Back in April when Black Ops 3 was first revealed, Treyarch confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 would run at 60FPS across platforms but only revealed the PS4 resolution of 1080p (and PC of up to 4k resolution). Treyarch stated that the resolution was to be announced for Xbox One, but that maintaining the 60 FPS would be the key factor in their decision in final resolution.

Today, EuroGamer has done their performance analysis on the Black Ops 3 beta on both Xbox One and PS4 and have confirmed that the Xbox One version is running at a resolution of 900p (1600×900). In comparison, last year’s Advanced Warfare launched with a resolution of 1360×1080. EuroGamer states that this lower resolution puts it behind the PS4’s version in that the textures are harder to see at longer distances.

The combination of the two isn’t great news for Xbox One though. Compared to the native 1080p PS4 version, buildings, foliage and distant objects appear considerably less defined with subtle normal map and texture details smudged over. This reduction in clarity also makes it harder to spot other players that are far away, particularly when they are crouched behind vehicles or lying prone within similarly colored scenery. Obviously, moving targets are easier to see, but stationary enemies tend to blur into the surrounding environment somewhat. Thankfully, the loss in visual sharpness isn’t enough to break the long-range gameplay – after all, everyone gets the same presentation on a fixed platform – but currently, based on what the beta has to offer, PS4 is the more preferable choice here, just as it was on Advanced Warfare.

However, the Xbox One version does beat out the PS4 version in one case – the FPS lock. The Xbox One version seems to be consistently at 60FPS, but the PS4 version has dropped to the lowest of 50FPS in the most intense multiplayer action.

This resolution on Xbox One can change before launch – Sledgehammer Games last year opted to, very close to launch, change Advanced Warfare’s resolution from 1600×900 to 1360×1080.

SOURCE: EuroGamer


  • Primey_


  • StrayHeart93

    Oh god … Here we go :’)

  • jordanxbrookes

    Oh no. A difference of 180 pixels? It’s the end of the world!

    • RdJokr

      You know even the slightest difference can trigger a console war between the fanboys.

      • jordanxbrookes

        So true. If the Xbox One version ran at 1079p, Sony Ponies will still brag at how “superior” PS4 is :’)

        • Mitch

          Gotta love it when someone complains about fanboys meanwhile is calling people Sony Ponies. Top banter m8

          • jordanxbrookes

            Well I was referring to the PS fanboys as Sony Ponies, just like how people refer to Xbox fanboys as Xbots. I’m not bothered if the resolution on Xbox One is 900p, just glad Black Ops 3 brought CoD back to life again.

          • spartanelite

            Or you could say it REJACKED hehe

      • darren

        NO differece can start a stupid console war.

    • Matt

      It’s not 180 pixels… It’s actually over 500,000 pixels.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Thanks Goku.

    • Bigi345

      Actually (1920×1080)-(1600×900)=633600. I’m fun at parties

      • jordanxbrookes

        My bad bro, and I’m sure you are 🙂

        • Bigi345

          Yeah i know. But to be serious, 633600 pixels actually wont make any difference unless you’re intentionally looking at every single pixel so yeah.

          • jordanxbrookes

            I know, try telling that to the Graphical Professors of the internet. For me, the Beta is fun and that’s all that matters to me right now 🙂

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            There are differences. Let’s not act like they’re minimal. 4k, 2k, 1080p, 900p, and 720p all look different.

          • Bigi345

            I know there are differences, it’s just for me personally when i play a game (especially on consoles which gets hooked up to a TV not a gaming monitor) i wont directly notice any difference between 1080 and 900.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            I think you will. It must be confirmation bias. If you play an upscaled-to-1080p game with minimal Anti-Aliasing, you will definitely notice the difference. I noticed it in Battlefield 4. But Battlefront, for example, will make up for its upscaling through its Anti-Aliasing methods, providing a better looking image. I have no idea how sophisticated Black Ops 3’s Anti-Aliasing format is, but it seems like it’ll provide a better looking image quality for Xbox owners than Advanced Warfare, regardless.

          • Lewis Wood

            On console, it looks somthing like FXAA, as it gives little to no preformance impact, i just hope they have antiostropic filtering, it costs less then 2 frames to put it up to x16 and it makes textures look so much better.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Might be. I haven’t tested the game out on PS4. I heard that the AA is superior in comparison to AW. There’s definitely some texture filtering in there, if not 16x.

          • Jonnie Green

            2k is essentially 1080p. 1440p is what you mean.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Really? I thought 2k was 1440p? Wouldn’t 1080p be 1k? Kind of confusing. The more you know. Thanks for the correction.

          • Lewis Wood

            No, 2k is 1440p.

          • crappy gamer

            4k is 3840 x 2160 divide by two (2k) is 1920 x1080

          • Ryu0rKen

            Disagree. I have played the beta on both PS4 and Xbox One and there is a clear difference in how muddy the Xbox One looks compared to the PS4.

    • w

      i have an xbox one. and its pretty hard to see, especially at father distances. I dont know if it was like that for PS4 if it wasnt, those “180 pixels” might mean something.

      • w

        forgot a but

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          You comment so often, why not just make an account?

          • w

            disqus logs me out every time. I either forget the password after I make an account or I’m just tired of logging in so much. I’ll try to make another account. If it doesnt work out im back to my “w” guest account.

    • Primey_

      Go back to school.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Nah, you’re alright, but thanks for the concern.

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      Lmao try again Jordan.

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  • Adam

    I dare someone to post this video to /r/blackops3 and watch the shit show that happens:

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      why dont you do it, pussy

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      You upvoted your own post on top of that. I’m done… *SMH*

  • matt murdock

    If it needs a professional analysis to determine, I don’t think it’s a problem

    • It is if I paid for a next-gen console to get the best out of a “next-gen” game, surely I should fairly be able to play the game to its maximum performance as does PlayStation 4.
      This whole downscale resolution b*llshit needs to be solved, whether that’s done with or without the help of Xbox themselves.

      • matt murdock

        But again, you can’t humanely notice it, apparent by the fact that professionals had to tell you the difference opposed to your eyes. It’s not a problem

        • I can tell the difference straight up coming off the PS4 to the Xbox One beta.
          I might not be “Professional” but I can tell when something doesn’t look as good.

          It’s a problem, especially if this is “next-gen”.

          • The Flash

            its not next gen though its current gen

          • It was announced as next-gen by developers, therefore it is. Xbox One & PS4 were next-gen at the time of there launch and still are “next-gen” as opposed to developers stating they’re if they still struggle to get to grips with the consoles.

          • The Flash

            but the 360 and PS3 are now considered last gen

          • I’m not talking about Xbox 360 or PS3. You said “not nex gen though its current gen” and I told you otherwise as been told by developers when they “announce” detail on games.

  • Mitch

    It’s actually dynamic and dips below 900p on Xbox One.
    Eurogamer: “Pixel counting puts the Xbox One version of Black Ops 3 at 1600×900 in multiplayer (though curiously, this shot seems to manifest at 1360×900).”
    NXGamer: “Here is a a prolonged Frame-Rate analysis of the game on XboxOne
    which looks to be sporting a Dynamic Resolution ranging from 1600×900
    down to 1344×900 in my tested shots and counts.”

    • NXGamer is amazing. I always watch him and DF. They are like the tech gods lol.

      His Uncharted 4 analysis videos and attention-to-detail videos are simply unmatched and mindblowing. I would recommend watching all of them.

  • WOW

  • Way to attempt to stabilize and grow profits for PlayStation 4

  • Nytrofactor

    It looks blurry as hell on xbox.

    • Aidan

      Then i think you may need some glasses.

    • Callum

      It looks blurry as shit on Xbox. The menus and HUD are all super crisp but the game itself just looks weird

  • The Flash

    i dont care, i still prefer it and the xbox one, whether i can see very far away is irrelevant to me

  • ScOott

    I played both and can honestly not tell the difference between them.. It’s honestly Just something for fan boys to use against other fan boys imo..

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      I don’t think you’re supposed to. The graphics are intentionally the way they are to seem identical. Objectively speaking, PS4 looks the best in terms of consoles. The resolution makes a difference. (You’d easily see it on PC)

      • ScOott

        But it doesn’t look the best lol.. I didn’t play the xbox one beta thinking, “shit this is missing some pixels somewhere Ps4 ftw!” As far as consoles go they look the same.. Just giving my opinion from my experiance

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          That’s an open-minded Point of View. Factually speaking, PS4 almost always has better graphics when it comes to multiplats, thanks to its better GPU. This has been a known thing. Devs just don’t utilize sophisticated texture filtering…

          • john

            they have the same GPU

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            No. They don’t.

          • Taylor Cook Jr.

            Loll, no the hell they don’t.

          • iTYPE2ANNOY

            the difference in graphics is only visible under a microscope

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            You’re ignorant if you genuinely mean that.

          • iTYPE2ANNOY

            i’m just not unnecessarily picky.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            If you can’t notice the differences, then you’re blind. It’s not me being “picky.” When games really aren’t quite that noticeable, it’s only because developers either allowed parity, or damn-near allowed it. Most multiplats, however, are easily distinguishable by the resolution and textures alone.

          • iTYPE2ANNOY

            I guess I’m blind then? 20/20 vision but I’m blind! There’s a thought.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            For 20/20 vision standards? You’re kinda blind. Or you just go into it with a close-mind.

        • Kevin McQuade

          it looks a bit washed out and faded from videos ive seen compared to ps4

    • Aceshigh87

      That depends on the person looking at it to be honest. While it does give fanboys something to argue about, it is also something that can be seen by some people.

      I do professional film editing for a living. If Yoh give me 900p vs. 1080p I can and will see the difference. We’ll only be truly into “no difference” territory when we get up to 8k or so where the human eye can’t see pixels anymore.

      Point is, it’s not the most important thing (I didn’t buy a PS4 for those extra half million pixels and neither should anyone else) but saying that its ONLY for people to argue about and doesn’t make a difference isn’t accurate for everyone.

      • ScOott

        I’m talking about your average person, I play on a 55 inch TV just over ten feet away from where I sit, I can gaurentee if I asked my family to spot the difference they wouldn’t be able to tell.. This whole 720 p wasn’t a big deal last gen no one cared, now Microsoft can’t hit the same “p” as sony its a big deal … I’m not sticking up for Microsoft far from it, I spent over 400 pound on my xbox day one, I would at least expect it to do 1080p but do I really care .. No not at all .. I’m enjoying both consoles playing some great exclusives on both and that’s all that matters ..

        • Abel Avalos

          I agree with you i wish more people thought the same

      • Bigjgray

        Yeah the average joe which is the majority of players cant tell the difference.

    • Kyle Soule

      True imo resolution isnt the most important thing. I care more about the FPS than the resolution.

    • MaxAug

      On my screen, a 40 inches screen, i cant tell any difference in resolution while playing. Interestingly, one of these days at a friends house, playing this new final fantasy demo on ps4 in a 50+ inches tv, he was amazed at how those were the best graphics ever and such and such. The demo is 900p.

      • Ben

        720p vs 1080p is easily noticeable, but 900p with some good AA is simply enough for almost everyone.

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    According to NX Gamer, the resolution is dynamic. Goes from 1600 to, like, 1300 vertical resolution , at times.

  • Jimmy Rowe

    I tweeted this yesterday. I genuinely saw it. Not that it matters all that much, I’m not going to be constantly switching between the two consoles.

  • What’s odd is that I’ve played the Xbox One and PC versions, yet the Xbox One looks a lot better compared to the PC. Regardless of the differences, the graphics overall look muddy and less refined compared to Advanced Warfare. Maybe it’s because the beta graphics aren’t polished yet. I hope that’s the case.

    • mzma

      Are you running it at decent settings? I have my PC running it on extra, and it looks bright and clean, a lot like BO2.

      • I found the issue. The screen resolution wasn’t set to 1.00. They’re a lot more crisp, but the frame rate drops slightly for me. I have the GTX 780, which might not be suitable for current games.

        • Lewis Wood

          Yea, for some reason it comes lowered down, so it renders at .80 of your native res, then upscales it to native.

  • ccrows

    In before console war S***Strom for today. *sigh*

    F&F, the average person won’t be able to tell the difference. I’ve seen enough YouTube comparison vids of PS4 vs XB1 comparison vids where people still got which one was which wrong, even though the answers were in the description.

    Third, I’m probably going to get BO3 for BOTH the XB1 and PS4 (if there’s a good BF sale this year for PS4), so don’t even try to label me as a console fanboy.

    & Finally, (AND MOST IMPORTANT) If you only have enough money for one console, then game on the console that your friends are mostly playing on IRL…

    • Primey_

      Stopped taking you seriously when you mentioned you saw a compressed youtube comparison video.

  • Ryumoau

    Is anyone shocked by this? I’m just glad Activision has moved to ps4, which i think is the better console. Hopefully that means that future CoD titles will be built on the ps4 hardware and just ported to the other ones. That might fix the small framerate drops they mentioned.

    • RdJokr

      Or they could do what everyone should be doing, and that is to develop each platform separately, so no platform hampers the other, and each version can be fully developed to maximize their respective platform’s potential.

      • Siftblade

        Problem with that is that it costs more time and money. XB1 and PS4 are virtually the same, that’s why developers just develop the game for both at the same time.

        • Joshwoocool

          Treyarch is developing each one separately.The only Ports for black ops 3 is the ps3/360(Being made by 3rd party)

          • Frank Rizzo

            Your grammar needs to be ported into the trash.

    • Guywithbrains

      I think deal with Playstation continues further from Black Ops 3. So I am pretty sure Ghosts 2 (can’t wait because IW) and Advanced Warfare 2 DLC will come first to Playstation platform.

      But I wasn’t shocked because this news wasn’t anything new. Pretty much every other game runs on lower resolution than Playstation 4.

    • Bigjgray

      I am ok with this as a Xbox user. I rather have a stable constant 60FPS and resolution be lower then Good resolution but inconsistent Fps. Both game console versions though at the end of the day will be good.

    • Lewis Wood

      Speaking for the entire PC community, It is better that they have moved to a more powerful console, resulting in better graphics ( and hopefully optimization ) for us.

  • I never even noticed frame rate drops on the PS4 version; it all seemed 60fps to me. Honestly. But hey, it’s not like it’s running at sub-50fps anyway and is smooth enough. Most people won’t notice a few drops here and there, particularly as they last milliseconds-seconds.

  • Stefan Lang

    who even really gives a fuck about this? All I care about is gameplay.

    • lunator100hd .

      Well i agree , cod is all about gameplay but as you see this has an impact on gameplay in some cases.

  • Slothigans

    Jesus I can’t believe this is even a topic of discussion. Just enjoy the game. I’m only speaking to people that actually argue about these. Like cmon are you really gonna sit with your friends and talk about “haha your Xbox is 900 p it looks whack”? This is literary so stupid.

    • Mir

      I knw people should enjoy the fact its a treyarch game ?

      • Slothigans

        I know. I’m not an angry person at all but stupid shit like this gets me off cause of how people react over it.

  • is the bo3 beta going to be extended for xbox like they did on ps4???

    • Lewis Wood

      It has been extended for the Xbox one and PC, another day of BO3 🙂

  • lunator100hd .

    I cant wait for all these mlg faggots to migrate in my console, its gonna be so ”fun”.

    • Eh, considering there’s like twice as many PS4s sold than Xbox Ones, you won’t see ’em. I’ve been on 360 for years (since the Xbox One came out) and never bumped into anyone like that, once.

      • Mir

        Sadly i have but luckily all they did was spawn trap

        • Guywithbrains

          And some people consider spawn trap takes skill. Well I think it doesn’t at all and it is only a tactic for cowards. However, Youtube is full of MW3 videos “500 kills world record Terminal!!!!!!!!!11” and all they do in these videos is spawn trap.

          However, it is so satisfying to shut them down (if you manage to do it) and make them rage quit. On top of that I usually get hate mail and it definitely brings a smile on my face.

          • Mir

            Im right with you

    • Mir

      Good luck u get into a game with them and they tryhard like fags. Fuckin annoying

  • Argy

    Honestly, this console war thing put to the side, I think both console makers will find themselves needing to move-on to a newer system much faster than the previous generation. And they should have ended that generation sooner than they did too…

    • Lewis Wood

      Yup, hopefully the steambox concept really takes off as that will encorage console makers to move to a more PC like format which means games can be ported over really easily ( if not run native on the other console. ) ther are becoming closer together with the current gen as they both use an x86 architechture. it will only be another few years until we see a new gen of console come around.

  • Danny Hargreaves Kernot

    people should just care about the game and if its runs alright wow different resolution. only the people who blow it out of proportion or just troll are probably kids. who have no concept. lower resolution more stable fps to a degree. no console runs at a consistent 60 fps not when there are gun fights going on. i was a ps3 user and i went to xbox and i prefer it now and i wouldnt switch. i did consider it and the ps4 has alot more power. but doesnt mean or make it any better. but eh people are immature and will do anything to get hits on there site or attention. and all the kids come out like sheep and dont look at the big picture. we are all gamers but its like hurghhh duhhh i have a ps4 im better than you because of 1080p. people bitch about people saying pc master race well seems alot of you are doing the same shit its ridiculous lol ….

    • Odin

      I honestly don’t think people really care about the extra pixels. They just want to have something to call the other console bad. Additionally, nobody would notice the resolution difference unless they were informed of it.

      • Danny Hargreaves Kernot

        lol they probably do. i play on all platforms or have at least i play console and pc. and i know other people who do and have been playing the beta i watched them on twitch and the fps is so inconsistent even with high end rigs … so if its inconsistent then hell on console it must be a mess. see thing is with console there is no fps counter lol unlike pc. so you never know what your getting. when a dev says “60 fps” i know they are lying probably on console doesnt have enough powerful components in there to keep that kind of fps. even the ps4 wont keep a solid 60 fps. but hey let people think what they think or do what they do. lol ….

        • Patrik

          what do you mean inconsistent? BO3 ran like a charm on PC, I had around 100fps on avgerage on freaking 3440×1440 resolution, maxed out. It’s probably jsut the stream that made it looking choppy, becaus ethe game clearly wasn’t anything hard to run for mid-high end rigs. at all.

      • Jacob

        Thats a pure lie. You can see the resolution difference and the frame rate if you have well trained eyes which every gamer should have. Yes i agree its stupid to argue over what console is better. Pc is about 2-3 years (maybe more) ahead of consoles but thats because they can constantly be upgraded. IMO PS4 is better not only because of the resolution and frame rate differences in almost all games but also the ability to change the size of your hard drive without having to stick to Microsoft branded things. You also have the ability to do game sharing and other things. Xbox has some good features too! i cant name any but i know there are some things that are good about xbox that playstation doesnt have.

        • Odin

          I completely agree, which is why I have a PS4. I’m just saying that MOST people wouldn’t notice. I most certainly can, since my primary console was the Xbox One for a year and then I switched to PS4.

          • hvd hvd

            ps4 players couldnt tell the difference with battle field hardline .it was running 900p and they thought it was no unless you have a 50″ tv you cant tell.

          • Jacob

            Who and where is you’re proof that anyone thought that game ran at 1080p? Yes you can tell the difference between 900p and 1080p if you have a 50″ screen. Thats like saying you cant tell the difference between 480p and 720p on a 20″ monitor.

          • hvd hvd

            battlefield hardline.ps4 players thought they were playing at 1080p and the dev’s said nope it 900p.

            youtube vid explaines it all

          • Liquid7

            Lmao, you’re posting a video from a known Xbox fanboy.

          • hvd hvd

            by your pic of no mans sky i say you are a known ps4 no mans sky isnt exclusive to ps4 it on pc

          • Liquid7

            I’m a PS4 fanboy because my avatar is from a multiplatform game? Ok princess.

        • Robert Manser


          • Jacob

            Me? Fanboy? Name the 20 games. Not a single game on Shitbox one (except for shitty indie games) runs at 1080p 60fps consistently. The PS4 has the better harware and games this time around. Almost all the games on Xbox one run at 900p and below not even at 60fps half the time. There are a few games that are 60fps 1080p but not as many compared to PS4. Im not a fanboy of sony or microsoft. i want to pay for the better console and get more for my money. This generation, sony blew microsoft out of the water. Also the “up scaled games” you’re calming ar eon ps4 are either remakes or youre just being stupid because the game wouldnt have 1080p textures if they were upscaled.

            jsut count how many games are in [email protected] in ps4 compared to x1. Theirs a huge difference. Also if x1 cant run 900p even 720p at 60fps but ps4 can run 1080p 60fps in the same game. there is clearly a problem. Lets not forget our friend Phil Spencer. I assume you know who he is because clearly you feel strongly about the Xbox 1. ” I don’t know if Xbox One can beat PS4″ those are his exact words. look it up if you dont believe me. All im saying is that if the lead man when it comes to the xbox doesnt know if they will beat sony, then they made a shitty console.

    • Fly Mann13

      You’re right, its really just choose a console and play the games you want to play or get all consoles , if you’re having fun than its all good no matter the graphics or resolution is.

    • FunKtioN

      i stopped reading after you said you switched to xbox lol… of course you would defend the console you own. would you defend the ps4 if it ran 900p and you owned that instead of the xbox?

      • Danny Hargreaves Kernot

        lol im not defending either. get real honestly. ps4 may have better hardware but im not jumping ship for one month of exclusivity. i didnt defend it i dont care about the difference in resolution. also i play on pc ive played all platforms. your putting something into this that isnt even there. people just do or say this crap because they are pathetic trolls and just kids. an excuse to do this as they are bored and pass the time ….

    • Guy

      Played the game today. The blurry graphics makes the game almost unplayable

  • loganserafine

    I frankly don’t care about resolution. I play games for fun, not texture. I’ve been playing on Xbox since 2010, having a blast with my friends every day. So fuck this “difference in resolution” bullshit. Because I don’t really care. (No hate to playstation)

    • Bigjgray

      I like both consoles but picked Xbox because I have had one since the beginning. I do like the Ps4 as well and hopefully get a good deal on black Friday.

  • Or 4K on PC 😛

  • Stefan Lang

    Ends tomorrow.

  • PCMasterRaceConsoleLOL

    LOL at the fanboys crying over which looks better when I’m just chilling on the beta playing in 4K and 150fps!

    • Lewis Wood

      Team MasterRace. Amiright?

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      3-way SLI Titan X?

  • Even though I have both systems and the ps4 version definitely looks better, more p’s won’t determine my system of choice for the game. Where my friends play it does.

  • king wolfe

    Fighting over consoles is like being in a gang fighting over territory thats not yours…..


  • Lambchowder

    If the final game is running at 900p on Xbox I’m selling my console and buying a PS4.

    • Lewis Wood

      If you are serious, you should try PC, its pretty simple to set up and you can use a controller. Not to mention you can play 1080p (or more) in every game and have buttery smooth 60fps in games. heres a link to some FAQ’s


    Well as long as the game plays fine then i don’t mind the gap between the resolution but if its Ghost standards then we have an issue here

  • spartanelite

    Really I thought the game looked great,I thought it was 1080p

  • Smayo

    This whole resolution BS is getting annoying to be honest, it adds only fuel to those console fanboys arguing over little differences

    This generation it’s the xbox turn to be the underdog, but I want to ask this for a while now to all those “ps4 is better, xbox sucks” fanboys. last generation, when the xbox 360 had the better resolution/graphics on multiplats, and had the 360 version of RDR more foliage then the ps3 version, better framerate on 90% of the games and early DLC deals, wasn’t the ps3 fun to play on ? Had you a horrible experience because of a few pixels missing ? I already know the answer…

    BS… that’s what it is, this whole comparison BS

  • xboxisdead

    Xbox is such trash meanwhile right out the box after you just paid what 400 bucks ? It does nothing close to what the ps4 will do hahahaha Xbox fanboys are all jumping ship I said it and will keep saying it Xbox is dead

  • Longinthetooth

    Hi all these are just my observations of the Beta as someone who owns both consoles.

    The PS4 version looked great but played like shit.

    The XBOX One version looks like shit but plays great.

    I’ve cancelled my PS4 pre order and will wait for a few months to pick up the game, this gives TA time to get any bugs sorted as the PS4 is my preferred console.

    I’ve pre ordered and bought the last 7 games and have been playing since COD2 but there is too much of ” other ” games creeping into the franchise now.

    Hope you all enjoy the game whatever platform you choose.

    • toogoodforu

      The PS4 beta ran flawlessly until they start hotfixing it daily and restarting the servers, at that point it became an absolute unplayable mess.

      • Longinthetooth

        Mine ran poor from day one and my Nat type kept fluctuating between games no matter what I tried.

        I was getting both sides I could melt people in 2-3 shots then next game I struggled for kills and just got hitmarkers.

        Yet the XBOX version runs really smooth all the time.

        It just wasn’t consistent I had the same problem with AW that’s why I got rid of that before Xmas, so this time I’ll wait before spending my money.

  • shadowguy14


  • Jimmy Timmy

    60FPS Xb1 lets go haha Ps4 you tried PS4 is xb1 new test dummy’s now lol. bops3 on xb1 sales still double the ps4 bops3 sales.

  • WesupDude

    The game looks good either way. I personally hope that ps4 players don’t miss out on good gameplay because of the 1080p. I found that some of the textures did look a little fuzzy at long range but consistency of fps is what people will remember more.

  • Jinathin

    last year when AW looked worse on PS4 everyone praised how X1 is better

    now it gets switched, people pretend it doesnt matter at all

    hypocrites lol



  • proKD

    I can tell the difference I play on 65″ tv and the bo3 on xbox one looks bad. I’m sorry to say I like being able to see the enemy coming I don’t know about you but you playing on a big TV resolution is everythin. The walls the artwork it wasn’t very detailed it looks very blurry compared to the ps4 version.

  • Kyle Soule


  • Robert Manser

    It’s funny that people think BO3 PlayStation is playing full Native 1080p, it’s upscaled not native!!. I’ll take my 900p which is NOT upscaled but native over a frame dropping upscaled game any day! I played the beta on both and the Xbox still came out looking better and playing better than PlayStation. Only problem was the codes not working.

  • Josh

    Honestly in my opinion the xbox one and PS4 are more closely matched then even the 360 and PS3 were, the original xbox and the PS2 were or for that matter any consoles ever that I can remember. I will be buying blops 3 for my X1 since I just happen to have more cod fans on my x1 friends list then my PS4 friends list and tbh I still ever so slightly prefer the xbox controller for first person shooters. Having said that I am still crazy pumped for the new uncharted and idk as I’m typing this I’m on my PS4 playing MGSVTPP. There’s obviously things I prefer here or there on each console but for the most part I thoroughly enjoy both consoles and there respective ecosystems. Also kind of random but I absolutely cant wait for oculus on xbox and project Morpheus on PS4!!!!! I know some people say it’ll be just a passing fad like 3D but I for one still LOVE me some 3D. So even if it does flop I will definitely be getting me a pair of each consoles VR headsets for SURE!!!!! Anyway back to big boss on my awesome PS4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hvd hvd

    you can tell the difference unless you have a 50″tv and most dont.