August 30th Beta Update: Treyarch has increased the level cap in the Black Ops 3 beta on Xbox One and PC to level 49. Black Ops 3 beta has also been extended – now ends Aug. 31st at 10PM PT. Learn more about that here.

With the new level cap of 49, you can now unlock the following items:

  • New Equipment: C4, Trophy System, and Shock Charge
  • New Weapon: Combat Axe
  • New Perks: Dead Silence and Scavenger

August 29th Beta Update: Treyarch has updated the Black Ops 3 beta on Xbox One and PC to increase the level cap to 40 and add a new game mode.

The new content includes:

  • New Game Mode: Safeguard – Teams alternate in escorting a non-combative robot into enemy territory. Deliver the robot to win.
  • New Level Cap: 40. The new Level Cap will allow you to unlock the following items:
    • New Specialist: Spectre
    • New Assault Rifle: XR-2
    • New Scorestreaks: Guardian and Wraith
    • New Perk: Ghost

August 28th Beta Update: Treyarch has updated the Black Ops 3 beta on Xbox One and PC to increase the level cap, add Uplink mode, and a new map.

The new content includes:

  • Level cap will be raised to Level 34. The new Level Cap will allow you to unlock the following items:
    • VMP SMG
    • H.A.T.R scorestreak
    • Power Core scorestreak
    • Reaper Specialist
  • New Game Mode: Uplink
  • New Map: Stronghold (bringing total number of maps to 4)

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta is live on Xbox One and PC. Ends August 30th.

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    • Will WilFredo Mendoza

      To be a fagat again.

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    • ScOott

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      Yew wud beh 4 evoor nown es teh sweg King, end evon juses hem selv wud heve tu bow down tu yew .. Gud luk!

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        • Kyle Soule

          You got three?

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        • ScOott

          Yew dunt heve enuf sweg fur tehat 🙁 wun dey yew wull 🙂

          • Kyle Soule

            Ey du 2 hev enuf sweg tu du soe 🙁

  • Aww shiet I hope they fixed the sound bug too

    • RdJokr

      Not yet, apparently. PCDev said they’re having a lot of other issues that need fixing first. I do hope the fix goes live some times tomorrow though, or the open beta will be full of people whining about the killcam sound bug.

      • They try to fix something, they fuck up something else

        • RdJokr

          It seems to be fixed now, so at least that’s something 🙂


    • djml9

      You can get it on the last day. Its a pretty standard T-Hawk. Nothing special.

  • Scötty Bee


  • LovekillerX

    Now that beta has been live for a while I want to ask that how it is going? Do you still get crashes and freezing?

  • Diego Diniz

    This game on PC SUCKS!!!
    Waiting November 6 to play on PS4 again…

    • RdJokr

      Judging your purchase based on a beta? That’s a bad move, my friend.

      I feel sorry for you though, because I’m having a helluva great time on PC right now. Game runs smooth enough (even on my weak ass PC), and it’s a lot of fun (although that’s probably debatable, because I find AW fun too).

    • It’s great on PC! What issues are you having?

      • Diego Diniz

        is not about “issues”, is about the FEELING of the Game. IDK how to explain, but COD is a Console Game not a PC Game anymore!

        • Ghaster

          COD is a console game now i agree the PC game just doesnt feel right weapons that are OP on console are even more on PC due to the mouse being accurate as shit and not just that but it moves faster too and its like its meant to be played on a Console i will be getting on PC but idk it doesnt feel like the good old days when it was first PC then Consoles….

  • TheWalkingDon

    Safeguard needs to be added.

  • Scötty Bee

    almost 30

  • Jacob Gonzalez

    Uplink keeps crashing WTF

  • king wolfe

    This game is tooo easy to play lol…it takes me back to the mw2 days

  • Diego Diniz

    After update, my level goes back to Level 1!!!
    What can I do to go level 28 again???

  • Jamie Lambo

    It sucks that it ended for me i live in australian:/

  • Jeanfils

    Beta end is for ?