • ColonelBazz

    Don’t like the fact you need to level up in a beta though. They seriously think everyone is available to go to the level cap and unlock everything? The feedback would be all about the low level unlocks than.

    • Thomaskempe

      Atleast they can balance it out then so you dont get the most op weapon right off the start like in aw with the bal27

      • jooker-jr

        After thinking about it, every cod has an op weapon that unlocks at a low level.

      • William331

        The Razorback SMG is an op weapon lol

    • Ptrain727

      They want to test out how the progression system is too, see if it’s too fast or too slow

      • ColonelBazz

        Probably not cause you usually level up faster in Beta’s compared to the actual game anyway.

        • Shadow1130

          Hence why they test it. Usually its too fast in beta n tey slow u down in the game

  • already seen them all theres a thing called google http://theblackops3.com/bo3-weapons-list/

    • Name

      but that isn’t *ALL* of them

      • one short in each catergroy not bad tho

        • Name

          except for shotguns and LMGs, they have two classified slots now, which is awesome more guns the better imo

          • true
            what console you playing on send us ya gamertag ill add if your on ps4

          • Name

            yeah im PeinAkatski on ps4

  • Zibu

    where is da riot shield????

    • jordanxbrookes

      Gone thank God.

      • shadowguy14

        Fuck you.

      • fires

        how is the riot shield gone, yet c4 is back, its also probably going to work like blops2/ghosts where you Frisbee disc double tap everyone off the face of the earth. fuck this jazz.

        • Mc BICHENN

          No it has to hit the ground in order for it to explode

      • ThatOneBlazian

        What’s wrong with riot shields? It’s not like they are op or anything. I loved using them!

        • Kyle Soule

          I LOVED to troll people with the riot shield.

    • jooker-jr

      NO RIOT SHIELD?? 0/10.

    • Deadly Ed

      Only about 12 people in the world use it. Its a waste of a weapon slot

  • Tom

    Its a shame that they let youtubers play this before us while we cant even predownload it. They do everything to shorten our playtime. Its not a beta, far from it. Its just a marketing circus.

    • jooker-jr

      Youtubers always played early in almost any game.

    • spartanelite

      I mean if obviously what kind of beta is timed exclusive

  • LovekillerX

    Nice to have every weapon in the beta because now you can get to know which weapon is for you when the game launches. Also every weapon needs balancing so it is very vise to bring all weapons to the beta.

    • jooker-jr

      But I hope what happend with titan fall doesn’t happen with bo3

      People played the hell out of titanfall beta but when the game came out, people didn’t enjoy it because they experienced the whole game in the beta ( almost everything was in TF beta).

      • SeveredElephant

        There’s a difference between those two. TitanFall was a srictly MP game, while BO3 has Campaign, MP and Zombies.

        • jooker-jr

          But probably the largest part of cod players play MP.

          • Fred Flintstone

            Not true. Imagine COD without zombies. Multiplayer is the same shit over and over with different people. There are so many different strategies to use and routes to take in every zombies map. plus you dont have to deal with boosters, campers and people talkin shit when they get put on an overkill team. you just get to murder zombies.

          • jooker-jr

            So killing zombies and running in circles for hours is not “the shit over and over” ? Also bo2 has about 150.000 players in MP, while zombies has 30.000 no matter how good zombies is, It’s still a secondary gamemode ( or even 3rd)

  • LovekillerX
    • Siftblade


    • jooker-jr

      That is some futuristic s***

    • spartanelite

      What is it?

  • Moonie “iLLmatic” Ayman

    When does the Beta start in the UK?

  • Baruck obuma

    If I have preordered black ops 3 from the psn store, when do I get a code?

    • LovekillerX

      You don’t need it you will get automatically beta access.

      • Baruck obuma

        Fuck yes, thanks

  • BHCMax

    Can’t wait?

    • spartanelite

      Miss me with stupid shit

  • Kyle Soule

    The Kuda kind of reminds me of the SN6.

  • Man O War still looks like a LMG to me because of the unnecessary unrealistic odd way of getting to the mag.

  • For people who have the beta, can you change the way the mag looks on the ARK-7 and Man O War?

    And since you can change optic models and you change the models of the iron sights too?

  • hunter200

    you level up a little slow

  • Phil laf

    the game is a big piece of crap played the beta for about two days Advanced warfare was ok but this??? I am so disappointed with the weapons ! there is not a single true weapon like ak12, scar, mp5. Instead they put what? Scuda, ark7, weevil, razorback, this is the worse bullshit in the cod history. Now i dont care what people will say about my comment, the futuristic crap guns is killing the game!

    • Carlos

      Agreed lol…first thing i noticed, not very good weapons.. I mean compare the scar l, acr, ak 47, mp7, striker, model 1887, spas, ak 12, ump…these guns are crap

      Killstreaks, dont get me started on the pile of jumk we have here…black ops 2 has almost 22 streaks and better….mw series had the best streaks….plus the streaks dont chain anymore :/ the reaper in mw3 alone would get more kills than any streak in bl3 munis the mothership

      Garbage. Pathetic waste…the devs dont know jack

  • Craig O’Hara

    are there going to be more weapons available once black ops 3 comes out