YouTube’s new gaming venture, YouTube Gaming, has officially launched in the US and UK. YouTube announced YouTube Gaming back in June before the start of E3, highlighting their big expansion plan into how to make YouTube more friendly for gamers.

Today, gamers interested in the new YouTube Gaming can start to visit That’s the dedicated link for this new platform. In addition, there’s an all new YouTube Gaming mobile app available now on iOS and Android. 

We’ve been using the YouTube Gaming app on iOS, and so far, it’s been a fantastic experience. The app is all about gaming – letting you easily search for the exact video you want. The app also features dedicated game pages allowing you to find all the content for a certain game much faster than before. In addition, YouTube Gaming also features a new streaming platforms that is launching in beta version. The new streaming platform makes it easier for content creators to stream games, as now they can provide a single link for all their streams. 

The app and website are currently limited to United States and United Kingdom but is expected to roll out to more countries over the weeks and months ahead. 

SOURCE: YouTube 

  • ccrows

    First… 😉

    • *furst.

      • ScOott

        Ccrows es veri anti sweg, yew es waysting yur typin fingoor..

        • ccrows

          That is a true statement… 😉

          • You honestly should try dolan at some point. It’s very anti-grammar but fun. It’s hard at first, I understand. I went through the same feelings you are possessing right now. Just try it, if you like it then don’t do it. It’s just that it’s disrespectful to our holy lord and savior Juses Crust to say “first” instead of “furst.”

          • Siftblade

            It’s not hard, just stupid. At least when you type something, make it funny instead of repeating the exact same things posted last article.

          • True, to a certain extent. It’s just sorta become a CI tradition to say “furst” when you’re the first one to comment. I do understand where you’re coming from with this “stupid” thing. The only reason I might type Dolan is to have fun with other commenters, not because I like it. LIke 95% of my comments have no Dolan in them because I don’t like typing it.

          • Kyle Soule

            I dont mean to sound like a grammar nazi or anything but you said if you like it then dont do it.

          • oh shit…

        • So uh cunt, nuh offens ccrow

          • ScOott

            Wot ? Ccrow es kewl, hee jus duznt embrayse sweg.. Stup bein en fagit ..

    • Juses is gonna be angry again

    • ScOott

      What you think of bo3 ? (Be good to see what the xbox top commenters think, if any one else in the xbox beta is reading) i allready seen ps4 top commenters ..

      • ccrows

        I’m level 17 ATM.

        The beta is definitely rough around the edges. Constant freezing, and going back to the dashboard, and inconsistent TTK.

        The TTK was probably the biggest thing that I was looking forward to seeing, but sometimes people die too fast and sometimes people die too slow. I hope that in the final version, the TTK is like BO2 or AW, and not as melty as Ghosts.

        Specialists I HATED going in (because you’re basically getting a free KS for doing nothing), but they are slowly growing on me. <— Keep in mind I haven't gotten to the level where you unlock Rejack yet, so I might end up raging about Specialists again. lol

        Also I haven't seen the Black Hat BS, but I'm really hoping that Vahn changes things so that BH destroys KS and not steals KS, or that's gonna ruin the game for me.

        Other than the book I wrote above, I do like the game as it stands up to level 17. It's pretty much BO2, with TF wall running (that doesn't bother me) + Destiny specials, but the core game is still BO2 and I LOVED BO2 (and I already preordered the digital version). Still, I will be playing AW on and off with BO3, cuz I honestly love playing Domination in AW. *shrugs*

        TL;DR,/b> – Beta bugs aside, I’m enjoying BO3 but I’m only at level 17… 😉

        • ScOott

          Glad you like it, I never noticed black hat the whole time I was playing, and Yh ttk needs sorting, it’s better than ghosts and is playable but far from perfect, bo2 ttk would make the game so much better, I finally got mine downloading today! Yesterday I didn’t think I was ever going to get to play it on xbox! Hopefully they give another day out like they did for ps4..

  • Maximiliano Martinez

    Don’t see it on the App Store yet.

    • Kobrah

      It’s only in EU and the US so far, I can’t get it here in Australia

      • Willekeurig persoon

        Just search for the apk file on Google, you can download it from some other website.

  • Probably ignorant for me to say, but I’m just going to assume Twitch is better. I’ll definitely give this a try though.

    • Twitch is better for livestreaming. But this is basically Youtube, for gamers.

  • curi0us

    I’ve been tinkering with it off and on throughout the day, putting it through its paces.

    It’s fairly solid so far and I’m impressed. Given enough time I am willing to say it could give Twitch a run for its money.

    And frankly, it’s about time to see Twitch actually have some competition since they have just been awful lately these last few months.

  • Forf?

  • FazalGaming

    So how the fuck does this work

  • GinsuVictim

    Did they figure out something better than Twitch’s chat stream, because that shit’s a mess….

  • Jay Evan

    Oh look, something else that Pewdiepie can profit from.

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      Instead of being salty why don’t you profit from it yourself?

      • Mobin Amanzai



      • destsicate

        Probably not that good at the game to profit from it 😛

  • Ryumoau

    will they be making a separate Youtube gaming app for PS4 as well?

    • MichiganerE

      You’ll have to add the channels you’re subbed to.


    If you haven’t yet pre-ordered Black Ops 3 on the Xbox One, you CAN GET AROUND THAT. Go to the Xbox website and under your region, select JAPAN. Head to the Xbox store and look for BLACK OPS 3. There should be a listing that says BLACK OPS 3 MULTIPLAYER BETA and is completely FREE. Hope this helps!

    • Luis


    • Doesn’t work for me, not that I need it or anything. I just wanted to see if i could get it to work.

      • Craig Roebuck

        Just login xbox live website goto redeem code and change region to brasil, enter your code and viola! It works just change region back. You will find your xbox one is now downloading the beta.

  • Kyle Soule

    Cool I will have to get this.

  • TheLegend

    Still need a pc beta code, would bet great if someone could give me one 🙂

  • ScOott

    I allready used my token if any one still needs a code use the bottom two.. Enjoy ..

    • FazalGaming

      That 100% battery life turns me on bby

      • ScOott

        What ever floats ya boat..

        • FazalGaming

          Whatever Boats your goat

  • Anybody know if the Xbox One Youtube app will allow you to stream now?

  • Treyarch fucked up the PC Beta with an update 🙁