UPDATE: We have been asked by Activision to take the images down. The image above is the M27 from Black Ops 2 for comparison…

We’ve just been sent images of new weapons for Black Ops 3 that haven’t been shown before and weapons that are not available in the beta. There are seven weapons that have been found, including the M27, MP7, two new Shotguns, and the Sniper Bolt.
SOURCE: @Sandpgamers

  • Guywithbrains

    First! Let’s hope they make MP7 as good as in MW3.

    • tt

      Bo2 mp7 was well balanced. MW3 mp7 was too strong.

    • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

      MP7 (MW3) = laser, no attachments required
      MP7 (BO2) = requires attachments
      definitely balanced -_-

    • ItzSikh

      mp7 in mw3 was like a OP laser gun the one in bo2 was balanced so no I want the new mp7 to be like or similar to bo2

    • ItzSikh

      also what do you think they are going to call it cuz the kuda is mp5k

    • FineNerds

      Add me on steam and find out 😉 It’s honestly OP. Crazy firerate. 40 mag: 56 with ext. It has no recoil and is just an overall beast.

    • Kyle Soule

      You are disrespecting our lord and savior Juses Crust. It is spelled Furst. Please just spell it like that once. It will make him happy 🙂

  • Crvfty


    • Guywithbrains

      Check again 😉

  • That AR looks like the M27. ?

    • Daniel Lask

      if you read the article, you would see that it IS the m27…

    • Rodolfo Rudy Sandoval

      it is

    • are you serious

  • The7Reaper

    The one gun looks like the M27 really why bring that back should have brought back the Commando from Bo1

    • alteredizzy1010

      m27 was a beast gun. im just hoping they can use the real name

      • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

        M27 IAR?

        • Baruck obuma

          Isn’t that from ghosts? If it is, we don’t want bad memories of that bucket of wank stain.

          • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

            Well, that is it’s official Name, M27 is just the shortened version of the name

        • No.

          IRL the black ops 2 M27 is really a HK416 with a keymod rail.

          M27 IAR has a much longer rail system and barrel.

          • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

            oh, oops, my bad. completely forgot about that.

        • alteredizzy1010

          the m27 is really the hk 416

    • ItzSikh

      man o war is similar to commando i think

      • The7Reaper

        Tried it in the beta just doesn’t have the same vibe to me.

      • Daniel

        It isnt

    • Daniel

      You deserve a prize bro, commando FTW

    • ThisGuy

      Why bring back a Vietnam Era m4 esk weapon when you have essentially the same idea the in the m27 (itself an updated m4)?

    • are you serious

  • Nytrofactor

    Guys, most are these are just placeholders.

    • Haydn

      I think the M27 and MP7 will be, the rest look like nothing we have seen before meaning they wouldn’t make models for a gun that doesn’t exist

      • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

        I don’t know, the M27’s model looked updated, so i Wouldn’t be surprised if it does come out. The MP7 and Remington are definitely just placeholders, because their model is the exact same as BO2, and also that the Remington is in BO3 already as the KRM

        • Inferno

          the stocks in the two images look very similar to the m27

  • Ptrain727

    7 round burst machine gun….wut

    • Ak74u

      Not another Amr9 please. It sucked donkey balls

      • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

        but that was an SMG, like the Chiqom, which, although fun to run because of it’s low burst delay, was terrible.

      • Danzi

        Not with Rapid fire on the pro pipe! Use the the normal variant to get rapid fire and then put it on the Pro pipe :0 it slays

    • Eddie

      Looks like an LMG

    • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

      The fact it’s an LMG is actually kinda unique.

    • Kyle Soule

      That makes sense

  • Dr. Salim

    If you go watch the campaign gameplay trailer you can see that m27 looking gun

  • Too_Funny

    Remington, that’s just fantastic.

    • YoungMurf

      I don’t see the Remington in any of these images?

      • Ptrain727

        It’s the 5th pic

        • YoungMurf

          The 5th pic across is a shotgun? Lol

          • Ptrain727

            …..that’s what it is on mobile, might be different on desktop but yea it’s there

  • Where is the SHIELD!

  • CoDforever


    • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn


    • Nothing in the game for it except it’s abilities.

      It has a flamethrower and its second ability is that it becomes so hot that it fatigues all enemies around it, basically becoming a walking concussion.

  • KernosT

    oh jeez… not the remington again ffs.I swear if you fuck up the balance this time around also with the guns…..

    • CoDforever

      i thought the shotgun in the beta was already a reskin of the remington ..

      • Dr. Salim

        Yeah, that picture was probably a placeholder.

      • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

        It is, maybe it’s just a leftover model from the fact it was a re-skin

  • Dr. Salim


    If anyone wants to listen to the SoE sound files 🙂

  • Guywithbrains
    • Dr. Salim

      I want Standoff

      • Guywithbrains

        I don’t like that map so much.

        • Dr. Salim

          If you mean trash then no it’s not.

          • Guywithbrains

            I don’t see why Standoff is so cool. It plays horribly in objective modes and it’s look isn’t that good either (bland colors etc.).

          • Dr. Salim

            You really think and bombed out village is gonna look pretty?

          • Guywithbrains

            No but it would be better to make maps that look visually great in terms of color. For example maps like Terminal (MW2 version) has great colors.

          • burrgee


          • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

            I wouldn’t say that it was very good when you’re getting spawn trapped by snipers who have your area locked down (Petrol station)

      • RdJokr

        There’s always more DLC.

  • bird

    those are obviously really rough models, it wouldn’t surprise me if some of those don’t ever make it into the final game

    • alteredizzy1010

      they’re place holders.

  • burrgee

    I would love to see the ak74u smg come back and maybe the galil

    • ItzSikh

      dlc probably

  • Rodolfo Rudy Sandoval

    where is my credit bro

  • YoungMurf

    The M27 was one of my favourite weapons from BO2 so really happy it’s making a return! 🙂

  • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

    Don’t mean to be a dick, but only 5 out of these 7 images look legitimate (as in the actual models look Black Ops 3-ish). Although it’s nice to see the PC community help us out, it was the exact same for AW, PC people cracked open the game, and found things like the MSR, PP90M1, RPG etc. my point is, the game will have old assets from the previous title to act as placeholders as to how many weapons they want to have in the game. So, yeah, sorry to burst anyone’s joy bubble of an MP7 and Remington re-birth.

    • Mark Wiggie

      But then again there are only 2 snipers right now, 2 shotguns, and I think one classified smg i understand your concerns but I’m crossing my fingers

  • How many god damn lmgs does this game have

    • ItzSikh

      4 lmgs

  • ItzSikh

    the classified ones are the confirmed ones whilst the rest are place holders

  • ItzSikh

    i guess there’s no riot shield unless that becomes a specialist weapon instead

  • They look like placeholders due to the lack of detail.

    • Joy Division

      I had the same thought. They also never put old guns in the game with the exact same models they had in previous games, and this mp7, m27, and remington shotgun look exactly like they did in bo2.

      • KC G4S

        Actually the M27 model looks very different from the Black Ops 2 M27 did in Create a Class.

        • Daniel

          That M27 isnt a place holder but it isnt a finished weapon w/ that bad texture

        • Joy Division

          Yeah I actually agree with you on this. The MP7 and Remington are exactly the same though, and for one of the guns whose description says shotgun the image is of an M249 SAW.

      • Alexy Ilchuk

        What? AW has many guns copied from Ghosts like Bulldog shotgun

        • Joy Division

          Yes but the models for those guns in-game were slightly different from each other, whereas the MP7 and Remington in these screenshots are exactly the same as in bo2.

      • Ash M


        • Joy Division

          That’s true but they usually change the in-game model some. For instance, the cod4 ak-47 was different from the mw2 one which was different from the bo1 one which was different from the mw3 one. The mp7 in mw3 was different than that in bo2. The cod4 M16 looked different from the M16A4 in mw2 and from the M16 in mw3. The vector in ghosts was different from the vector in mw2 and the vector in bo2, which were also different from each other.

          • Joy Division

            In essence you’re wrong. The M16 isn’t the same in every cod. It has a different in-game model in every cod its been in.

        • You fucking dimwit, real or not they can look different.

    • GR3Y_B1RD

      M27, MP7 and Remington Shotgun are still just BO2 Graphics…

      • No, the 416 has a two tone finish, it’s a different texture. I could comfortably believe it’s coming back, atleast for zombies.

        The Remington and MP7 are just leftovers like AW has MW3 weapons, BO2 has BO1 weapons ect,

        • GR3Y_B1RD

          Yeah swa that after I wrote the comment too ^^ but still thx 😀

          • I also forgot to mention that Ingame it has hexagonal iron sights very similar to the Maverick.

            It’s most likely getting a 2065 update.

        • McProCrew 2014

          and where would the remington and mp7 be in AW

  • Mario Rivera

    Most of these are probably scrapped ideas/placeholders for testing

  • Andrey Martim

    I beliebe the Remington 870, the M27, the MK48 and the MP7 are placeholders… Maybe even for themselves, because the models where brought straight from BO2… However I would love to paintjob and modify an AR-15 variant.

  • AcePhoenix007

    SEVEN-round burst machine gun? Is Treyarch running out of gun ideas?

  • I’m not sure if it’s just me and my OCD, but one minor thing that annoys me about this game is the look of the weapons when customising your class; it looks like it’s just cut off, it needs to be longer IMO, it just doesn’t look right lol:

    • JDahn

      I had the same problem but I got used to it…

    • DontMindMe

      They’re trying there hardest to be like destiny… (Destiny also does this)

      • ItzSikh

        Bruh?! other games do this as well not just destiny

        • DontMindMe

          But let’s be honest for a second, the game has ALOT of similaries to destiny. A little too much…

          • CoDforever

            maybe its so you can see the camo on ur gun

          • ItzSikh

            a lot the only things are specialists and thats it

          • Wraith

            Specialists aren’t new either. That stuffs been around for decades.

          • Ash M

            are you dumb? many games before destiny have these things? are you going to also say COD is copying other games for have guns in them? or the ability to walk? no? Well stop being stupid.

          • DontMindMe

            David Vonderhaar is known to love destiny (you would know if you follow his twitter). So you’re going to tell me that it’s coincidence that alot of the exact same abilities (and the ideas of the supers themselves) are the exact same as Destiny? “No? Well stop being stupid.”

          • Jeremy Davis

            Cod is nothin like destiny

          • Godlyarcher

            If you really wanted to get technical about games ripping off one another. Is destiny not just a rip off of basically every halo game?

    • Daniel

      Me too

    • BF4 you can’t fully rotate wtf are you talking about?

      • Oh yeah it’s actually been a while since I played so my memories a bit foggy. My bad but chill man lol

        • Sephiroth

          Don’t worry I took care of him for you. He just doesn’t know it yet

          • what is that supposed to mean?

          • Sephiroth

            I wrote that 6 months ago pal! How the fuck am I suppose to know. I probably blew him in his sleep.

          • You were gonna blow me in my sleep?

          • Sephiroth

            I already did, no homo.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      I think you can fully rotate it in Gunsmith

  • Kyle Soule


  • Billy Simmons (LegitimentGamer

    inb4 30 round burst ar

  • James

    Do you know how they use code form the old games (bo2 in this case) this could just be left over code which could mean that these guns are not going to be in the actual game (mp7, m27 and r870). Like in advanced warfare when they used some of the mw code and then weapons were popping up and trev made a video about the weapons coming to advanced warfare but never did. But activist on are taking down videos slit could be real. Just wait and see. Don’t get your hopes up, if they are in the game great if not oh well.

    • KC G4S

      The M27 model is very different than the M27 from Black Ops 2 but still we shouldn’t get our hopes up.

  • Prostidude

    Anyone else notice the photoshoped Remington and MP7

    • SoulTaker

      Not photoshopped. In the PC version I’ve run across people who unlocked the files and used the Remington and MP7 against me.

    • you can’t be this stupid

  • RayExperience

    Bummer I was hoping to see either the Honey Badger or the MSBS return in this game

  • travis

    anyone else annoyed by the pic of the guns in create-a-class…its the middle of the gun and with no text it’s a guessing game

    • guessing game?

      are you so brain dead you can’t tell the name of a rifle is by the model?

      • travis

        in the class selection in-game, the name of the guns are not listed

        • you clearly didn’t read my comment properly

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    PLEASE put in at least the MP-7. That overpowered Remington can stay with that sniping Black Ops 2 shitfest.

  • lols

    there is an actual gameplay pic of mp79 n tis site

  • Bolbi Stroganovsky

    That Sniper looks nice and decent than what we have already have… and it’s not even fully rendered!

  • darren

    Wow! A seven round burster AR.

    • darren

      Also, if the M27 makes a return, I’ll be happy.

  • Aziz Peregrino-Brimah

    Wow, these renders don’t even look finished.

  • xjumper

    M27, MP7 and Remington Shotgun are just left over models from Black Ops 2.

  • Digital_Veil_

    Why the M27? The HVK30 already IS a re-skinned M27

  • FPS Broski

    LOL i got gameplay of the Remington xD https://youtu.be/Rt8AlTNczXc

  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    Place holder models most likely

  • Houssam Zahr

    Day have AN-94 in black ops3

  • Your Mom Says:

    go back to study, son!

  • John Gerrard

    Wers the images if yu have them can you please relase them .. or has atctivsion prohibited you to release them

  • nick morales

    It hat is clearly black ops 2. There is no specialist in black ops 3 with fingerless gloves. And look at the finger, if you can, there is very little detail in it. This is a black ops 2 picture.