MajorNelson has announced that the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta on Xbox One will become an open beta starting on August 28th at 4PM PT. For fans who want access immediately, you must preorder the game at a retailer or digitally.

The beta will be available to all Xbox Live Gold members starting on 28 August at 4:00p PT.

The beta will end on August 30th.

SOURCE: MajorNelson

  • burrgee


    • Muzikgod

      What a loser

      • Ryan Welch

        Does anyone have an extra beta code for xbox one

        • Ryan Welch

          Can you send it to my email if you do

  • burrgee

    Were is my beta token

  • Jhonatan Orlando Ferro

    Ouch 2 days only?

    • Aidan

      Should’ve pre-ordered.

  • Mick

    That such a dick move tbh. Make it open to all right now. Why August 28?

    • Oaksoh

      So people who pre-ordered don’t get dicked. It seems bad on your half but if Treyarch and Microsoft were to do this, several of us would have spent $60-$200 dollars for nothing a free beta.

    • To give an incentive to pre-order.

    • Skullking920

      true i got the codes but they are not working at the moment if it was free for everyone then we could just DL it.

  • Letrix


  • SonicDash06

    To bad the codes arent working.

  • My codes arent working

    • AvengingSabbath

      Same here, on xbox one and ive tried all 3 i got and no go

      • Joe

        Send me one of your codes please? My gt and kik are Incomplexity

      • Zombieslaya336

        Can i have a code please, my Xbox gamertag is Zombieslaya336. Im desperate to play the beta and i cant afford to pre order the game.

        • Ryan Collewijn

          you can play in 2 days for free without code (=

        • Scarcrow

          Here bro I have one beta code left I’d already entered mine and it worked
          Here’s the code xd52w-fz6tg-tyy43-wpr3t-tr6yt
          There the code you better redeem it fast before some one else does

        • Zach Bowman

          It’s five dollars…

      • Keviin Huiizar

        Can an u send me a code to theemw2famasgod on xbox live i think i know hot to fix it i dnt have a code but if it works i reply to ur account on xbox live

    • Joe

      Please send me one? My kik and gt are Incomplexity

    • KG

      FrenchFry Ill tell you how to fix for a beta code

  • Imventing

    lies as fuck, i see it on the dashboard but i can’t even download it until the 26th, and the beta codes don’t even work. more lies

    • Craig Ftp Goldby

      yeah same here but it is saying unavailable and its out already

      • Hi

        You go to the marketplace and go to “use a code”

        • Craig Ftp Goldby

          this is whats up

          • Craig Ftp Goldby

            this is why its not working

          • I’m playing the game. It’s just really really stuttery and it is almost unplayable because of it.

          • Craig Ftp Goldby

            well not many have gotten it yet but will have to wait and see

          • Mark Wiggie

            heavy traffic. beta better fix the final game. Im still happy theres still a beta, didnt have one since the cod 4 days.

          • JD Key

            I tried entering my code gamestop gave me and it says can’t find code try again

          • Shenol.M

            change you’re country on the website to brazil and enter the code it works

          • Alex

            Yeah there’s a trick where if you change you’re locale you can download it without a code lol that’s what I did

          • Luke Drought

            what country do you change it to?

          • Luke Drought


          • Chrus


        • JD Key

          I tried typing the code gamestop plus the others I was given and none worked ???

      • Synth

        If you read the date for.the open. Beta it says 28th

        • Craig Ftp Goldby

          well if u look it comes out today thank you mate

          • youre retard

            Retard its OPEN on Aug. 28th that means free, if you bought the game you can play it now if you didnt you wait until the 28th get it

        • Craig Ftp Goldby

          The #BO3Beta is NOW AVAILABLE to download on Xbox One and PC. this is on there twitter account


      • Tony Town

        It is out u fucking Retard

        • Craig Ftp Goldby

          Who the fuck u calling a retard fuck wit?

          • Tony Town

            You Retard

    • Tony Town

      It is out you Retard

      • Imventing

        stfu you didnt know the struggle last night

    • James

      It says it’s free on the 28th you retard

    • ZackWILLbe13ack Ok

      r u on xbox one? or ps4?

      • Imventing

        xbox one bro,

  • OutlawGaming

    People complaining about having to wait to the 28! smh. Should’ve pre-ordered like everyone else be happy your even getting to play! Now im gonna go enjoy my beta 🙂

  • Beta has been going okay with me on PC. I love the game, but the game will crash once is awhile. It is a beta, and I’m assuming this will be fixed before the official launch.

  • Bob

    If anyone has a spare steam Code please add me [SH] Karizma

  • o0MuRRaY0o

    anyone have a spare code?

    • aramos1016

      I have one for the Xbox

      • o0MuRRaY0o

        can you send it me please? my gamertag is o0 MuRRaY 0o

        • aramos1016

          are you online?

          • o0MuRRaY0o


          • aramos1016

            I can’t find you

          • o0MuRRaY0o

            ill try add you whats your name?

          • aramos1016


          • Zombieslaya336

            If you have any other spare codes my gamertag is Zombieslaya336. I dont have a mic so i cant talk. And im online as im posting this comment.

          • aramos1016

            send me a message
            gt is TheMoisturizer5

          • Callum Hill

            Can you send me it

      • TehSilentSnail

        Could I have it I’m online TheSilentSnail

  • Imventing

    i called MS, they gave me activision number to contact. heres the number if anyone have problems cause these bullshit codes don’t work


    • Imventing


  • Larryweber03

    codes not even working tf treyarch!!!

    • Imventing

      its Activision MS says

  • Nass

    PC code someone plssss??

  • idfa

    I aint got a code yet

  • Imventing

    this shit makes me wanna just pre order the damn game digitally since I’m gonna buy it anyway omg

  • Will players who pre purchased the game on the Xbox Store get extra codes for friends?

    • Matthew Stanley


      • Craig Ftp Goldby

        hope so lol

    • :)

      yes you get 2 extra codes

  • mattwhu81

    Anyone got a spare code for xbox pls
    Gamertag I UKFC I Matti

  • Brandyn Dyer

    Anyone got an an North American Xbox One code?

  • Dominic Chapman

    Anyone got a spare token mine are not working thanks?

  • Breh

    If anyone has an extra code please message me on xbox: GT: Calorie , or tweet me @yeetbreh

    • Aaron Gago

      I got one add me aaron311420

      • Zombieslaya336

        Can i have one too? Im on Xbox One and i dont have the money to pre order Black Ops 3, my gamertag is Zombieslaya336. if you cant give me one i understand but if you do give me one it will be much appreciated.

  • ZUES ❤

    wat about ET

  • Bob


  • Joe

    Beta EXTRA Code : S30MN-SW1QN-P4PRS-VBW77-ZOP-90

    • Joe


      • Dominic Chapman

        Got any more?

        • Luis

          You should be grateful he even decided to share one

          • Dominic Chapman

            Sound kid

  • Craig Ftp Goldby

    We are receiving a lot of report regarding your concern and Activision is already aware of the issue and they are currently fixing the server .this is from Xbox this what happened

  • Andrew Logwood

    Extra Code would be appreciated

  • Mike

    Can somebody plz give an access code don’t have the money to pre order right now but I’m definitely buying the game

  • Mike

    Send through my kik Austin t

  • poblopuablo

    as of right now no token codes given to xbox users work. unsure what activision will. keep updated on FB or twitter.

  • Johnathan Clayton Jr.

    If anyone has a working code my Gt is VividWhelp1549

    • Jacob

      What would u give for a code?

      • Matthew Anderson

        I would give gta5

        • Shawn Andrew Sponholz

          It’s this serious lol I’d give you a code for that

      • Zombieslaya336

        What do you want in exchange for a code?

  • GandhyM1

    Anyone have a free code? pleaseee!!!

  • jordan

    If Anyone Can Please Send a code that will be great Gamertag : BigGucciDouble

  • jordan

    Xbox* code

  • Joe

    Can someone send me a code please? My Kik and Gt are: Incomplexity

    • Shawn Andrew Sponholz

      I’ve got 2 extra assuming they’ll work

      • Joe

        Send me just one?

        • Shawn Andrew Sponholz

          Lol you know how to fix the problem?

          • Joe

            If when you put the code in, you get an error then yes I know how to fix it.

          • Shrimppa

            Can i have the beta code i got no money to buy bo3 atm / pre order it

          • Shrimppa

            btw he probably does not know how to fix it, Microsoft says its a widespread problem for xb1 r n and they are working on it

          • Joe

            No there’s a way to get around it.

          • Shrimppa

            prove it then? oh wait you have never done it have you? so tell the guy with the extra code what to do to get around it then he will give you a code.

          • Joe

            I’ve seen someone do it.

          • Shrimppa

            Then tell the guy with the code how to replicate it.

          • Joe

            I will as soon as he messages me.

          • Rob

            How do you enter code with getting error message?

          • Shawn Andrew Sponholz

            Then yes sir that is the problem I’m having. If you got a solution I’ve got your code

          • Joe

            Can you Kik me?

          • Shawn Andrew Sponholz

            Haa I have no idea what that is

          • Shrimppa


          • Joe

            Just message me on xbox then

          • Joe

            Are you gonna message or not?

          • Shawn Andrew Sponholz

            You message me..

          • Joe

            What’s your gamertag?

          • Shawn Andrew Sponholz

            I saw how to do it myself. It’s currently installing… You give me your gander at.. No way I’m getting a ton of mesages asking for codes

          • Joe

            You want my gamertag? It is : Incomplexity

          • Joe

            If I post the link to how to do it, will you post the code?

          • Colby

            can i have one?

          • Hunter Williams

            I do lol I just helped one of my friends get it working

          • Hunter Williams

            Nvm I just saw you got it working, congrats and cheers!

      • Shrimppa

        yes i still want the key

  • cheekym9

    Why don’t yall preorder the game, you lazy fucks

  • Shawn Andrew Sponholz

    I’ve got 2 extra codes assuming they’ll work.. I just assume it’ll work tomorrow or whatever but totally got 2 extra

    • Colby

      can i have one?

    • mattwhu81

      Can i have one pls

    • Hier Grizzly

      Can I have 1 please my gt is Hier grizzly

  • Luis Casanova

    I have to codes if anyone wants a one I’ll trade one for a digital destiny game

    • Michael:BULLETCLUB


      • Luis Casanova

        Keep on laughing that’s why ur not going to play

        Sent by Outlook for Android

    • Smayo

      That’s just sad man…. real sad

  • it works
  • Keviin Huiizar

    If someones code doesnt work and has an extra one ill tell u how to fix ur problem on xbox live through a massage gt. Theemw2famasgod

  • Xp3rtnoob

    Can someone message code if u have extra , on xbox gt:xp3rtnoob

  • Riley Kerr

    My retailier says they don’t have codes 🙁 uggh

  • SHAZAMThe4z

    Anyone have an extra code they can spare?

  • Erica Higley

    this works for people who are having issues using their codes. i just used it and it works quick

  • It’s hilarious seeing all these super desperate kids in the comments begging for codes.

  • DwyLoW

    will the pc beta become free

  • darren

    Well, concerning the article, (I know, everyone’s after codes) you have to be an Xbox Live Gold member to have free access. It isn’t “open.”

  • Nicolas Nuyken

    guys plz help when i try to download the multiplayer beta i cant find it i go ion multiplayer beta in new game demos and then it says bundles only adn i click that and then it says we coulnt find anything

  • Cameron Mckean

    Someone hook me up with a code

  • Scorpia

    It would be great if someone could give me a beta code. I preordered the game at Amazon but didnt get a code yet, but i really want to play the game. My xbl gamertag is Scorpia Magicz

  • Cameron Mckean

    Please someone must have a spare beta code for bo3 Xbox one

  • Young Bae Zul

    Does anyone have an extra token? I will give u friendship love 😉

  • Mario Gomez

    It’s says it’s gonna be open at the 28th

  • Miguel Vilarinho

    Will it be an open beta on PC too?

  • TDotTy

    Go on ur PC/Laptop and change where live to Brasil and do redeem code make sure u r signed in.

  • Lee porter

    So we gonna have the beta for two days instead of four days that is not fair that’s not long enough people ps4 had it longer than we are you gonna piss a lot of people off like me

  • High SKNK

    can someone send me a code my code is not working on the call of duty website its saying its all ready been used but no1 has had the code is pissing me off if you can help me add my gamertag and message me please my gamertag is High SKNK thankyou

  • Ty90

    I need a code anyone have an extra? Will pay it forward

    • Ty90


      • Gaben-kun


        • Ty90


  • Mark Wiggie

    Anyone have a code my gamertag on xbox is (GamerCash10) without the brackets.
    thx in advance.

    • Brian Todd


  • Nathaniel Redd

    anyone have a pc code? ive been googling every site and forum everything is used its crazy wanna play so bad……

  • Kyle Soule

    This was pretty much to be expected.

  • Saim(y)

    I need a code anyone have an extra? Will pay it forward

    • xGeneralRex

      Still need one? I’ve got a few codes, just reply and I’ll paste it in

  • Diego Diniz

    The Highest Scorestreak on Black Ops 3 will be “E.M.P” and it will disable All Specialists Weapons and Abilities….

  • Aventador

    Anyone have an extra code ?

  • Josh spano

    Gamestop didn’t even give me a code where the hell do I find it??

    • Brian Todd

      There was a code on the receipt you had to enter into the Call of Duty website. It was then emailed out by COD.

  • arnis pocs

    You all need to find girls and get outside.

    • Adam McSherry

      There is always one. You can do all three you know..

  • Gaby Beauregard

    Guys how much time is there for the xb1 beta

  • Bob Green

    Get your CoD:Black Ops 3 Beta Key only at “”! Thank you so much for the free key!

  • Mark Wiggie

    Anyone have a code message only assholes take the code GamerCash10

  • Callum Hill

    Has any one got a free code I could have please

  • Evan

    We’re does it say the beta is gonna be open on the source

  • Matthew Beke

    What about PC beta? Will it be open?

  • Regan Parker

    Where do you get it for free

  • b walker

    this is fucking stupid its 4pm and i still cant access the open beta why in the hell is that?!

  • Jamie Deitrich

    THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT LIE!!! “Xbox Support ‏@XboxSupport3 6h

    6 hours ago

    @CharmCitysKing Heya, I’m afraid we don’t have any official info on if or when an open beta will be available. Thanks for understanding. ^BD”