ASTRO Gaming has introduced a new line up of their A40 headsets and have revealed a new Black Ops 3 branded version.

Earlier this month, ASTRO Gaming announced their new partnership with Activision to become the official headset for Black Ops 3.


  • matt murdock

    first ever first

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  • Yankeephil

    That actually looks pretty sweet

  • Michael Owen Caffrey

    How much

    • Timothy Brown

      I’d hope it would be more reasonable than the normal $250 but I doubt it

      • bruh

        These are A40s, not A50s. I am pretty sure A40s are slightly less but if this is a special edition one that I can’t tell you for sure what the price would be.

        • Timothy Brown

          A50 are $299.99 trust me I’ve owned A40s before 🙂

          • bruh

            I take back what I said, you’re right. I should have known since I recently returned my A50s for a different $300 headset. I completely forgot.

        • Timothy Brown

          And I mean the ones with the mix amp (the sound is kinda bad without them)

  • 300$?

  • Can I just get the speaker tags? Did they change the shape of the speaker tags on the newer ones?

  • Gooby

    I might actually buy these.

  • hungryandrew

    The Sony wireless head set is good enough for me.

  • ddrhodes33

    My headset just broke a few week back so might actually look into these. Anyone know roughly how much they might be?

    • bruh

      If I had to guess I’d say around 200?

    • Around £250 or less/$300 or less. Yes it works on Xbox one, i have the A40 Gen 2 works fine on 360/one/ps3/4 and pc

    • Kyle Soule

      Im pretty sure they are around $300 dont know off the top f my head.

  • Damn them things about pretty as hell