It appears that the PC beta of Black Ops 3 Multiplayer has a lot of hidden files – and files that are also about the game’s zombies mode. A Reddit user – /u/Mage3873 – has found some new references within the files. We’ve summarized the big things below:

  • Theater Mode references confirm it’ll be available in zombies mode
  • References to a campaign and story mode for zombies
  • Character customization
  • Game apparently checks your progress on Easter Eggs found in Black Ops 2 zombies, unclear as to why right now
  • Ranks and Prestige modes in Zombies (Activision has confirmed there is an XP progression system in Zombies)
  • In addition, theme music for the Zombies Menu and Shadows of Evil has leaked. You can listen HERE (link may probably be taken down soon).
  • Code suggesting that players can play as zombies (although a lot of code could be left over Black Ops 2 zombies)

The information above has not been confirmed by Activision or Treyarch.

SOURCE: Reddit user Mage3874

  • LovekillerX


    I really hope they have story this time which can be followed without any weird easter eggs.

    • Daniel

      Easter eggs are the only way to move the story, don’t like them? You aren’t a zombies player

      • Ember

        I hate doing them, and I am an avid zombie player.

  • drjakeyoung

    Lol, i should become one of your main sources!

  • HenryDF

    The thing I’m most excited for is next-gen Zombies, which is weird because I’ve never been a huge Zombies fan. Didn’t really fall for MP though, so meh, looks like I’m gonna end up playing a lot of Zombies.

    • FazalGaming

      Next-Gen Extinction*
      Dude what you talking about. Ghosts was already next gen you silly duck.

      • I’ve forgotten.. again!

        What’s extinction got to do with zombies though? :O

  • Finally some zombie news

    • FazalGaming

      Extinction News*

  • I’m kind of scared about the game checking my progress on Easter Eggs found in Black Ops 2 zombies. I didn’t finish all of them and I hope that doesn’t affect the outcome of the Zombies Easter Eggs in Black Ops 3. I bet it has to do with those NAV cards nobody ever knew what to do with.

    • HenryDF

      Fuck I remember Nav Cards…were those for anything in the end?

    • Maximiliano Martinez

      I did a few easter eggs, but they were on my old account on my PS3. I made a new account for my PS4 🙁

    • Yankeephil

      The EE thing is iffy, because there’s a lot of gamers who switched consoles. I have all the EE done on my XB account but none on my Sony

    • Daniel

      I only did TranSHIT, MoTD and Origins

    • RdJokr

      I don’t think that’s the case here. The game only contains strings that resemble the console codes for the TranZit achievements, most likely as placeholder for the actual achievements for Shadows of Evil. As for The Giant, who knows.

      Treyarch isn’t one to make people go back and play their old games just to get “the full experience” on newer ones. Like that one rumor before about how Treyarch will update Black Ops I and II with “new campaign missions” that link to Black Ops III. It just doesn’t make sense, especially for newcomers.

  • Money Boy

    A story mode or campaign for zombies? They also said that for BO2, and all we got is Transhit.

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      I never heard Treyarch say that Transit would be a Campaign experience.

      • Daniel

        Yes you did go check the archive

      • EdgyVeggie

        yes they did. They straight up lied.

        • idunno

          They never said like a selectable one, they said a campaign. Which they meant easter eggs.

          • Daniel

            Yes they did

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          Lol wow. I’m not going to doubt it without educating myself, so I’ll take your word for it. I thought it was an okay map. Hopefully BO3 delivers (we all know it will).

      • Attention to Detail

        Sadly they did and lied to us ):

    • Kyle Soule

      Love the name

    • weirdliderp

      learn your sht big boy, a ‘campaign’ for us was the story of the 4 new character :’)

  • drjakeyoung

    Kino der toten and verrukt remakes possibly confirmed!

    “Twitter account Gunoftruth,
    who claims to be a ‘modder’ and admin for COD online, found LOTS of
    zombies information. Here is what I can remember, please let me know if
    there is more I missed:

    Kino Der Toten was confirmed. He didn’t say much because he said
    that he had a lot of information to upload at once, but claimed Kino was
    redone and confirmed in some part of the files

    He uploaded a track on Soundcloud of the OFFICIAL Zombies theme
    song. It was AWESOME. It was the same as the Black Ops one, but
    revamped. After the repetitive, revamped piano part was this cool
    percussion type addition to it. Not a great explanation, but it was
    pretty much what a lot of people want to hear.

    Possible Verruckt info. He uploaded a sound to Soundcloud of a
    buzzing and rattling noise that sounds similar to Verruckt’s electric
    chair. Very possible we could be seeing Verruckt.

    Uploaded this odd sounded noise that could be the round changing
    noise. Not sure how to describe it, not too important/interesting.

    Uploaded all these weird eerie zombie sounds. They were in a
    different language or something, but I think he said they were from the
    files found from Shadows of Evil. It was weird, it could have been
    English, but it was hard to understand.

    This is all I can remember, I think I got all but not most of it.
    After stalking this account, he suddenly started deleting everything
    quickly and panicking. As of now, you can see his tweets explaining that
    Activision called him telling him to delete it all. He seems pretty
    innocent and scared, so I’m thinking this is a valid leak. But always be

    I will say that the theme song sounded EXTREMELY legit. Amazing
    quality and was just a cool version of the original. Unfortunately, he
    took off all of the sounds from his Soundcloud. If you were able to find
    a mirror/download the sounds or screenshot the tweets, let me know and I
    can add them or link me to a post!”

    • FazalGaming

      What really needs a remake is “five”

      • Greasy Neckbeard

        I thought I was the only one that liked that map.

        • Yankeephil

          I’m pretty sure Fazal was trolling, but my friends and I loved Five. It was the first map that was challenging, and it had the Bon Fire sale

    • YoungMurf

      Kino der Toten was by far my favourite zombies map so fingers crossed these leaks are true!

  • Every perk has a new song! Also one for widows wine! You need to search for the sound files. In this link

  • MrHotShot118

    Half of the stuff in the linked chat is fake. The ones that are not fake are from a user called iilus.

  • ghosts sucks

    Story mode for zombies would be the shit. At least for me. Love that idea

    • FazalGaming

      LOL I thought you were saying that it was shit. Anyway nice name.

  • Kevin Zaleski

    Downloading some of the cool songs from that link!

    • idunno

      Noooo, it is all true, just check the link to the music and stuff, it is all legit.

  • Letsalllaughatxbox

    Zombies is rubbish. What’s the point of playing in a party where you just kill AI in the same level over and over and over and over and achieve nothing but a score? So boring.

    • The Flash

      If it was rubbish we wouldn’t have had it for the past three 3arc games

      • FazalGaming

        Extinction isn’t in 3arc games you silly goose

        • The Flash

          technically you’re the silly goose for failing to read my comment – i said past three 3arc games which = WaW, BO1, BO2 – all of which have had Zombies.

          • FazalGaming

            Dude it was a joke.

        • Ur mum

          Obvious troll is obvious

    • idunno

      Easter eggs, challenge, and it will get boring eventually, but it is all a matter of what you prefer. Also if you don’t like it wtf did you click on the article for. Obvious troll is obvious

      • DEMOLITION12

        what is up with you spastics who cry ‘troll’ any time anybody says something you don’t like

    • darren

      If you have to ask… ya know the rest.

  • I sludged through and found 9 legit ones. 5 new or redone perk jingles, the full song plus one without lyrics, and 2 round start songs.

  • jxxxc

    if they bring back “turned” make it better and they better bring back grief >:C

    • they would have to refine it though IMO it was lackluster

      • The Flash

        all they have to do is give us a zombiefied version of infected – would love that, the game would start by you picking up some 115 rock (disguised as a wonder weapon, there would be 3 on map with one being a red herring) then you become a zombie, then you must infected everyone else like infected.

  • Slothigans

    Isn’t a story mode and campaign the same thing? At least in my eyes…

  • FazalGaming

    Yay I love Extinction!


    all leaked Clean Files

  • Kieran

    Bollocks I did all the Easter eggs on Xbox and I’m getting BO3 on ps4 and no longer a have a ps3 l. Hope its not a big deal

    • The Flash

      i did mine on xbox, am getting it on xbone

  • Jason_88

    I completed all black ops 1 and 2 Easter eggs but never did the endgame for Richthofen on buried I hope it gives me something in black ops 3 for saving my end game lol

  • FazalGaming

    Is it like MW3 multiplayer where if you go hover on your thing it shows your prestige level in all the past cods (cod 4 – BO1)

    • Kyle Soule

      You can do that? Wow I didnt know that. Where is it exactly?

      • JDahn

        Under your playercard (title) if I remember right…

        • Kyle Soule

          Thanks. Im going to have to check that out.

      • FazalGaming

        In a lobby or whatever where you have create a class, barracks and that shit if you go on your name or another playersname without clicking it will show the prestiges of past cods

  • xRyzK

    I think character customization will be bad but if they put that you can unlock caps , jackets or t-shirts by levelling up or by making challenges i think it will be amazing
    – sorry for my english –

    • CoDforever

      character customization in zombies would be stupid, zombies is also fun because of the personalites of the 4 characters

      • JDahn

        I agree. I hate character customization in any mode that has story.
        I just hope they remove it.

        • idunno

          They mean like outfits for the characters guys. They dont mean make a character from scratch. Even if they do use this whole make one from scratch thing, it will be for Grief or something

  • Should also mention Widows wine is confirmed since it’s theme music was leaked in those files

  • Group_935

    This makes me want to play Bo3 zombies now. I’m happy they brought back the classic zombie menu song from Black ops 1. I feel the nostalgia through me.

    • Alexandros Varvarigos

      That’s where you’re wrong, if you listen to the whole thing it turns out to be horrible. The black ops 2 song was the best

      • MrNo

        You say the new bo3 zm music suck? Are you even serious man, are you even serious?

  • Kyle Soule

    Yes! You can prestige… if this is true.

  • Ak74u

    No theater mode in zombies please it’s not really useful for the public and I’ve heard that supposedly theater mode makes your game lag even more

    • idunno

      No they need to keep it, most viedeos showcasing zombies and cool cinematic videos use theater mode, and it doesn’t make a difference in-game because you aren’t using it while you play.

    • Jason_88

      The only thing I liked about theater was exposing the glitchers that got high rounds and thought they were good when in reality they have no skill at the game at all

    • Daniel

      You can turn it off bro, just like in bo2 =)

      • Ak74u

        Forgot about that thought mw3 was the only one that allowed it to be turned off. Thanks bro that’s good to know

  • getsuga embrace

    Come on Shogun Takeo and Uncle Sam Dempsey!

  • Eddie

    We found files from The Giant, including the loading screen music, radio messages, and even the Dead Ops Arcade soundtrack (?)
    Mule Kick also confirmed to be in Shadows of Evil

  • juggz

    Please tell me they will at least finish misty ,stew, russman, and darltons story from die rise buried and tranzit

    • Fly Mann13

      They did, all of them died in buried.

    • Daniel

      Fuck you and those annoying cunts, they died in buried, I just hope they a painful and slow death and stay dead

      • shadowguy14

        LMAO you stole my words -_-

      • juggz

        No need to be a bitch about it. Just seems they left the story open.

    • Umm, they’re dead. They died at Buried.

    • juggz

      So i stayed up last night and did richtofen end game e.e. I must be missing something am i doing the right one ? Maxis gets defeated richtofen goes into Samuel’s body permanent fire sale and a fourth gun . there wasnt a cut scene. Am i doing the right e.e

  • Greasy Neckbeard

    Character customization? Fuck, that’s gonna ruin the storyline

    • Yankeephil

      It’s probably going to be similar to extinction, the prestige ranks are just used to show how much you played

    • Ryumoau

      so many idiotic comments….

      • Greasy Neckbeard

        go back to your generic comments

  • Danny Hargreaves Kernot

    lol the link just got dmcad and closed down by treyarch and activision all the files got wiped off the page. then the page or room was disabled when i was in there. i thought it was another fake troll. so all the audio links are gone

  • Preston

    Anyone have a new violafile page for the leaked zombies stuff lol I wanna see it

  • Efecan Yeşil

    ım laughing right now because bo3 running 900p on xbox one 1080p on ps4 yeah always ı know ps4 better