The Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta features 8 out of 9 specialists that will be in the final game. On day 1 of the beta, there are four specialists available to use – you do need to have unlock tokens in order to get the abilities.

  • Prophet – Unlocked from Start
  • Outrider – Unlocked from Start
  • Ruin – Unlocked from Start
  • Battery – Unlocked from Start
  • Seraph – Level 22
  • Nomad – Level 28
  • Reaper – Level 34
  • Spectre – Level 40

*Specialist unlock level subject to change at launch. Levels listed above are for beta only.


  • Matthew


  • ColonelBazz

    You guys forgot Battery? And normally she would he available at the start.

    • ColonelBazz

      Ok it got updated 😛

  • cool at least you gotta work to get them unlocked

  • LovekillerX

    It is nice that you can unlock those specialists by leveling up. It would be stupid in my opinion to have all specialists unlocked from start.

  • Name

    i kinda wish we had all but if i can use prestige tokens or something on specialists i guess that’s fine too

  • jooker-jr

    Nice, outrider and ruin are unlocked early.

  • Black

    As long as they’re all unlocked from the start in Arena, I’m good.

  • Gooby

    ei am soh hyped

  • Kyle Soule

    I wonder when they are going to reveal the final specialists character. Cant wait.

    • Yankeephil

      They’re saving it fir launch

      • Kyle Soule

        Oh yh thats right I think I remember hearing about that.

  • Jay Evan

    I’m glad Reaper isn’t unlocked from the start. I don’t want some stupid 9-year-old noob gunning me down that easily.

  • TeArepa Rio

    How do i get more inlock tokens when i have reached the level cap in the beta and cant unlock reaper or the new SMG?

    • Savage King

      i don’t understand aswell i didn’t get a token for my level 40