UPDATE: Two more new screenshot for Black Ops 3 has been released. 


A new screenshot for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has been released on the official Call of Duty Facebook page.

  • furst

  • ScOott

    Sekund .. Ergen :-/

  • matt murdock

    woah good news

    • matt murdock

      thanks vonderhaar

      • Vonderhaar should run for president

        • Prostidude

          Vahn for Pres

  • Ugh fix the servers! Ugh this game sucks because I keep dying! Ugh…this game sucks because it makes me type Ugh!
    Also: Not furst 🙁

    • I’m a Guest so give respect

      It’s still in Beta, so network connection issues is expected. Don’t blame the game if you keep on dying, it’s how you play.

      • You know I’m just representing haters

  • Thomas the TankSwag

    Wheres the Ghosts 2 news?

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      Ok now that was a good joke lol

      • Kyle Soule

        I think he’s serious.

        • Prostidude

          I think so too…

      • Advanced Fish AI recently confirmed, they now glub and leave bubbles when they move.


    • Will WilFredo Mendoza

      Up your cockwombling ass.

    • ccrows

      Before clicking on the article – I literally was going to post, “I’m sick of all these BO3 articles, where the F*** is Ghosts 2 info?!”

      F*** You TANK!… 😉

    • MaxAug

      +1 I prefer the traditional modern warfare gameplay. As for soldiers with armors and jumping, theres another game: Halo.

      • But what if I don’t like Halo?

        • MaxAug

          Well thats the issue: what if a person prefer a more “realistic” present style game? Apparently all franchises are going to the future. It even seems like the black ops have technology superior to the empire itself. I think ill stick with good old ghosts btw.

          • ScOott

            At least in ghosts 2 we know it will more likely be boots on ground, as it would have to follow the story of ghosts .. (not that I have a problem with bo3)

          • Thomas the TankSwag

            We dont know that itll be boots on the ground, the game ends in 2027 and Logan is being tortured by Rorke. It could take a long time for him to turn evil so the game could easily be set in the late 2030s or early 40s

      • halo plays nothing like cod dude.

  • Dr. Salim

    None of the screenshots mimic what happens in the game.


      only missing connection interrupted

  • Gaming HD

    Keep the beta going till the end of August come on

    • Shabur Bakhtiar

      Until November pls

      • Gaming HD

        Come keep it up till the end of the month come on

        • Felix Lamirande

          Then buy yourself an Xbox one

          • Gaming HD

            Why the fuck would I spend my money on that peace of shit

          • Patrick Murray

            *piece and also halo 5 bro

          • ScOott

            All the great exclusive xbox has and is getting and everyone always picks halo as a reason, the worst one of them all..

          • Jessica Because

            I know right? PC has the most.

          • Prostidude

            Shouln’t be a problem… ohh wait.

          • You could I guess then get another beta code to play on PC.

          • Stefan Lang


          • jordanxbrookes

            Then don’t complain about wanting it to the end of the month.

          • Felix Lamirande

            To play the beta again for 5 days maybe ?

  • It shouldve been a gif to show the lag while he jumps it into the goal.

    • Prostidude

      Here is a pic

      • jordanxbrookes

        Lmao XD

      • Kyle Soule

        Looks about right.

      • Truth be told.

    • Prostidude

      Two more new screenshot for Black Ops 3 has been released.

      • Better not be like this for the Xbox and PC beta.

        • It will be, but not until they open it up for everyone without codes. That was when the bad lag started on PS4.

          • Well I’m going to be playing the beta mainly on PC, and that’s where the least amount of players will be. I hope that’s a good thing and I’ll be able to get into lobbies easily.

          • RdJokr

            As long as the servers don’t get melted, I think we’re gonna be fine.

          • I sure hope so! You never know, it is a beta.

          • Markdg23

            Less people online could mean that finding people with similar ping could be a problem, but at least PC will have dedicated servers, I’ll be stuck on the xbox1 jankity ass “cloud servers” what a shit show that is.

          • Frank Rizzo

            The beta was awesome…for like a day

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          Xbox One definitely, PC probably not.

    • Stealth_Valtsu

      I didn’t have any lag, well I’m lucky I guess

    • What if I told you it was a gif, it’s just so laggy that you don’t see any movement 😉

  • Tep Kok

    Is this literally what counts for news

  • Kevin Zaleski

    So they kept that gamemode from aw?

  • Prostidude

    SO why is this not in the pic???

    • FazalGaming

      Cos you lag out before it even has a detection problem.

  • Yankeephil

    Why post screenshots when everyone is already playing the game?

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    When the game runs smooth it is pretty freakin fun i must say! Heading in the right direction anyway! They just need to fix the connection issues and replace some specialist crap(aghhh rejack aghhh). What the fuck is treyarch thinking on that one?

    • UpRiftCOD

      I never ran into connection issues, guess I’m just lucky.

    • benscrisis

      I think rejack isn’t that bad, at least not as bad as last stand.

  • SuperEggBoy

    spread it like niki minaj

    • Baruck obuma

      K your not funny

  • SuperEggBoy

    black ops 3 is the worst game i have ever played!!!!!!

    • pulseimpact

      BO3 is an improved version of BO2. It has old COD and new COD. 90% of players seem to play it like an old COD. I like it.

    • Baruck obuma

      Hah good one

  • SuperEggBoy

    it sucks fat juicy dicks!!!

    • Prostidude

      Said that like you have experience with that..

  • SuperEggBoy

    you people need to get a life

  • SuperEggBoy


  • Greasy Neckbeard

    I don’t undertsand what is so important about this

  • Dan

    he’s about to score on his own portal by the looks of it

  • J4MES

    Um this screenshot is pretty pointless in all honesty especially when people can play the game. If it was a screenshot of a new map then fair enough but it’s nothing new or interesting. CI should stick to proper news instead of official scraps else it just makes the site look click-hungry.


    haha… LIke the Lag PIC!!! LOL

  • FazalGaming

    Vahn should run for president.

    • FazalGaming

      But hes not as good as Donald Trump
      Donald Trump = BAE

      • You got to be joking. Donald Trump is a fucking joke. All he cares about is money and votes.

        • FazalGaming

          Sounds like Activision

    • ScOott

      Thought you didn’t like bo3 and was sticking with bo2 ? Now van should run for president ? .. Wot da fook..

      • FazalGaming

        i em bury in decuisuv

  • LovekillerX

    I’m glad they extended the beta because I got a chance to try out Spectre. Best part is that I just got quad feed killcam with Ripper in team deathmatch.

  • Guywithbrains

    Just to clarify everyone: don’t play stupid people. Beta is also for giving feedback not only for early fun. So now is totally right time to give negative feedback (lag, weapon balance etc.) and complain about things that need to be fixed before launch.

    This message is for people who talk about “haters” giving criticism to their favorite developer. It may hurt but negative feedback is needed so these problems won’t occur on launch day.

    • LovekillerX

      Yeah I saw a Reddit post where basically the writer told “complainers” to shut up. He also mentioned that some people don’t know what the beta is for. Sure I don’t know, regards a guy who has been in so many betas that I already lost a count.

      I’m not stupid but those people who tell to shut up are stupid. Why? Because they want to hear only compliments when truly Treyarch NEEDS complainers in order to get things done right.

      • ScOott

        Read above, the message is for both you love birds..

        • LovekillerX

          Just… lol. People had a place to send feedback when AW launched yet same crowd came here in every comment section to say how AW was pretty much a cancer. Don’t be so hypocrite because you are one part of that crowd.

          You think that I should tell only compliments? No negative feedback at all? You if someone should know what b*tching is yet you say me and Guywithbrains b*tch. Get real. Go back to AW articles to see what REAL b*tching is.

          Sorry to see that our negative feedback is hurting your god but I want to get a good launch day, nothing else. Believe it or not but I don’t have to explain myself to you. I want to share my bad experiences with everyone so I can see if it is just me or if anyone else experiences same things as I.

          • ScOott

            Calm your self down.. And listen .. I admit Il bitch all day long about A.W .. It’s a dog shite and il tell anybody that’s listing.. But what I’m doing is being a biatch.. Plain and simple I don’t think S.H are going to reply to me on here .. You two can bitch all you want I have no problem with it, the game is far from perfect .. But don’t make out your doing it for the beta because your not, your not that stupid to think that are you ? Your just doing it to biatch ..

            Which is fine .. Just don’t try and make out your doing it for cods greater good ..

          • LovekillerX

            Well to be honest I’m doing it for the beta. But so be it, as you say.

          • ScOott

            *face palm* as you were then ..

          • Juses

            Scoot, jus egnor teh fagits heer un Charlie intel

    • ScOott

      Because they visit here often lol.. It’s David Vonderhaar best website he loves it here, always taking our feed back LOL.. Please don’t pretend your doing this for the “beta” the two of you aren’t that stupid.. Your here to bitch just be honest man..

      • Vonderhaar doesn’t come here. If he did, I’d have my cow specialist and dairy ability by now.

    • Thomas the TankSwag

      I dont like Black Ops 3 much how it is atm, but it can definitely be fixed to be a decent game. If you want to help the game go to https://goo.gl/fwqyX8 and fill out feedback (Ive made 3 so far, 1 at launch, 1 mid way, and 1 now at the end) or tweet to Vonderhaar/Treyarch , because complaining here really won’t help the launch.

      If the TTK is tweaked, Specialists are balanced, black hats nerfed, and spawns fixed then the game could be good.

      • ScOott

        I’ve allready tried to tell them both this, leave them to it, they don’t seem to understand (yet again) … LoveKillerX doesn’t see the point in complain or going through the proper channles because he thinks it will get fixed because everyone else will do it for him, he’s just going to cry on here instead of being useful ..

        • Guywithbrains

          Actually I have already given my feedback to them and after that I thought it would be nice to know if others agree with my points about flaws of this game. After all this is free comment section where everyone can share their opinion about the game.

          Giving negative feedback here or anywhere else isn’t straight out b*tching if it is done constructively. So instead of saying “LOL! I knew Treyarch can’t do sh*t so I just stick with AW!” I am saying “this game seems to have huge problems with lag and matchmaking so I hope they fix it before launch”.

          If someone can’t stand negative feedback here then I can order tickets to North Korea. I am sure they need people who don’t accept negative feedback.

          In a nutshell: I don’t think this is straight out b*tching because I give negative feedback constructively. The reason why I say this here is that I want to know if others agree with me. However, I have already given my feedback to them.

          • ScOott

            Lol everyone else here manages to give negative feed back with out pretending it’s for the beta, it just makes you two look stupid that’s all I’m saying .. Your opinions are not “needed” to change anything on here, so stop pretending they are.. And stop pretending it’s to see if people are experiencing the same thing as we all Experiance the same problems if you cared to read the the comment section you would know this .. Your here to give your opinion full stop, no other reason than that..

      • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

        Don’t forget one thing : scorestreaks CANNOT be destroyed by specialists.

  • DJ3K

    Guess who’s back, back again
    Lag is back, tell a friend

  • pulseimpact

    UPDATED:(3) oh baby a triple!

  • Diego Diniz

    Servers OFF!
    We have to wait November 6…

    • Yankeephil

      Or like 24 hours. Lol

      • Diego Diniz

        PC free beta??

        • Yankeephil

          XB One, have it pre-ordered for both

  • LovekillerX

    So now that beta is over…

    – Fix the spawns. I don’t have to tell why because you know why.
    – Nerf some specialists. Reaper with his minigun is really good example.
    – Get rid of lag and hit detection problems. Sometimes I lose my gunfights although I started to shoot first to head. Once I shot someone with XR2 two times to_head_and he didn’t die??
    – Keep TTK same but nerf or buff weapons. TTK is fine as it is now. No need to put whole magazine to one enemy to make matches more “fair”.
    – Make sure matchmaking works. Balance teams right so best players won’t move to enemy team just 1 second before match starting.
    – Blackhat. It is way too OP although I enjoyed using it. I don’t see why I should be able to hack high enemy streaks with an equipment… (UAV, Counter and HATR is fine).

    But I have to admit one thing: Treyarch did overall really good job compared to Black Ops 2 (IMO). I enjoyed using specialists and scorestreaks which were rewarding. If they check out those things listed above I’m sure game will find it’s “place” in the community. 🙂

    • ScOott

      Too much of an fagit to actually call someone out, if you want to chat shit at least put who your talking to.. On a side note well done for finally learning you have to report problems to treyarch *pats on head*

      • Guywithbrains

        Your age definitely doesn’t check out as you can see (hopefully). This is totally legit message and I agree with every single point he made. This is not pretending or straight out b*tching: this is sharing opinion/flaws of this game with people here on Charlieintel. You are the one talking sh*t because you claim we are pretending yet we complain about real problems that actually existed during the beta. You don’t even have any proof to back your claims up. So better to keep your mouth shut if you just say claims that aren’t true.

        If you can’t stand his normal message then I have your tickets ready to North Korea. Have fun trip!

        • ScOott

          I knew you would be right up his arse .. I’d be fed up of smelling his shit by now.. I was refering to the bit at the bottom. But I was talking to the monkey not the organ grinder..

          • Guywithbrains

            Do you prefer some specific airline to North Korea? They can’t wait to see you. Next plane is leaving soon so better to start packing and don’t forget tape that goes on your mouth!

          • the big dirtty

            The North Korea joke… not funny dude move on.

            Guywithbrains wants to start shit this morning…

          • ScOott

            Defend my self from what lol .. He was clearly talking to me so I replied .. What’s your problem he not giving you enough dick ? .. All his complaints are valid I’m not trying to say they are not .. Keep the tape for your next bondage session ..

          • Guywithbrains

            Flagged. Have a nice ban. And after ban try to behave and stop acting like a little kid. And also try to understand we have rights in western countries and we are using those rights in this comment section.

          • ScOott

            Rights to what? .. You haven’t got a clue .. Your so pathetic thinking your Treyarch are going to respond to you good luck with that .. Also flagged you 😉

          • Guywithbrains

            Rights to have an opinion and say it here without thinking Treyarch will see it. I have sent my own longer feedback already and I gave my shorter version here. Problem? It shouldn’t be. First world problems eh?

            Flagged for saying that you are an adult but act like a kid? That is a fact and it isn’t against the rules to say that. After all you are 27 years old with a family but you don’t seem to understand the basics of human rights. But talking about how I don’t give you- know-what to LovekillerX and our “bondage sessions” is against the rules.

            Nice edit but flagging happened before your edit so GG.

          • LovekillerX

            You nailed it. We got him in the bag.

          • ScOott

            Lol, you two need to get some brain cells between you before you can “bag me”

  • LagOpsIsBack!

    I enjoyed the beta although the game contains plenty of old habits that have plagued Treyarch games in the past. I seriously don’t know how PS4 users cope using such a bad controller as the sticks are stiff as hell and the shoulder buttons are awful. Feel sorry for the eSports lot having to play on this machine from now on.

    • Xerolh

      Ps4 controller is amazing. What the he’ll are you talking about?

  • ______________________________
  • Stealth_Valtsu

    I don’t know why people complain about lag, I never had any :/

    • LovekillerX

      I got lag but overall experience was good. Luckily they have a lot of time to fix things. Maybe we will get decent launch like Battlefield Hardline did.